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The God of Destruction laughed hollowly and said, “Your plans indeed don’t have any flaws. It’s just that there is something that you don’t know. Hence, you didn’t do anything wrong. I happen to know one thing that you don’t.”



“What?” The God of Destruction skeptically looked at the Sea God.



The Sea God’s right hand was holding the Golden Trident, he answered, “You have proposed the idea of expanding the Divine Realm many times, which had all been rejected by me, every single time. I could feel that your resentments had been accumulating more and more. I knew that this was not a good situation. That if I didn’t handle it well, it would have caused the Divine Realm great turmoil and turbulence.”



“I knew that if I had told you about that premonition, you wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, I also had no other ways to convince the other Gods. It was just a kind of nihility anyway, which could not have made sure of anything. However, my premonitions were getting more and more intense. That that crisis was possibly not far away. I knew that I couldn’t do anything to have persuaded you to have believed me. That the resentment in your heart was getting stronger day by day. Therefore, I had told you,  that if within one year, if my premonitions about that crisis didn’t come true, I would have immediately followed your opinions, in conducting the Divine Realms expansion.”



When speaking of this, the Sea God couldn’t hide his disappointments. “But, you still couldn’t wait, and preemptively attacked in the end. Your attack was sudden, yet fully-prepared. I don’t know if you believe it or not, but I also had the same premonitions about your preemptive strike. I had even indulged you to have fired the attack. Because if that crisis, which threatened the entire Divine Realm, came first, and that I hadn’t finished diffusing the internal conflicts within the Divine Realm, we will have been put in more danger. We had to unite first in order to have overcome that crisis. Therefore, I had let you show your resentments, after that, find a way to dispel it. Only then, do we and the Divine Realm unite as one again.”



The Sea God stopped for a while, then let out a long sigh, “It’s just that I didn’t think you could have been this determined. Perhaps, I had made you feel threatened. You unexpectedly used the powers from the Holy Restricted Land. Even though you had just made use of it to put a seal on me, but did you know that the seal of the Holy Restricted Land could have been easily broken with just a small impact? You had released the powers of the Holy Restricted Land, which have affected the majority of the Divine Beasts in the Holy Restricted Land. Even the Divine Beasts, which have vanished, had appeared again. This also meant that the Holy Restricted Land would have been unblocked. If that is the case, you will be the criminal of the Divine Realm.”



The God of Destruction glanced over at the Life Goddess, groaning a little, “You can stop frightening the other people now. The seal at the Holy Restricted Land is very strong, how could it have been broken?”



The Sea God slightly shook his head, and responded, “We still have no idea whether or not it will be broken. It’s not the time to discuss about it right now. God of Destruction, the seal is not related to me. But why was it that you must have had to go through such an extreme extent just in expanding the Divine Realm? You had even wanted to expand the Divine Realm to be three times bigger. Did you know that the current capacity of the Divine Realm in storing the Mental Power has reached its limit?”



The God of the Destruction responded, “I certainly know. Because I had known that, which was why I had dared to do such things. If we used all of the abilities that we had in expanding the Divine Realm, the Divine Realm would have had a bigger capacity to absorb the Mental Powers from the mortal world. Once the Mental Powers from the mortal world grows, the Divine Realm’s power will have been strengthened. So, is there anything wrong of my doings?”



The Sea God laughed painfully then said, “Nothing’s wrong? If my premonitions are right, then you will have been one hundred percent wrong. How can you not believe my judgment! God of Destruction, I am also like you, a member of the Divine Ream’s Committee! Even though you don’t support me, you clearly know that everything that I do, I do it for the Divine Realm.”



The God of Destruction’s face slightly twitched. He had to admit this point. He had used all his efforts to expand the Divine Realm, which was mainly because of his resentment for the Sea God. He had wanted to prove to all the Gods that he was right.



The Sea God continued, “You did a really good job in choosing the timing, which was when my child was about to be born. I basically didn’t have any heart to mind other things. Nothing could have been more important than my child. Therefore, even if I had a preparation, I couldn’t have fully put my mind into it. For the sake of Xiao Wu and my child’s safety, I had to compromise with you. At that time, I still had some hopes about you.”



“Meanwhile, you had imprisoned me in the Holy Restricted Land, taking advantage of the Holy Restricted Land’s power to put a seal on me. My last hopes for you had also got crushed down. I knew from that moment that you had lost yourself to the Destruction Intent, letting it erode your heart and soul.”



The God of Destruction coldly looked at the Sea God, and nonchalantly said, “Winner takes all. Stop talking nonsense. If you can really break the seal, then show me. Do you really think that with your own strengths that you can turn the tide around? Even if Little Lu doesn’t help me, you still have no chances of winning. These people, who came to help you, don’t have much powers either. How can you dare to go up against me?”




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