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Right when the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force flooded out from their base and about to recklessly fight with the Spirit Empire, Tang San and his friends had come back.


After he defeated Qian Ren Xue, he had spent several double-hour to support his comrades taking the spirit rings. They had been rushing back after paying a short visit to the Purple Pearl Island. Meanwhile, Qian Ren Xue got hurt, she had to stay at the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass to heal her wound. That was how they appeared at the same time there.


Seeing Tang San’s Sea God’s power suddenly appeared above the Heaven Dou Empire’s force, Qian Ren Xue felt her heart sank. She balled her hands into fists. The feeling was opposite from the other side. Xue Beng, who was riding on his horse, was so happy he almost fainted seeing Tang San and the six devils had returned. He was praying that Tang San could be back on time. When this happened, the over-joy deluged his heart incredibly. He lost his control, swung his Son of Heaven Sword then shouted.


“Sea God Arrives! Hail Lan Hao Wang!”


His scream had awakened the Heaven Dou Empire’s force, which got stunned by Tang San’s presence. Perhaps they were dazed because of his Sea God Armament. But the Sea God Trident in Tang San’s hand couldn’t be faked. As Tang San rose the Sea God’s Trident, light radiated splendidly from his body. The Sea God Armament was emitting an intimidating aura, raising the enthusiasm in the soldier’s eyes. They didn’t understand why their Emperor had called Lan Hao Wang the Sea God. But they had surely believed that with Lan Hao Wang leading them, they would absolutely break the Spirit Empire.


Xue Beng said “Hail”, then they had no doubt that Tang San would take the high throne like him, even higher! This was reasonable. Anyway, Tang San’s appearance was the portent that they would be able to stop the furious wave for the second time. With him here, one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire would have a strong base. This battle now wasn’t a suicide anymore. It was the good chance to kill their enemy.


Tang Hao was excited, swinging his hands over his head. Seeing his son in the air, his heart was filled with pride and arrogance. It’s God! Yes, my son has completed the Sea God’s ascension and returned at the critical moment.


Grandmaster’s excitement was even bigger than Tang Hao’s. He had nurtured Tang San, imparted him all his knowledge. Seeing Tang San had broken through level one hundred, releasing his enormous god powers in the air at this moment, Grandmaster’s heart was seething with emotions. Father, grandfather, it would be good if you were still alive now. Yu Xiao Gang is not a disable person. I didn’t fail the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Even though I have a trash mutant spirit, I have trained a God. A GOD!


Even though he was on the battlefield now, his tears couldn’t help streaming down. He was always waiting for this day. It finally came, and it came at the most critical moment. His life could be regarded as full of tragedies. But with those years of being patient, seeing Tang San as a God now, all sorrows in his heart had vanished. Tang San, his disciple, was the pride of his whole life.


“Hail the Sea God! Viva Lan Hao Wang!”


Four Masters of Tang Sect’s Halls led their men to shout with Xue Beng. Right then, the phoenix singing arose shockingly from the Heaven Dou Empire, bringing along a strange tremendous aura. The Six Great Consecrator standing on Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass looked at each other with terrified eyes.


The battle hadn’t begun, but the spirits of the soldiers were much different. They were all supreme spirit masters, facing this situation, they felt their hearts were trembling. Humans have limits. Although they were Title Douluos, they weren’t sure that they could withstand the force of one million sturdy soldiers. But the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was the key fortress of the Spirit Empire. How could they back off? The Six Great Consecrators were filled with belief seeing Qian Ren Xue. They were prepared to welcome the victory. But what they saw today wasn’t only the great force of one million soldiers, but also Tang San, who was hovering in the air, projecting the aura that made them shiver. After one month apart, Golden Crocodile Douluo recognized that Tang San had changed. When he had faced Tang San, he was just surprised as he didn’t know why such a young man like him, who hadn’t reached level ninety-five, could defeat Bibi Dong. Especially, when Tang San had fought with him, half of his powers had been drained. Golden Crocodile Douluo could smell danger now.


However, seeing Tang San today, what Golden Crocodile Douluo could feel was only fear, since Tang San had something deep inside that he couldn’t see through. It was like Qian Ren Xue when she let her immense aura covered the whole force of the Heaven Dou Empire. This was sort of putting eyes for the dragon (Idiom: same with add wings to the tiger). Moreover, with his presence, the fighting spirit of the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers had been boosted to another level. Only their fighting spirit was enough to shake the whole Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


“Young Lady, he…”


Golden Crocodile Douluo asked her carefully.


Qian Ren Xue was calm now. She always knew that she would meet him again at the front line. But when he actually appeared, her heart was seething.


“It’s true. Tang San had completed the ascension. The reason why I came here late was that I had to chase after him. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed. He finished the ascension of the Sea God now. Second Consecrator, spread my order. Retreat the soldiers and close the gates. Summon all the spirit masters to the top of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and guard there. We will not let the Heaven Dou Empire cross the moat.”


The Third Consecrator didn’t wait until the Second Consecrator answered her, interfered, “Young Lady, retreat now is not good. Our fighting spirit is low. If we won’t start the battle, how could we urge them later?”


Qian Ren Xue snorted coldly. The Third Consecrator felt tensed just like there was an invisible hand strangling his heart. He groaned then backed off. His complexion was totally changed.


“If we don’t withdraw, do you have any better idea? Facing one million soldiers, do you, the consecrators, believe that you could lead the force of six-tenth of their force to counter their direct attack? Only entrenching the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would give us a chance. With Tang San there, we could only rely on your powers to defend the wall.”


The Second Consecrator, Golden Crocodile Douluo, took a deep breath. He knew that Young Lady was right. They could only depend on the strong wall of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass to defend the attack of the Heaven Dou Empire’s one million sturdy soldiers.


Golden Crocodile Douluo gave the order immediately. They took the time when the Heaven Dou Empire hadn’t approached yet to withdraw, lifted the bridges and entrenched there with all what they had. Then he spoke to Qian Ren Xue, “Young Lady, don’t worry. You just need to handle Tang San; we will take care of the rest. The final results are now in your hands.”


Qian Ren Xue and the Golden Crocodile Douluo glanced at each other. They all sighed inside. She, of course, understood what the Golden Crocodile Douluo had meant. With the force of the God’s powers joining the battle, the result would be very different. Even if that was a God who already got hurt, still, he could be able to overturn the situation just in a blink. However, getting Tang San defeated was as hard as finding the way to heaven. The worst case was both of them had to die.
Of course, she wouldn’t tell them what she was thinking about. The weak morale of the Spirit Empire couldn’t endure another attack.


Qian Ren Xue tenderly flew up. The magnificent gold light radiated from her body, expanding together with her divine sense. Just in a blink, it could cover the whole sky. Six dazzling gold wings opened at once. She rose her voice and shouted.


“Qian Ren Xue is here!”


Just a simple answer but it was very different coming out from her mouth. Each word was full of Angelic powers. With only one sentence, she could oppress the boisterous sounds of one million soldiers from the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force.


A miraculous phenomenon happened in front of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The sky was divided into two halves. One was gold. The other was green and blue. Both looked translucent.


The God’s aura was really enormous. Qian Ren Xue had used her god powers to cover the inside of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Submerging in her power, the defending force in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass felt the belief and respect in her altogether. In their heart, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, where they were guarding, had the walls that were made from steel and bronze, the superb fortress that would never be broken. The Angelic power filled them with warm affections, waking their fighting spirit. They all felt their blood was boiling now. Even though one hundred fifty thousand soldiers were retreating into Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, it didn’t affect their rising morale.


From the opposite side, Tang San was projecting a deep blue light under the form of a cage to cover the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers. They somehow found themselves staying inside a furious thunderstorm, and the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’ walls over there were just like ruins that couldn’t stand their flooding attack.


The Angelic God’s powers had pushed the spirit and aura of the Spirit Empire’s defending force, making them believe in the solid shield they were forming.


The Sea God’s powers had sharpened the fighting spirit of the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers, turning them into a sharp spear.


The fight hadn’t begun yet, but the strongest supreme spirit masters of both sides had started to affect the whole field. Only God-ranked domain could use one’s divine sense to amplify the effect on such large scale. And only God-ranked powers like that could take the command of the great force.


Thud … Thud … Thud …


The great force of the Heaven Dou Empire was moving forward. The deep blue light in the air followed each step they made, covered them and protected them.


The gold light on the air had to back off when the blue light came.


Qian Ren Xue was startled, looking at Tang San, who was projecting blue light from a distance. Her look was as sharp as a sword. She knew that Tang San had improved his Sea God’s powers control these days as he could use the powers better. After they had the god’s accession, it could be seen that their powers were equal. However, even Qian Ren Xue had put all of her powers, she couldn’t prevent Tang San’s domain from pushing forward, constantly protecting the marching force inside. Unless she decided to back off, the cover of her Angelic Domain would be pressed simultaneously. Ordinary soldiers didn’t know whether the god powers were strong or weak. The gold light on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had startled the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers, but they could see the degree of Tang San’s blue light wasn’t weaker than that of their opponent.


Even though they didn’t know much about god powers, they could point out who was stronger. Seeing Tang San’s blue light was constantly pushing the gold light backward and his opponent had no other countermeasure, it was obvious that Tang San was taking the upper hand. Then, the Heaven Dou Empire’s morale was rising vehemently as they continuously cried, “Sea God Lan Hao Wang”.


The Sea God had used the belief of the maritime creatures to become God. At this time, Tang San had the belief from one million excited soldiers, even though it wasn’t as much as that of the creatures in the ocean, his divine sense was boosted much higher than before. As the formation moving forward, Tang San felt that he somehow had oppressed Qian Ren Xue.


The blazing Angelic Armament was salient in the deep blue color of the Sea God Armament. Tang San and Qian Ren Xue had soon become the focus of this battle. Facing the pressure that Tang San was pushing toward constantly, Qian Ren Xue couldn’t hold it anymore, taking out her Angelic Sacred Sword. The Sacred Sword was raised higher with pride. She was emitting the god power. A gold light column shone on her from the sun. The dazzling light had slowed the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers. Tang San’s Sea God Domain had to increase double, but still, he couldn’t move further.


However, Tang San was smiling. When fighting with domains, if one had to urge spirit ability first, it meant his/her competence wasn’t enough to endure. Tang San now took the upper hand, sprouting up the seed of failure in Qian Ren Xue’s heart.


On the way there, Tang San had thought about what tricks Qian Ren Xue would have used in their next fight. He had planned for countermeasures. Concomitant death couldn’t have occurred that easily.


It was like they had set up everything together. When the Solar Pure Flame covered Qian Ren Xue, turning her into a red-gold color, Tang San also rose his Sea God Trident, retrieved the blue-gold light into his body then released them again as two massive columns of light, soaring up to the sky. Tang San and Qian Ren Xue jumped up immediately. They both understood well that the fight between Gods would be on another level. It shouldn’t be carried out in front of human soldiers because of its fatal powers. Even though Tang San was stronger than Qian Ren Xue and then the loss the Heaven Dou Empire would bear might be lower than the Spirit Empire’s, God-ranked spirit masters would create an incredibly tremendous power during their battle. The number of dead would be more than ten thousand. They didn’t want to witness innocent death. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass wasn’t their arena. It should be up there.


Six wings and eight wings flapped at the same time. Tang San and Qian Ren Xue reached the height of over one thousand meters within a blink. But they were still soaring. Things underneath became smaller and smaller. However, their gazes were still locked on each other. This battle was crucial to them. Who gained the victory at the end could determine the fate of this war.


One thousand meters…two thousand meters…three thousand meters…Tang San and Qian Ren Xue had been flying up over ten thousand meters.


Other people couldn’t see them from the ground now. Their visions were blocked by the far distance and the tiers of clouds. Qian Ren Xue looked at Tang San coldly, trying to settle her seething heart. Murderous intents flared up from her eyes. As Tang Sand had assumed, the feeling of failure in her heart was increasing until she finally came up with the fatal decision. She reluctantly calmed down, but seeing Tang San now, she still had a feeling that he was a thousand meters away from her that she could never reach up.


Tang San vapidly smiled. The Sea God Trident pointed horizontally.


“The battle today will come to an end. Do you really think that the Spirit Empire still has a chance? Even if we can’t beat up each other, it doesn’t matter with the war down there. Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass will be destroyed. As you can see, my comrades’ cultivations bases all have reached Title Douluo. Two of them are ranked level ninety-five. The fighting spirit of your side is low now. This battle isn’t a problem anymore. When we break the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, there is an empty space behind it. Once the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire gather, that’s the Spirit Empire’s doomsday!”
Qian Ren Xue snorted coldly.


“Let’s fight! Since when you become that talkative?”


Tang San placidly looked at Qian Ren Xue.


“I just want to tell you. Even if you want to die with me, you can’t do that! You don’t believe me? Let see!”


The red light in Qian Ren Xue’s eyes was projecting furiously, bringing along her anger, her unwillingness, and shame. It instantly peaked up her Angelic powers. The Angelic flame burst out from her body, up to one hundred zhang. The big cloud under her feet had vanished under high heat. A red-gold spot could be seen from the battlefield on the ground.


Facing an angry Qian Ren Xue, who was accumulating powers, Tang San didn’t hurry to act. He just smiled.


“We are at ten thousand meters up high. Very near to the Sun. It’s suitable for you to take the power of the Solar Pure Flame. If we are fighting here, your chance of victory will be enhanced. Defeat you at your favorite arena would convince you to accept your failure. Right?”


“Go to hell!”


Qian Ren Xue couldn’t stand Tang San’s teasing. The masses of the Solar Pure Flame behind her had consolidated into a giant Angelic Sacred Sword descending from the sky, slashing Tang San. The space was twisted and cracked. Gold Angelic Domain expanded just in a flash. Qian Ren Xue had put all her strength in this attack.
Facing such incredible attack, Tang San was still elegant and deliberate. He put the Sea God Trident in front of him while the Sea God Eight Wings extended to its maximum length. The flooding blue light looked like torrential waves. It was totally opposite to the masses of the blazing Solar Pure Flame. At this moment, no matter whether they were the clouds under his feet or behind him, all had blended with blue light dots. They flew towards him immediately, getting into his Sea God Eight Wings. Those dots were the pure Water Element.


Tang San’s Sea God Eight Wings were originally the Eight Spider Lances. The devouring ability of the Eight Spider Lances, after evolved to the Sea God Armament, was doubled under Tang San’s divine sense. Regarding in taking the external energy, it was much better than Qian Ren Xue’s six wings. Not only there were two more wings, but also the eight spider lances external spirit bone, even before it had been evolved, was better than any spirit bone of the Angelic Armament spirit bones. Moreover, it’d been a part of Tang San body for a long time. Meanwhile, Qian Ren Xue had just absorbed the Angelic Armament spirit bones one by one during her ascension. And, talking about the compatibility, Tang San, of course, took the upper hand.


Qian Ren Xue’s Angelic Armament was formed by one set of spirit bones; meanwhile, different spirit bones formed Tang San’s Sea God Armament after Sea God’s powers had improved them. However, Tang San’s spirit bones were all one hundred thousand years. They were, of course, better than the Angelic Armament.


What he had now had come from his efforts. He had earned them step by step. That was his biggest advantage. Quite the contrary, Qian Ren Xue had counted on the Spirit Hall and Qian Dao Liu, which meant her powers all came from external resources. This explained why they were both Gods, but Tang San could oppress her. After all, Qian Ren Xue’s overall competence was less than his.


On the way to the front line, Tang San had used the divine sense to learn and master his abilities. Officially being the Sea God, his confidence was generated from there. What he had told Qian Ren Xue, besides showing his confidence, he just wanted to provoke her. Talking about mind games, Qian Ren Xue was still far behind him. A blue halo flashed when Tang San’s body turned into pieces then vanished under the Angelic Sacred Sword’s strike. Qian Ren Xue could see clearly that it was just an illusion formed by Water Element.


The real Tang San was deliberately hovering one li from there. His eight wings were gently flapping as he was looking at Qian Ren Xue with a teasing smile. He had dodged her full-force attack easily.


If they had changed positions, Qian Ren Xue couldn’t have been able to avoid that strike. If her divine body got locked, she had to confront him directly. However, Tang San’s divine sense was more profound than hers. Just in a blink when she was striking her attack, he had cut her divine sense focus, using the Water Element from the clouds to create an illusion, getting away from her attack.


Tang San wanted to use his action to prove to Qian Ren Xue that he was stronger than her in any aspects. Also, he was watering the seed of failure in her heart.


“Are you scared?”


Qian Ren Xue angrily looked at Tang San. She didn’t know what had happened. Seeing him today, she had no way to wake up her mind.


Tang San’s visage suddenly changed. The intimidating, aggressive aura burst out furiously from his blue eyes.


“Scared? You should tell yourself that! Watch my strike!”


He had been calm and deliberate. Suddenly, he became so uncontrollably belligerent. Qian Ren Xue hadn’t been able to adapt to this sudden change. The immense blue aureole expanded from his body. Flashed. He had jumped up to one hundred meters more. The Sea God Trident was with him, directly making the simplest fling, bringing full force with it. The Sea God Trident had turned into a blue lightning, hissing like a shooting meteor toward Qian Ren Xue.


Light radiated dazzling from Tang San’s body, covered him then expanding together with a robust energy, all getting into the Sea God Trident. As what Qian Ren Xue could see, Tang San’s attack had somehow halved the sky. After this attack, his body had come back to its normal state.


True, this was the third strike of the Sea God Golden Thirteen Halberds, One Journey without Return. This is the true and perfect One Journey without Return. Tang San’s eyes were shining like jade, locking Qian Ren Xue. His surging divine sense flooded in, leaving Qian Ren Xue no chance to run. He wanted to force her to receive this strike fully. At this moment, Qian Ren Xue figured out that she got fooled again. What he told her was just to distract her. She just launched an attack, even though she could recover some part of her energy while Tang San was saying, but it hadn’t been full yet. Tang San’s halberd, however, was full of force, bursting out with all of his strength. Under such circumstances of one had been fully prepared when the other was not, the result was clear.


Even though Qian Ren Xue knew it clearly, she had no countermeasure from time to time, could barely take the attack.


The Angelic Sacred Sword slid from her grip, floating in front of her. Both of her hands gestured rapidly, then vapidly touched three times in the air, releasing six gold light spots. At the same time, six parts of her Angelic Armament also released a gold spot each. A six-pointed star appeared behind the Angelic Sacred Sword.


From Qian Ren Xue as the central, everything started to be ethereal. The Angelic Sacred Sword had cloned six identical swords. Their tips gathered at one point then swirling, forming a disc of gold energy. The Sea God Trident came right when she had finished the move.


A massive explosion resounded. Qian Ren Xue was shaken violently. The Angelic Armament instantly dazzled. A gold mist on her body flew to her back instantaneously. Apparently, she had been backed into the corner.


At the same time, her swirling Angelic Sacred Sword collided with the blade of the Sea God Trident, creating a blazing chain of spark. It was like a big firework had exploded in mid-air. The space was then twisted. Gold light expanded, covering one whole square li.


When Qian Ren Xue thought that she had stopped Tang San’s attack and the attack power of the Sea God Trident was dissolved, immediately, the formidable attack power was deluging again. The blue light that was just dim recently now burst out fiercely that almost broke the defense of the Angelic Sacred Sword.


What is happening? Qian Ren Xue was terror-struck. She had intended to take the chance when the Sea God Trident’s attack power was ceased and before Tang San could take it back to cut the divine sense connection between him and the trident, just like what had happened at the first battle with him when she had just become God. If she could take this holy weapon, Tang San’s competence would decrease at least thirty percent. Her chance of victory would be increased. Nevertheless, no one knew that the Sea God Trident had an endless amount of energy as it could launch another attack.


Although Qian Ren Xue was the Angelic God, she didn’t know much about the Sea God. If yes, she wouldn’t have been that surprised. This heaping divine power was a special feature of Sea God’s powers. It was like one wave slamming, and the other was heaping successively and endlessly. This was the powerful function of the complete form of the single-attack One Journey without Return. How could it have finished that early? How could Tang San let her take his Trident the second time?


Qian Ren Xue didn’t dare to delay, pulling herself together, taking all her strength to counter each coming wave. The energy burst out from the Sea God Trident; the first wave hadn’t ceased yet, the second wave was coming after, heaping up nine times in total. Just in a short time, the last wave was slamming, blowing Qian Ren Xue away thousands of meters. Then, the Sea God Trident drew a big circle in the air before returning to Tang San’s hand.


Qian Ren Xue was trying hard to swallow the blood that had raised up in her throat. She could hear the clink clank sounds from her Angelic Armament. Apparently, it had to receive enormous pressure; the energy of the Angelic Armament started to surge violently. Rumbling sounds continuously came out from her sword. Tang San held the Sea God Trident in his hand and knitted his brows. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to chase after her. But he had put all of his powers, he needed time to recover now. If he recklessly pursued her, but not be able to kill her, with her counter-attack, he wouldn’t find it comfy. The Angelic power was more powerful than what he had thought. He had assumed that with that full-force strike, even if he couldn’t hurt Qian Ren Xue, he could damage a part of her Angelic Armament. Nonetheless, the Angelic Sacred Sword didn’t even have a chip.


In fact, Tang San had thought too much. His One Journey without Return was indeed powerful. However, Qian Ren Xue’s countermeasure was precisely correct. Tang San hadn’t confronted only the Angelic Sacred Sword, but also the power from the Angelic Armament that Qian Ren Xue had transmitted into the sword. Tang San’s halberd was like it had impacted with the Angelic Armament directly; of course, it couldn’t break the armor. Anyway, his strike was amazing as it could shake the Angelic Armament.




The dazzling gold flame suddenly flared up from Qian Ren Xue. Tang San instantly felt that the sun in the sky was bigger than normal. Qian Ren Xue’s body was blazing with a gold light column. She caught the Angelic Sacred Sword again. When she could stabilize herself, her countenance changed. Her eyes now sparkled with a cold, wicked light that Tang San had never seen on her before. She was the presence of the God of Light – the Angelic God. But now she was full of deathly aura.


Both of them didn’t hurry to launch another attack. Tang San swung his right hand. The Sea God Trident drew a circle of light in the air. A mysterious eccentric heptagram appeared under his feet. The Sea God Eight Wings on his back became translucent. They were open but motionless that looked like they were carved from pellucid jade. The circle of light expanded toward him. Vaguely, the splashing sound of the waves was echoing in mid-air, just like there was a tsunami, which was about to hit Tang San. Under the blue light, blue light dots started to appear from behind him. In just a flash, those dots had been increasing, then accumulated into a blue flood, gathered at his eight wings. The phenomenon looked like a typhoon was about to occur.

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