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The force of one million soldiers from the Heaven Dou Empire burst out their robust fighting competence in cooperation with neat and strict control. Even though they were huge in numbers, they were moving orderly.


This is the big country’s expertise. At this moment, the Spirit Empire understood that they would never have a formation like that. The Spirit Empire had been founded mainly by the Spirit Hall’s own abilities and their various resources. Their foundation consisted of sixty percent of the spirit masters of the entire Continent, recruited by force and enticed with benefits. Moreover, many small kingdoms and duchies could sense the threat from the other two Great Empires; they had to depend on and merge with the Spirit Empire. No doubt that when talking about the competence of the spirit master forces, if the Heaven Dou Empire didn’t have a guy like Tang San, obviously, they would not have any tiny bit of chance. Even if the Clear Sky School had returned, they could never fill that gap.


Tang San’s biggest function to the Heaven Dou Empire wasn’t his competence, but his Tang Sect’s hidden weapons. Tang Sect’s Army and Tang Sect’s hidden weapons were life threatening to the Spirit Empire. If the gap between their spirit master forces was big, the difference between their soldier forces was even bigger. Of course, the equilibrium now tilted to the Heaven Dou Empire’s side. The solemn aura and logical arrangement of the great force of the Heaven Dou Empire had boosted the soldiers’ fighting spirit and soothed their deployments. They only needed to keep the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legion from taking the upper hand at the beginning, the Spirit Empire’s normal soldier troops couldn’t be able to protest against the Heaven Dou Empire’s.


Even if the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass stood still, it would still be hard for them to confront the Heaven Dou Empire.


Both Qian Ren Xue and the Second Consecrator Golden Crocodile Douluo weren’t true generals. Their personal competence was powerful, but their military leadership was nothing special. In their point of views, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s defense was solid enough. If the Heaven Dou Empire wanted to break through, they would have to launch the city wall attack and that they had to go through this gate. Even if they wanted to attack the top of the wall, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters were readily available there, to counter them.


When the war had just begun, everything had been like that. The Heaven Dou Empire had sent their best supreme spirit masters to attack atop the wall. But now, when the disciples of Tang Sect’s Strength Hall and Defense Hall appeared, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters started to be flustered. All of them understood well that once the gates were broken, the guarding forces inside would have to face the great force of one million soldiers, flooding through non-stop. Spirit masters’ spirit power had limits, if they had to fight recklessly, how many could they kill? It would be easy to savage the normal infantry, but to do that to the heavy-armed soldiers, they would need a spirit ability at a certain degree.


However, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters and soldiers were very confident with the new city wall’s gates that they had just repaired, which were the five-meter thick iron gates, weighed one hundred thousand jin more. But when they saw the Strength Hall’s disciples carrying the rams, their confidence had vanished instantly. Such colossal rams, they had seen for the first time. No one could be sure how long the gates could withstand that kind of battering ram!


When the attack of the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master legion and Tang Sect’s army became more furious, the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters’ main task was to protect Tang Sect’s Army. They were maintaining a reasonable distance with the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, which was beyond the attack range of the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters. Although the number of the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters was much smaller than that of the Spirit Empire, it would be no big problem for them to defend from a far distance. Anyway, the Spirit Empire’s strongest spirit masters were now all busy fighting with the Shrek Six Devils and the Tang Brothers, who were leading the force of the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire.


The spirit masters’ attacks couldn’t travel a long distance, but the Godly Zhuge Crossbows in Tang Sect’s soldiers’ hands didn’t have this limit. To enhance the lethality and reduce the requirements on material producing the Godly Zhuge Crossbows, Titan had instructed to fabricate a bigger frame for the crossbows. Despite the reduction in material needed, the attacking power was increased. The big frame would determine the shooting range, so did the shape of the crossbow. The attack range of the crossbow was shorter than that of the bow, but to this special Godly Zhuge Crossbow, it could maintain the lethality within four hundred meters.


Ten thousand soldiers of the Tang Sect just needed one salvo to oppress tens of thousands of spirit masters and soldiers of the Spirit Empire atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. This caused a mass fatality. Although this salvo couldn’t be compared to the time they had been aided with the Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage, it wouldn’t be a big deal oppressing the spirit masters atop the wall.


Sometimes on the battlefield, competence doesn’t always determine the winner. Morale and characteristics also hold an important role. The Tang Sect’s soldiers had left a deep impression to the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legion. Currently, not all the spirit masters on the top of the wall had been engaged in the first battle, but the number of spirit masters who had been there, wasn’t that small. They didn’t have a clear explanation for that style of attack; then the rumors flew everywhere within the Spirit Empire’s legions. At this moment, they had to face what they had heard, they could feel the fear crawling in their hearts. No one wanted to be in the front. They started to back off. How could they defend the attack from Tang Sect’s Strength Hall and Defense Hall effectively?


Some of the spirit masters couldn’t threaten the disciples of the Defense Hall. Both the shields they were holding and their sturdy bodies were solid enough. They were escorting the Strength Hall’s disciples to bring the battering ram to the main gates of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Furious explosions reverberated almost at once. When the Strength Hall’s disciples were less than twenty meters away from the gates, they started to dash forward. All their powers were now concentrated on their limbs. Carrying the battering rams on their shoulders, they started to sprint forward.


The mace of the ram heavily hit the iron gates. Even though the Strength Hall’s disciples were all tough, the counter force had sent them stumbling backward. A few of them, who were a little bit weaker, got their purlicues torn. However, this hit wasn’t wasted. A big concave spot appeared on the gates while the rock frame around it started to crack.


The weight of fifty thousand jin is tremendous. Just one hit of it could shake people’s hearts.


“Protect the gates! Spirit masters legion all attack now! Gates guards secure the gates!”


The Golden Crocodile Douluo had been struggling to get out of the wall, but then he was tackled down again under the impact of that hit. The attacking power of the Hell White Tiger was intimidating; under the effects of the Solid Golden Fly, it had damaged the one-hundred-year-old Douluo so badly he had never been before. He tried to take a deep breath to get up then roared. However, it was too much for him he had to gush out a mouthful of blood.


The boosts from more than ten auxiliary spirit masters from the Spirit Empire were pouring on him at once. This soothed him a little bit. However, the lights of his spirit rings were so dim at this moment. Golden Crocodile Douluo couldn’t help but sigh. Aging won’t spare anyone! As his competence had declined, the healing speed had also been reduced.


He understood well that they couldn’t back off. Facing the full force attack of the Heaven Dou Empire, they had to defend recklessly while waiting for the result of the battle between the Sea God and Qian Ren Xue. Before Young Lady comes back, we have to stand still.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo turned back to catch a glimpse of the current situation on the battlefield. Under his command, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters quickly got into formation again and started to furiously attack the disciples of the Tang Sect at the gates.


Now, it was the cool-down time after the Tang Sect’s soldiers had finished the first salvo. Some disciples of the Strength Hall and the Defense Hall got hurt under the mess of numerous spirit abilities. The shields then hurried to cover them, helping them back off to behind the moat.


However, the Heaven Dou Empire’s archers didn’t stop. They could shoot sixty thousand arrows at one salvo. This would protect their spirit master legion well.


At this moment, Golden Crocodile Douluo finally found his mistakes. He hurriedly ordered the archers of the Spirit Empire to get on top of the wall, also to mobilize the giant arbalests there. They were not conducting close combat yet; the archers would be much better than spirit masters.


After he finished delivering a chain of orders, and with the aid of the auxiliary spirit masters, Golden Crocodile Douluo felt better. He didn’t intend to engage the battle anymore. He would stay behind and control the general situation. It would be the most important solution now.


The situation atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s wall had come to the best part. After Xiao Wu’s Peacock Plume had hit him, leaving him several severe wounds, the Third Consecrator had become the first consecrator among the Six Great Consecrators of the Spirit Empire died on the battlefield.


When Golden Crocodile Douluo saw him, his body didn’t look like what belonged to a human anymore. Concurrently, Xiao Wu had stormed into the crowd of the Spirit Douluo, attacking a mass scale. Her Blink had performed its best deed. With the spirit power ranked level ninety-six supporting her teleportation, single-attacks from these Spirit Douluos ranked level eighty couldn’t hit her. However, they didn’t dare to use the area attack since they were afraid they would hit their comrades. Then, after a while, four more Spirit Douluos died under Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill.


However, it wasn’t all bad news that came to the Spirit Empire. The Hell White Tiger of Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing couldn’t hold it anymore. Their true bodies appeared in the light amid the giant tiger.


Using the Hell White Tiger had consumed much energy from them. Both of them were pale now. When they had been fighting with the Golden Crocodile Douluo, they had endured many attacks.


They were fighting with the Fourth and Fifth Consecrators at the moment. These consecrators were really powerful. Although the Hell White Tiger had terrifying powers, they were now protesting reluctantly. The consecrators were originally in the disadvantaged situation, then suddenly, the pressure disappeared. This difference gave them the chance to overturn the situation. Two consecrators simultaneously became fiercer, dashing towards to attack Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing.


Seeing that, a gleam of excitement appeared on Golden Crocodile Douluo’s face while his eyes were filled with resentment. This couple, who was using the spirit fusion, now got hurt badly. Let see what else they could do. The balance between them couldn’t be changed for now since they had no strength remained to do that. After they killed them, these two consecrators could join the battlefield, and the situation would be overturned then.


When the Golden Crocodile Douluo was still calculating the competence of both sides, he suddenly realized that although Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing were pale, their eyes didn’t show any fear, but something strange. A premonition flashed in the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s mind. He shouted aloud without any hesitation.


“Watch out!”


The Fourth and the Fifth Consecrators were in the middle of their full-force attack as they were about to hit Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing. They all heard the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s warning, but they didn’t care much. At this moment, all of their mental powers were locking on Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing. Being the consecrators of the Spirit Empire, they had spent their whole lives studying about different kinds of spirit; of course, they knew how weak they spirit masters were when the spirit fusion was over. Moreover, they got some auxiliary Spirit Douluos behind them; their attacking powers had peaked. Let alone struggling them back, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing wouldn’t have a chance to run away.


However, they didn’t see when Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing had finished their spirit fusion, at the riverbank, the boosting light from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower suddenly disappeared. Oscar, Xiao Wu, and Ma Hong Jun had temporarily lost Ning Rong Rong’s boosts. Then, the red ninth spirit ring, which was swirling around the Nine Treasure Glaze Tile Tower, glowed the first time on this battlefield. Two light flows, a blend of red and yellow, radiated like two electric currents, inaudibly traveling to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, shining on Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing.


Instantly, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing were covered entirely with a dazzling red and yellow light. At the same time, the two consecrators’ attacked had hit them respectively.


The Four and the Fifth Consecrators felt cheery. But soon, they sensed something wrong. Such strong attacks from the Title Douluo ranked level ninety-six like them, when hitting the opponents, the powers of their attacked were vanished without leaving a trace, just like a buffalo that had sunk into the sea.


The red and yellow light disappeared under their attacks. Concurrently, Ning Rong Rong’s six boosting lights poured on Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing.


Two light columns, one black and one white, instantly soared up to the sky almost at the same time. When the Fourth and the Fifth Consecrators’ attacks were over, it was the most critical time to catch.


To speed up their attacks, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing didn’t release their best spirit abilities. Zhu Zhu Qing had turned into a vague black light, quietly approaching the Fifth Consecrator. Her Hell Attached Body and the Hell Hundred Claws were the fastest abilities that she could use now. Being the Agility System Title Douluo, it was almost a fraction of seconds, and she had completed the boost for her Hell Attached Body. Numerous shadows of sharp claws exploded towards her enemy’s belly.


Dai Mu Bai’s attack was much simpler. A big “Kill” (?) letter appeared on his pair of yellow tiger paws. It was his sixth spirit ability, White Tiger Annihilating Kill.
The Four and the Fifth Consecrators had never thought that they could withstand for such a long time facing the Hell White Tiger spirit fusion, but now they got stabbed badly in their favored conditions.


Along with their terrifying screech, the two consecrators were blown away at the same time. Blood was streaming out into the air. Even though they had urged their spirit power recklessly at the last moment to protect their bodies, they didn’t forget that their opponents were Title Douluos as well. Moreover, what they were facing wasn’t only two Title Douluos, but also the unrivaled auxiliary spirit master of the Continent, the Nine Colors Douluo Ning Rong Rong, who was using her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower to boost her comrades.


Those two eccentric lights had changed the entire situation. Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing knew that Ning Rong Rong would come to aid them in time, but the consecrators didn’t know that. Thus, not only was their spirit power’s protection crashed, but also their bodies were severely hurt.


The direct result was that the two consecrators were blown away, couldn’t be able to maintain the spirit avatar any longer. Blood gushed out. The intimidating spirit powers of the White Tiger Douluo and the Hell Douluo had intruded into their meridians. Although it couldn’t instantly have killed them, the two consecrators’ torsos were smashed into a mess of blood and flesh.


At the first time Ning Rong Rong had used her ninth spirit ability on the battlefield, she had overturned the deadly fight between the four supreme spirit masters. It, once again, had proven her competence as the unrivaled auxiliary tool system spirit master. The ability that she had performed was called the Nine Treasure Invincible Godly Light. The effect of this ability was like Xiao Wu’s Paragon Golden Body. However, Xiao Wu’s Paragon Golden Body could only affect herself for three seconds; meanwhile, Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Invincible Godly Light could be applied on anybody. She could have only used it ten times per day. Moreover, it didn’t consume her spirit power. This was the magnificent effect of the one hundred thousand years spirit ability that was inseparable with her incredible Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower.


In fact, the Nine Treasure Godly Light could be effective for only ten seconds. However, in such a battle between supreme spirit masters, one second could be equaled to one life. Just like the strikes the consecrators had made, without the protection from Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Godly Light, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing would have been hurt badly. The Shrek Six Devils, once again, could use the weak to strike against the strong by their harmonious cooperation. Now the balance between the two sides had been broken after the two consecrators got damaged.


Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing didn’t chase after them. Their exhaustion wasn’t pretended. Due to the incredible spirit fusion, their spirit powers had been drained. Since the beginning of the fight, it was no doubt that they had performed the Hell White Tiger fusion to its limits. Their spirit power consumption had reached their limits as well. Ning Rong Rong could only boost their attributes, but she couldn’t help them recover the consumed spirit powers. Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that they had no ways to recover their spirit powers now.


Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing hauled out something. This was a sparkling object that looked like it was made from gems. The shining cylinder object had numerous facets. If they hadn’t known of it before, everybody would have thought that this was a piece of diamond, but a sausage. Two of them smiled at each other begrudgingly, then swallowed the special sausages. If they tried to chew then swallow it, definitely they would break their teeth. This sausage had the toughness just like that of a real diamond. They could only swallow it directly to activate its effects. This was the ninth spirit ability of the Cookery God Douluo Oscar, the Half Excess Diamond Sausage. (Dou Yiban Zuanshi Chang)


What is the Half Excess Diamond Sausage? “Half Excess” (Dou= many, excess, Yiban = half) means on the battlefield, all of your attributes would be surpassed at least half of that of your opponents. The meaning was simple, but the effects were formidable!


If Oscar’s eighth spirit ability, the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage was the best medicine for healing wound, the Half Excess Diamond Sausage was the best recovery sausage. The Large Recovery Sausage, Oscar’s first spirit ability couldn’t be compared to it. Just swallow one piece of the Half Excess Diamond Sausage, within three seconds, all physical conditions, spirit power and mental power could be recovered fifty percent.


Just put a question here, what would happen when you eat a sausage, after you and your opponent, at the same level, have drained all energy? When Oscar had produced each piece of the Half Excess Diamond Sausage, he ate one piece of the Solid Golden Fly resulted in improving the effects ten times more. It should be called the Multi-Excess Diamond Sausage! All spirit power and physical strength could then be restored.


Three seconds equaled two breathing circles. Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing didn’t chase after the consecrators, but within three seconds, their pale countenances were washed away as their competence was fully recovered.


If Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was the solid foundation for the Shrek Seven Devils, Oscar’s sausages were their secret weapons. It was really difficult to produce the Half Excess Diamond Sausage, as Oscar had to consume much of his energy. During the short time they had come there, Oscar had produced six pieces for the six of them. However, Oscar alone couldn’t have completed this hard task without Tang San’s Sea God’s powers. This was also why the Shrek Six Devils were confident in facing the Six Great Consecrators. With Oscar’s sausages, each of them now had doubled their powers. The changes of the war would start from now.


The Fourth and the Fifty Consecrator were trying to hold down their pains, getting up from the ground. Their complexion became ugly when they saw the changes on Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing’s faces. Great doubt immediately filled their eyes. They roared at the same time.




Dai Mu Bai laughed out loud.


“If you Spirit Empire could have a Food system Title Douluo, you would know that it is possible, especially when this Title Douluo has a one hundred thousand year spirit ability. We are not going to play with you anymore.”


Then, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing flew up. But they didn’t continue attacking the two consecrators. Instead, they made a turn and dashed toward the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The strongest spirit masters there were only ranked at the Spirit Sage level.


“Not good!”


The Golden Crocodile Douluo’s face changed drastically, shouted, “Move! All Spirit Douluos take the lead, STOP THEM!”


However, his cry was a little bit slower. Zhu Zhu Qing was the Agility System Title Douluo, whose speed was incredible. It took her no time to reach there. The sharp Civet’s claw had torn one Spirit Douluo’s throat apart. Dai Mu Bai’s speed was not as fast as Zhu Zhu Qing. However, his spirit power had reached level ninety-five; it could enhance his right thigh’s hurricane ability to a faster pace, which was not much slower than that of Zhu Zhu Qing. The boosting lights on them were only for speed and spirit power. Just in a blink, their bodies were crossing back and forth between the crowds of the Spirit Douluo, leaving trails of blood behind them.


The Fourth and the Fifty Consecrators pulled themselves together, chasing after Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing. All of a sudden, coming along with a terrified screech was a big chunk of bloody flesh that blocked their path.


“Your opponent is me!”


The loud voice, which was full of imposing aura arose from Tang Hao. That block of flesh belonged to one of the three Title Douluo’s that had been engaging in the fight with him. Tang Hao was simply urging the Exploding Ring. Instantly, the bursting power of the first spirit ring’s explosion had savaged a Title Douluo ranked at level ninety-one.


Flesh was scattering everywhere.


The Fourth and the Fifth Consecrators could only feel an intimidating pressure came after them. The Clear Sky Hammer in the Clear Sky Douluo’s hands drew a circle in the air, surrounding them to its own battlefield.


He only depended on his own energy to fight against the four Title Douluos at once, not to mention the one he had just killed. Such imposing powers, on this battlefield, only Tang Hao could present.


The restraint that he had been undergoing for many years had finally been bursting out at this moment. The Clear Sky Hammer in Tang Hao’s hands was like a black dragon dancing in mid-air. One on four. It just took him a glance to determine the direction of his attack. How tremendous he was!


Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing’s deeds had stirred up the fighting spirit in this Clear Sky Douluo’s heart. He was performing the Great Sumeru Hammer perfectly. Tang Hao had mastered the Great Sumeru Technique for dozens of years. Tang San, whose time cultivating the Great Sumeru Technique was pretty little, still, could use it to defeat the god-ranked Qian Ren Xue; thus, Tang Hao wouldn’t be worse than him when he was urging the whole essence of this technique to counter four Title Douluos at once. Especially, the Fourth and the Fifth Consecrators had already been hurt.


Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing didn’t need to take care of their back anymore. The invincible Hell White Tiger appeared again atop the wall. But this time they weren’t about to face the Golden Crocodile Douluo, but the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legion consisted of low-grade spirit masters.


What is so-called the Tiger wandering between the herd of sheep? Take a look at the Hell White Tiger who was standing among the crowds of the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters then.


Facing them? Even their great consecrators had been washed away, what could they do? Fear spread out among them instantly. In the fraction of time when the Hell White Tiger jumped into the crowds, it had killed more than ten spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. Moreover, some spirit masters whose levels were lower than forty directly went unconscious under the formidable aura of the Hell White Tiger. Fainting here wasn’t different from being dead. Just their comrades’ stomping feet were enough to end their lives.


At this moment, there were almost twenty thousand spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. The Golden Crocodile Douluo wanted to prevent the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers from coming up to the wall; he had mobilized all the forces of their spirit masters there. However, what those spirit masters could do facing a short-time god-ranked spirit master like this tiger?


Two wings on the Hell White Tiger were flapping furiously, bringing its massive body to the air. A white halo pressed down suddenly within the diameter of one hundred meters. Boom. The wall was broken into pieces. Spirit masters standing within this scale were scattered. Blood and flesh were scattering everywhere. None of them could see the dawn tomorrow.


Then, a group of spirit masters standing not far from them became panicked. Everybody was afraid that they would have vanished under such an attack. They all madly ran away. Numerous colorful lights of spirit abilities constantly flashed on the top of the wall.


The Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers wouldn’t let this good chance slide away. The disciples of the Strength Hall and Defense Hall grouped again, started to attack the main gates.


Right after that, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters didn’t notice an emerald snake quietly crawling on the wall of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The dense green color had been spreading out over the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s wall. But this snake, lying there, looked nice and mild.


Needless to say, this giant snake was Du Gubo’s spirit, the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.


Attacking the city wall wasn’t something Du GuBo would carry out directly. Among the supreme Title Douluo’s, he could be considered the weakest. Even a Power Attack system Spirit Douluo was stronger than him when fighting directly. However, being able to boost the lethality on such battle like this, only Tang San from the Heaven Dou Empire’s side could surpass him.


His competence wasn’t “upright”. When facing a true supreme spirit master, the effect was limited. The supreme spirit masters would be able to resist toxics toxins. However, being able to refine the toxins to this level was another matter. Even if the other Title Douluo were stronger than him, they had to be wary of his toxins when fighting with him. In the previous battle, the Spirit Empire had sent the Porcupine Douluo to oppress him. But now, the Porcupine Douluo was one of the three being blown away by Tang Hao’s Clear Sky Hammer. Although he wasn’t that chunk of flesh, he had no strength to prevent Du Gu Bo now. Without the presence of his archenemy, Du Gu Bo’s cold visage had flared up the light of death. The spirit avatar Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor was crawling inaudibly on the ground. A green halo was expanding slower, heading toward a big group of the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters.


Du Gu Bo hadn’t joined the fight at the beginning as instructed by Grandmaster. He had been waiting for the chaotic situation like now; then, when nobody had noticed, he would release the extreme toxins. The toxins of a Title Douluo, not even exaggerating, could be able to kill the entire city. When Bibi Dong had been there to lead the forces to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, she had planned to kill Du Gu Bo first. But Tang San, who had come out from nowhere, had interrupted her plan. And now, the Spirit Empire was going to pay a big price for this mistake.


To maximize the effect of his toxins, Du Gu Bo had sinisterly released his spirit avatar in a tiny size. Moreover, the toxins he was spreading wasn’t a direct effective one. The toxins of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor silently absorbed into the ground, heading towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s city walls. At this moment, the spirit masters standing on the ground didn’t feel anything, since the toxins were still underground. Standing in the middle of the furious mess of the battle, also seeing the Hell White Tiger was playing all around, who was bored enough to check the color of the ground? Moreover, the ground there was made from granite, which had a dark gray color. Now it had been changing into dark green. Not much different to be noticed.


Du Gu Bo, the poisonous badass, was more cunning releasing the toxins. His toxins didn’t aim for the Spirit Douluos. Higher level spirit masters could soon notice his deeds. His true targets were the spirit masters whose cultivation bases were lower than level seventy. A sinister smile crossed Du Gu Bo’s face.


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  6. You guys are the scum of the earth. Why the fuck would you send death threats to Bagelson, who’s been working on this novel for years on end. Then you start trying to poach money. You guys are truly the worst and truly deserve to be shut down. It’s obvious you don’t care about the readers or the community and general and are willing to do anything you want.

    1. What the hell with this kid??? Chesire, if u hate this site then fuck off, no need to stay and act like a brat who miss his pampers on his ass! Obviously he’s not even reader at bluesilver since i’m also used to read there. The people there are nice and didn’t even bother loathing one after another, like this one, Geez.

    2. First.. bluesilver used to release chapters frequently then suddenly it slowed down drastically, readers begged for someone else to pick it up because the pace bluesilver was going it wasnt going to finish with another year or so. So wuxia picked it up and within it’s early stages advertised in bluesilver that hey there is alternative source for translated chapters. People converted to wuxia and helped spread the word within the bluesilver community however there was a huge backlash since wuxia picked up DD without asking bagelson for permission (tbh this is unnecessary drama). Since then wuxia people have stopped commenting on Bluesilver to respect bagelson’s work and of course wuxia wants to ask for donations because they used to release chapters daily however not once did they force any of us to donate/pay. I don’t know why you would Wuxia is the worst when they’re doing it essentially for free unless people donate and those donations isnt enough to suffice being unemployed. They do this at their own time so if they ask to donate then that’s fine they can have some compensation for doing the work noone else would. Noone sent death threats to Bagelson unless someone here just has no respect but the regular community within Wuxia as much as possible avoids bluesilver to respect bagelson

  7. What the hell with this kid??? Chesire, if u hate this site then fuck off, no need to stay and act like a brat who miss his pampers on his ass! Obviously he’s not even reader at bluesilver since i’m also used to read there. The people there are nice and didn’t even bother loathing one after another, like this one, Geez.

    1. Chill… As.always haters gonna hate… Let this kid say whatever he wants, I used to read bagelson translation but the pace was too slow. When I found out about this project and goddess tomato I stayed here. Se let the kid cry.

      1. … You’re probably right, I swear i could kick this kid’s ass so hard till he kiss the moon.
        But now i think i remember something, back then at bluesilver there also a brat who loathed on how slow bluesilver is and bragging it blantantly, probably the same brat trying to make a black goat out of wuxia and bagelson. Anyway thanks for cooling bro!

  8. Tomato, you need a Latin lover to spice your life a little… Mr.Fine should be a fun and easygoing guy. If a man can make a woman laugh… He’s half way to her heart. (he needs to avoid the friendzone of course)

  9. Ok I give up…. lol. My replys keep going towards the wrong ppl somehow? Anyone experiencing the same thing?

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