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Through the foggy clouds, the scene in front of their eyes gradually became cleared. The first thing they saw was something like a silver rope constantly flashing on the ground.



That was a waterfall, which was about dozens of meter wide. Water was cascading from the one-hundred-meter tall edge that frightened people. The falling water created an ear-piercing sound with endless water drops scattering in the air. They looked like magnificent crystals. A rainbow which was like a bridge surrounded both sides of the waterfall. That was a splendid sight, which could be described as the fairyland even in the Divine Realm.



There was a lake surrounded by a green mass of growing vegetation. The God of Emotion brought the Butterfly God, aiming to reach that place.



As they were coming near the lake, suddenly, a beam of light emerged from the edge of the lake. That red light was really intimidating, carrying a dominating aura, then abruptly turning into a sensational rainbow.



The God of Emotion startled, wanted to block it, but the Butterfly God  could sense the danger somehow; she immediately opened her eyes then swung her right arm up. A bone-chilling murderous aura burst out as a yellow light flared just in a blink. That was the Golden Dragon Lance.



The lance was brought out, frightening the God of Emotion beside her. The lance was like a dragon covered in gold nimbus crossing the sky and earth with a tremendous aura. Just in a blink, the gold lance encountered that red beam.






The crisp sound of flowing water stopped unexpectedly for a short moment as if it was affected by the impact, then they descended once again. In the middle of the sky, the Butterfly God had recovered her conscious, holding the Golden Dragon Lance imposingly. At this moment, she was not the usual Butterfly God but the Goddess of War.



A figure slowly appeared from that red halo. It was a woman with long red hair putting up in a ponytail. She was holding a lance, which had a red glow bursting from inside.



Her beautiful face was a little pale as she was terrified.



“Shi mu, it’s us. Please don’t take action.” The God of Emotion blocked the attack, hastily said.



That woman gave a skeptical look at Tang Wu Tong, smiled then said: “I have soon seen both of you flying here. I just want to scare you a little bit. How can Wu Tong have such a strong murderous aura recently? Is this the little Princess we used to tease?”



The Butterfly God Tang Wu Tong had returned to her normal state after striking the lance. She said embarrassingly: “Shi mu, I am sorry. I, I have just realized something, got stimulated from the outside. I couldn’t control myself but attack carelessly, are you alright?”



The red-haired woman smiled and said: “I am alright. It is a little strange to me since I have used this sword arts for many years. Come, your teacher has been waiting for both of you.”



The God of Emotion was surprised; seemed like his father-in-law had plotted this scheme!



He brought along Tang Wu Tong and landed by the lake. When they had approached the area about hundreds meters away from the lake, it was like they was crossing through a barrier; the scenery surrounding immediately changed.



There was a courtyard inside the dense vegetation. Some wooden houses situated there with several kids playing and an old man resting.



In the middle of the yard, stood a blonde man with his hands crossed behind his back, smilingly looked at their arrival.



“Teacher.” The God of Emotion hastily stepped up, bowed to that blonde man and said respectfully.



“Stand up. I know both of you would come.” The blonde young man smiled and said, but his smile looked a little bit awkward.



The Butterfly God asked curiously: “Teacher, how could you know we would come? Is it possible that you have any prediction?”



The blonde man angrily replied: “How can I predict anything? It is all your father’s calculation. This rascal is always sly, making me compromise. How could he let me off so easily? Time is coming soon. I guess the trouble will also come. As expected, you guys actually come here. One never goes to a Buddhist temple for nothing, can this not mean trouble? Moreover, there is Asura God’s energy on your bodies. If it wasn’t urgent, would Tang San give you that thing?”



The God of Emotion was surprised looking at the blonde man, “Teacher, haven’t you had any plan with my father-in-law?”



The blonde man smiled forcedly: “He also planned this. Speaking of which, this is your fault as well.”



“Back then, when you had cultivated in Douluo Continent, the first one who picked you first was actually your father-in-law. Others may not know him, but I know him pretty well. In fact, your father-in-law has a naughty temper. He had soon wanted to go wandering the universe with your mother-in-law. It’s just that he didn’t know whom to pass on his responsibility. He had been looking for a successor, yet hadn’t found a right one. It was really to come across you, moreover, you was dating Wu Tong. He had then prepared a plan to make you his future successor for his God position.”


[1] Shi mu: chinese way to call a teacher’s wife


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