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One day, Xiao Wu’s cultivation would reach the one-hundred-thousand-year milestone!



But that woman had left. Xiao Wu didn’t have anyone to play with. Xiao Wu didn’t have anyone to tell her about the human stories.



When Da Ming and Er Ming came back, Xiao Wu was happy again. However, Xiao Wu ignored them. They had been out for so long before returning to check on her.



They told her about the glorious core zone. But Xiao Wu didn’t want to hear any of it. She was sick of them.



They kept lingering around Xiao Wu for several days. Xiao Wu had told them to go away. Yet, they didn’t leave. They gave each other a look, which was not like any other looks. That look was very rare!



Then they went away, leaving Xiao Wu and mother behind.



Mother said that the human beings were too dangerous. That woman who had left could come back. Since Mother was the one-hundred-thousand-year Divine Beast, she could feel the desires of the human beings.



Later, Xiao Wu and Mother moved to another place very far away, but still not close to the core zone. Xiao Wu was worried that Da Ming and Er Ming couldn’t find them. But Mother said that their capabilities were very strong. They originally didn’t belong to the same world with us.



Xiao Wu was not happy during that time. That was called bored feelings, which was another emotion in the human world.



Not long after that, one day, Xiao Wu suddenly felt especially stronger. There were as if something crashing inside of her body. The power from the core zone seemed to have rushed into Xiao Wu’s body.



Mother said that Xiao Wu also had the one-hundred-thousand-year cultivation. Thus she didn’t have any enemies in the mixed zone.



Mother started to teach Xiao Wu, and told Xiao Wu that we as Divine Beasts. That we must go through a calamity at every one-hundred-thousand-year milestone. If we didn’t pass, we would die. If we passed, we would be able to live another one hundred thousand years. There was another method, which was turning into a human shape, and removing their beast’s bodies. If that was the case, we had to start cultivation all over again, which was very dangerous. Not to mention, we could absolutely get discovered by the human beings.



Mother knew that I had always wanted to go to the human world!



On the second day, Mother went away. She just left a written note behind, which said that she went to go look for Father.



Several thousand years had passed, Mother, how could you find Father?



Oh oh, Mother, Mother, where are you. Don’t leave me here alone! Xiao Wu was really scared, extremely scared!



Despite the one-hundred-thousand-year cultivation, Xiao Wu was still Xiao Wu!



No matter how hard Xiao Wu cried, Mother did not come back. She hadn’t come back yet.



No, no, she had to go find Mother. Xiao Wu had to find Mother.



Immediately, Xiao Wu went into the Core Zone in the Star Dou Forest.



The core zone was very scary. The Divine Beasts here were all brutal. They would attack us as soon as they saw us still despite the fact they couldn’t defeat me.



Ah! That bear was too mighty, really mighty. Xiao Wu was no match for him. Xiao Wu was really scared. Was Xiao Wu going to die?



Da Ming and Er Ming had arrived. They were genuinely formidable. They came to beat that bear in order to save Xiao Wu.



Xiao Wu asked for their help to look for Mother. However, they didn’t say anything, just silently looking at Xiao Wu.



They told Xiao Wu that Mother had reached the core zone in the center of that huge ominous place. They themselves would not have even dared to step in that place. While Da Ming had been on the way to find Mother, he accidentally saw that Mother was being eaten by a huge monster.



Oh oh oh oh……….



Oh oh oh oh……….



Mother, mother….



Father, Father…….



Xiao Wu was still crying for a long time. Each time in Xiao Wu’s dreams, father and mother would have come back by her side.



Xiao Wu cried till she was too tired and fell asleep. Therefore, Xiao Wu kept on crying and crying.



Da Ming and Er Ming still took good care of Xiao Wu. They said they would protect her.



Without Mother, Xiao Wu didn’t have a family. This place was not her home anymore.



Xiao Wu had to go. Xiao Wu didn’t want to be a rabbit any longer.



Xiao Wu wanted to go to the human world. Xiao Wu wanted to be a human being, in exploring the world.



Mother, Xiao Wu would always remember you, my good Mother.



The human world, here I come.



My name was Xiao Wu, which meant dancing.



“Woa, woa, woa a!”



“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu.” The tender and soft cry resounded in her ears. That cry belonged to a baby.



“Mother, mother….” Tears streamed down on Xiao Wu’s face.



“You still have me.” A long green robe covered her body. His arms held tight to her soft body. This embrace was too familiar. This kind of safe feeling made the tears in her eyes slowly disappear.



“San ge!” Xiao Wu, who by now had a full smile on her face, snuggled up in his embrace. Right, I still had him. Mother had gone. But after I went to the human world, I had met him. It was him who had brought the family warmth back to me. It was him who had guided me in the human world. It was also him who became my friend, taking me to the peak of the human world. Finally, we surmounted the peak, and joined the Divine Realm. He became the last Supreme God’s generation, the one ruling the Divine Realm. He was my husband, the Sea God, the Asura God, Tang San.


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