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In a blink of an eye, the frozen tongue, which had retreated, suddenly shot out. A bunch of intense golden rays burst out, and collided fiercely with the Element-Splitting Blade.



“Bang_____” a low and deep explosive sound came out from the center of the collision. In a blink of an eye, the entire Divine Realm seemed as if it was about to collapse.



The faces of more than hundreds of the second-level, third-level Gods floating behind Seven Deadly Sin Gods turned pale. They scattered in all directions inside of the Divine Realms terrifying turbulence. Their God Powers dissipated as well.



Up above the sky, the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess, both turned into vigorous light to protect themselves. The two Supreme Gods pulled off an inconceivable look, and were dumbfounded looking downwards to the turbulence.



Not far away from that, the God of Emotion had also got hit by that same power, being knocked away towards the castle in the Holy Restricted Land. It took him a while to become stable again. The Golden Armor on his body had also changed into a light, then turned into the Butterfly God once again. The Butterfly God’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper; she was lying in the God of Emotion’s arms.



The yellow color and the other seven colors gushed out once again in the next blink. The terrifying turbulence flow crazily swept off everything around that was around it. The sky suddenly became a giant cyclone in the Divine Realm,  pulling everything into it. Even the two Supreme Gods couldn’t have had escaped from it.



Fortunately, the Seven Deadly Sin God’s, the Seven Elemental Gods, and Rong Nian Bing had joined forces, bringing this cyclone higher to the sky. If not, the other second-level, third-level Gods here wouldn’t have had any luck in getting away.



The terrifying God Power storm had lasted for few minutes then slowly melted.



The Element Strip Saber of Rong Nian Bing’s had been destroyed entirely. He and the Seven Elemental Gods had been knocked hundreds of meters away. Blood was coming out from the corners of their mouths. The God Power’s had obviously been heavily damaged.



The sparkling halos on the Seven Deadly Sin Gods had already vanished. Though their auras had healed very fast and quickly returned to normal. They then glared at the Elemental Gods.



Each one of them had stood for a Deadly Sin. Yet, those Deadly Sins did not show up on their faces anymore. On the other hand, their faces were solemn and sacred. They were greatly calm, looking at the other Gods.



The God of Emotion glided over to catch the staggering body of Rong Nian Bing. His face was full of unconvincing color.



He had self-assumed that his plan had been completely perfect. But, the scene unfolding in front of him had entirely been out of his expectations.



Weren’t they the Seven Deadly Sin Gods? Each one of them had represented a Deadly Sin. They were naturally selfish! But, why were they all willing to help each other in such a critical moment like this?  They would have definitely perished if they had made a small mistake in confronting the Element Strip Saber! Still, they were still willing to step into danger to help one another, was this what a normal Evil God would do?



The God of Greed who was in the lead smiled scornfully. His dark yellow eyes were as though they had been able to see though the God of Emotion’s mind. He said indifferently, “Do you  not understand why we still help each other while facing this life and death crisis?”



The God of Emotion unconsciously nodded his head. His face was puzzled.



The God of Greed smirked, then said, “That’s because we are the Deadly Sin God’s, not Deadly Sins. The gap is just one word but it makes a complete difference!”



The God of Emotion finally got it after hearing what he had just said. His face right now was full of annoying look.



That was right! They were the Deadly Sin God’s, not Deadly Sins. It was less by a word but completely different.



So what was God? God was the one controlling all the existences himself. Just like him, as a God of Emotion, he controlled Emotion. And, weren’t they the Deadly Sin Gods? They naturally controlled the Deadly Sins. They, themselves, were not the Deadly Sins, but Gods!



As a God, what they did was controlling. And as a God, they absorbed the Deadly Sin’s thoughts from the mortal world.



The God of Greed wasn’t really greedy. On a daily basis, what he showed was just the effective thoughts that he had restrained. Even though the aura on his body made the other people hate him, in fact, he was still a God.



When a crisis came, as a member of the Deadly Sin Gods, he obviously didn’t care about his safety in order to save his friends. Even though they were Gods, they were Evil Gods, who controlled dark powers. They weren’t originally evil either.



Although the God of Emotion’s fighting capability was formidable, his time  in the Divine Realm had been too short. That was why he hadn’t had a deep understanding about the Divine Realm, thus he had missed out on this point.



As for Rong Nian Bing and the other Elemental Gods, they didn’t not know about the point above. However, in a situation like this, they didn’t have any other choices. Their one and only way was to break through.



However, the results were certainly a failure. They eventually lost.



The Seven Deadly Sin Gods were having the Original Sin God Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation amplification. Many more of the first-level Gods, who, even if united, wouldn’t have been a match for them.



What the Seven Deadly Sin Gods had consumed was not the God Powers from the God Punishment Great Formation, but of their own God Powers. If this battle was still being dragged on, the winners and losers would have eventually been decided. At this time, the Seven Elemental Gods were now injured, not to mention their God Powers had been greatly consumed. Their fighting strengths were almost to zero.



But the Seven Deadly Sin Gods were still perfectly fine. They didn’t need to fight this battle anymore. Their opponents did not even have the smallest chances in winning.



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