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The God of Emotion was calm. His eyes looked tranquil. He pleasantly talked as if he was introducing a good friend to his best friend. The hazy fog surrounding him got thicker as he was speaking. The seven-ring halo behind him started to vaguely transform as well.



The God of Destruction said, as if nothing had happened, “Are you going to use the three Superb Vast Winter Skills to deal with me?”



The God of Emotion silently nodded his head, “Originally, I didn’t intend to use the three Superb Vast Winter Skills. Because I was with Wu Tong at that time, I didn’t have any mind to think about it. But right now, since I have to leave her. So I now think that I can reconstitute the Divine Realm’s three Superb Vast Winter Skills. Please instruct me!”



These three words “please instruct me” made almost all the Gods a little bit terrified. Their demeanors for the God of Emotion had also changed.



The God of Emotion squinted his eyes. His eyes revealed a powerful aura. On the other hand, the sorrowful look on his face became thicker.



He suddenly turned around, looking at the Butterfly God who was in the Life Goddess’s embrace. His body flew towards the God of Destruction. His flying speed was not too fast. But in the blink of an eye, several shadows gradually appeared behind him.



There were a total of seven shadows, each with different shapes.



The one leading was a woman in a long white dress, cool and prideful. Her appearance was extremely beautiful yet extremely glacial. She was as white as the snow. A painful feeling was sent out from her body. That was the God of Emotion’s Seven Emotions inside of the Snow Emperor!



This Snow Emperor was originally the Douluo Continent’s Ice Heavenly Snow Woman, who had been cultivating for 700,000 years; she was from a generation of mighty warriors. She accidentally became the God of Emotion’s Spirit and followed the God of Emotion in entering the Divine Realm, becoming a Spiritual God.



After the Snow Emperor appeared, a woman in a green skirt showed up as well, who at once displayed the Ice and Snow Emperor’s Prides. That was the Ice Emperor, who now, had turned into a Jade Scorpion. She was presenting angry emotions.



An icy blue octagonal grass was floating in middle of the air. That was the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass representing the happy emotions.



A giant Ice Bear was drifting besides them. It was called the Ice Bear King, also known as Little Bai, representing the joyous emotions.



A single eye full of evilness emitted devilish aura. It was the Evil Eye Tyrant Ruler, standing for hatred!



A mesmerizing mermaid princess was releasing gentle soul waves in the background of the darkness. She represented the loathing emotions.



Finally, a strange tiger appeared, covered in a snow-white color, which was embroidered with ten golden threads.



It belonged to the ice silkworm clan. However, it had been in a deep sleep for the last ten thousand years and had accidentally achieved a one million-year cultivation. It was called Daydream Ice Silkworm.



In the past, when the God of Emotion was still in the Douluo Continent. He was very weak. Thanks to its help, he had developed and became a Spiritual God. It represented Love!



Joy, Anger, Hate, Love, Grief, Fear, and Hatred! The Seven Emotions appeared simultaneously, radiating intense thoughts. Their eyes were all on the God of Emotion’s body. At this moment, except for the emotions that they were expressing, all of them had a sorrowful look.



When the God of Emotion had lit the Divine Flame, they all felt his pain. They had become Spiritual Gods. As long as the God of Emotion agreed, they could have existed independently. In other words, if the God of Emotion had died, he wouldn’t have implicated them as well.



However, they had a deep affection for the God of Emotion. Aside from the Evil Eye Tyrant Ruler’s situation, which had fused with the God of Emotion externally, the others had a very tight relationship with the God of Emotion. How could they have stand still and watch the God of Emotion end his life here?



Because of that, what they could do right now was to help the God of Emotion go through his difficulties. And only in defeating the God of Destruction would he have this chance.



They united their strengths. Each one of them sent out an extremely intense thought. The impact of those intense thoughts became bigger. The God of Emotion’s halo glittered. His Seven-Ring Halo shined brightly, as if there were two halos existing within it. The Supreme God’s dignity could vaguely have been seen from it.



Neither the Elemental Gods or the Deadly Sin God’s could not help but to roll their eyes when witnessing this scene.



Now, they finally understood why the God of Destruction had said that the God of Emotion had the basic requirements in his hands to become a Supreme God.



Before, the Seven Deadly Sin Gods could have only amplified their Seven-Ring halos through themselves, under the Original Sin God Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation. Their Seven-ring Halos didn’t evolve to many rings. But the Halo on the God of Emotion was completely different. This was the foundation of God Growth, which was the most valuable thing that the many Gods had been chasing after.



The reason that the God of Destruction had gotten a lot of support from the other Gods, was to expand the Divine Realm, which was also related to this fact. As long as the Divine Realm had been expanded, it would have needed more Gods to support it. These ordinary Gods had much more chances to grow and potentially reach the higher levels. Such benefits had become the driving force for the other Gods to support the God of Destruction.



The God of Destruction looked at the God of Emotion, who was flying towards him. He slightly furrowed his brows.




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