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 The Angelic God Armament was the divine weapon of the former Angelic God. Although it could be restored after being destroyed, to the Angelic God, it was a serious damage to her vitality. After she had struck out her attack, Qian Ren Xue’s competence was reduced ninety percent. Even if she hadn’t succeeded, it would have got some benefits then. And, within the next three days, her power was only ten percent.

If Tang San riskily used the Ocean’s Sun, Qian Ren Xue, who was all focusing on him, would be killed. But Tang San also couldn’t be able to dodge her life-risking attack. The final results would be that both of them would get killed.


Qian Ren Xue had been waiting so long for this chance. After striking out her attack, she couldn’t even maintain her flying ability, falling down to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. She had put all of her power to her voice, releasing her divine sense, shouting to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

“All Spirit Empire’s soldiers, leave the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. BACK OFF!”
She, of course, couldn’t leave the Spirit Empire. The general forces of the Spirit Empire, including the spirit master legion, had been damaged over eighty percent. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass hadn’t been able to entrench anymore. Moreover, she realized that she hadn’t had enough powers to dissolve the toxins down there. At this moment, she only hoped to keep a part of the remaining forces of the Spirit Empire. She got it clear now. Soon, Tang San would destroy her.
However, the attack she had expected didn’t come. She was still falling down to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Qian Ren Xue reluctantly controlled her body. He doesn’t attack me, why? She definitely couldn’t believe that Tang San could avoid her deadly attack.

In fact, during the battle with Tang San, Qian Ren Xue had timed her deadly strike pretty well. This attack of hers also was inspired from Tang San’s Great Sumeru Technique, the Exploding Ring. However, Tang San had hurt her before; seeing him storming over, she understood that if she didn’t strike it now, she would have no chances later on. Then, she recklessly attacked him, using up her divine powers, the energy of the god armament, and all the energy from her accumulated Solar Pure Flame.

Indeed, Tang San hadn’t been capable of avoiding her deadly strike. Facing the scorching energy of the Solar Angel, which was turning from red to a pure gold color with an intimidating heat, Tang San smiled. Until now, he hadn’t faced Qian Ren Xue’s attack directly yet as he was cautious, not to let her do the concomitant death. How could he make such big mistake?


Qian Ren Xue felt bizarre, seeing Tang San’s body being broken in the air; to be exact, it was the Sea God Armament which was being broken. But it wasn’t like the way she had done so with her god armament, which had exploded to generate power. His Sea God Armament’s components were detached piece by piece while he had transformed into a vague blue light. Then the Sea God Armament’s components gathered again, as Tang San had consolidated his body, covering him.

Another Sea God Trident appeared in the air, twice bigger than the old one. The original blue color disappeared. It was a pure crystal gold trident now. True, this is the real Sea God’s weapon, the original appearance of the Golden Trident.
“Body and Spear Fusion, the Big Dipper (1).”
The final strike of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, activated.

A jade-like gold light gushed out from the main blade of the Golden Trident. In mid-air, it aimed for the Solar Angel, dashing towards. Right when it could cover all the blazing energy of the Solar Angel, the Golden Trident suddenly spun three rounds, then pointed up high.
The Solar Angel’s energy was barricaded by a strange gold light, forced to condense into a flow of energy, then hurled it up to the hair.

Instantaneously, far from there, a red-gold halo burst out furiously, changing the color of the whole sky.
Qian Ren Xue was heavily thrown against the wall. When she was falling down, the spirit masters on both sides had noticed this. Since they didn’t know the situation clearly, Tang Hao had decided quick and ordered them to retreat. Anyway, the situation now couldn’t be changed; they didn’t need to risk their lives with the enemy.

Spirit masters of both sides separated at once, in the middle of the mess of screaming and crying. The Heaven Dou Empire’s supreme spirit masters all got off the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Falling down from ten li up high, how terrifying it is. Before she reached the ground, the Golden Crocodile Douluo had realized that she wasn’t wearing the Angelic God Armament. Her entire body was covered by that red aureole as she couldn’t control her body anymore. This Second Consecrator had dedicated his whole life to the Spirit Hall. At this moment, he furiously hit his chest; his body was instantly enlarged as his skin turned into the color of blood. BOOM. He exploded.

It was lucky that Tang Hao had ordered them to retreat. Thus, this peak Douluo’s explosion didn’t affect the soldiers much. Qian Ren Xue felt a flow of energy had pushed her up before she hit the wall. Although the Golden Crocodile Douluo had sacrificed himself to cushion her, her impact still broke a big hole in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’ wall.

Qian Ren Xue was a god, anyway. The Golden Crocodile Douluo had aided her, reduced her falling speed. This violent impact was almost nothing to her. Now she was filled with resentment. The deadly intentions in her heart suddenly disappeared. She recalled the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s death for her; therefore she shouldn’t waste her life like that.

She jumped up abruptly and cried, “RETREAT!”


At this moment, the six consecrators had only four now, and the number of Title Douluo spirit masters were at six. The consecrators hurried to surround Qian Ren Xue, plunging inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The rushing sounds of their withdrawal echoed everywhere inside of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

In the air, the Golden Trident was suddenly detached, Tang San had recovered his body. A glimpse of paleness swept over his face. Although he had soon prepared for the last strike of the Golden Thirteen Halberds to dissolve Qian Ren Xue’s deadly attack, the energy he had spent wasn’t small at all. The Sea God Eight Wings on his back had turned into a blue color, wildly absorbing the power from the sea.

Tang San adjusted his divine powers, then plunged down to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. With his Purple Demon Eye, he could see Qian Ren Xue and the supreme spirit masters of the Spirit Empire were retreating rapidly.

You think it’s easy to flee that way? Tang San snorted coldly. Even though he had consumed much of his divine power, his recovery speed was fast. The Sea God Trident in his hand swung, activating the Millennial Space.

As she could feel the massive pressure from behind, Qian Ren Xue gritted her teeth. Even if she had the Sun as her backup, she could reluctantly, only maintain ten percent of her powers now. She understood well that if Tang San wanted to kill her, she couldn’t be able to escape.

At this moment, the forces that the Spirit Hall had accumulated for many years started to be effective. The Fourth and the Fifth Consecrators roared, then turned around. Their spirits burst out instantly, pouring all energy into the air. A mass of blood rumbly exploded.

The gold light, represented for the intimidating powers of the Millennial Space had devoured the energy that came from the consecrators’ explosions. However, their sacrifices had given Qian Ren Xue a short time to escape.

The powers of the Millennial Space wouldn’t be dissolved that easy. Among the six Title Douluos, who were running away, three of them had been swept over, simultaneously exploded into a mist of blood. Within one strike, half of the supreme spirit masters that were running away, were gone.

However, Tang San didn’t continue his pursuit. If he continued to attack Qian Ren Xue, she would have no chances except death. Nevertheless, when he struck out the Millennial Space, Tang San had seen clearly that one-third of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was now covered with the green mist. Every fifty minutes, there was another ten thousand people died.

Retreat? There were more than five hundred thousand people inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, how could they withdraw all at once? Seeing many bodies successively fallen down in the toxic mist, and the toxic mist was about to expand out of the wall, Tang San sighed inside. Qian Ren Xue, I will leave you alive for a while.


According to Tang San’s supposition, the Spirit Empire now had no chance to overturn the situation. Qian Ren Xue was badly hurt, and her Angelic Armament wouldn’t be recovered in such a short time. With her current conditions, she couldn’t prevent his divine sense. What was urgent now was to deal with the toxins.
The kindness of his heart and his analysis of the general situation made him temporarily let Qian Ren Xue go for the meantime. However, he didn’t expect that this kindness would cause him a big jeopardy later.


Controlling himself to hover above the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Tang San was begrudgingly glancing at Du Gu Bo, who was standing outside the wall with a dazed countenance. Old monster, you are unexpectedly the one who determines the results of this war. Maybe you hadn’t even thought about this. This aftermath, let me clean it up for you.

From his hovering body, pellucid blue lights were rippling. Tang San had become the focus of the whole battlefield instantly. Especially to the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force as they all saw Qian Ren Xue falling down like a shooting meteor, hitting the wall; while Tang San had been deliberately descended. This told them the results of the battle up there.

Despite the green mist that was expanding from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire were like crazy followers, excitingly screaming, hailing Tang San, In their eyes, it seemed as if there was nothing that he couldn’t solve. Even Xue Beng, the Emperor of the Empire had this crazy admiration, needless to mention the normal soldiers.
“Viva – Sea – God! Viva – Sea – God!”
Now they all knew that the result of this battle had been determined. The Spirit Empire had no forces to protest further more. Although they couldn’t say that there were no harms, not all of the soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire had been engaged in the war. This war had ended. Everyone has only one life, earning victory without encountering dangers, who wouldn’t be excited?

The lozenge gemstone in the middle of the Poseidon’s crown glowed as it was transmitting the energy of the vast sea to Tang San. The Sea God’s Heart on the Sea God Trident and the gemstone on Tang San’s armament, which had the vortex inside, also glowed.

When Tang San rose the Sea God Trident over his head, the three gemstones were all projecting a straight line of light into the air. The immense blue light, with his body as the core, immediately formed a blue vortex, which was over one hundred meters in diameter, soaring up to the sky.

The shining sunlight was suddenly dimmed. Other people could clearly see that dark clouds were gathering above the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass with their bare eyes. The air was filled with an intimidating pressure instantly.

Raindrops sprinkled down at first, then it soon turned into a heavy shower, rumbly pouring on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


This is what we called “heartless”. The toxins of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor were extreme, but the shower had gradually been diluted and washed away. An immense blue halo descended from the sky, covering the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass entirely. Tang San’s calm but solemn voice reverberated, “Listen up, Spirit Empire’s soldiers in Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, we will spare your life if you surrender. If you are dogged, we will savage you all. If you try to run away, we will have no mercy for you.”


No one dared to doubt Tang San’s words. At this moment, the Spirit Empire’s soldiers who hadn’t already gotten out of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass yet had no ways to escape as the blue rain had covered the entire walls, blocking their retreat. The Heaven Dou Empire’s toxins had brought them extreme terror, who dared to approach that water curtain? Moreover, what should they do once they got out of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass? There was a force of one million soldiers waiting for them out there.

After speaking, Tang San pointed Sea God Trident downward. The rain water with diluted toxins didn’t flow to the soldiers inside the wall, but to the moat outside. Then, it would be easier to kill the entire guarding forces of the city wall, without any harm to the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force. He just needed to pour those poisonous water to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass; then the Heaven Dou Empire didn’t need to attack them, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would instantly turn into a city of death.

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins were intimidating. Any corpse of creatures which were poisoned would become another source of toxins; even their bones were eroded, nothing remained. This heavy shower was washing everything away, including those corpses.

With the support of the Sea God’s divine powers, that rain was washing every single corner of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’ walls. Toxins don’t like water. After cleaning the entire wall, the rainwater then poured into the moat outside the city. This moat was now filled with the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins.


Seeing that the rain had cleaned up the city wall, Tang San swung his left arm, releasing a blue light soaring up to the sky. The tier of black clouds was pierced through, leaving a big space. Warm sunshine shone on the soldiers of both sides again. And the rainwater inside the wall was all poured into the wide moat outside.


The river water was now all green. This scared everybody. Everyone knew that this moat now was a River of Death.


However, Tang San didn’t stop there. The Sea God Trident radiated shining rays again. Instantaneously, the water inside the moat was plunging up to the sky like a massive wave in the sea. The torrent flow of water looked like the Milky Way in the air, flying and twirling around Tang San.


The torrentially enormous flow of water was twirling non-stop around Tang San, forming a massive circle. All the water in the moat was being taken up to that stream. Not a single drop remained. Under the shining sunlight, a massive ring of water was gyrating around Tang San. This miraculous scene had stunned the soldiers of both sides. Miracle! This is a miracle!

While the stream was twirling, a blue current started to detach from it. The recent shower had been formed by pure Water Element, spraying towards the ground to dilute and absorb the expanding toxins. At this moment, Tang San was using his divine power to separate a green current from that big stream. The green current had gradually become darkened from the color of emerald to dark green. Needless to explain, these were the toxins from the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor, which had taken thousands of lives.

That water current had been compressed, getting several times smaller. When it was becoming more pellucid, Tang San rose his left hand, his fingers slightly flickered on the main blade of the Sea God Trident.


Ting – A crispy sound echoed clear and loud throughout the entire battlefield. A yellow flame burst out from there, flying towards the green stream of toxins.


BOOM— The green current instantly turned into a circle of fire, under the lead of the Sea God Trident, soaring up to the sky. All the toxins were evaporated and disappeared inaudibly.

Don’t know who was the first one that had cheered aloud, the Heaven Empire’s great force was like a haystack on fire, spreading their cheers and praises to the entire vastly immense flatland.


The cheers also came out from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The soldiers, even the spirit masters who had survived the toxic mist were all cheering. Most of them were ordinary people, not much a follower of the Spirit Hall. To them, life is the most precious thing. They absolutely believed what Tang San had just said. He is a God! Why should a God lie to them? He said that he would spare their lives, why should we fight him riskily? Fighting with a God, isn’t it suicide?


Even though Qian Ren Xue was a God, too, the impression she had left in the Spirit Empire’s soldiers’ hearts was short. Winners will be kings, losers will be rebels. At the moment she got defeated, her solemn image in her soldiers and generals’ hearts had disappeared. Tang San, on the contrary, with his deed of cleaning the entire valley of death, which had been covered with the fatal toxins from the Jade Phosphor Serpent, had carved his holy image deep in their souls. At this moment, how could they have another thought of fighting?


Clink clink


The first weapon was dropped. The same sounds reverberated along the entire battlefield. The Spirit Empire’s soldiers started to drop their weapons and bent on their knees. Their surrender yells constantly echoed in the field.


Tang San nodded satisfyingly, heading to the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force and said, “Your Highness, I’ll leave the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass to you. I have to chase after Qian Ren Xue now to chop off the last hope of the Spirit Empire.”


Xue Beng rose his voice to answer. “Send you off, teacher. I’ll stay in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and wait for your good news.”


Talking with Tang San, he didn’t even address himself as a King. Previously, he found the title “teacher” he used to call Tang San was forced because he just wanted to take Tang San’s reputation for granted. But now, at this moment, when he said “teacher”, his heart was filled with glory. Having a God as his teacher, even though he was a King, it was still the biggest pride in his entire life.


A blue halo flashed like a shooting star, bringing with it a chain of fading shadows, flying to the horizon. That blue light only vanished ten seconds after Tang San had completely disappeared. Xue Beng’s face displayed a pride that he had never had before, pointing the Son of the Heaven Sword to the sky.


“Spread my orders, walk straight to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Strictly follow Master Sea God’s instruction. Spare the lives of those who have surrendered. Whoever protests against us, just kill them.”


The Heaven Dou Empire’s great force had been well prepared; after Xue Beng had sent his order, they moved straight towards to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. At this moment, they met no resistance. This war had ended with the complete victory of the Heaven Dou Empire.


After having treated the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins, Tang San didn’t watch over the forces that were going into the city, he turned around, following the trickle of divine sense he had put on Qian Ren Xue. It took him around one hour to handle the toxins. Even though Qian Ren Xue had been severely wounded and her energy was less than ten percent, that long period of time was enough for her to run a far distance. Tang San didn’t wish to leave any chance for the Spirit Empire to recover. Once Qian Ren Xue had restored her powers, big troubles would come. She was a god-ranked spirit master anyway. If she couldn’t hold the ethics of a true spirit master and began to stealth them, she would be a big threat to them. He must take this chance to eradicate that potential threat. If he could do that, this would be considered a victory to them as the Spirit Empire would have lost their last fire of hope. About Bibi Dong, Tang San didn’t bother to consider her.


Soon, a group of the Spirit Empire’s soldiers appeared in his vision. They were like stray dogs, running toward the general direction of the Spirit City. After they had gotten out of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, with their current conditions, they couldn’t have run too far. In fact, the number of them, who could escape from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, was not as much as one-fifty of the total number of soldiers based in Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The number of the spirit masters that had survived was even smaller. There were not more than two thousand now. The extreme toxins from the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor were tremendous; it would give the spirit master legion nightmares for many nights after that.


However, right when Tang San caught up with the group of the Spirit Empire’s soldiers who were running for their lives terrifyingly, his face became grimaced. Because, right at this moment, he had lost the sense he had put on Qian Ren Xue.


He had let her have a chance to run away while he had been busy with handling the toxins in the city. But he had put a trickle of divine sense on her, as he believed that with Qian Ren Xue’s current powers, no matter if it was her divine sense or speed, she couldn’t protest against him. And, the final result wouldn’t have been changed.


He didn’t expect that the divine sense he had put on Qian Ren Xue just disappeared without any signs or indications. It was as if she had left this world. Tang San didn’t want it to happen, either. As he couldn’t believe that, he immediately strengthened his divine sense to search for her. The Sea God’s divine sense on the lozenge gemstone on his Poseidon’s Crown was releasing, scanning everywhere to seek for her. However, things didn’t turn out as he wished. He could sense every single breath of the soldiers who were running down there, but there was no trace of Qian Ren Xue. Similarly, the aura of the five Title Douluos who were with her had also disappeared. There should be a logical reason when Qian Ren Xue disappeared like that because she was a God, perhaps she had some tricks to control the divine sense. Nevertheless, why he couldn’t sense those Title Douluo’s? Tang San had a feeling that he had just released the tigers into the jungle.


He, of course, wouldn’t let it go easily. He started to use his maximum speed, releasing the divine sense to the area of thousands of li around there, searching for Qian Ren Xue.


Naturally, Tang San wouldn’t finish those low-grade Spirit Empire’s soldiers running underneath him. At his level, he wouldn’t create karma by killing them. In Tang San’s mind, this war had ended. He just hoped that Qian Ren Xue wouldn’t be a future problem of the Heaven Dou Empire. As a matter of fact, even if Qian Ren Xue could restore her powers wholly, she would never be considered his rival.


Tang San had been searching for two hours. Two hours was a long period to a God. As time was passing by without any positive results, Tang San understood that he wouldn’t be able to find out where Qian Ren Xue would be.


With irritation, he begrudgingly returned to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. No matter what, they had won the battle today, and the Spirit Empire had just lost their basic but essential defenses. The war would become easier then. If she still wants to help the Spirit Empire, she will join the battle again. I have defeated her once; I will definitely do it again.


When Tang San got back to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force had taken over this important location of the Spirit Empire. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was truly an impregnable pass; there were over five hundred thousand soldiers that had entered the city, but they didn’t feel that the space was narrow. Soldiers and spirit masters who had surrendered were disarmed and confined. As what Tang San said, whoever had surrendered could keep their life unharmed, but who had dared to protest would be barricaded right away. Cheering and praising from the Heaven Dou Empire’s forces filled up the entire Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Even an ordinary soldier understood that they had just knocked down one of the most important fortresses of the Spirit Empire. However, this victory also meant that the war was coming to an end.


When Tang San returned, as he didn’t want to stir up the soldiers again, he had retrieved the Sea God Armament, changing into a normal costume. With his divine sense leading, he soon found the Marshall Palace in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Right then, the key generals and the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire were gathering there.


After entering the Marshall Palace, Tang San could feel a boisterous exciting feeling there. He had urged the Sea God’s power to make himself invisible. No one could be able to see him if he didn’t want to show himself. This is the strongest hiding-body ability of the Sea God’s Heart. Except for the divine sense, no one could find him existing in this world.


Inside the hall, Xue Beng was sitting in the chairman’s position. The smile on the Emperor’s face had never been ceased since Tang San had appeared on the battlefield. Marshall Golong wasn’t sitting next to him now, as he was managing the force of one million soldiers to take control of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass altogether. Meanwhile, the spirit masters’ missions in this battle had been accomplished perfectly. The heroes of this battle were all present there, including, the Shrek Six Devils, Tang Hao, Tang Xiao, Grandmaster, Flender, and Poison Douluo.


“Du Gu senior, you have put many efforts into this battle. Your extreme toxins helped reduce the number of casualties for our side. And, it also dissolved the opponent’s morale. Besides teacher, your credit is the highest.”


Xue Beng told Du Gu Bo with the most sincere feeling from the bottom of his heart. They all knew that Tang San was a God now, he would never bother with claiming credit. Indeed, Du Go Bu’s effects in this battle weren’t less than that of Tang San.


Du Gu Bo forced a smile.


“Your Majesty, this old man doesn’t deserve your praise. I was able to release the toxins but I had no way to take it back. I had almost created a disaster. It was lucky for us that Tang San could solve those toxins. If not, I would be forever guilty in the annals of history.”


Tang Hao laughed out loud.


“It isn’t true that you would be a sinner throughout all the ages, but you can’t deny the title of a Slaughter Man. Well, the worst case would be that you would have killed all of the Spirit Empire’s men. We just needed to withdraw and let you take your time to deal with the toxins. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would still be in our hands. It was just a matter of a longer time needed.”


What Tang Hao said had paled all the people sitting there. There were hundreds of thousands of people inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. However, Grandmaster, who was sitting next to Tang Hao, nodded his head in agreement as if he didn’t even try to hide his agreement with what Tang Hao had said. Talking about the resentment with the Spirit Empire, Grandmaster and Tang Hao both had the deepest ones of them all. Because of the Spirit Empire, Tang Hao had a home that he couldn’t come back. He hadn’t even had the last chance to be able to see his father on his death-bed. His dearest wife had had to sacrifice herself for him. The resentment that had been accumulated for over twenty years couldn’t be erased that easy. Even if they had killed all the members of the Spirit Empire, Tang Hao wouldn’t have changed his face. It was the same with the Grandmaster’s case, as his entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family had been eradicated. He just regretted that he couldn’t savage them all.


Having listened to Tang Hao, Du Gu Bo was finally cheered up a little bit. He forced a smile then said, “Clear Sky Douluo, this murderous miasma would rise up to the sky! This situation, I’ve never created this before. I didn’t think that the effects would have been that terrible. From now on, my toxins will not be used on the battlefield anymore.”


Xue Beng smiled then said, “Du Gu senior, you don’t need to be like that. No matter how strong you are, if you follow the bright side, it’s good. If you follow the dark side, it’s evil. If we didn’t have your toxins as we were heading to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, would the casualties be less than that? At that time, not only the Spirit Empire’s men had to die, but also our men. And, the number of dead would be even more than that of the Spirit Empire. Thus, you don’t need to be disquieted. No matter what, we have won this battle. Honestly, I don’t know how I should thank you all. I can only say that later if you have any requests, the Heaven Dou Empire will put forth our best efforts to fulfill them.”


“Thanks in advance. Our Clear Sky School that year had to be closed because of the Spirit Empire. This time, just consider that we are contributing a small part. With this chance, I hope that your Majesty would allow us to establish the Clear Sky School at the Heaven Dou City once again.” Said Tang Xiao.


Xue Beng was jubilant, said quickly, “Of course. It would be our wish, too. Having the Clear Sky School at the Heaven Dou City is my honor, also the honor of the entire Heaven Dou Empire.”


Besides Tang San, the Clear Sky School used to be the most unrivaled clan in the world. Their reputation was even more than that of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. Even though this time, the Clear Sky School hadn’t come here in great numbers, the brothers Tang Hao and Tang Xiao had performed their true competencies, which had proven the true meaning of the peerless clan. How could Xue Beng not be happy with that?


A blue halo flashed. A figure quietly appeared in the meeting room. The group of Title Douluos was startled but soon regained their calm. Besides Tang Xiao, Tang Hao and Grandmaster, all of them were standing up.


Xue Beng’s reflexes were a little bit extreme. He directly stepped forwards, bent on his knee and said, “Welcome, Teacher.”


Needless to ask, that blue figure was Tang San, who had just come back from the pursuit without any positive results.

(1) The Big Dipper (US) or Plough (UK) is an asterism consisting of the seven brightest stars of the constellation Ursa Major; six of them are of second magnitude and one, Megrez , of third magnitude. Four define a “bowl” or “body” and three define a “handle” or “head”. It is recognized as a distinct grouping in many cultures.


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