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The consecrators all looked at the general direction of that gold light. It wasn’t the gold light that was expanding, but it was the distance between the gold light and the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass that was getting shorter. It was moving really fast. Just in the brief period of time while they were talking, it got ten times larger. The consecrators could see it clearly at this time.


“That is…”


As the Second Consecrator looked to the direction far away, his mood was stirred up immediately. Even though he was over one hundred years old, he couldn’t control his excitement yelling.


“That is Young Lady. She succeeded! Look! That’s the Angelic Armament. The Angelic Armament of our Spirit Hall! The Angelic Armament is the symbol of the Angelic God. Young Lady succeeded! Ha Ha. Well-done! This is superb for us. Let’s see how the Heaven Dou Empire could compete with us.”


The dazzling gold light started to light up the whole sky. Not only the guards atop the wall could see that, but also all the soldiers inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had paid attention to that strange phenomenon in the sky.


Qian Ren Xue with her cold face opened six wings on her back. The radiant light on the Angelic Armament was shining beautifully. At this moment, people inside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, who was looking up at the sky, couldn’t see the sun, but only the gold light of the Angelic God.


The Six Great Consecrators looked at each other, gathered all of their spirit power, looking up to the sky and screaming loudly.
“Angelic – God – Arrives!”


All six of them were Title Doulou ranked over level ninety-five, how was the union of their voices, which was full of power, only you have to be there to know. The soldiers guarding the wall were falling down like pieces of harvested wheat as they fainted due to the pressure of that voice. The voice was covering the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass entirely and expanding further. Even though it couldn’t travel one hundred li to reach the Heaven Dou Empire’s base, it was enough to impress the entire Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


The gold sky had attracted almost all of the Spirit Empire’s soldiers; listening to the acclaim of the consecrators, they all held their breath, beholding the indescribably beautiful appearance of the Angelic God, who was descending from the sky. Under the Angelic God’s aura, soldiers and spirit masters there were all bowing down to worship her. This phenomenon was expanding all over the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass just like a disease. Even the members of the spirit master legion had to kowtow seeing this. During the time that they had their tests at the Spirit Hall, they all saw this statue of the Angelic God. Seeing the Six-winged Angel descending from the sky with that invincible aura at this moment, these spirit masters were so excited. They all understood that their powerful rescuer had finally come.


The Second Consecrator took the lead as the other five took one step back, then they all bent on their knees to greet Qian Ren Xue. Looking at Qian Ren Xue who was hovering in the air as her beautiful phoenix’s eyes were sparkling with dazzling light, he said respectably, “The Six Consecrators of the Consecration Palace, hail the Angelic God!”


Even the six consecrators had to bend down, the other people, who dazedly understood the situation, followed them immediately. No one stood on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now. All were on their knees.


Qian Ren Xue vapidly said, “Consecrators, please rise up.”


She used to disguise herself as the Crown Prince of the Heaven Dou Empire for years, now her solemn royal manners had invisibly diffused. Then, she slowly landed, retracting her six wings. Both of her hands swung and a gold halo was spreading out from her body. All the fainted soldiers, due to the shout of the six consecrators, had been woken up. All of them then kneeled down on the ground. Even the persons who hadn’t fainted could feel a warm current oozing in their bodies. A comfortable feeling completely swept over their bodies, which they couldn’t describe.


This is divine sense. The divine sense that nothing could be compared to. The God’s aura immediately conquered the hearts of the guarding soldiers on the wall. Qian Ren Xue was powerful, yet beautiful, but they didn’t have any dreams toward her, only pure admiration from the bottom of their hearts.


The six consecrators stood up successively. The Golden Crocodile Doulou stepped forward to Qian Ren Xue, lowered his tone and asked her, “Miss, did you succeed?”


Qian Ren Xue slightly nodded. A pellucid tear lingered on her eye.
“Grandfather, he…”


A flame of excitement lit up in the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes. His voice was trembling as he was speaking.


“The Great Consecrator had sacrificed for Young Lady to become a God. It’s been years, now our Spirit Hall finally has a god ranked spirit master. Young Lady, you shouldn’t be sorry. The Great Consecrator’s in heaven now and would be happy in seeing your achievement.”


Qian Ren Xue slightly shook her head. If Tang San hadn’t been existed, she could have accepted the fact as to what the Golden Douluo had said. However, she wasn’t the only god on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’ battlefield this time. To Tang San, she always had a conflicting feeling that she couldn’t explain thoroughly. Tang San was a seed of failure, which had germinated and rooted in her heart.


“Second Consecrator, tell me the current situation at the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Where is Bibi Dong?”


Qian Ren Xue’s voice was delivered coldly. The Golden Crocodile Douluo’s cultivation base was high; however, he couldn’t help but feel fear while being exposed in front of her immense divine sense.


“When we arrived here, Bibi Dong had already gotten hurt from the battle with a man named Tang San. We took that chance to take command of the military force. I’ve sent Bibi Dong back to the Empire City to recover her wounds. The six of us have now taken the lead here. Now that you’re back; you will take the sole command. Wait until we defeat the Heaven Dou Empire’s force, we will help you dethrone Bibi Dong. You are a God now. Even if Bibi Dong has risked her life, she wouldn’t have any chances to possibly be a threat to you.”


When they had mentioned Bibi Dong, Qian Ren Xue knitted her brows. Especially when she knew that Tang San had hurt Bibi Dong badly, she somehow felt sad. She muttered, “Tang San. It’s you again. You are truly my nemesis!”


“Miss, are you…”


The Golden Crocodile Douluo suspiciously looked at Qian Ren Xue.


Qian Ren Xue pulled herself together and said faintly, “Six Consecrators, check the formation, we are going to fight them tomorrow.”


The Golden Douluo only waited for those words. He answered loudly.


“We have to uproot the Heaven Dou’s force this time!”


Qian Ren Xue’s mouth unknowingly curled. Uproot? Would it be that easy? Unless that guy won’t show up here, it would. Everything had come to this; she couldn’t have a chance to be lengthy. This war should be started, sooner or later. She didn’t know if Tang San could come back to the Heaven Dou Empire’s force on time. No matter what, the battle tomorrow would be the final one. Tang San, it’s true that you are the seed of failure in my heart. Even if I couldn’t defeat you, could I be able to drag you to hell with me? If I couldn’t conquer you when we are still alive, then, when we arrive at the other world, I will definitely take you down. Although you are my nemesis, I want to die with you!


The furious will flared up from Qian Ren Xue’s eyes. With the thought of both jade and stone should be crushed together, she had been able to gather her guts and came to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Qian Ren Xue felt gloomy. Tang San, I will show you when a Goddess doesn’t care about her life, what kind of powerful force she could create.

Do you really love Xiao Wu? I won’t let you two be together. I will drag you to death with me. I won’t hurt her. But you can only be with me, even when we are dead.


Qian Ren Xue turned around, looking at the general direction of the Heaven Dou Empire’s base. The six consecrators couldn’t see the light that had flared up from her eyes, which was some sort of mental disorder.


At this moment, people in the Heaven Dou Empire’s base couldn’t stay calm when the news came from the Agility Hall’s disciples. In fact, even without their news, many people from this side could see what had happened in front of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Xue Beng, the Emperor of the Heaven Dou Empire, immediately sent his order calling all the generals and officers for a meeting. A group of spirit masters and leaders of the legions and troops led by Go Long Marshall had presented themselves.


Xue Beng adjusted himself on the chair then swung his sleeve, “Please, be seated.”


Of course, upon his words, not all the generals and officers could take a seat. Just only some of them could be seated. From the military side, only Go Long had this honor. On the other side, the man who took the seat was the Heaven Dou Empire’s Preceptor, Grandmaster Yu Xiao Gang, commander of the spirit master legion.


Seated lower than Yu Xiao Gang was the President of the Clear Sky School, Tang Xiao. Followed him was the Clear Sky Douluo, Tang San’s father, Tang Hao. Then the group of the other key persons, including Ning Feng Zhi, President of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bones Douluo Gu Rong, Poison Douluo Du Gubo. These were the spirit masters ranked Title Douluo. Only supreme spirit masters like them were eligible for a seat in this grand tent.


Xue Beng headed to Grandmaster and Tang Hao and said, “The reason why I have summoned you all here because the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass has new dangerous changes. There was a dazzling gold light that came from the direction of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. According to the Agility Hall’s disciples’ report, that was a woman. She got an intimidating aura. The Agility Hall’s disciples didn’t dare to come near, but they had heard people from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass yelled, “Angel Arrives”. You are all the hotshots of the spirit masters world, now, could you tell me what had happened?”


Grandmaster was the first one that frowned. He wasn’t one of the strongest, but he had the widest knowledge about the spirit masters world.


When they had got the news about the gold light on the sky, Grandmaster had come out of his tent to look towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The other people had also done the same, but they were all low-level spirit masters, they couldn’t know what was actually happening. However, Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, and the other Title Douluos could feel the insecure feelings clearly.


During the time that the gold light had appeared, every single one of them felt as if there was a heavy block of rock pounding on their hearts. The pressure had almost suffocated them. This situation had happened among the peak spirit masters of the spirit masters world. Apparently, it was an anomaly.


Seeing no one having uttered a word, and the grimace on Grandmaster’s face, Xue Beng couldn’t hide his worries.


“Was the Great Consecrator Qian Dao Liu of the Spirit Empire coming?”


“It’s not Qian Dao Liu. Qian Dao Liu is a man. According to my grandfather’s note, Qian Dao Liu was a middle-aged man. The Agility Hall’s disciple had reported a woman.” Tang Xiao, President of the Clear Sky School, said, Actually, they all had the answers. They just didn’t want to admit it. They didn’t want to make other people panicked.


Xue Beng said with a somber voice, “She was able to project such dazzling light, shining over one hundred li. Moreover, when I saw that light, I could hardly breathe. What kind of supreme spirit master could do that? Preceptor, seniors, please explain.”


Ning Feng Zhi, President of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, sighed then said, “Hiding is not a good method. Your Majesty, according to our observations, no Title Douluo could be able to project that kind of radiant light, especially that impressive aura. Even Lan Hao Wang couldn’t have that aura with his formidable mental power, which is not less than a level ninety-nine Douluo. Thus, we could assume that there was only one possibility. A spirit master ranked level one hundred had arrived there.”


“Level one hundred?”


No matter Xue Beng or Go Long or the other generals, they all took a deep breath listening to Ning Feng Zhi. They didn’t actually know the concept of level one hundred. However, the effects of the powerful spirit masters on the battlefield were obvious. Tang San, with his competence, had almost overturned the entire situation.


He was only over level ninety at that time. Then, level one hundred should imply something else!


Xue Beng found it hard to swallow.


“President Ning, you mean that there’s a God has joined the Spirit Empire’s side?”


When he mentioned “God”, the grand tent started to seethe, even though this was the tent of the Empire. At this moment, they all felt a sense of fear that they couldn’t hold down.




Marshall Go Long shouted, calming down the disorderly voices of his men. But it couldn’t calm their eyes. They all looked panicked.


Xue Beng also couldn’t press the chaos in his heart. No matter how smart he was, he was just a thirty years old young man. Facing such news of disaster like that, how could he not panic? Although he looked placid, his eyes were troubled. His fists clenched, resting on the table in front of him. His visage was solemnly unpredictable.


Tang Hao said earnestly, “President Ning is right. She could be possibly a God. From the energy that light emitted, I guess it was the Angelic God’s power from the Spirit Hall. That’s why they yelled “Angel”. According to our Clear Sky School’s internal records, the Spirit Hall has a complete set of six spirit bones, called the Angelic Armament. Some say that if someone could absorb all six of those spirit bones, that very person could be able to break b through the one-hundredth level and become a God ranked spirit master. Although I don’t know who she is, it’s sure that she has the Angelic Armament spirit bones. Since they have a superb reinforcement, the Spirit Empire would absolutely start the war tomorrow. Please stand by and be well prepared.”


Although Tang Hao had an intimidating aura, after feeling the divine sense of the Angelic God, his confidence was somehow reduced. Even if with his powerful Great Sumeru Hammer, he wasn’t sure that he could use this method to strike against a God. Moreover, when Tang San had brought the Shrek Seven Devils and left the barracks, their main force had been removed. That was the reason why the Heaven Dou Empire had decided to retreat further, trying to entrench themselves there. If Qian Ren Xue hadn’t come, Tang Hao thought with the force of his brothers and the other supreme spirit masters, at least they could be able to withstand the Spirit Empire’s attack at the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. But this God-ranked spirit master had changed the balance between their forces.


It could be said that only one God-ranked spirit master could confront all the supreme spirit masters who were present in this grand tent now. Then how could they endure the war?


Xue Beng eventually calmed his mood. This news did shake him for a while, but he had to calm himself down as he knew that he absolutely could not panic at this moment. If not, his soldiers would be in chaos. But he was not clear in how the humans could defend the Gods?


Xue Beng soothed himself. A smile appeared suddenly on his face.


“You guys don’t need to worry much. As a matter of fact, Teacher and I had thought about this. He used to say that the Gods are just humans who have reached a certain higher level. So they are just human. And as they are human, there would be a way to deal with them. Moreover, I got the news that Teacher had completed his God’s ascension. Also, he will be here within two days. At this time, needless to mention that small Spirit Empire, conquering the entire Continent wouldn’t be a hard task. So, no matter how strong our opponent is, within the next two days, we have to stand the Spirit Empire’s attack. We have to endure until Teacher comes back. He will lead us to destroy the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and eliminate the Spirit Empire!”


Listening to Xue Beng, the fear in the generals’ eyes disappeared. Even the group of Grandmaster and Tang Hao couldn’t hold their happy countenance.


“Little San will come back? This is so good!” Grandmaster joyfully asked.


The generals in the tent reacted cheerily. Tang San’s competence on the battlefield had been carved deep into their mind as he not only stopped the wicked wave once but also defeated Bibi Dong, the Empress of the Spirit Empire, many times. It was fair to say that nothing could have been compared to Tang San’s reputation in their hearts. What Xue Beng just said had inflamed the confidence in his men.


Xue Beng stolidly smiled.


“My dear generals, I think you have somehow figured it out. It’s almost a month since my Teacher hasn’t been here. You sure have doubts. Yeah, I’m going to tell you why. We had to temporarily retreat because Lan Hao Wang wasn’t in the formations. If we have to fight without him, apparently it will be very difficult to win. To control the crowd, I had decided to seal the news. But now it’s a good time to let you know. Our great Lan Hao Wang left us to improve his competence in order to support the Heaven Dou Empire to destroy the Spirit Empire. That’s why he had decided to become a God. He has succeeded. And now he is coming back. Tell me, can you be able to entrench until Lan Hao Wang levels the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass?”


“We can…”


Marshall Go Long was the first one who had stood up then kneeled down.


“Your Majesty, even if we have only one soldier standing up, we will never retreat. We will stay until Lan Hao Wang comes back. Death couldn’t push us back!”


”We will fight to the last breath and will never take one step back!”


Their belief had been united. Thinking about how powerful Tang San was on the battlefield had raised their hearts. They all bent down on their knees, and united their voices in one cry.


Xue Beng nodded satisfyingly. He said, “Marshall Go Long, I appoint you to arrange for the war tomorrow. Let be persistent with this battle, and our empire will win at the end.”


Marshall Go Long stood up determinedly, turned to his generals and shouted, “The Empire Must WIN!”


Instantaneously, the slogan reverberated in the grand tent. The fear Qian Ren Xue had brought here had vanished now. Under Xue Beng’s command, Go Long took his men to arrange for tomorrow’s battle.


When all of them got out of the tent, Grandmaster couldn’t hold his excitement, asked immediately, “Your Majesty, exactly when will Little San come back? Why didn’t he tell us?”


The enthusiasm on Xue Beng’s face disappeared just like melting snow. He swung his hand, signaled the guards to get out, sighed then shook his head.


“I don’t actually know.”




Grandmaster was startled. Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, Ning Feng Zhi and the others stood up immediately.


Xue Beng waved his hand, implying them to sit down.


“Preceptor, seniors. You’ve seen the current situation. If I don’t give them hope, I’m afraid our men would collapse before they actually enter the battle. I don’t have any information from Teacher, nor when he will come back.”


Grandmaster’s countenance, once again, became grimaced.


“But Your Majesty, what you’ve done is just like drinking poisonous wine to ease the thirst. If Tang San can’t come back in time, we will not be able to confront the God of the Spirit Empire. I’m afraid we couldn’t endure the fight tomorrow!”


Ning Feng Zhi said, “Your Highness, Grandmaster is right. We are not sure when Lan Hao Wang could come back.”


“Your Majesty, Grandmaster is right. Now since we don’t know when Lan Hao Wang would come back, facing an invincible opponent, perhaps we should retreat for a while. Wait until Lan Hao Wang comes back, we will fight a dead or alive battle with them. Is it okay?”


Xue Beng shook his head. His eyes became resolute.


“No, we can’t, because fallen soldiers would be like a collapsed mountain. Once we step back, we will never have that chance again. What if we retreat and Teacher comes back right after that? Facing a strong opponent, withdrawal means no chance for us. Even if Teacher succeeds, his rival will be a God too. It would be hard for him to gain the victory. If we step back, in case Teacher couldn’t come back in time, it has no meaning for our withdrawal. The Spirit Empire, under that God’s command, when they speed up, maybe we can’t endure several days. We’d rather risk our lives tomorrow. One day we could endure is another day for Teacher to come back. If we eventually can’t do anything, I want to die on the battlefield. I would never let myself die on the way of retreat. I’d rather be a King who dies on the battlefield than a coward running for his life.”


As they listened to Xue Beng, the other spirit masters, including Tang Hao, had a shaking feeling in their hearts.


No doubt that Xue Beng’s ability was just an ant compared to theirs. His throne was something he had grabbed luckily. Tang Hao considered him taking Tang San as his teacher was just for granted. All true spirit masters here didn’t care about this King. But he was still a King and they had to respect him.


However, at this moment, the feelings they had were changing drastically. Facing such a strenuous situation, which aided with a God ranked spirit master, Emperor Xue Beng didn’t feel scared or intended to withdraw. He had decided to confront the Spirit Empire directly. Use force against force. The difference between their powers was huge. His decision was a suicidal one unless Tang San could come back in time. Even though he was a little bit reckless, he had earned respect for the first time from those supreme spirit masters standing in front of him.




Tang Hao shouted.


His voice was echoing loudly in the tent. With his intimidating aura, he nodded with Xue Beng.


“You are worthy to be my son’s disciple! You’re right. We will only die on the battlefield. There’s no coward. No running. Leave that God for me. Even if I have to die, I have some remarks for her. If I have to live without happiness, why would I be sorrowful if I died? Live like a man, die in honor. It is not an unfortunate event.”


Tang Xiao smiled, “Brother, did you forget me? How long has it been since we last facing opponents together? Having a chance to fight with the God ranked spirit master, even my grandfather didn’t have this experience. We are so much luckier than him!”


Grandmaster laughed out loud. “Although alcohol is not allowed here, Your Majesty, can we break the rule once today? I suddenly really want to drink.”
Xue Beng smiled, stood up then shouted.


“People, come in, set the table. I want to feast tonight before the great battle tomorrow!”


A servant quickly came to him; his face was embarrassed as he whispered to Xue Beng’s ear. Xue Beng was surprised.


“Too bad, to keep the discipline, I didn’t allow the logistics to bring along liquor. This…”


Tang Hao laughed out loud.


“My son’s disciple, if you can overcome this challenge, I’m sure that you will be an excellent Emperor. Let’s use tea instead of wine.”


Being a king but also being addressed as someone’s son’s disciple, he should have felt irritated. However, Xue Beng was filled with excitement now. He understood that these spirit masters had accepted him.


“Good, then we can use tea instead of wine.”


When the night fell, both the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and the Heaven Dou Empire started to drum. The gloomy atmosphere started to boil up. After a month of being quiet, the last battle was tense because of the presence of the Angelic God.



A peaceful night had passed. Early morning of the next day.


They didn’t wait for the Spirit Empire’s soldiers to get out of the wall. Since early morning, the battle drum had been beaten loudly in the Heaven Dou Empire’s barracks.


Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump


The battle drum was made from buffalo skin. The sound it created when hit by the sturdy soldiers was head-splitting. Among one million soldiers, at least a thousand drums were striking at the same time. Gates of the Heaven Dou Empire’s base had all opened. Soldiers were like the rising tide, overflowing out.


The light cavalry stormed out first. They were based on the two sides of the formation. Now they were flooding just like two extending wings of the Heaven Dou Empire.


Right behind them was the infantry. Light-armed infantry went first, and then the heavy-armed infantry followed. They were flooding in, orderly and strongly, entering the battlefield.


The Tang Sect’s soldiers and the spirit master legion were in the middle of the formation. Grandmaster and the brothers of Tang Xiao, Tang Hao led them respectively. They had to arrange like that because there were many members of the Four Single Attribute Clans in Tang Sect. The resentment towards the Clear Sky School was still there. To ensure the order, they were temporarily in charge of the troops like that.


Behind them was the main force of the Heaven Dou Empire, the heavy-armed cavalry. The Heaven Dou Empire had bet all that they had into this battle. Over ten troops of guardians came out from the base at the last position of the formation. A million sturdy soldiers were marching imposingly towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


This was a force of one million soldiers! The pressure that they brought along suffocated the soldiers who were guarding the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Facing the tremendous aura of the Heaven Dou Empire, Qian Ren Xue couldn’t help but knit her brows. She had become a God, but her aura couldn’t be compared with that came from a million robust soldiers.


Qian Ren Xue was trembling a little bit inside. Tang San is back? Why did the Heaven Dou Empire decide to play out all what they have at this moment?


“Spread my command. Open the gate. Fight!” Qian Ren Xue shouted.


“Yes, ma’am.”


Six consecrators received her order. However, there was a little delay since the soldiers guarding the wall were scared the sh*t out of them seeing the great formation of the Heaven Dou Empire. The spirit master legion wasn’t an exception. Seeing the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force with the aura they had never had before flooding in, how could they not be scared? Nonetheless, under the pressure of the spirit master legion and six consecrators, legions and troops of the Spirit Empire reluctantly checked and gathered their forces.


The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s gates opened. There were one hundred thousand soldiers rushed out in total.


One hundred thousand is not a small number. However, what is it compared to a million? The war hadn’t started yet, but many of the Spirit Empire’s soldiers were shivering. In their eyes, such a battle was no different from suicide.


While Qian Ren Xue was giving orders and encouraging the spirit masters of the Spirit Empire, suddenly a long whistle that was like dragon or tiger’s roar vehemently came from a far distance.


“Where is Qian Ren Xue?”


Coming along with that whistle, from one side of the Heaven Dou Empire’s formation, a bunch of blue-gold light spheres zoomed in, flying above them. Vaguely, there were seven figures in those blue-gold spheres.


The one who led that group was wearing a blue-gold armor. Eight wings with torrential wave patterns opened out from his back. He was wearing the Poseidon’s crown, holding the Sea God Trident in his hand. He was Tang San, who had got the Sea God’s ascension.


The Sea God Trident in his hand pointed towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass opposite him. His enormous divine sense immediately focused on Qian Ren Xue.


“Sea God Tang San has arrived. Where is Qian Ren Xue?”


Tang San shouted. The tremendous divine sense was like waves descending from the sky. Soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire had a feeling as if the rain had finally fallen down on the dry dessert. Their spirits were instantly enhanced to their peaks. Their fighting spirits were high, now listening to Tang San’s title, as the Sea God, it entered the peak in no time.


Taking the belief of one million soldiers as his source of support, Tang San’s aura had peaked. A blue-gold halo expanded from his body. Dai Mu Bai’s group and Xiao Wu, under the protection of Sea God’s powers, came to the front line. Each of them was releasing nine spirit rings at the same time. The ninth spirit ring, also the last one, was the most splendid one.


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  8. “it’s comedy, thriller, horror, PC games online, urban fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, adventure, etc”, wow I don’t quite understand how ‘thriller/horror’ mix with ‘PC games online/urban fantasy’ in wuxia novel. I played some online games too, but it never have any horror in it. Although I’m still curious about the thunder goddess, but still I believe in you, this novel should be good.

    I read some LN translation and have interaction with the translator, but none of them as fun and cheerful as you haha. Go Ghost Tomato!!

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