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Qian Ren Xue had started to absorb the power of the Solar Pure Flame at any costs. Tang San didn’t dare to delay any second. From ten-thousand-meters up high, he began to take the powers of the vast sea.


At this height, of course, there were some effects on Tang San. He could find that it was now easier to take the power of the sea thanks to the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances – now the Sea God Eight Wings, which wasn’t originally included in the Sea God Armament. Besides, that elevation couldn’t have prevented him from absorbing the sea power.


Tang San’s visage then became serious. He was looking at Qian Ren Xue, but he didn’t utter anything more. He recognized that Qian Ren Xue had determinedly decided to risk her life. The Angelic Armament on her body wasn’t gold anymore. It was now the dark scarlet color of the flames. Even the patterns on it were blurred. The Solar Pure Flame she was taking was really intimidating. The cost for recklessly taking the sun’s power was burning herself if she had just been a little bit careless. Under regular circumstances, why did she have to do so?


From up high, the war between the two Gods had started. At the same time, the battle on the ground had also begun.


When Tang San and Qian Ren Xue plunged up there, the God Domains they had put on the soldiers were lifted. The Heaven Dou Empire’s great force with their peak aura was paused, while the Spirit Empire’s soldiers were like they had lost their bones. Their spirit had been violently oppressed; even the Angelic Domain covered them couldn’t switch the situation. This was also why Tang San had used his Sea God Domain to push Qian Ren Xue to attack him first. He didn’t want Qian Ren Xue to change the advantage of dominating morale he had created. Qian Ren Xue was backed into the corner; she had to launch her attack first.


From the middle of the formation, Xue Beng was the one who got excited the most among his one million soldiers. He didn’t expect that his white lie could come true in this critical moment. This change had pulled him out from the hand of the Death. He, of course, could see that Tang San had the upper hand. Moreover, he brought with him the Shrek Six Devils, who were all ranked Title Douluo now. Xue Beng had prepared to risk everything for this last fight. Then it turned out as a golden chance to eradicate his opponent. How could he let it slip away?


When Xue Beng took out his Son of Heaven Sword, he rose it to the air and shouted with all his strength. The name Tang San in his heart was put in a place that nothing could compare. His presence today did not only change the result of the war but also give salvation to the whole Heaven Dou Empire. His hail was brusque, but he didn’t regret. To him, Tang San deserved it.


“Our Great Lan Hao Wang, from Heaven Dou Empire, has cultivated to become a God now. Today’s battle on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, we would not give our enemy another chance. We need their blood and the whole Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Come hail the Guardian God of our empire! Lan Hao Wang! All soldiers, under my command, FIGHT!”


With the general attack command, not only Xue Beng was filled with enthusiasm, but also all the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers. What was placed in their hearts now was only the triumphant belief. The words the Guardian God from Xue Beng’s mouth had been carved in their minds now.


One million sturdy soldiers bravely flooded over. From the top commanders like Marshal Go Long to the lowest five-ranked officers, all were stirred up excitedly. The great force was spreading orderly on the vast flatland, pushing toward the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


The Shrek Six Devils were in the front. Dai Mu Bai stood in front of the wind as the head of the arrow formed by thousands of spirit masters. The other five stayed close to him. They all ate the Advanced Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage. The ethereal wings on their back were flapping. Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was getting closer to their vision.


Two brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao just glared at each other and they immediately knew what the other thought. Both of them plunged up several times to come to the front of the formation. The shiny black Clear Sky Hammers appeared in their right palms. They were standing next to the Shrek Six Devils.


How to avoid a mass loss of our soldiers? No doubt it was the fight between the spirit masters. The result of this fight was critical to them. Tang Hao and Tang Xiao understood it well.


It wasn’t a big surprise that supreme spirit masters would form the defense atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. It was impossible to use the force of soldiers to break this defense.


A spirit master ranked at a certain level could defeat one hundred soldiers only by himself. Moreover, they had the strong fortress of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Thus, the Heaven Dou Empire had to kill the spirit masters of their opponent, then their soldiers under the lead of spirit masters could break the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Not only the brothers of Tang Hao understood this. Poison Douluo Du Gu Bo, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bones Douluo Gu Rong, President of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan Ning Feng Zing, and the Four Masters of Tang Sect had stormed forward. Together with the Shrek Six Devils, over ten supreme spirit masters lined up, then sped up toward the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Who is stronger always be the braver. Dared to launch an attack toward the thousands of spirit masters of the Spirit Empire on Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had shown how confident they were with their competencies.


On the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, seeing the opponent was approaching, Golden Crocodile Douluo, who was over one hundred years old, shouted with his bloodshot eyes.


“Spirit masters under level eighty spread out. Others follow me to destroy these morons!”


To kill a spirit master ranked over level eighty, it wasn’t simply just using the dominating quantity. During the war between the Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Empire, the number of spirit master’s casualties was enormous. Nurturing a spirit master with high-level ranking wasn’t easy. Golden Crocodile Douluo didn’t want to lose his spirit masters like that.


Private confronts private. General fights against general. Tang San and Qian Ren Xue were like King versus King. What was about to happen would have been Generals versus Generals.


Seeing the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass in their vision, Dai Mu Bai shouted, “Leave the six consecrators for us. You seniors, please handle the others!”


Then, he faced the sky, roared wildly. The seventh spirit ring on his body glowed. His body was suddenly enlarging. Yellow fur came out from his skin. Instantly, he had transformed into a giant tiger, bigger than ten meters. The fur on his body was all rising, like golden needles. Nine spirit rings burst out. Especially the last spirit ring, the splendid red one could strike people’s mind. His devil eyes were filled with wild aura. Just a slight jump and he would be the first one crossing the moat, landing on the top of the wall.


After Dai Mu Bai, a clear phoenix singing echoed. Dazzling red light soared up to the sky.


A giant body with magnificent aureole appeared. Nine phoenix heads sang together in mid-air. The pair of wings was bringing up a heating air current with them. It was the spirit of the Phoenix Doulou Ma Hong Jun, the Nine-headed Phoenix.


It was just the beginning, more stunning scenes were still behind. Together with Dai Mu Bai and Ma Hong Jun, a black light vaguely climbed on Dai Mu Bai’s body. It was impossible to see that airy figure clearly. It looked like Dai Mu Bai’s shadow. Activated together with that figure was Oscar. Oscar ate a Clone Mirror Sausage; just in a flash, he had turned into a clone of Dai Mu Bai with an exact aura. He then dashed along with the real white tiger, plunging to the wall.


The cotton candy pink light burst out. Xiao Wu enlarged her body with the wind rise. Her spirit avatar didn’t turn into a rabbit, but there were six identical Xiao Wu standing next to her now. They were created from the cotton pink light, protecting her. In that beautiful aureole, seven figures dashed at once toward the wall.


Xiao Wu’s spirit avatar wasn’t the same type with Tang San and Dai Mu Bai’s. She was originally the one hundred thousand years spirit beast. After her competence had been improved, she could turn to human form completely. Even though her spirit was still the soft bone rabbit, when she performed the spirit avatar, it also turned into human form. Then her spirit avatar couldn’t turn back to the animal form anymore. Now, her six clones all had seventy percent of her actual capacity. But they could only act instinctively with the sole purpose of to protect the main body. Xiao Wu was now ranked level ninety-six, with seventy percent of her spirit power, even if they could only attack instinctively, those six clones were still dangerous.


The last one came after the five devils were Ning Rong Rong. She didn’t cross the moat, but was standing by the riverbank. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower in her hand expanded just in a blink, turning into a real tower that was thirteen meters tall. Ning Rong Rong inaudibly came inside the tower.


Before that, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower had been insignificant in her hand. Now it was being enlarged at least one hundred times, instantly became the focus of the whole site.


The size of her spirit rings was also extended along with the size of the tower. Each of them was ten meters in diameter. How splendid is that? Especially the last red spirit ring. It looked no different than the one hundred thousand years spirit ring that the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters were showing off from the top of the wall.


Seeing the gorgeous Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower, the eyes of President of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan Ning Feng Zhi flared up with excited light. He told himself that he finally had time to relax now. Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was completed. Nine spirit rings! The dream of every single member of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. My daughter has fulfilled them all.


Ning Feng Zhi swayed without any hesitation. Another tower appeared. This one only had seven levels. Also, his set of seven spirit rings and the nimbus on them were a little bit dimmer. But the existence of both towers had affected the whole battlefield.


Everyone knows that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan was the peerless auxiliary clan, but they only had seven spirit rings. Now appeared on the battlefield was a high-grade Seven Treasure Glazed Tile spirit master and another Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower. This truck the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters hard.


In fact, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile tower that Ning Feng Zhi had made was just a shadow to boost himself to a certain level. Meanwhile, Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was not only her seventh spirit ability, the spirit avatar, but also her eighth spirit ability, the Nine Treasure Heavenly Protection Light. Unless they were the god-ranked spirit masters like Tang San and Qian Ren Xue, nobody could think about breaking this defense within one strike. Being an auxiliary system spirit master, with this strong defense, she could be able to perform her best on the battlefield.


Right when Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Heavenly Protection Light was completed, she had shown to every spirit masters there what was the so-called peerless auxiliary clan, the aura of the peerless auxiliary spirit master!


All thirty light columns projected from Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower. Six first spirit rings on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower flashed at once. This magnificent scene made both sides forget the god-rank battle up high above their heads.


Thirty light columns, each six of them shone on one member of the five devils, who were storming on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. It had perfectly boosted their powers. When Ning Rong Rong had reached level ninety, every attribute boost of hers could reach one hundred percent. In other words, when those six lights shone on them, six aspects including strength, agility, spirit power, defense, attack and attribute all were enhanced one level.


Even though they were ranked level ninety-five, their spirit power could be pushed to level ninety-six, but the other features couldn’t be improved much. With Ning Rong Rong’s boosts, all of them had broken through level ninety-five and above. Their aureole was so dazzling that nothing could compare.


The first person of their vanguard was Dai Mu Bai. When the six light columns shone on him, Dai Mu Bai burst out the tremendous competence of the strongest Attack system spirit master of the Shrek Seven Devils.


A halo, which was full of aggressive aura arose from his right leg, instantly spread over his body and gathered at his devil eyes. Dai Mu Bai’s qi became wilder. The ten-meter body under the effect of the boosting light was enlarging further. His height wasn’t increasing, but all the muscles were developed more, looked like they were bragging about his strength. The intimidating aura was pressing on the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters, whose levels were under ninety, suffocating them. The spirit abilities they were releasing to counter him were all weakened thirty percent. That red light was the spirit ability Bloodlust Craze Hurricane of Dai Mu Bai, which increased his competence to the max. Dai Mu Bai understood well that this was the critical moment. Only furious attack pouring on top of the wall could help them engage in the fight with the top spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. Of course, this was also the time they would encounter a max-power attack from their opponent. Thus, when they heard the order to start the fight, all of them had eaten one Solid Golden Fly – Oscar’s seventh spirit ability. Ning Rong Rong also had one. Then, Ning Rong Rong’s attribute boost wasn’t simply one hundred percent anymore. Although she was contributing thirty lights at the same time, after she had reached over level ninety, the boost she was providing wasn’t just one hundred fifteen percent, but one hundred twenty percent thanks to the Solid Golden Fly.



Dai Mu Bai, with the effect of the Solid Golden Fly, could reach the peak of his power when he released his spirit avatar. His competence was intimidating at this time, even not less than the strongest spirit master on the wall, Golden Crocodile Douluo. Other people, under those supports, had also changed. The vague shadow clinging to Dai Mu Bai was Nether World Doulou Zhu Zhu Qing. Her body became more unreal, swirling around Dai Mu Bai like dark smoke. Oscar’s body was enlarged. Now he was temporarily a Power Attack system spirit master. He was the only one that didn’t eat the Solid Golden Fly because it couldn’t boost his powers after he had eaten the Clone Mirror Sausage. It could only help him in producing sausages. But this bastard wasn’t ceremonial, releasing all Dai Mu Bai’s spirit abilities at once. They were White Tiger Vajra Transformation, White Tiger Devil God Transformation, White Tiger Barrier and the spirit avatar. With Ning Rong Rong’s support, even though he was just a clone of the White Tiger Douluo, the powers he was releasing were not much different from a Power Attack spirit master ranked level ninety-five. He was dashing together with Dai Mu Bai, helped him share part of the pressure.


Ma Hong Jun was hovering in the air, dyeing the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass in a red color of fire. He was performing his fifth spirit ability, the Phoenix Meteor Shower. Numerous fireballs were descending from the sky, hitting the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Shouldn’t underestimate this fifth spirit ability! Ma Hong Jun was now the Phoenix Douluo. The scorching heat of the Phoenix Flame had reached a formidable level. More importantly, this Phoenix Meteor Shower was enhanced one hundred fifty percent by the Solid Golden Fly and Ning Rong Rong’s attribute boost. The effects of six attributes boost were clearer, as it had helped Ma Hong June increase the blazing and burning feature to another level. The power was more outstanding with this type of area attack. Ma Hong Jun, of course, didn’t expect his attack could affect the result of the war significantly. He just wanted to utilize his power to disorder the opponents, giving his comrades a chance to get atop the wall.


But Xiao Wu was the one who surprised people the most. Six clones of her now turned into nine clones. It was the effect of the Solid Golden Fly. At the same time, those nine clones, under Ning Rong Rong’s attribute boost, had changed from the color of flame to a darker scarlet. With the double boost, they were not weaker than Xiao Wu before she received attribute boost. They were backing up Xiao Wu to the wall, just one step later than Dai Mu Bai.


Seeing the Shrek Six Devils were bursting out altogether, Tang Hao, Tang Xiao, Sword Douluo and Bones Doulou were dumbstruck. They also received Ning Rong Rong’s boost, but the effect was much less than that of the Shrek Six Devils. They knew the Shrek Six Devils had reached Title Douluo; seeing their performance now, the Title Douluos of the previous generation officially acknowledged those young people’s powers.


Before, the Shrek Devils’ fame was much dimmed by Tang San’s glory. At this moment, on this battlefield, they all showed their competencies to tell everybody that the Shrek Seven Devils weren’t the stage of only Tang San. Each of them was a monster from the Shrek Academy. A powerful monster. A unique treasure of the spirit masters world. However, the Spirit Empire wasn’t idle. They, of course, wouldn’t let the enemies get on the wall that easy. Golden Crocodile Douluo was leading the Consecrators, with other eight Title Douluos, mobilizing spirit masters from other places to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Fourteen supreme spirit masters with the aid of more than one hundred spirit masters ranked level eighty and above stomped to Dai Mu Bai’s group and started to attack violently. They had only one purpose: not to let them get on the wall.


BOOM… The Phoenix Meteor Shower was the first fire of the attack. When Ma Hong Jun flew up, he drew attention from the supreme spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. One of the fourteen supreme spirit masters had the water style spirit; he immediately released an area defending ability. A blue light cage appeared on the wall, attempted to stop Ma Hong Jun’s attack. This Title Douluo was strong, just ranked after the consecrators. His spirit power ranked level ninety-four was higher than Ma Hong Jun’s. Moreover, this defending ability was his eighth spirit ability. From the Spirit Empire’s point of view, it was enough to counter Ma Hong Jun’s fifth spirit ability.


However, what happened had proved that whoever underestimated the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t have a decent consequence. This time was not an exception.


BANG… When a Phoenix fireball hit that blue light cage, that Title Douluo’s countenance changed drastically, screeching, “Not good! Watch out the sky!”


It was only a fireball hitting the light cage, but light had sparked out furiously from the spot. A cracked appeared there. His warning wasn’t late, but too bad the other supreme spirit masters were gazing on the other members of the Shrek Devils, who were attacking the wall now. They didn’t think that that eighth spirit ability couldn’t counter his aerial attack. Thus, their attack abilities were all focusing on the foot of the wall. It was too late to react.


Explosion constantly echoed on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s wall, just like a chain of loud thunders. That water style Title Douluo, ranked level ninety-four, instantly paled, releasing his spirit avatar, which was a giant sea turtle, continuously transmitted his power to the cage. What a pity! He underestimated Ma Hong Jun.


Talking about the nemesis between Fire and Water, whose attribute was stronger could take the upper hand. His spirit was not bad, but it couldn’t compare to the high-grade Phoenix. Moreover, all attributes of Ma Hong Jun had been boosted, plus the Solid Golden Fly sausage.


Three seconds. That blue light cage was broken in just three seconds, turning into numerous pellucid light dots scattering in the air. However, it could only prevent one-third of the Phoenix Meteor Shower. Many fireballs were descending, hitting people on the wall.


“Why is that?”


Golden Crocodile shouted indignantly. Qian Ren Xue wasn’t here; he had to control the general situation. That was why he was the final one to take action. This was the time he had to show the formidable power of the Second Consecrator of the Spirit Hall. Seeing the fireballs shooting from the sky, his body swayed, turning into a giant crocodile. Then, when people hadn’t had time to see the light flashed from his spirit rings, innumerous shining gold scales were shot out, encountering the Phoenix Meteor Shower in the air.




The rumbling sound exploded in the air like loud thunders. Plenty of sparks were scattering everywhere splendidly. Golden Crocodile Douluo almost broke all of the Phoenix Meteor Shower; only a small part fell on the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters. Some Spirit Douluo got hurt, but it didn’t affect their fighting ability.


In mid-air, the Nine-headed Phoenix Ma Hong Jun locked his gaze on Golden Crocodile Douluo; his eyes flared up cold murderous intents. Nine heads faced up at the same time, singing. Suddenly, he plunged down from the sky. Phoenix flame was blazing on his body, aiming at the Golden Crocodile Douluo. His qi also locked on him.


Even if Ma Hong Jun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower couldn’t affect a major part of the spirit masters on the wall, his attack was sure disturbed the rhythm of the Spirit Empire spirit masters there. Especially, his powers alone draw the attention of the Second Consecrator, the strongest spirit master of the opponent side, keeping the Golden Crocodile Douluo from joining the counter-attack toward the Heaven Dou Empire. This reduced the pressure on Dai Mu Bai’s group.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo was more shocked. He felt a strong pressure hitting his face. He didn’t expect that a flying spirit master, whose spirit power ranked under level ninety-five, could oppress him like that. He had to focus and face Ma Hong Jun. The giant head of the crocodile lifted up, waiting for Ma Hong Jun to come.


It’s true that Ma Hong Jun’s competence was less than that of the Golden Crocodile Douluo. Even if Ning Rong Rong had boosted him, his power was in between level ninety-five and ninety-six at the max. His general strength couldn’t be over level ninety-six. The gap between him and the Golden Crocodile Douluo, whose spirit power was ranked level ninety-eight, was not small at all. The reason why he could give him much pressure was the spirit nemesis. The Phoenix was the natural enemy of all reptile spirits. Golden Crocodile Douluo’s spirit was one kind of reptiles. Even if he could be stronger, he couldn’t fly. Facing the phoenix descending from the sky, the pressure from the spirit was the true reason that put him to the subservient conditions.


The Shrek Six Devils were close to each other. They’d been together for so many years that they didn’t even need to take a look to predict the next move of their comrades. Ma Hong Jun had drawn the attention of the Golden Crocodile Douluo, as Dai Mu Bai’s group had fought directly with the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters.


Dai Mu Bai had shown everybody what “tyrannical” was. He was in his spirit avatar form; under Ning Rong Rong’s boost and the effect of the Bloodlust Craze Hurricane, his body had been enlarged two times. Now, it was the most eye-catching thing here. Thus, there were at least six Title Douluos attacking him now, including three consecrators. Their sole purpose was clear. They wanted to kill Dai Mu Bai at once. Even if he looked much stronger, his power had a limit. Besides, Golden Crocodile Douluo never dared to endure the attack from many Title Douluos like that.


As a matter of fact, Dai Mu Bai was receiving their attack directly; at the same time, he was storming to the wall. Or course, it wasn’t the powers of only Dai Mu Bai.


Black and yellow. Ethereal and Real. Two lights had completed the fusion in the air. The White Tiger was gigantic already; at this moment, it looked like it was getting bigger after just a body stretch. The clear, radiant light disappeared. The fur on Dai Mu Bai’s body had turned into white, the white color of milky quartz. A tremendous thirty-meter-tall white tiger with two wings on his back that looked like he was a sculpture made from milky quartz. Each time its wings flapped, the tiger was plunging up more furiously. A massive white gold halo burst out all in a sudden from its enormous body.


This white tiger had black stripes, the Wang letter on its head was significant. The huge tiger’s eyes flared up dark red light. The Spirit Empire’s consecrators couldn’t hold their fear down seeing that pair of eyes.


Dai Mu Bai wasn’t an idiot. He knew what was waiting for the very first vanguard coming to the wall. Zhu Zhu Qing also understood that.


When they started this attack, they had launched their strongest abilities of the Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San, the Hell White Tiger.


The massive quartz tiger had dragged along with it a chain of shadows. Six strong Title Douluos, who got impacted with that white gold halo, were blown away.


Tang San used to say that Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing’s compatibility was pretty high. After they had reached Title Douluo, their Hell White Tiger could enter the god level for a short while. White Tiger is one of the cat species; its compatibility with the Hell Civet was up to seventy percent. Among other spirit masters, who could use the spirit fusion, they were only ranked behind the Golden Saint Dragon of Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Er Long. However, two out of them were Spirit Doulou. Meanwhile, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing were all Title Douluo. Moreover, Dai Mu Bai had reached level ninety-five, with Ning Rong Rong’s absolute support and Oscar’s Solid Golden Fly, this bursting power was incredible.


At this moment, even if Tang San or Qian Ren Xue were here, they would absolutely jump up in fear because of this superb Hell White Tiger. Although they were God, facing the attack at this level, they had to hesitate. Direct attack perhaps couldn’t knock down this tiger!




That Hell White Tiger hit on the wall. The thirty-meter-tall body swung and swept off at least five Title Douluos.


The tiger faced up the sky and roar. But it didn’t start another attack to the other Spirit Empire’s spirit masters. No one knew that right when it just got onto the wall, the first thing it did was to dart toward Golden Crocodile Douluo. This was also the time that Ma Hong Jun plunged down from the sky, about to strike Golden Crocodile Douluo.


This was a perfect cooperation! Right from the start, Dai Mu Bai and Ma Hong Jun had set up the Golden Crocodile Douluo. They had fought before, of course they understood the important role of the Second Consecrator, not only about his competence. Qian Ren Xue was fighting with Tang San; she couldn’t have been back in time control the situation. This Golden Crocodile Douluo was no doubt the most important commander of their opponent. If only they could have damaged him, it could have affected the fight today. That was why Dai Mu Bai poured all the boosted power of the Solid Golden Fly on him only.



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