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The God of Emotion was the strongest one among the first-level Gods that were inside. Still, the one he that had wanted to fight with was a capable supreme God, the strongest among all, the God of Destruction. He basically didn’t have a chance to win. He clearly knew about this but still dared to pick a fight. He certainly gave no thoughts about life and death.



The God of Destruction’s eyes froze. He didn’t think that the God of Emotion would have such guts to do such thing at this moment.



“Young man, are you still blindly looking for death? Your innate talents are very good. In the future, you really have the ability to climb to a higher position. You certainly know, that once you have provoked me, there is no way back. I won’t have any mercy for you.”



The God of Emotion said nonchalantly, “I don’t know what blindly looking for death is. I just know in dying with dignity. The Sea God is my father-in-law, Wu Tong is my wife. What’s wrong with me sacrificing my life for them? Moreover, it is still uncertain whether or not you can defeat me. If I win, let my father-in-law out, and break his seal. If I lose, take my life and do whatever it is that you wish with it, how does this sound?”



The God of Destruction burst out in laughter, then said, “Good, good, you are definitely Wu Tong’s man. You and the Sea God always thought highly of your family and friends. Just only based on your courage, I can understand why they treat you as such. If I don’t accept your proposal, I might appear to be a coward. Fine, I’ll let you die with dignity, as you wish.”



As a Supreme God, he couldn’t have not accept the God of Emotion’s challenge in front of so many Gods. If he didn’t agree, it would have definitely left a huge ugly mark on his reputation.



“Yu Hao!” The Life Goddess flew forward to the God of Emotion, glaring at him, “No, I don’t want you to make any unnecessary sacrifices.”



The God of Emotion silently shook his head, “Aunty Lu, you have helped us a lot. Please let me go. I have to bother you in asking you to take care of Wu Tong for me. If I lose, please tell her that I had gone missing during the reinforcement. Okay?”



The Life Goddess’s body slightly trembled. At this moment, she had no way to stop him. Despite the God of Emotion’s young age, he was currently a first-level God. His respectful first-level God’s dignity was even more important than his own life!



The Life Goddess couldn’t help but force a smile, “Do you really have to do this?”



The God of Emotion slightly shook his head, and said, “I don’t have any other choices. Other Gods can go. But I can’t. I can’t leave Wu Tong. But my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and my family are all captured inside of this castle. I have to fight for them.”



“Take care.” The Life Goddess took the Butterfly God. Two beams of light from her aquamarine green eyes suddenly illuminated into the God of Emotion’s pupils.



The God of Emotion’s body shivered. Even though a layer of halo appeared on his body in a very short time, he could feel that his energy had had some type of transformation.



“Let’s go, show him all of your strength.” The Life Goddess cheerfully said.



Rong Nian Bing and the Seven Elemental Gods didn’t leave. They stayed back with an admiral look on their faces.


In the Divine Realm, having any courage in giving up your life was a greatly respectful action. Although this action may have looked silly in seeking death.



The God of Emotion slowly floated forward. His body was in a transformation. All the molecular cells in his body were going through a big change.


Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Pensiveness, Grief, Fear, and Fright. The Seven Emotions were constantly changing. A small gleam of sorrow also emerged upon his face.


However, right after this gleam of sorrow had appeared, a hazy cast of fog surrounded his body simultaneously. This fog was not thick, nor created any variations. However, when this fog came out, in a blink of an eye, the reddish eyes of the God of Destruction had begun to change.


That shining seven-color fog wasn’t any ordinary fog, instead, it was a kind of flame, which belonged to the God’s. It was the Divine Flame!



Every God had a Divine Flame. Still, the number of Gods who had dared to truly release it, could be counted on one’s fingers. Because the Divine Flame was also the Life Fire of God!


The fire of true Life, the terrifying fire of Life! Once the Divine Flame was sparked, it meant that the God had decided to give up on his life.


Once the Divine Flame was burnt, it showed the most glorious time of a God as well.


“That year, when I was in the Douluo Continent, Wu Tong and I had wandered through many places until we reached one place. There was a time that I thought that I had to let her go. Through that miserable memory, I had created three Spirit Techniques. Spirit Technique was how we called it in the Douluo Continent, where I believe my spirit technique originated from. Therefore, even in the Divine Realm, we still called it by that name. Wu Tong had entrusted these three Spirit Techniques to me. At that time, she used a fake name called Vast Winter. Hence, I named this Spirit Technique as: The three Superb Vast Winters.”


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