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The Butterfly God clenched her teeth. Her body was shaking inside of the God of Emotion’s embrace. She couldn’t have accepted this fact, never ever could she have accepted this!



The God of Greed let out a long sigh, and said, “I know what you are thinking right now. Our opinions are different. We could only insist on supporting our own opinions. We all believe that the judgment of our Lord is correct. What we’ve done had been all for the sake of the Divine Realm’s development. Even though we also had our own personal reasons, it just played a really small part. We won’t hurt you. But please don’t put your hands any further into this. Step aside and watch us finish expanding the Divine Realm gloriously.”



A dark purple halo and a aquamarine green halo descended from the sky, in the next second, changed into two pillars of lights, appearing in front of the Gods from both sides.



The Life Goddess opened up her arms, as if she had wanted to embrace all of  the void into her arms. Her aquamarine green halo suddenly dispersed out then blended in with Rong Nian Bing’s and the Seven Elemental Gods’ bodies.



The gray hairs of Rong Nian Bing quickly regained its youth back. The complexions of the Seven Elemental Gods became much more lively.



The Life Goddess was a Supreme God, holding all the original abilities. All the wounds in front of her were nothing. However, she couldn’t help the first-level Gods recover their consumed God Powers.



The God of Destruction turned to the Seven Deadly Sin Gods, and nodded his head. Facing the solemn face of the Seven Deadly Sin Gods, he also took back his frantic demeanor, even bowing to them.



The Seven Deadly Sin God’s hurriedly paid their respects back. When they raised their heads up, their faces had returned to their usual states, once again.



They controlled the Deadly Sins, which was in need of the Deadly Sin’s thoughts. The Deadly Sin Gods had returned to being their usual selves.

The God of Destruction clasped his hands behind his back, looking at the Life Goddess and other Gods, and calmly said, “Take them away. Fighting is meaningless. You guys just need to wait until the time comes. I believe that when the Divine Realm completes expanding, that all of you will understand everything and see your mistakes.”



“Let my father out!” The Butterfly God suddenly screamed out, leaping forward, towards the God of Destruction.



The God of Emotion startled, hurriedly chased after her to stop her.



The Butterfly God was in tears gazing at the God of Destruction. Her mesmerized eyes were drowned in misery.



The God of the Destruction didn’t talk anymore.



The Life Goddess let out a long sigh and came beside the Butterfly God. She caressed the Butterfly God gently. The Butterfly God became flimsy. She immediately fell into a lethargic sleep inside of the God of Emotion’s arms.



The Life Goddess calmly said, “Things have now come to this state. We had done all that we could have had done. Let’s go.”



The Life of a God was infinite. A God couldn’t die easily. Keeping on fighting was meaningless. It was really hard to recover the lost God Power’s of a first-level God in that short amount of time.



The red pupils of the God of Destruction were full of a supercilious look. He had acted as if he was the winner and didn’t say anything to the Life Goddess. It was of no use right now to talk to him anymore. He had just wanted to prove to the Life Goddess that he was right. That was it. Only his victory could have brought her back to him once again.



The faces of the Seven Elemental Gods became gloomy. However, they silently nodded their heads. They had also tried their best.



Rong Nian Bing sighed heavily. The reason he still stayed in the Divine Realm was to pay back the Sea God’s favor. But this time, it had seemed like it was a complete failure. However, he had still tried his best. He had risked his life to take out that saber to the point that his powers had been now damaged! Right now, he didn’t have a bit of power left.



The God of Destruction had shown some mercies. If they had kept on fighting, it just would have been an act of suicide.



The God of Emotion’s eyes searched for Rong Nian Bing. His eyes clearly told him that he didn’t want to accept this defeat, how could he have accepted this? Moreover, he was not willing to accept it without a doubt.



Rong Nian Bing looked at him and shook his head. Inside the God of Emotion’s Divine Spirit, there came Rong Nian Bing’s voice.



“Let’s go, Yu Hao. Let’s go to the mountain. Your father-in-law definitely has other arrangements. It’s just that we don’t know about it. I don’t believe a sly fox like him wouldn’t have had any preparations and just let the God of Destruction have the upper hand like this. We have done what we can for this old cunning sly fox.”



The God of Emotion, Dai Yu Hao, bit his lips. His face became more determined. All of sudden, he turned around, facing the God of Destruction, and spoke clearly word by word, “I want to have a fight with you!”



These simple words were like six thunders explosively resounding. Each word that was being sent out, shook each and every one of the God’s minds.



“Yu Hao!” Rong Nian Bing hurriedly yelled out to stop him. Still, he knew when the God of Emotion had spoken out these words, he basically couldn’t stop him.



A first-level God had dared to pick a fight with a Supreme God. That wasn’t simply an ordinary act of bravery. Perhaps, he had overestimated himself. But his assertive determination made all the Gods here admire him.



The one whom he had wanted to have a fight with was the God of Destruction!


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