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The God of Emotion and the other Gods’ faces became uglier. Judging from this collision, they could figure out the influences of the Great Formation. The God of Greed’s power was somewhat doubled in upgrading. Even though, he could reach the level of a supreme God, it was still a very close call.



The synthesis between the Butterfly God on the God of Emotion didn’t only hold the eight-ring halo, but also the Sea God’s supreme energy! In a situation like this, he was being knocked down by a single punch from the God of Greed. If it were somebody else, they wouldn’t have been able to afford this attack upon them.



The God of Greed looked at the God of Emotion savagely, “Little brat, it was you who had hurt me a moment ago. I haven’t been wounded for many years. You’ll definitely have to pay a big price.”



The God of Emotion coldly said to the God of Greed in a low voice, “Don’t dream that you will win.” After finishing talking, a shadow behind him twinkled. His left leg took a step forward. He slowly rolled out a fist.



Suddenly, the sky around him was about to collapse. A giant scorpion’s figure fluttered behind him.



All of the Gods present here right now could somewhat feel the rage inside of his mind. That rage was contaminating them. Of course, the Original Sin God Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation was slightly affected as well.



The God of Emotion was controlling the Emotions! At this moment, the emotion radiating from his body was of pure anger. Anger!



The God of Greed at the same time moaned, revealing his greedy color. In just a second, he opened his mouth, his long tongue hanging out towards the God of Emotion.



“Boom!” An explosive sound echoed. The God of Emotion was directly knocked away a hundred meters this time. His body drew out an enchanting purplish golden ray across the sky.



But, the God of Greed didn’t feel comfortable. His tongue, in a blink, froze in the air, and turned into an icicle which was unable to withdraw. On his greedy face, his self-satisfying expression instantly vanished. His appearance appeared to be bizarre with his long frozen tongue sticking out.



“Attack!” Rong Nian Bing moved out in sudden, and swung his right arm forward. A peculiar blade showed up inside of his hand. This blade was strange because it wasn’t a solid object. It was congealed by the seven-color halo.



At the same time, the Seven Elemental Gods floating behind him rapidly formed into a semi-arc shape around him. Each one of them had stretched out a punch, slapping on Rong Nian Bing.



The blade in Rong Nian Bing’s hand immediately shot out an incomparable halo. In a blink, his entire body transformed into transparency yet sparkling, radiating the seven-color light. It was even more intimidating than the Great Formation of Seven Deadly Sin Gods.



His blade was like an antelope’s horn, which was not easy to track. This creepy blade appeared in front of the God of Greed in a flash.



The appearance of this blade was too sudden when the God of Greed caught them once again. The Seven Deadly Sin Gods had rushed forward. Their states were extremely powerful. While it was a one on one fight, their possibilities of winning was very high. Therefore, they looked down on the Seven Elemental Gods. However, this was their carelessness, which gave Rong Nian Bing an opportunity.



While having to run away previously, Rong Nian Bing had, in fact, communicated with the God of Emotion through his Divine Sense.



They were all clear that it was impossible to escape from the Original Sin God Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation unless they crushed the Great Formation.



There were two ways to destroy the Great Formation. One was to ruin the Divine Realm’s center inside of the Divine Realms committee. Another was to kill one Deadly Sin God.



In this battle, killing a Deadly Sin God was easier said than done. They were like arms and legs. If something wrong happened, they would immediately find out. Moreover, the current power of a Deadly Sin God was quite fearful. One Deadly Sin God alone couldn’t take the united attack of the elemental Gods but could have still avoided it.



Therefore, they had to take risks running away.



What the God of Emotion had been doing so far was to attract the Deadly Sin God’s attentions.



Among all the Gods inside, a person who had the most in-depth knowledge about fighting was none other than the God of Emotion.



Even though, the God of Emotion hadn’t been in the Divine Realm for a long time, he was absolutely the best in this aspect. Not to mention, despite his short time in the Divine Realm, his combat ability and fighting spirit were the most daring.



The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the Seven Elemental Gods had been with the Divine Realm since its establishment. Although they had changed, they weren’t much different from before.



However, regardless of any aspect, their combat abilities and fighting spirits in the Divine Realm had become much stronger than when they had been in the mortal world. Because when they had been in the mortal world, they had to constantly improve to have a chance in entering the Divine Realm.


. . . .

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