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I was able to live many happy days in the Star Dou Forest thanks to Mother’s protection. Xiao Wu didn’t have many enemies. The Ordinary Divine Beasts didn’t dare to cope with me. Then, I knew two good friends. They were Da Ming and Er Ming.



It was really strange that they didn’t look like each other. How could they have been brothers?



Da Ming was a small green snake. Er Ming was a small orangutan.



The gap between their ages was not of a big difference. Da Ming was a little older. Er Ming appeared to be smaller. Xiao Wu was in the middle.



At first, Xiao Wu didn’t want to play with them. Their heads were too big. Within just ten thousand years, Da Ming had become bigger than a tree trunk. Er Ming, on the other hand, was like a little hill. But Xiao Wu was still just a small girl.



Xiao Wu didn’t want to play with them. They were too big. Xiao Wu was a little scared of them. They kept hanging around me. They even said that even though I was small, I was adorable. Furthermore, after I finished one-hundred-thousand-year cultivation, I could have finally turn into a human form.



After that, Xiao Wu knew, Da Ming was from a tribe called the Sky Blue Bull Python, which was very formidable and had the top Divine Beast’s bloodline.



Er Ming was a Titan Giant Ape, which also had the top Divine Beast’s bloodline. Their bloodlines were both much stronger than Xiao Wu’s.



The reason Da Ming and Er Ming became brothers was when Da Ming’s family had encountered enemies, Da Ming’s parents both passed away. Da Ming was still alive thanks to Er Ming’s father. Therefore, they became brothers afterwards. Da Ming also swore that he would use his life to forever protect Er Ming.



But Er Ming said that he could protect his own life. Hihi, Xiao Wu was very happy at that time, patting Er Ming’s head. Er Ming wasn’t angry, instead, he smiled like a fool.



Time passed by. We grew up together. But Da Ming and Er Ming became more powerful. So did mother. But, one day, Da Ming and Er Ming had said that they wanted to go to the core zone. Because they originally belonged to that world, the world of powerhouse. They asked me to go with them, and promised me that they would have definitely protected me.



Still, how could I go? I couldn’t go. Mother didn’t allow me. I didn’t dare to go against her will. I had promised her. I absolutely couldn’t risk my life going into the Core Zone.



Therefore, I couldn’t leave. I had to stay, and keep mother company.



Da Ming and Er Ming had been my friends for a long time already. They finally left. They were so hateful, so competitive. I didn’t mind them anymore. Even though I did, they wouldn’t stay.



However, Xiao Wu was still worried after they had left.



I was worried that they would be like my father, and would never come back.



No matter what they were, good or bad, they were my friends. I had cried for a very long time since they left.



On that day, Xiao Wu saw a strange creature. The creature walked really fast by its own legs. What was that kind of thing on its body? Mother said that it was clothes, which could only be found on Human beings.



Human beings were really strange. Why would they had some kind of halo? Mother said that halo meant that they had wanted to kill our Divine Beasts. Xiao Wu was really scared. Mother protected me, took me running far away from them.



Mother said the scariest creature in the Douluo Continent was the Human beings. They were willing to kill the Divine Beasts to become stronger, and turned the Divine Beasts into their own strengths.



Human beings were cruel!



Mother had told me that the human beings occupied the whole continent.  There were many eccentric tales and peculiar things in the human world, which we didn’t have.



After that, the group of human beings marched out into the core zone. A few days had passed by, and only an injured woman came out.



She looked like she was heavily injured and was about to die. She must have been attacked by a formidable Divine Beast.



When mother went out to look for food. Xiao Wu couldn’t stand it, running out to see her.



She was very pitiful. Her eyes showed a begging look. She appeared to be scared of this small and weak Divine Beast in front of her.



At first, Xiao Wu was a bit afraid. But I was more curious. Then I touched her. But she didn’t have any reactions. I then looked for some curing grass to give her.



I played with her for a while. She also became a little bit better. She made some strange sounds to me, which was probably the human language.



When mother came back, she wanted me to leave. But that woman wanted to tell us something.



She was injured very badly. She was like begging us to help her.



Mother finally agreed. During the time that we cured her, clever Xiao Wu had learned the human language from her.



Xiao Wu was very clever, and had learned the human language very quickly. She was told about the occurrences in the human world.



The human world appeared to be colorful. There were definitely many wonderful things to explore. Xiao Wu was really curious! Originally, not all the human beings were bad.



Mother also picked up the human language for herself. Later, mother obviously used her mental powers to change into the same appearance like her. Furthermore, we had finished the one-hundred-thousand-year cultivation, which meant we could change into Human Form. It was really amusing.

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