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Four rumbling explosions had shaken the entire Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Then, the Hell White Tiger had jumped into the crowd of the spirit masters, making a mess there, and creating a chance for Tang Sect’s teams to break through the city walls. This time, they were more careful as they were taking the longer distance for their run-up. The wall was completely disordered now; some disciples from the Defense Hall had to come and assist the Strength Hall’s disciples carrying those giant battering rams, directly hitting the gates. This made the weight of five hundred thousand jin become even more terrifying.


A huge concave spot appeared on the gate. With this violently hit, one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force simultaneously cried. Their voices became the strongest boost to the disciples of the Strength Hall and Defense Hall. They quickly backed off and struck the gate the third time.


Big cracks started to appear on the wall adjacent to the gates. Although the cast iron gates were thick and firm, it didn’t mean that the wall it had been attached to was tough enough. The massive cast iron gates started to deform after several hits. The adjacent wall also couldn’t bear it anymore.


On top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes had turned bloodshot. He, of course, understood well the awful results once the gates were broken.


“Bastards! Prevent them! Counter-attack! Stand up even you have to die for it!”


His angry roar was for his spirit master legion. After a while of being chaotic, over ten thousand spirit masters of the spirit master legion finally pulled themselves together.


The Hell White Tiger was strong, but it was facing over ten thousand spirit masters at the same time. The spirit masters’ physical conditions were much better than that of ordinary people. After killing hundreds of spirit masters, the Hell White Tiger had consumed a large amount of energy. The Spirit Empire’s spirit masters in their turmoil were constantly throwing their strongest spirit abilities on the Hell White Tiger. This reduced the tiger’s overall strength rapidly, much more than that of when it had been facing the Fourth and the Fifth Consecrators.


Although it was facing a big crowd of spirit masters, the Hell White Tiger could kill dozens of them at each strike it made. However, from the dim aureole on its body, they could guess that the tiger couldn’t hold it for long. The Spirit Empire’s spirit masters tried to make themselves stay awake as they had sent some spirit masters to attack Tang Sect’s team down at the gate. They all knew that once the gates were broken, they wouldn’t have a decent death.


“Dai-dage, retreat.”


Ma Hong Jun was fighting with the Sixth Consecrator in the air. He constantly plunged down and attacked the opponent. As he was flying above, he could observe the entire battlefield. The Spirit Empire’s people didn’t notice the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor lying on the ground, but Ma Hong Jun could see it clearly. Now, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters surrounding Dai Mu Bai had finally gotten themselves together; a major part of them was focusing and attacking the Hell White Tiger. Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing were strong, but if this situation lengthened, they would be screwed soon. They had already eaten the Multi-Excess Diamond Sausage; they wouldn’t have any chance to fully recover again. This is the scene where a colony of ants could bite the elephant to death.


Dai Mu Bai was on the edge, he couldn’t endure more. As he listened to Ma Hong Jun’s reminder, the Hell White Tiger launched another terrifying attack. A massive flow of white energy swept over the crowd, blowing over one hundred spirit masters into the air, preventing numerous spirit abilities aiming for the tiger. The Hell White Tiger took this chance to jump off the wall. They had accomplished their tasks. Now they had to find a safe place to recover their nearly depleted spirit powers. While the tiger was still in the air, its body swayed, splitting into two different people. Their complexions looked extremely tired, but somehow they were excited. Apparently, since the beginning of the war, they had taken the most glorious achievements.


Now, the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force had taken advantage of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s walls. A large number of the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters had already gotten wounded. They had to mobilize more spirit masters ranked level eighty and above to the wall. Those spirit masters had worked together with the Consecrators and the Title Douluos to entrench their opponent’s attacks. However, the number of their Title Douluos was gradually being reduced. Xiao Wu’s figure was like a ghost, constantly using teleportation and her terrific Soft Skill to take lives from the opponents one by one. One spirit master fell down, a part of their defense was torn off. It could be assumed that the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire would fail this fight. Xiao Wu, Ma Hong Jun, and Oscar hadn’t used the Multi-Excess Diamond Sausage yet; they could always perform their best abilities at any minute.


With the aid from the Multi-Excess Diamond Sausage, Ning Rong Rong’s attribute boost could be maintained until the end of the battle.


Seeing the Hell White Tiger jumping off the wall, the Golden Crocodile Douluo felt relieved. Although the Hell White Tiger had savaged thousands of spirit masters atop the wall, their numbers were still big. They just needed to maintain the defense line; even if the Heaven Dou Empire could take the upper hand now, with their numerous spirit masters, still the Spirit Empire could entrench for quite a long time. At this moment, under his command, the archers had used the big shield to cover the top of the wall. They were ready to shoot now. The giant defending arbalests were also ready, started to shoot down. Even if those heavy-armed cavalries had the tougher armor or shield, they couldn’t prevent those arrows totally.


Right when the Golden Crocodile Douluo was about to breathe out in relief, he suddenly saw a pale elder slowly standing up on the wall. That old man was wearing a green robe. Also, a same green color had been spreading all over the wall underneath his feet. This sank the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s heart. He knew this old man. When that man took his Title Douluo ordain at the Spirit Hall, Golden Crocodile Douluo had chaired the ceremony. If it had been some of the normal cases, Golden Crocodile Douluo would have never taken a glance at this man. But this man himself was a threatening existence in the battlefield. Yes, it was Du Gu Bo.


Du Gu Bo somehow could sense the Golden Crocodile Douluo were staring at him; he slowly turned around to see. His mouth slightly parted, revealed his white teeth while smiling. At this moment, the Poison Douluo looked as pale as a sheet of paper. Apparently, this was the visage of when he had spent all of his powers. However, Golden Crocodile Douluo remembered exactly that this Poison Douluo hadn’t joined the battle yet. A cold feeling was rising from his feet, sending shiver all over his body. The Golden Crocodile was trembling, as his mind went blank.
Just like it was to test his assumption, Du Gu Bo’s eyes suddenly turned into a deep green color. His face looked completely sinister. It was like he was enjoying something, stretching both hands, pointing to the ground.


There was no explosion or bursting aura that could frighten people. When Du Gu Bo pointed to the ground, a faint green mist started to rise to the wall from the ground. Besides the place where the spirit masters were fighting, green mist was dispersing everywhere.


That eccentric green mist had almost been at every corner of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. It looked so wicked and bizarre.


At the beginning, that mist was ethereal and didn’t draw the Spirit Empire’s soldiers’ attentions. But when the first screech arose, the chaos was happening even more intensive than that of when the Hell White Tiger had jumped onto them.


The first one who had cried out was an archer. When he was stretching his bow, he suddenly saw his hands turning into a green color that he didn’t know since when. The icy-cold flow was sent from his heart. He screamed due to his extreme fear. Then, all of his body had turned green; even the blood he gushed out was green. He quietly fell.


Although Du Gu Bo’s toxins from the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor were intimidating, they didn’t bring much pain to the victims. When the cold feeling reached the victim’s brain, the toxins had already conquered their heart. That victim would be sent directly to the union meeting with his ancestors after several breaths.


Of course, it would happen that way to ordinary people. The spirit masters’ bodies were stronger than other human beings as they could endure longer. However, it could only use seconds to count. The spirit masters ranked level seventy, even though their spirit powers were much, they could only endure one more second. Seeing the green color conquering their body just brought them more terror.


Over eighty percent of the whole Spirit Empire’s spirit masters had gathered atop the wall now. When that green mist dispersed on the city walls, they terrifyingly recognized that some parts of their bodies had already turned into that green color. Whoever got wounded from the fight, already died. No matter how high their levels were, they all felt the breath of death when that icy-cold feeling constantly expanded in their bodies.


Spirit power couldn’t be able to prevent that aura. The more they urged their spirit power, the faster the blood circulating speed was. Death came faster. The whole area on top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had been covered with deadly green mist.


Let alone the spirit masters of the Spirit Empire, even the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers on the other side were astounded. Their yells were fading out.


Xue Beng and Marshall Go Long exchanged a glance. They all felt the extreme terror there. Xue Beng and his royal uncle Xue Xing were pretty close to Du Gu Bo. However, since the day he had taken the throne, he had had more chances to contact with supreme spirit masters, especially, Tang San and Tang Hao – the strongest ones, this had made them underestimate the Poison Douluo. Indeed, Du Gu Bo’s competence wasn’t strong compared to other Title Douluos. Even the Golden Saint Dragon could defeat him now.


But when they had officially entered the battlefield, they suddenly realized that among their spirit masters, the one could throw an intimidating killing ability on the battlefield wasn’t the Title Douluo ranked level ninety-five and over, nor the Lan Hao Wang Tang San the Sea God, but that silent and subtle Poison Douluo.
At the most critical moment, Du Gu Bo had performed the best of his true competence, bringing nightmares to the Spirit Empire’s soldiers.


As a matter of fact, it wasn’t Du Gu Bo who didn’t want to utilize his abilities, but the Spirit Empire had focused on him attentively to prevent him from doing his best.


The Spirit Empire’s force had two Title Douluos who could oppress him. The first one was the Porcupine Douluo. And, the second one, who was even stronger, was the incumbent Empress of the Spirit Empire, Bibi Dong. Bibi Dong’s twin spirits both had extreme toxins. Du Gu Bo’s Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor was the match of her two drastic spiders. Especially Bibi Dong’s domains, which could totally subdue Du Gu Bo.


But now the Porcupine Douluo wasn’t free to take care of him. Bibi Dong wasn’t here neither. Du Gu Bo knew his time was coming, but he was still discreet. The snake is the symbol of wickedness, sinisterness and cruelty, which was the best camouflaging assassin. Once it takes action, it will do with all its best. At this moment, when the toxins of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor had been expanding all over the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s walls, the fight was changed altogether.


The terrible screeches constantly reverberated atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The archers, who were not able to shoot the third salvo, were killed instantly. The shower of arrows from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s top stopped. Those giant arbalests had the same ending. The Spirit Empire’s forces were totally disordered. Just a touch from that green mist, their bodies eroded immediately, leaving them no chance or time to protest. In their panic, they instinctively urged the spirit power to prevent the toxins, but it just only pushed the toxins faster through their veins. More screeches resounded, more spirit masters fell in the cover of that green mist.


Some spirit masters saw this deadly problem, jumping off the wall immediately. Run? Where to run? Even if their pace could have been faster, it wouldn’t be faster than the toxic mist, which had already been soaked into the surface of the wall. A dot of it could poison the whole body. When they landed, the poison reaching their hearts had killed them instantly. Then, their bodies became the new sources of the toxins. Green mist dispersed non-stop from their corpses, expanding towards the city rapidly.


Seeing this scene, even Du Gu Bo couldn’t help but shiver. Although he had the ability, this was the first time he had applied it on such large scale. They had been once a healthy person, under his toxins, all were savaged. Du Gu Bo was trembling in fear.


If this poisonous mist was still expanding, the Heaven Dou Empire didn’t need to attack more; the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would soon be a valley of death. The most dangerous feature of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins was once it had made contact with blood, it would be self-generated automatically. Each poisoned corpse would be a new source of toxins, making more toxins to be dispersed.


At the moment he had taken action, he just thought that he should do his best to kill more enemies. He then had put all his ability, releasing the toxins to the largest scale that he was able to. But at this time, tens of thousands of people were dying constantly in front of his eyes, and it even spread to the foot of the wall, the number of dead would be increasing. The toxins now weren’t something he could control with his ability anymore as he couldn’t withdraw such big amount of toxins into his body.


This is the battlefield, and the war is happening. No one noticed this. The threat on the city walls was lifted. The Heaven Dou Empire’s forces furiously struck the four gates of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass without being interfered. Those thick gates were struck so hard that they were being deformed. At each strike, the deformity had become more intensive. It was just a matter of time now to see those gates were being broken altogether.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo couldn’t hold it anymore, gushing out a mouthful of blood. It’s over. It’s over now. When he saw Du Gu Bo smiled at him, he knew this war was coming to an end. Even if Qian Ren Xue had come back on time, she couldn’t have made up this big loss. The number of the spirit masters that the Heaven Dou Empire had killed wasn’t even one-tenth of the number that Du Gu Bo had killed with his toxins. Although some high-level spirit masters could still endure the toxins, but death still wasn’t far ahead. The increasing number of dead bodies intensified the toxic mist there. This place had become a valley of death. Even the supreme spirit masters of both sides were affected by the toxic mist. They had to release the spirit power to make a protective layer lingering on their body, not to let that mist touch them.


Seeing a vast area covered by the green mist, Tang Hao couldn’t help but frown. However, Du Go Bu had done it for the big goal; he shouldn’t think about it much, but an insecure feeling arose in his heart. Even though the Spirit Empire was their enemy, the total number of soldiers, including the logistics force should be more than five hundred thousand. If all of them were poisoned to death, the resentment miasma would rise to the sky. But, who could stop this now?



The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s four gates were finally broken. Nevertheless, Xue Beng didn’t order his men to attack further. He just couldn’t do that at this moment. When the gates collapsed, he could see the interior of the walls was already filled with that green mist. He couldn’t let his men go there to be poisoned to death.


Marshall Go Long was truly a General. He made up his mind quickly then delivered the order.


“Archers, spirit master legion and Tang Sect’s Army focus on attacking the four gates. Whenever the enemies come out from the gate, shoot him. Do not let anyone get out of there.”


What he only could do now was to prevent Du Gu Bo’s toxics from getting to the Heaven Dou Empire’s side. If not, even if they won this war, it would become a war which had the highest number of casualties in the history.



When then the battle on the ground was changing drastically with the spreading toxins, ten li above, the fight between Tang San and Qian Ren Xue had also come to the climax.




The scorching flame and the melting lava erupted all in a sudden. Thousands of flames constantly shot toward that blue figure. Qian Ren Xue had turned into a scarlet color of the furious flame. To counter Tang San, she didn’t dare putting herself recklessly under the dangerous situation. Her body would be exploded at any time under that extreme flow of the Solar Pure Flame as she was taking the solar energy insanely.


Facing her madness, Tang San was still calm. His complexion was as cold as ice. The Sea God Trident in his hand was drawing blue light sphere successively, opposing Qian Ren Xue’s attacks.


Tang San didn’t rush since he knew that the way Qian Ren Xue was striking him now was just like drinking potions to ease the thirst. At first glance, it was easy to see that Qian Ren Xue’s attacks were sharp and intensive, forcing Tang San to back off constantly. In fact, her attacks could have turned back and strike on herself at any given minute once she couldn’t endure the intake energy. At that time, she couldn’t even protect her god life.


Since the beginning, Tang San had just been on the defense. He was taking the Ocean Power non-stop to strengthen his defense. Once Qian Ren Xue attempted to do the concomitant death, he would figure it out immediately with his powerful divine sense. He would then push her away, not fight with her or let her kill both of them. Now, he was just taking time to waste her god power.


A feeling of being helpless arose in Qian Ren Xue’s heart. Seeing Tang San in his Sea God Armament, the feelings in her heart were all about heart-rending. In front of this man, she had never had the upper hand. He was so smart and cunning. Even a chance to die, he didn’t give her. Qian Ren Xue, of course, understood what Tang San was thinking. He wanted to drain her spirit power until she had no strength to kill them both. Then he would defeat her.


Although they were fighting ten thousand li above, with their divine senses, they all knew the circumstances at the battlefield beneath them. Originally, Qian Ren Xue had thought that she just needed to keep Tang San up there, with the dominating number of the spirit master forces, it wouldn’t be a big problem for the Spirit Empire to encounter the Heaven Dou Empire’s attacks. But then, she clearly saw what was happening there. Her side was losing. Soon, the Spirit Empire couldn’t hold the situation anymore.


Qian Ren Xue was getting more uptight while Tang San had become calmer.


The scarlet light suddenly ceased as Qian Ren Xue stopped her attack. She looked at Tang San coldly, gasping for breath. It seemed she couldn’t endure more. She was the one who kept attacking the opponent. Although her divine abilities weren’t weaker than Tang San’s, her general powers weren’t as strong as his. Tang San could use his stronger divine sense to predict all of her attack directions. This kept her attacks from bursting out their best. The Unfixed Storm came timely to dissolve her attacks altogether.


Moreover, Tang San’s recovering and fighting abilities were all better than hers, let alone his defending ability. Those matters gave Qian Ren Xue no way to continue her attack.


Seeing Qian Ren Xue was breathless, Tang San, who was hovering in the air, was gently adjusting his breath. The Sea God Eight Wings on his back were flapping slightly, taking the energy from the ocean to cover his loss.


“Qian Ren Xue, you don’t need to be like that. I think you understood well that this is no use to fight with me recklessly. I won’t step into your trap. You still have enough power to launch more attacks, right?”


Tang San told her stolidly.


The way he talked to her was as arrogant as he could have toyed with everything in his hands. That pushed her indignation so much she almost puked out blood.


“Tang San, don’t you feel that the Poison Douluo has been using toxics to attack us? There are over five hundred thousand people staying inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Soon, they would all be savaged. Letting the innocent die like that, are you not afraid of the wrath of Heaven?”


Tang San smiled faintly. “You don’t need to tell me that. When your Spirit Hall had killed the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family, did you think about the wrath of Heaven? Or when you harmed my parents, did you think about the sky reprimand? Moreover, those are from your Spirit Empire. None of them relates to me. You are the one who should be hurried now.”


“Tang San, I’m all wrong about you. Come, with your powers, kill me!” Qian Ren Xue said indignantly.


Tang San’s brows slammed together.


“You still want to provoke me now? Okay, I’ll give you a chance. Do you really think that I will be wary of your concomitant death attack method?”


Then, the armor on his body glowed. The blue aureole around him suddenly retreated into his body, then gathered on his Sea God Trident. The Sea God Armament became pellucid while the Sea God Trident in his hand radiated blinding rays. His body flashed, bringing countless fading shadows on the way to reach Qian Ren Xue.


Even though he had declared that he didn’t care about the hundreds of thousands of lives there, did he really mean that? He didn’t bother with the wrath of the Heaven. However, Tang San was a kind guy; although they were engaging in the war, he couldn’t stand it seeing hundreds of thousands of people going to die by the toxins. Indeed, the result of this war was clear. He wasn’t willing to see those people living in utter misery.


Qian Ren Xue paled. Seeing his gestures, she understood that Tang San had accumulated all of his Sea God’s powers. Even though he wouldn’t use any of his divine abilities, the god-ranked spirit masters at this state were the most dangerous ones. His body was now the deadly weapon that her attacks couldn’t touch.


Scarlet nimbus accumulated on Qian Ren Xue’s body. Her Angelic Armament had turned into the color of ruby. She put the Sacred Sword horizontally in front of her. Flashed. Six wings flapped at once. She was ready to confront Tang San, who was flying towards her. Close combat, her final chance.


Faint halos constantly flashed around them. There was a godly cold nimbus that radiated from Tang San’s face. The Sea God Trident in his hands was like it was about to break both the earth and sky, fiercely smashing down on Qian Ren Xue. Close combat means they wouldn’t use any divine abilities, but only their basic god powers.


The Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand stabbed forward while she swayed her body. When the sword came in contact with the Sea God Trident, a tremendous power burst out instantly. Qian Ren Xue spun one round as her left shoulder slammed on Tang San’s chest. At the same time, the Sea God Trident was pushed aside, didn’t slash on her.


The Sea God Trident was a long weapon while her Solar Scared Sword was a short weapon. Apparently, she would take all chances to approach him closer, using her advantages to strike against his disadvantages.


Facing her collision, Tang San didn’t back off. The Sea God Trident slid down a little bit in his hand, as he grabbed it in the middle of the handle. He now could use it as a sword. The trident’s blade was placed on Qian Ren Xue’s neck immediately.


Qian Ren Xue was the one who took the attack first, of course, she was a little bit faster than him. Her left shoulder had slammed heavily against his chest. Although she didn’t expect that she could hurt him with this, being the Angelic God, her reflex was fast as she had increased her strength to the peak in just a fraction of the time. If she could hit him, the Sea God Trident wouldn’t be a threat when his body was sent to the air.


However, when Qian Ren Xue’s shoulder touched Tang San’s chest, she suddenly felt that something was wrong. She could see clearly that she did hit him, but the armor on his torso was suddenly concaved, dissolving fifty percent of her attack. Right after that moment, the lozenge gemstone on his chest burst out abruptly. He was like a stretched bow before it shot out. The armor on his torso now changed from defending to attacking, impacting with Qian Ren Xue’s shoulder.


Tang San’s fighting experience was richer than that of Qian Ren Xue. Qian Ren Xue was a nice lady; she had never thought that people could use the chest muscles to attack the opponent. The rumbling sounds of collision echoed. Their bodies were both shaken. There was a layer of scarlet light on Tang San’s body while a blue vortex was placed on Qian Ren Xue. Their god powers had entered the opponent’s body. No one took advantage from this strike.


This strike seemed to have affected them equally. Although Qian Ren Xue had accumulated her energy to her shoulder and attack, Tang San’s fine treatment had kept it from busting out fully. However, Tang San’s torso could strike out a limited force. His attack and defense wouldn’t be different much. But don’t forget that Tang San had slashed the Sea God Trident too.


Tang San’s counter-attack by his chest was in his plans; while Qian Ren Xue’s Sacred Sword’s attack was just to wash Tang San away. But she didn’t get what she wanted. Apparently, Qian Ren Xue was in a disadvantaged situation.


Qian Ren Xue’s reflexes were fast. When she found out that something was wrong, she spun immediately. Three pairs of wings on her back were like sharp knives, striking towards the Sea God Trident in Tang San’s hand, giving her a chance to recover her lost energy. Although her Angelic Wings were strong, when she struck them out, she hadn’t had time to accumulate energy yet. Moreover, Tang San came from Tang Sect, his fingers and wrists were really strong.


Tang San’s fingers made some strange gestures on the Sea God Trident. Some ethereal shadows flashed. His Sea God Trident swerved through the gaps between her wings, stabbing directly to the joint between her wings and her body. Even though Qian Ren Xue was fast, this strike had brought a flow of pure Sea God’s divine powers into her body violently. At the same time, Tang San pulled the Sea God Trident, leaving a deep cut on Qian Ren Xue’s waist. The waist of the Angelic Armament was cut open.


Both the Angelic Armament and the Sea God Armament had an incredible defending ability, which normal spirit masters couldn’t get through. Nevertheless, to Tang San and Qian Ren Xue, their attacks were much more powerful than defenses. If they had used the divine weapon to attack the opponent’s body, the god armament could only have prevented it to some degrees.


Qian Ren Xue screamed, spinning one round and falling down. A flow of blood gushed out from her wings, turning into mist in the air.


The last pair of her three pairs was sagged. Apparently, the Sea God’s powers were striking her both from outside and inside. It was much more furious than her Solar Pure Flame striking on Tang San’s body. The extreme pain expanded to her entire body rapidly. She was crouching in pain.


When Tang San had made up his mind to attack her, he would do it with all his best. He needed to finish Qian Ren Xue as soon as possible. Then, he would have more time to control the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins before it hadn’t been totally dispersed.


Tang San snorted coldly. He was shaking as he released the Sea God’s powers to dissolve the Solar Pure Flame on him. Qian Ren Xue was doing the same, but her move was slower.


The Sea God Trident was moving, drawing a massive blue light disc around Tang San. This wasn’t an attack of the Sea God’s power, but the true form of the Sea God Trident. The trident’s blades were dazzling with gold light. This was the tenth strike of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, the Ocean’s Sun.


Qian Ren Xue suddenly cried, bit her tongue then spit blood on her Angelic Sacred Sword. Her body seemed to raise up. BOOM. The Angelic Armament on her body exploded, turning into a massive flame. The Solar Pure Flame’s power from the explosion of her Angelic Armament had condensed in mid-air and formed a gigantic Angelic God shadow. That intimidating power had turned the entire space into a black color of the torn space.


This was the strike that she had been accumulating for a long time, also the strike that she had attached her life with it. All of her Angelic God’s powers had gathered in her shattered Angelic God Armament.


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        So how spirit beasts become god? When they reach 1mil year of cultivation. But it very unlikely and almost impossible for almost all spirit beast.from my interpretation,spirit beast can only do it by constantly absorb abundant energy so their body won’t be deteriorate,like the whale and daydream.also they will always have that difficulty each time they add 100k year, like ice empress.she will die in 100 year after she reach 399.900 year.

        That’s my theory, I still try to read DD2 in lnmtl so I only know about ice empress

      2. And my theory about this: “Spirit beast after reaching 100k years of cultivation,can only live another 100 year (or maybe 1k, I forget)” is stated when da ming and er ming said about their lifespan. they chose not to become human, but xiao wu chose different. and yet this is just my theory, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong 🙂

    2. Well, reaching lvl 100 means becoming a god, so no matter if human or spirit beast in human form, they only have two ways of doing that: either gather enough faith from believers, or find the inheritance of a god

    3. I don’t know about: to become god you need faith (like coiling dragon), but I agree with evilchicken. There’s 2 way to become god, easy and fastest way are god inheritance. The other way is only by luck/good fortune.

      First you have to cultivate until 99 level and breakthrough 100 level. My theory to breakthrough 100 level, first you need very strong mental close to god (divine sense). then you need very strong body which can only get by good luck (inheritance) or absorbing strong spirit beast. then you also need external spirit bone that evolved to god rank too (gold color), by absorbing energy from spirit beast too. after that I don’t know haha. The key is to absorb strong energy. for example are whale (eat over million smaller spirit beast) and daydream (absorb ice energy for 900k year). So maybe the human are the same, we need to absorb outer energy to become God

      That’s the only explanation we can gather from DD1. maybe we can get more of it in DD2.5

      1. the truth is that beasts can longer become godly beasts even if they cultuvate till 1M years. Daydream is the best example as he is a 1M year beast and only has the power of such and nothing more special. Reason why is because since the dragon god chaos the divine realm as restricted any other beasts from becoming gods. Answers found on DD 2.5

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