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“After that, he had been in a secluded cultivation for a while. I happened to come out sooner than expected. I was asked to look after the Douluo Continent’s situation. I had quickly discovered you. In the beginning, I didn’t know he was choosing the candidates. Naturally, I was extremely overjoyed. After observing for a decent amount of time, I then discovered this little girl Wu Tong. After that, I was somewhat clearer. Speaking of that, I was wrong at that time. I couldn’t stand the loneliness, as compared to your father-in-law who had been in the Divine Realm for many years. I wanted to bring my family and leave. Then I couldn’t help but meet you and pass on my God’s position to you.



“After your father-in-law’s secluded cultivation ended, he had found out everything, couldn’t cry over the spilled milk. He had no other solutions than constantly abusing you. At that time, I also didn’t dare to irritate him, being polished a bit is not a bad thing to you either.”



Listening to his teacher, the God of Emotion’s face darkened. His teacher had played a big part in his father-in-law’s torment for him!



That was right, this blonde man was the predecessor of the God of Emotion, a legendary first-level god, Rong Nian Bing.



Rong Nian Bing laughed and said: “Little rascal, don’t frown, even though you have gone through many hardship, doesn’t the clouds morning give way to clear evening? You’ve married a goddess. Karma comes after your teacher eventually, though. Do you remember? When you had just entered the Divine Realm, your father-in-law wanted to make things hard for you. At that time, I was really angry, couldn’t do anything but ask him to let you off. I was at my wit’s end with this matter, could just let him set any condition.”



“Your father-in-law! As sly as a fox.” Rong Nian Bing was somewhat discouraging, “I had to agree with his conditions. Within thirty years, I couldn’t leave the Divine Realm. If he had any problem, I would have to help him at least once. But only after I agreed, he told me that he had soon spared you, basically didn’t intend to create challenges for you anymore. He originally challenged you because he wanted you to fuse with the God of Emotion’s position more quickly. Under the pressure, fusion could happen the fastest. After you finished fusing, you got married with Wu Tong immediately. This is a pain in the *ss to me!”



The Butterfly God Tang Wu Tong giggled then said: “Teacher, don’t wail accusingly. You and my father have already planned this. Well, you had set the trap for him first,, then you got stabbed by him, isn’t it karma? ”



Rong Nian Bing was furious, said displeasingly: “In the end, he has taken all the good things. A son-in-law that inherits my god’s position, doesn’t this make up for him? Furthermore, he had simply had a feeling about the upcoming crisis. For the sake of the Divine Realm’s peace, after he came back from his cultivation, he didn’t want to pass his god’s position to Yu Hao in attempt to  take this responsibility himself. After considering carefully, I had fallen into his trap as I had agreed to help him look after the Divine Realm and choose Yu Hao. This old fox must have schemed something behind. Speaking of sly fox, I am afraid even if you have searched the entire Divine Realm, you couldn’t find anyone who could compare to him!”



The God of Emotion Dai Yu Hao had few dry coughs then said: “Teacher, please don’t be angry. This matter has passed for many years, let it sleep.”



Rong Nian Bing harrumphed and said: “Tell me quickly, why does Tang San send you here in search for me? I’ll flee right after working myself to death for him. Just in case he will sell me for money.”



The God of Emotion was a little gloomy, he said: “Teacher, the thing is my father-in-law and mother-in-law have been imprisoned by the God of Destruction. We almost got caught by the God of Destruction’s henchman, it’s been really difficult for us to flee to here.”



“What?” Although Rong Niang Bing somewhat guessed about the situation, he still couldn’t help but be in awe after listening to what the God of Emotion said.



“The God of Destruction captures your mother-in-law and father-in-law? Since when has the God of Destruction become so formidable like this?” Rong Nian Bing surprisingly said.



He had brought his family here and lived in solitude; he hadn’t seen other Gods for quite a long time. He naturally didn’t know anything happened in the Divine Realm’s committee. To be exact, in the entire world, there weren’t many Gods knew what had happened in the Divine Realm.”



The God of Emotion told him in details about what happened in the Divine Realm at once. The God of Destruction suddenly wanted to take the throne, using his pregnant mother-in-law to threaten the Sea God Tang San.



After hearing his explanation, some thoughts flicked in Rong Nian Bing’s eyes as if he was musing.



That red-haired woman came beside him and hugged his arm. Worry could be seen from her beautiful eyes.



The God of Destruction was the Divine Realm’s law executor anyway, he could proclaim the God King position. Right now, he was controlling the Divine Realm center. To the whole Divine Realm, this was an intimidating command force. His subordinates were eight first-level gods, which were extremely powerful on the top of Divine Realm.



After a while, when the Butterfly God Tang Wu Tong got anxious waiting for a long time, Rong Nian Bing finally opened his mouth to speak. He muttered:

“No matter how hard I think, how come I only have a feeling this God of Destruction is so like me before? Even I am beaten to death, I still can’t believe your foxy father-in-law knows that the God of Destruct is discontented with him and he doesn’t have any preparation. It is impossible.”



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