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That day, on the Sea God’s Lake inside of the Douluo Continent’s Shrek Institute, when the blind date congress happened, she walked toward him in a long dress. When he saw her he instantly became a fool. He felt as if he belonged to only her.


A formidable light flared up in the sky. That Emotion Sword of strange emotion, which had been constantly absorbing reminiscent feeling, cut through the sky.


In the middle of the sky, a seven-color light fell down.


The Destructive Dragon Whirlwind was split in half in the air, collapsing. The seven-color sword fell straight on the God of Destruction’s head.



The God of Destruction was as if numb, let that sword pleasingly slice down. His body shook a bit. This seven-color sword turned into a purple black color, then slowly shattered into pieces. Destruction fell into nihility.



A Supreme God was in deed a Supreme God in the end. Even though the God of Emotion had brought out two hundred percent his power, in front of the God of Destruction, he still was just a first-level God!



However, at this moment, the God of Destruction could clearly feel himself.



The God Power from the God of Emotion’s attack didn’t do anything to him. Yet, the Emotion hidden in his attack somewhat had infected him.



In the whole Divine Realm, the only one who could affect the God of Destruction’s emotion was the Life Goddess.



Winter Thought Fist, Winter Reminisce Sword. Under two strikes, that reminiscent Emotion rubbed into his heart, gushed into the world inside the Divine Spirit of the God of Destruction.



Despite the powerful Divine Sense of the God of Destruction which was as deep as an abyss, in the present, he couldn’t help but be infected.



The God of Emotion’s Divine Sense was originally an extremely mighty existence among the Gods in the Divine Realm. Back then when he was in Douluo Continent, he was famous for his formidable mental power.



Right at this moment, his mental power was shooting out. His Divine Flame had been ignited, burning his own emotion. That reminiscent feelings had been bloomed to the peak. How couldn’t it affect the God of Destruction?



Reminisce! This reminiscent feeling hadn’t appeared in his heart for a long time.



When was the first time he missed something or someone?



The God of Destruction was a little panic inside.



It appeared to be the time when she smiled at me. Right, that time, when she smiled. She was so gorgeous, extremely mesmerizing. I loved the feeling I got when I was with her. Only with her, the Destruction Intent in my heart would somewhat fade out. Only with her did I feel the meaning of life.



That time, when I missed her so much, I went out to find her. Then, I had finally found her. It was really good to see her! It was good, extremely good.



She said she let me call her Little Lu. Then she called me Little Zi. Why did I find these nicknames coming out from her mouths, which I used to think they were funny, were really warm ? Little Li, this name was really lovely, and adorable!



After that, she became my Little Lu. I finally could be with her days and nights. Because of her, I agreed to give up the Destruction in my heart to become her husband.



The pair of the God of Destruction’s reddish eyes became gentler than before. His eyes looked as if they were reflecting the picture of the Life Goddess.



As if the Life Goddess could feel the same thing as him, her eyes met his, staring at him. His eyes became much calmer.



As a Supreme God, she certainly knew the God of Destruction was being influenced by the Emotions from the God of Emotion at this moment. However, this attack was targeting the heart. He was missing her. The person he was missing was me.



Little Zi, idiot Zi.



That time, when he came to find me. He stood still in front of me like an idiot, didn’t dare to say anything.



Until I asked why he came to find me. He then answered he just wanted to come see me for a little while.



His appearance was really silly, extremely silly. He represented the Destruction, ruining all the Destruction. But in front of me, his Destruction as though vanished completely. I loved to see his shattered-Destruction appearance because only then did I feel his sincerity.



The Destruction was not opposite to the Creation. Similarly, it was also a complete new beginning. I let him call me Little Lu. I agreed to help him with the affection of Destruction on his Divine Spirit.



I originally thought he would ridicule this nick name. However, on the contrary, he unexpectedly loved it. His shy reddish look from his eyes became more tranquil at that moment. Perhaps, that look had pulled me into him.



The Life Goddess longingly looked at the God of Destruction.



Even though, he was crazy, he was brutal, he was thirst for power, it was all alright to me. He was still my old little Zi!



The one I loved was Little Zi. The one he loved was me, Little Lu.



“Little Zi…” The Life Goddess muttered, softly called out these two words.



Right at this moment, in the middle of the sky, cloud and wind were moving nonstop. Two eyes of the God of Destruction changed into Seven Colors. On his forehead, it was uncertain when the vertical eye had opened.



The black and white lights entangled each other, distinguishing the mark of his double-palm strike above. When he had put out the double-palm strike, the Seven Color Halo on his body, which was shining downwards, transformed into a black and white color.


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