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Tang San held Xiao Wu tightly. His dashing face was full of joys.



“Where is my son? Where is our child?” Xiao Wu was worried. She yelled out.



Tang San’s other hand brought a baby to her.



That was a chubby boy. His body was still slightly red. But there was a subtle fragrance coming out from his body. That fragrance was extremely eccentric, penetrating deeply into the heart. It gave people an indescribably pleasant feeling when smelling it. That subtle scent from a newborn life was the most primitive breathe of life.



Xiao Wu had had a hallucination about her life in the Douluo Continent when giving birth to her love fruit with Tang San.



A smile appeared on her elegant face. Xiao Wu said, “He is shamefully ugly. He definitely takes after you. Still, it is lucky that he is not a small rabbit.”



The corners of Tang San’s mouth slightly twitched. He wrinkled his forehead.



“What’s up with this small rabbit? You will have soon become a God, how can you have given birth to a small rabbit? Are you even his biological mother? This newborn baby that has just come into this life. He is so adorable. He still has many more good times ahead. Wasn’t Wu Tong originally like him, too?”



“Woa, woa, woa!” The baby’s cry was getting more intense. However, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s eyes were blissful.



“He is a boy.” Xiao Wu said in joy. They already had a girl. She had really longed for a boy. Right now, her dream had finally come true.



Tang San nodded his head, and said, “Just go with what we have agreed, call him Wu Lin. Tang San’s son, Little Wu Lin, Tang Wu Lin.”



Xiao Wu suddenly puffed out and laughed, “You tell me, if this little brat chooses to wander in the mortal world, will he hate us when writing his name? His name has too many strokes.”



Tang San gave the child to Xiao Wu, gently caressed the baby’s head, muttered, “Some things must have started.”



Xiao Wu was a little surprised gazing at him. Tang San looked back at her and nodded his head. After that, he lowered his hand, and gave the baby a light kiss on its forehead.



At this moment, he was standing upright, which looked like a mountain rising straight out of the ground. He slowly turned his body, and looked towards the direction of the ancient castle outside of the window.



He flipped his right hand. A group of red beams lit up.



That were bloody red fluids. If looking closely, there were several drops of blood and twinkle golden rays intertwined. The golden rays were gentle, but it had an indescribable vibe to it.



Tang San’s right hand pointed to the sky. The red fluid flowed towards his forehead, and imprinted itself.



The red fluid silently blended into his forehead. A golden light then shone out from Tang San’s forehead. At the beginning, it just started from a single point. Then, it immediately turned into a golden halo, really quickly. From the top of his head to the bottom, Tang San’s body had been infected by that golden light, being entirely covered in a shining, golden color.



Tang San took one step at a time towards the window. His speed was slow but clear. The sound “thump, thump, thump” came nonstop, which sounded as if he had broken something within his body. Every time that he took a step, another ring of a halo, had appeared behind his head.



After taking nine steps, he arrived at the window. The Nine-ring Halo, had now already flown upwards, dominating the scene.



Each fragment then fell down from his body onto the ground, one by one, turning into numerous thin wisps of smoke then vanished. It had purple colors, golden colors, and even a light black and bloody color.



When all of the smoke had completely dispersed, the Sea God was somehow enlightened. An indefinable feeling then overwhelmed his entire body.



He raised both of his hands and slightly pushed the window.



Outside of the window, a gentle breeze blew in, swaying his long blue hair. But that air couldn’t have flown into the room affecting Xiao Wu and the baby.



“Long time no see, all of you.” Tang San’s gentle voice came up. His voice was not loud, but it scattered far away.



The sky, which was originally gloomy, gradually became clearer. Dark clouds silently faded out, revealing the blue sky. The Divine Realm didn’t have a Sun, but it was also not that somber. At this time, the light had fully shone as if it had washed out all the darkness from the Gods’ minds.



The God of Destruction’s genial look became dreary once again. The formidable Destruction Intent shot up towards the sky. However, no matter how mighty his Destruction Intent could have been, it couldn’t have affected the blue sky above the ancient castle.



The blue light flashed on. The Sea God then rushed out of the ancient castle but he didn’t fly towards the direction of the God of Destruction. His right arm struck the air. A streak of golden light suddenly lit up. Suddenly, his Sea God’s Golden Trident had appeared.



The God of Emotion and the other Gods, who had been desperate, now became hopeful again at the sight of the Sea God’s sudden appearance. Being able to have summoned the Sea God Trident had also meant the Sea God had recovered all of his God Powers!



The darkness had faded away. Dawn finally came.



“Father.” The Butterfly God shouted out loud and was about to fly over. But she was grasped tightly by the God of Emotion.



“Wu Tong, don’t disturb your father.”



The God of Destruction glared at the Sea God, and frigidly said, “I didn’t imagine that you could have been able to have broken the seal in a situation like this. You really have surprised me! Seems like, I haven’t known you thoroughly enough yet.”


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