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At this moment, Tang San didn’t think about what would happen to him when he had to destroy this Asura God’s power. What he was thinking about was that nothing bad could happen to Xiao Wu. Even though he had to die, he would definitely not let this Asura God’s power hurt her.


Tang San reflexes weren’t so fast, but everything had happened so suddenly. It had only been one second since the intimidating Asura God’s power had stormed into Xiao Wu’s body from the time that Tang San had taken action. However, to the God level power, one second was more than enough.


The Asura God’s power in Xiao Wu’s sense was cool and tender, just a little bit fast. But to Tang San, this Asura God’s power was destructive. The shield that Xiao Wu’s spirit power had formed hadn’t had a chance to have prepared for it. The terrifying Asura God’s power had already easily pierced through Xiao Wu’s spirit power barrier, then traveled through her meridians and vessels.


Tang San’s Sea God’s power had finally caught up with it. But at this moment, Asura God’s power had split into thousands of flows, oozing into different meridians. By the time it had traveled through her vessels, it had been now fused as one with her body. Though Tang San had been preparing to cover and destroy them, he now couldn’t do that. Unless he wanted to destroy Xiao Wu’s meridians, he had no way to treat the Asura God’s power flows that had merged into her body.


How could it be? Tang San miserably acclaimed. What he could do now was to urge his Sea God’s power gushing into her meridians to protect them. He was afraid that the Asura God’s power would burst out and completely destroy Xiao Wu.


However, Tang San didn’t expect that those thousands of flows of Asura God’s power, once merged into Xiao Wu’s meridians, had started to fuse with her body right away. There were no signals or indications of it bursting. There was even no murderous aura. Tang San then opened his eyes wider to watch. The Asura God’s power had turned into a deep dark scarlet red. The scarlet color of coldness and murderous aura.


This… This is…


Even if Tang San was brilliant, he was dumbstruck at this moment. The telepathy between Xiao Wu and him was vague. It could obscurely appear under an extremely intensive situation or when they had really focused in doing so. At this moment, the telepathic feeling was very clear. Just like Xiao Wu had been the extension of his left arm, a part of his body.


Tang San opened his eyes and strangely looked at Xiao Wu. He didn’t know what to say. Xiao Wu looked pretty fine. Her exquisite face was blushing which looked like a ripe red apple. She was so charming. The energy on her body, under the joining of the Asura God’s power, had broken through the challenging gate of level ninety-five, directly entering level ninety-six!


Tang San had to use the Sea God’s divine sense to feel the Asura God’s power that was currently surging through her body right now.


Tang San retracted both of his arms, staring at Xiao Wu. He was scared now. He was afraid that Xiao Wu would be blown up at any given minute by the tremendous powers of the Asura God. The only thing he could do now was to pray. Xiao Wu was now soaked with the Asura God’s power. In the case that it had finally burst outwards, even Tang San, couldn’t have done anything to save her.


At this moment, nobody had noticed that a dark red light suddenly soared up from a corner, flying towards Tang San and Xiao Wu.


Tang San’s divine sense slightly flickered. He immediately recognized the existence of that current. When Tang San turned back, he saw the Asura Demonic Sword, which was roughly two meters long, was flying slowly towards Xiao Wu and him. He had forgotten that this sword had been left in the Sea God Palace.


The odd feeling that had aroused his desires to make him want to grip the demonic sword before he had received the Sea God’s powers were gone.


Tang San wasn’t surprised. He was the Sea God now, the Asura Demonic Sword was the mediator of another God’s inheritance, of course, it had lost its interest in him.


A blue-gold halo flashed from his right palm as the Sea God Trident appeared there. A blue-gold light sphere appeared in front of him and Xiao Wu, prevented the floating Asura Demonic Sword from getting inside.


Xiao Wu’s body had the Asura God’s power now. Then appeared the Asura Demonic Sword. Those unclear signals had confused Tang San, but the fear in his heart was somehow reduced.

“Gege, I think it comes for me.”


Xiao Wu’s voice arose next to him. She had completed absorbing the spirit ring. She now opened her eyes, looking at the Asura Demonic Sword with a light of desire. Under the shining rays of the dark red aureole from the Asura Demonic Sword, there then appeared an ethereal, mysterious dark scarlet patterned layer on her skin.

“For you?”


Tang San turned to look at Xiao Wu. Something had suddenly popped up in his mind. Xiao Wu’s situation was alike Ning Rong Rong and Oscar’s as they had just reached Title Douluo. She had his aura too. Perhaps, the Asura God, seeing him couldn’t make me receive his powers; meanwhile, he could feel my aura in Xiao Wu’s body. Then he purposely led my evolved Asura Domain in entering Xiao Wu so as she could take his inheritance? If so, it would most definitely be a good thing.


Tang San did not like the Asura God from the bottom of his heart. Of course, he chose the Sea God’s inheritance because he had passed the Sea God’s Eight challenges. However, it had a big part of it that was related to his feelings towards the Asura God.


Nevertheless, his great grandpa had to pay with his life to take the Asura God’s inheritance. He failed anyway. Moreover, the Asura God’s power was tyrannical, full of intimidating murderous aura. The more tremendous the power was, the harder it was to be controlled. It was nothing like his Sea God’s power.


At this moment, seeing that Asura God had chosen Xiao Wu, Tang San felt this would be good, but he somehow couldn’t feel happy. Taking the Asura God’s powers was an extremely dangerous trial. Xiao Wu’s competence was much enhanced, but still, the gap was enormous. During the inheritance process, even if there had arisen a minor anomaly, fatal threats would have appeared. How could she bear the invincible murderous aura of Asura God? The more formidable that the God was, the more dangerous the inheritance would have been. Although Xiao Wu was tough under her soft manners, facing this compelling God, would she be able to complete her trials?


Tang San had many conflicting thoughts. With his god powers, he could prevent that sword from contacting with Xiao Wu. He was a real God. Meanwhile, that Asura Demonic Sword just had some of the powers of the Asura God.


But this was a big chance to Xiao Wu. Tang San could confirm that this Asura Demonic Sword didn’t have any cruel intentions towards Xiao Wu. If not, the Asura God’s power would have soon killed her so that he couldn’t have done anything to help. Then, this demonic sword didn’t need to come to her.


Tang San looked at Xiao Wu. His visage then became serious.


“Xiao Wu, my Asura Domain, evolved from the Death God Domain has just entered your body. You feel that, right? It is that cold energy. This Asura Demonic Sword is the precious treasure that my great grandpa Tang Chen had left behind. It is at the same level with the Sea God Trident. It is now coming to you, which means you are about to have a chance to get the Asura God’s inheritance. However, Asura God is a very powerful god. Perhaps he controls the slaughter. Completing his inheritance no doubt is very dangerous. My great grandpa had been trying his entire life, but he still hadn’t been able to have completed it. You shall decide for yourself whether to take it or not.”


Tang San actually didn’t know what to do. This Asura Demonic Sword was a two-bladed knife to Xiao Wu. He’d better let her decide herself.


Listening to Tang San, Xiao Wu’s eyes lit up with joy, answered him immediately without any hesitations.


“Gege, I’ll take it.”


Tang San couldn’t believe that Xiao Wu would have given him such a quick answer like that. He couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Wu, you have to think carefully. The difficult level of the Asura God’s inheritance would be more than that of the Sea God’s. You have witnessed the Sea God’s inheritance. You were with me almost all the time. Have you really made up your mind? Once you accept this, you have to carry it onwards without looking back; you won’t have a chance to regret later.”
Xiao Wu firmly confirmed. “I accept it. Gege, please listen to me. Receiving the acknowledgement from a God would be even harder than the inheritance process. You are the Sea God now. If I want to be with you forever, I have to become a God too. The path we are walking on, how could it not be challenging? Moreover, I’m not sure if I could find another God, who would accept me. I don’t want to leave you. I want to be with you forever. Let me try it. With you beside me, I will definitely have a chance to succeed. If not, this demonic sword wouldn’t have chosen me.”


Seeing the stubborn gleam in her eyes, Tang San slowly nodded. He thought, this Asura Demonic Sword is the bloody work of my great grandpa for many years. According to his last wish, this Asura Demonic Sword has passed some parts of the Asura God’s inheritance. With this advantage, the chance that Xiao Wu could complete the inheritance would be even bigger. She is right that she has me aside. Whenever she encounters any dangers, I could always be of help to her.


“Right then, you should be careful.”


Tang San retrieved his Sea God Trident. He made a slight sway to reach beside her. His divine sense was locking the Asura Demonic Sword. Even though he knew that the sword wouldn’t trouble Xiao Wu, it was related to his lover’s life; he should be very careful in every case.


Without the Sea God Trident’s barrier, just in a red flash, the Asura Demonic Sword was around three meters in front of Xiao Wu. Then something bizarre happened. That giant demonic sword suddenly turned into nine dark red air flows, robustly coming into Xiao Wu’s body from different locations.


Immediately, Xiao Wu’s skin, which used to be flawless white, got a dark scarlet ghostly scripture. That ghostly scripture didn’t linger on her skin, but a layer of energy, which was floating a tiny bit above her skin, had formed it. Tang San could feel the tremendous aura inside that energy. The cold murderous aura had made the Sea God frown.


But Xiao Wu didn’t feel the same. She could only feel nice cool airflows that merged into her body. It was really comfy. Soon, after those nine airflows had gotten into her body, the ghostly scriptures on her skin were fading, also melding into her body. Nothing else had been changed.


Xiao Wu became normal. Tang San finally felt relief now. At least Xiao Wu was okay. He asked immediately, “Xiao Wu, is there any voice talking to you?”


Xiao Wu shook her head, “No. I just felt that those airflows were cold. But there are no strange feelings after they had gotten into my body. No voice reminders either.”


Tang San forced a smile after Xiao Wu had finished. The Asura God didn’t follow the normal ways that the others did. His method of choosing his candidates was weird though. However, from what had just happened, no big problem would occur as long as Xiao Wu could be able to fuse the God’s power with hers. At least, it was a signal of the God’s inheritance. Might be Xiao Wu’s competence hadn’t reached the required levels, which was why the Asura God hadn’t come to talk to her yet.


Based on the current situation, Tang San’s assumption seemed reasonable. However, he forgot one thing. Even though his Asura Domain had transmitted a part of its energy to Xiao Wu, the Asura Domain on his Clear Sky Hammer hadn’t disappeared.


It was still there. In fact, Tang San’s assumption wasn’t correct. It wasn’t as simple as he had thought when the Asura Demonic Sword had blended into Xiao Wu’s body. It was just because he couldn’t be able to analyze the root of this phenomenon.


Tang San pulled Xiao Wu’s hand, then scanned her body. He was amazed upon seeing all her blood, flesh and meridians inside of her body had turned into the dark red color. Besides the dark red color there was nothing else that was abnormal. However, when her appearance had changed as the Asura God’s power had melded into her unconsciously, everything seemed to be developed in a better way. Tang San carefully checked over her several times to be sure that she was okay. At this moment, the last Title Douluo of the Shrek Seven Devils had arrived. Talking about spirit power level, Xiao Wu was now ranked level ninety-five, the same with Dai Mu Bai. They had become the ones who were ranked the closest to Tang San, the mascot of the Shrek Seven Devils.


“Little San, we should hurry. We don’t want bad things to happen to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.”


Dai Mu Bai suggested when he saw that Xiao Wu had finished her absorption. When Tang San talked to Xiao Wu, they all listened. Seeing his friend getting the God’s recognition, Dai Mu Bai couldn’t help but long for that. However, they didn’t have time to think about the God’s inheritance; everything should wait until they had destroyed the Spirit Empire.


Tang San nodded.


“Let’s go.”


He came to the Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Douluos while speaking,


“Seniors, I leave the Sea God Island in your hands. This time I don’t know when we could come back. But don’t worry, I have left my divine sense on the peak of the Sacred Mount. If anything happens, come there to call for me. I will be able to hear your voice then.”


The Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Doulous all bent to say farewell to him.
“Goodbye Master Sea God!”


A blue-gold light projected from Tang San, turning into a massive light sphere, covering everybody inside. In a light flash, they all moved. They were rushing back to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Xiao Bai.


However, after leaving the Sea God Island, Tang San didn’t come back to the Douluo Continent right away.




Purple Pearl Island.


Ji Xiang was standing on the sand beach, looking at a wooden board around thirty meters from him. He was concentrating. Deep inside his eyes, there was a layer of purple clouds.


Suddenly, Ji Xiang’s body was flickering. He was performing Tang San’s mysterious Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.


Although Ji Xiang’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track couldn’t be compared to Tang San’s, he had mastered it, leaving fading shadows as he was moving.


Nine cold light beams flashed, tearing the air from different directions. Puff. They all pierced into the wooden board roughly thirty meters far from him. Because they all came at once, he could have heard only one puff.


They were nine Liu Ye Flying Knives [1], pierced to the board as a flower bloomed there. They had formed a circle; the space between each knife was the same. His eye sight, his technique could be seen as mastered through just one strike.


Tang Sand had been accepted him as his disciple six years ago, imparted him the peerless secret technique of the Tang Sect. Ji Xiang had been practicing no matter day or night. The spirit had not prevented him since. Just in six years, he had grown up so fast. Moreover, with Tang San’s aid that year, he was the second hotshot only under Zhi ZhenZhu on the Purple Pearl Island.


Ji Xiang took a deep breath, lights of joy sparked in his eyes.
“Now I could start practicing the next hidden weapon technique. Recently, something beautiful had appeared on the Sea God Island, and they said that the Sea God has arrived. Is it true? Oh, what’s that?”


Jia Xiang saw a blue-gold light dot appeared from pretty far away and it was rapidly heading towards the Purple Pearl Island. After six years of cultivation, his Purple Demon Eye had reached a certain level. His eyesight was much stronger than ordinary people. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t recognize what that blue-gold dot was.


The blue-gold light dot was flying quickly. Just in several breaths, it was getting bigger and bigger in his view. Ji Xing hauled a needle, calmly retreated to the island but still looked at that blue-gold light. This was what Tang San had taught him. Never bring your back facing your opponent. Everything Tang San had taught him, he had learned by heart. And the facts had shown that the knowledge Tang San had taught him were all based on the truth.


“Ji Xiang, no need to hurry!”


The blue-gold halo flashed, dazzling Ji Xiang. Then he saw seven people standing on the sand beach. He was amazed at first, then, his gaze immediately placed on the young man in his blue-gold robe.


His long blue hair was tangled on his back. The handsome face was wearing a faint smile. Elegant but holy noble. The profound gleam in his eyes scared Ji Xiang, but Ji Xiang could feel the familiar aura. Everything seemed comfortable but somehow was a little strange.


Six years apart. Tang San’s appearance hadn’t changed much. But his aura was different. He had been through the transformation from human to god. It should have been different.




Ji Xiang stepped forward then bent down and kowtowed in front of Tang San. His calm manner was boisterous now. Tang San had given him a new life. He had always respected this master, the one who wasn’t much older than him, from the bottom of his heart.


Tang San smiled, swung his right arm, releasing a tender energy to lift Ji Xiang up.


“No need to be formal. It’s been six years. Your development cheers me up. It seems that you are always practicing.”


Ji Xiang tried to nod as he was choked with emotions.


“You are my only disciple (how about Xue Beng????). The ban on the Sea God Island is lifted. If you want, you can go there and cultivate.” Said Tang San.


Then, Tang San rose his hand, gently touching towards Ji Xiang. A blue-gold light came and left a mark of a Sea God Trident on his forehead, identically to Tang San’s mark. But that mark was just made by Tang San’s divine sense. With this symbol, the Seven Sacred Pillars Douluos and the Great White Shark Devil Spirits would recognize him.


Tang San turned around to look at Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu smiled then gave him the last god-granted spirit ring. Tang San told Ji Xiang, “This god-granted spirit ring is for you. However, you should save it until you need the ninth spirit ring. I have something important to do now. If you want to visit the Sea God Island, let them see the mark on your forehead, it will certify your identity. Tell them you are the Sea God’s disciple. We have to go now. If everything goes well, we will meet again in a couple of years.”


Tang San smiled, nodded to Ji Xiang then rose his right arm. The blue-gold light sphere appeared again. Under the shining light, it instantly lifted the seven of them up into the air then disappeared into the far horizon.


“Teacher, teacher…”


Ji Xiang yelled. Now he was able to react. Looking at the god-granted spirit ring in his hand, tears rolled down from his eyes. Even though Tang San had just passed by for a short while, Ji Xiang was screaming inside. Teacher doesn’t forget me! He still remembers me! But why he has to leave so fast? I haven’t even told him that I have mastered the hidden weapon technique…”


Ji Xiang was bending down on the sandy beach. When he realized that he couldn’t chase after Tang San, he faced the direction that Tang San had just left and bowed his head to the ground.


“Ji Xiang, what are you doing?”


A familiar female voice arose from behind him.


Zhi Zhu Zhen, in her regular purple gown, instantaneously came next to him. She suspiciously asked him.


“My henchmen had just reported that they saw a blue-gold light passing by our Purple Pearl Island. Did you see anything?


Ji Xing was still bending on his knees on the beach.


“Teacher! That’s my teacher!”


Zhi Zhu Zhen pulled Ji Xiang up.


“What did you just say? Tang San? Where are they?”
Zhi Zhu Zhen excitedly asked.


Not long before that, “men” in her mind was a disgusting noun. But that man had left a deep impression in her heart. It’d been six years and she still remembered the image of that man rescuing his comrades. He had been calm and had totally oppressed her. His elegant but cold eyes still lingered in her mind.


“He’s gone.”


Ji Xiang wiped out the tears from his face. His voice was trembling, looking at Zhi Zhu Zhen.


“Jie-jie, you know what? From now on, I can tell the other people that I’m the Sea God’s disciple.”


Zhi Zhu Zhen was dazed, looking at Ji Xiang.


“Sea God…”


Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


It’d been a month and the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s wall had been repaired. But they hadn’t pump water into the moat. However, they installed many sharp wooden stakes in the riverbed. They weren’t as good as the water, but not too bad. Previously, Tang San had controlled the water in the moat to attack the wall. That scene was so impressive; now the Spirit Empire didn’t dare to let the water flow into the moat.


Although the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’ wall was fixed, it couldn’t be compared to the original one. It looked like a massive patch on the wall. No one would have complimented that wall. Of course, it was nonsense to the Spirit Empire. The practical usage of the wall is to protect the city inside, which was what they needed the most now.


Within this one month, the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force had backed off fifty li, built and set up the defense. They didn’t actively attack the opponent. The guards of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass all had a feeling that they were preparing well for a long-time war.


At the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now, since Bibi Dong was forced to get back to the Spirit City, the six Great Consecrators took the command here. The Golden Crocodile Douluo, who was the Second Consecrator, had become the top leader at the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


When the Heaven Dou Empire retreated and based far from them to prepare for a protracted war, the Golden Crocodile Douluo was happy in seeing that. Since they all knew that Qian Ren Xue was taking the Angelic God’s inheritance, their purpose wasn’t to assist the Spirit Empire in defeating the Heaven Dou Empire but to take the command from Bibi Dong. At the same time, they should defend and stabilize the situation at Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Up to now, they seemed to have professionally carried out their mission without any mishaps.


Almost one month had passed, and the Heaven Dou Empire hadn’t had any moves. The Golden Crocodile Douluo had sent some troops of spirit masters to observe the situation, but they saw nothing that was worthy of reporting. Agility system spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire had the great speed with incredible vision. However, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had excellent conditions for defense with a massive flatland area. With those conditions, it would have been very difficult to approach and take the information from the Heaven Dou Empire’s force. After several failures, the Golden Crocodile Douluo didn’t send any troops there. He just ordered the Spirit Empire’s soldiers to repair the wall, the defense system and to treat the moat. At the same time, he used the advantage from the spirit master force of the Spirit Empire to take the military command from the other countries in their league. Moreover, he had also enhanced the training regime for the soldiers.


He wouldn’t be afraid of a prolonged war. Let alone that Qian Ren Xue was about to become a God, the Heaven Dou Empire’s massive force had an incredible amount of daily consumption. The logistics supplying had to be really great.


At the same time, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had reserved much food and forage; the supplying was even easier.


If the Heaven Dou Empire didn’t have many supreme spirit masters, including Tang San’s family, the Golden Crocodile Douluo would have brought his consecrators and have secretly gone to strike against the Star Luo Empire from the other side.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo was experienced. He decided to keep the situation at Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass stable first. Moreover, it wasn’t easy for the Star Luo Empire to attack them from the other side. He had been through difficulties to get the control and wait for Qian Ren Xue. Once Qian Ren Xue had completed her God’s ascension, even if there were many low-level spirit masters that supported Bibi Dong, still, they could be able to take the power of the Spirit Empire. Also, it wouldn’t be a big issue in confronting the Heaven Dou Empire. With the support of a God-ranked spirit master, destroying the Heaven Dou Empire would be as easy as flipping one’s hand.


Now the Golden Crocodile Douluo was taking the other five consecrators standing on top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, looking towards the Heaven Dou Empire’s barracks far from there.


“Is there any information from the Spirit City?” Asked the Golden Crocodile Douluo.


These consecrators were summoned here, they, of course, understood what the Golden Crocodile Douluo had referred to. The Fifth Consecrator lowered his tone, and excitedly answered, “Second brother, it’s possibly successful! I’ve just received the new. It was roughly one month ago; a strange phenomenon had appeared at the Spirit City. It was the holy aura as the angel had arrived. I think Young Master has succeeded!”


After listening to the Fifth Consecrator, the Golden Crocodile Douluo got excited. But then he frowned.


“What did you just say? One month ago? No, I think something had happened!”
His complexion changed as he was speaking. The Fifty Consecrator spoke suspiciously. “Second brother. It’s impossible. According to the news, it should be the success of our Young Master!”


The Golden Crocodile Douluo shook his head, and said with a somber voice, “The Great Consecrator used to tell me that when Young Lady had completed her accession, she would have first come to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. If she had really did finish the inheritance, it’s been a month, why she hasn’t been here yet? I’m afraid…”


“Second brother, are you thinking too much? The Great Consecrator has told you that it was an eighty percent of the chance that Young Lady would be able to complete her trials. What could have happened during the inheritance process? We really do not know. But I think that the powers of the Angelic God are really profound. When she finishes, she has to spend time taking the god powers and getting used to the god’s divine abilities. I think it will definitely slow her down.” Said the Fourth Consecrator.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo was relaxed a little bit, nodded then said, “It could be. You are right. We don’t know what would have happened during her accession. I hope that she would arrive soon. Then we could assist her. My biggest wish is to assist her in uniting the entire continent.”


“Second brother, look!”


The Third Consecrator standing next to him suddenly pointed to a general direction from far away. His spirit had excellent vision. Six Consecrators looked towards the direction that he was pointing to. They all saw a gold light spot coming towards them, getting bigger when it came nearer to their sights.



[1] Liu Ye Flying Knives: small leaf-shaped knife, used as a hidden weapon.

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