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What was this strength?



In a blink of an eye, fear appeared in every God’s heart, even the Life Goddess.



“The third move, Vast Winter Palm, Life after Life.”



The double-palm strike was sent out. The Butterfly God’s picture was reflected inside the God of Emotion’s eyes. The smile on his face became more intense. It was as if he was taking the Butterfly God’s hand, being her partner, going through Life after Life reincarnating.



Vast Winter Palm, and the Superb Vast Winter skill was the last move.



That black and white color was his heaven-defying Divine Technique, which was brought from Douluo Continent. After joining the Divine Realm, it blossomed thanks to the Sea God’s help.



In this moment, the Seven-Ring Halo behind him altered into a two-ring halo with black and white colors separately.



Even though he just temporarily held the supreme powers of the Gods, that halo was still very terrifying.



The power from it was probably enough for this time. Because, right now the God of Destruction had already been drown in his recalling state!



Soul was stolen. Life was taken away. That was the hidden meaning of that black and white color. Being able to make a God Power, a Divine Sense temporarily lose its defense. Just this point alone could show how effective this technique would be.



Since he mastered these two great Divine Techniques, the God of Emotion hadn’t used it yet. Because he hadn’t gotten a chance, in addition with his current cultivation, he basically couldn’t use it.



But right at this moment, facing the God of Destruction which was a life or death confrontation, he could finally use it. He knew only defeating the God of Destruction could change the situation around.



“Little Zi…” Right at this moment, a scream suddenly resounded.



The God of Destruction recovered from the recalling state. He saw a pair of familiar green eyes from far away.



“Little Lu….” The God of Destruction murmured. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouths.



She still thought of him. He was still in her heart.



He laughed while raising his hands to receive the God of Emotion’s black and white double-palm strike.






A big explosion, which others had expected, didn’t occur. Instead, only a small sound came out.



The hazy fog around the God of Emotion disappeared in a blink of an eye. That black and white colors infiltrated into the God of Destruction’s body, changed the God of Destruction into the same color.



But it was only this much. That seven color smoke was blocked by a formidable black curtain of light. This purple black light covered the entire body of the God of Emotion, bringing him to the Life Goddess’s side.




The God of Emotion surprisingly discovered that his Divine Flame, which was the intense emotion weakening in the God of Destruction’s body, had been sent out. He even could directly ignite the Divine Spirit like nothing had ever happened.



He had use his Supreme God Power to send out the Divine Flame, at the same time, emitted the God Power to compress his body, but why didn’t he kill the God of Emotion?



As soon as the Life Goddess shouted out those two words, he knew he had lost. Only when the God of Destruction was in deluded state, then he could defeat him. Once the God of Destruction gained back his conscious,  and returned to his true Supreme God’s self, there would be a big gap in power between him and the God of Destruction.



At this moment, what the God of Emotion could feel was only desperation. He knew he was finished. His life would be ended.



But the desperate feeling just lasted for a while until the Life Goddess came beside him.



“I am sorry.” The Life Goddess spoke softly, putting her right hand on the God of Emotion’s back. In the God of Emotion’s body, something was likely to be sparked. A full of vital breath in a blink of an eye sublimated.



The God of Emotion could feel that his consumed God Power was restored by the influence of that full of vital breath. His body also returned to its normal state.



The Life Goddess returned the Butterfly God to him once again, gently said: “No matter what happens, don’t abandon your loved one, no matter what it is. This lie can’t trick her. If you really want to leave this world, then take her with you.”



While saying, the Life Goddess slowly turned her body, bending over toward other first-level Gods.



“I am sincerely sorry, all of you.”



After saying those words, she silently flew up to the sky, to the God of Destruction’s direction. The look on her face was remorseful but also happy and full of love.



The God of Emotion dumbfoundedly looked at Little Lu going back to Little Zi, seeing them hugging each other. In a flash, the hopeless feeling in his heart had turned into some kind of strange feeling. Their hatreds for the God of Destruction somewhat reduced as well.



The Life Goddess, a moment ago, shouted to save the God of Emotion from a fatal move, and the God of Destruction’s life as well.



But if that strike actually hit the God of Destruction, he would have been injured and failed the battle. Furthermore, the God of Emotion who had lit the Divine Flame would surely have to die. The God of Emotion was raided by the Destruction Intent from the God of Destruction, which sent out the Divine Flame. The fact that he had burnt himself with the Divine Flame was enough to take him from this life.





. . . .


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