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The God of Emotion sent out the God Power’s wave from his body, which was nothing to him. He was from the oldest generation of the God King. Irregardless of the fact that the God of Emotion had ignited the Divine Flame, in terms of the God Powers, there was an impassable gap that he couldn’t break through.



However, the sorrowful emotions radiating from the God of Emotion, more or less, had left an impact on him.



The other people could have only imagined how intense the Emotional Waves and the Divine Spirit Wave’s that were being sent out by the God of Emotion were, which could have been capable of affecting such a Supreme God like the God of Destruction.



The God of Destruction suddenly raised his arm up, and struck out a punch. His body the turned into a group of dark purple light-balls. This group of light balls’ diameter was roughly around three meters. A purple black color wrapped all over around its body, which made it look like it had been made from the compression of the numerous Destructive Storms.



The God of Emotion revealed a miserable look on his face and firmly looked away from the Butterfly God. He once again shifted his look towards the God of Destruction, clenched his fists and attacked at the same time.



In a blink of an eye, the memories, which he didn’t want to remember. The memories that he used to have with the Butterfly God, gradually surged within his heart.



When they were in Douluo Continent, the Butterfly God had dressed as a man, and became his roommate.

They had fought, side by side, through many hardships.

Their path of love had been rough, facing many life and death crisis.

They had finally reunited in the Divine Realm, and became husband and wife.

All of this constantly arose in the God of Emotion’s heart, turning into a pure love and reminiscing emotions.


The Superb Vast Winter skills, the first move, the Winter Thought Fist! His thoughts were now flowing like spring.



This fist had made the whole world mute, leaving only an endless reminiscence behind. The gentle golden halo was like a pair of hands which, lightly holding a face, the Butterfly God’s face. Even if they had been separated, an eternal reminiscent feeling came out in his heart. Just in the blink of an eye.



Winter Thought Fist, thoughts flowing like the reminiscing spring. Instantly pulling things into eternity, recalling memories! It was the peak of Emotion!



The God of Emotion was like a moth dashing headfirst into the Flame, and brought his formidable Divine Flame barging into the God of Destruction. He crashed into a group of purple black light balls, which were full of the Destruction Intent.



In the blink of an eye, he was trapped in the circle of the light-balls. His body felt as if it was being crushed into thousands of pieces.



None of the Gods here didn’t know how mighty the Destruction Intent from the God of Destruction could be.



The Life Goddess couldn’t help but frown. Her eyes were staring at the God of Emotion attentively. Her heart was full of shame and sorrow for the Butterfly God. If the God of Emotion had died in the God of Destruction’s hands, this hatred could have never been erased.



“Thud thud thud ________”



A big explosion turned up in the next moment. In making the explosion, the God of Destruction’s bloodshot eyes had sent out a dim gleam of vacant and dull thoughts.




The Destructive Storm, in a second, turned into a purple black tornado shooting upwards to the sky. A shadow was brutally flung out from the Destructive Dragon Whirlwind.



“Did he jump out from it?” The Ice God couldn’t believe the scene that was happening right in front of her eyes. When the God of Emotion had dashed into the Destructive light ball field, they were all clear that the God of Emotion’s life had been done. That he had forever left this world.



But no one could have imagined, that in just a second, that the God of Emotion could have broken through the Destructive Light Balls. This kind of action was impossible to achieve for those of the first-level Gods, who were witnessing this scene. Although that Destructive light ball had looked simple from the outside, they had been made from the Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction. The God of Destruction was instinctively brutal. However, in this battle, he was definitely clear-headed.



His body was twisting in the air, which was as if it was being affected by the storm. Yet, the emotion radiating from the God of Emotion’s body became much more powerful.



The Seven Big Spiritual Gods behind him became more stable. Each one of them then showed up visibly.



The other first-level Gods were very clear, that if these Seven Big Spiritual Gods had turned into a real entity. It would have meant that they had completely cut their relationships from the God of Emotion. Letting the God of Emotion forever leave this world.



A glow from a sword shot up to the sky, all of sudden, at this point of time. This sword’s glow had seven colors, but it was not like the Element-Splitting Blade. The Seven Colors intertwined with each other. Each color brought a strange feeling which was flooded with emotions.



The Sword’s glow carried the God of Emotion’s sound along to the sky, “The Second Move, Winter Reminisce Sword, and the Unforgettable Reminisce!”



Reminiscence was a very profound thing! The Reminiscence had left a deep mark within his Divine Spirit.



In the Divine Realm, the God of Emotion had been with his wife, and had been living a very peaceful life these days. This was the best and sweetest time of their entire lives.



The light blue figure that was displaying her captivating beauty, gently sank into his mind, endlessly.



A faint smile came up on the God of Emotion’s face while he was recalling the times that he had with the Butterfly God in the Douluo Continent.



At that time, he really had been a fool! No wonder she had called him an idiot. He really was an idiot at that time. He had not realized that a Goddess was right beside him. He had merely thought that she was a man and had treated her like a good friend.


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