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Oscar said angrily, “What’s with that Phoenix Douluo? He should be the Devil Fire Douluo, or it’d better be the Brothel Douluo! Rong Rong, when we come back, I will explain the profile of the word “Brothel” in the title “Brothel Douluo” to Xiang Xiang!”


“No no, please. Second brother, it’s my fault.” When he heard the name of Bai Cheng Xiang, his complexion became weaker as his gleam of satisfaction had gone away. He headed to Tang San to ask for help. “San-ge, you should take back justice for me! You see both of them, husband and wife, are bullying me! Xiang Xiang hasn’t accepted me yet. You shouldn’t let them ruin my relationship!”


Tang San laughed loudly and said, “Ha ha, it’s your stuff. How could I control that? But no serious consequence resulted from that incident. It was the Evil Flame that you couldn’t control at that time.”


As they were listening to Tang San, Oscar, Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhu Qing couldn’t hold their laughter.


Ma Hong Jun deprecatingly said, “You guys have ruined my honor! What? Why hasn’t Big Brother been done yet?”


Although they all knew that Fatty wanted to change the topic, their gazes couldn’t help but place on Dai Mu Bai, who was still absorbing the spirit ring. They weren’t worrying about Xiao Wu since she had just started her process and she also had Tang San here. What could happen to her?


“Don’t worry, Dai-dage is okay. He will soon complete his absorption. His physical conditions are better than yours. During the time he is absorbing the god-bestowed spirit ring, he could endure to a higher limit. Thus, it would take longer time. Honestly, I can’t wait to see Dai-dage and Zhuqing, at their Title Douluo level, performing the Hell White Tiger spirit fusion. When the Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo were using their spirit fusion, they could hold Da Ming and Er Ming, Kings of the Forest for a while. However, the compatibility between their spirits is not very high. Mu Bai and ZhuQing now are stronger than them, and their compatibility is pretty high, I believe that when you perform the spirit fusion, even Gods have to be afraid of you guys.” Tang San consoled them.


Zhuqing smiled, “It could be for a short time. But no one has tried it before; I don’t know what level it could be.”


While they were talking, the mist around Da Mu Bai suddenly burst out, sweeping itself behind his back. Under everyone’s attentive looks, a giant white tiger appeared in the sky. Dai Mu Bai instantly opened his eyes. Two electric strikes crossed the air. Wherever the strikes passed by, the air there was constantly exploded with thunder and lightning.


Dai Mu Bai didn’t stop there. The gigantic white tiger shadow behind him was facing the sky and roaring loudly. The pressure from the bursting energy on the Sacred Mount’s summit was furiously washing over, carrying along a cyclone. Wind and Cloud. Dragon and Tiger. Dai Mu Bai’s White Tiger spirit had been completed perfectly.


Dai Mu Bai’s shoulders slightly moved and he was jumping up just like a dragon. Bloodstains on his body were rinsed out immediately with the surge power. Not a dirty spot could remain. The royal aura emitting from that White Tiger was like the tremendous air flow twirling around him, generating constant swooshing sounds.


Bones and joints in his body were cracking as they were stretching. Dai Mu Bai spread out his limbs, feeling the energy filled his entire body. Nine spirit rings appeared from his feet. The last one was a beautiful red one. This spirit ring’s color was more profound than the others. It looked not less than Tang San’s one hundred thousand years spirit bones. Only Tang San could see that such spirit ring was at least equal to Da Ming and Er Ming’s spirit rings. What made Tang San surprised wasn’t Dai Mu Bai’s competence of a Strength Attack Title Doulou, but his mental power. When Tang San saw the light in his eyes, he could feel clearly that Dai Mu Bai’s mental power had been increased to a relatively incredible level. Although it couldn’t be compared to his level when he was in the sea, this surge mental power was full of imposing aura, together with his devil eyes, they could make something different.


“Level ninety-five, Dai-dage, congrats!” Tang San smiled, nodded to Dai Mu Bai.


Dai Mu Bai smiled happily. “Yes, it’s level ninety-five. I can’t believe I could reach this level. The feeling of the leaping power is so awesome. Then, if we have to confront the consecrators of the Spirit Empire, I don’t think that there should be any problem to be scared of. They have six consecrators. Besides Little San, we have six people too. When we get back to the battlefield, we should assess once again, and show the Spirit Empire how dangerous we are!”


Everybody nodded. What Dai Mu Bai just said wasn’t showing off. Even though the consecrators of the Spirit Empire all were ranked over level ninety-five, the true powerful guy was only that Golden Crocodile Douluo, whose cultivation base was ranked level ninety-seven. Besides Tang San, among the Shrek Six Devils, not only Dai Mu Bai was ranked level ninety-five, but also Zhu Zhu Qing, who could fuse her spirit with his, ranked Title Douluo now. More importantly, they had Oscar and Ning Rong Rong, the duo of extreme auxiliary boosting; especially the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile that had reached Title Douluo, as it could instantly boost their powers to level ninety-five. If they had to fight against the Spirit Empire’s Six Great Consecrators, it wouldn’t be a big problem.


Dai Mu Bai turned to Tang San then said, “Little San, when are you going to solve that Angelic God? Is there a problem with your current powers?”


Tang San smiled and answered him. “I did. Xiao Wu was with me also. Qian Ren Xue couldn’t defeat me, so she ran away.”


“You did?” Everybody was stammering in shock, looking at each other.


“Little San, were you afraid that we would be worried for you, so you took the time that we were taking the spirit ring to fight against Qian Ren Xue? You…” said Oscar.


Tang San smiled then said, “No, I don’t want you to worry for me. It’s just taking use of the time. If Xiao Wu didn’t insist, I wouldn’t bring her with me neither. Qian Ren Xue couldn’t have me killed when I wasn’t a God yet, how could she do that when I’m a God now? However, she has a big advance in learning the divine abilities. But her innate conditions and the divine sense are less than mine, that made her back off. I guess she is in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now. Wait until Xiao Wu finishes, we will go there immediately. Then, we are going to cooperate with the great force of the soldiers of the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires to destroy the Spirit Empire. We will make that Spirit Hall disappear from this world. After that we will have nothing to worry about anymore, we will have time to do what we like.”


Dai Mu Bai felt funny; he said, “Little San, Little San. Perhaps you didn’t want to mention the God battle between you and Qian Ren Xue, but you did tell us. We wouldn’t worry about you. We just regret that we didn’t have the chance to witness a God battle. Even if you were in the God Realm now, you were still a monster. Look at your set of spirit rings, none of them are black!”


Light sparked splendidly in Tang San’s eyes.


“You will have a chance to see. At the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, I will definitely fight with Qian Ren Xue again. I’m not going to give her a chance then.”


That battle was unavoidable, also the last battle between Tang San and Qian Ren Xue. When Qian Ren Xue left, Tang San didn’t chase after her because her divine sense had hurt him. A minor injury from a God-level battle couldn’t be healed easily. By the time Qian Ren Xue had been recovered, he could be able to return to the battlefield with his comrades on time. Then, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would be their final arena. The formation of the Spirit Empire was still formidable. Six Great Consecrators, seven supreme Title Douluos, and countless spirit masters were based at the Spirit City, together with a peak spirit master ranked level ninety-nine, Bibi Dong. On Heaven Dou Empire’s side, the number of supreme spirits masters wasn’t less than that. The brothers of Tang San and Tang Hao, the Golden Saint Dragon, Sword Doulou Cheng Xin, Bone Douluo Gu Rong, Poison Douluo Du Gu Bo were all intimidating. When the Shrek Seven Devils came back, the force would be enhanced with at least six supreme spirit masters ranked Title Douluo. It would be equally powerful when facing the Spirit Empire.


Tang San knew that with the contribution of the Shrek Seven Devils, the war at the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would be fair to them. The God-level battle between Qian Ren Xue and him would be the key to determine the winner. In a war like that, the existence of a God level spirit master could overturn the whole situation. Needless to ask, Tang San had the absolute belief in himself. Through some fights with Qian Ren Xue, Tang San had probed almost all the divine abilities of the Angelic god. He believed that he could defeat her altogether and became the last one who would take the victory. They only needed to break through the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass; then it would be impossible for the Spirit Empire to protest against the great force of the Heaven Dou Empire. After that, they could cross this area to enter the inside of the Spirit Empire. The next step was to cooperate with the Star Luo Empire and break the Spirit Empire from inside to solve it.


Dai Mu Bai nodded to Tang San, looking at his comrades then smile, “What? Do you think that you are not Title Doulou? We are all Title Douluo!”


Oscar smiled evilly, “Of course I did. My title will be the Cookery God. The Cookery God Douluo Oscar. This is so cool!”


Dai Mu Bai was astounded.


“Little Ao, how did you come up with that Title? I think you should be called the Sausage Douluo. It suits you best.”


Oscar snorted then contentedly told them about how Ning Rong Rong and him were favored by Gods. Ma Hong Jun and Dai Mu Bai opened their eyes wider to look at him when he was telling them the part in which he had completed taking the spirit ring.


Ma Hong Jun couldn’t help but curse, “This is f*cking luck! I understand why Rong Rong got the Nine Colors Goddess Qing Mi’s favor, but I don’t actually know why the Food God has valued this despicable Sausage Uncle!”


“Despicable your ass! Your gege is the first Food Style spirit master that could reach Title Douluo. That title is to follow the Food God’s inheritance. I know you are jealous of my imposing handsomeness, and my eligibility to receive the God’s inheritance. Hahahaha.”


Looking at Oscar in his insane laughter, Ma Hong Jun angrily said, “Do I adore you? Well, when a food style spirit master like you could reach level ninety-nine, perhaps you are two hundred years old already. My Phoenix spirit could easily cultivate to that level. At that time, I would find an inheritance and become a God before you do!”


Dai Mu Bai smiled to them, then said, “Alright, Fatty. Oscar and Ning Rong Rong are lucky, but we are not bad. We have become Title Douluo before we reach our thirties, we are the pioneer of Title Douluos in this Continent. Cookery God is Little Ao’s title, how about the others?”


Soon, their titles were all determined.

Power Attack system, level ninety-five Dai Mu Bai, title: White Tiger

Food Style system, level ninety-two Oscar, title: Cookery God

Power Attack system, level ninety-three Ma Hong Jun, title: Phoenix

Auxiliary Tools system, level ninety-four Ning Rong Rong, title: Nine Colors

Agility Attack system, level ninety-three Zhu Zhu Qing, title: Netherworld

Of course, there was the mascot of the Shrek Seven Devil, Control system, level one hundred, Tang San, God’s title: Sea God.


After they had done with the titles, all gazed on Xiao Wu, who was still cultivating.


“Xiao Wu hasn’t done yet. When she finished, our Shrek Seven Devils will consist of one God and six Douluos. San-ge, what is Xiao Wu’s title?” Ning Rong Rong asked.


Tang San smiled, looking at Xiao Wu, his eyes were filled with tender love. “Let’s call her Soft Bones. Didn’t we nickname her the Soft Bones Demon Rabbit? We just call her the Soft Bones Douluo then. I should help her now. After we’re all done with the spirit bone’s absorption, we will go straight to the front line. She used to sacrifice for me; our auras are connected, I think it wouldn’t be any problems.”


The other comrades had completed absorbing their ninth spirit ring; Tang San was now free to concentrate on Xiao Wu. Tang San shouldn’t give his aid to people when they were taking their last spirit ring unless they had encountered a dangerous situation because it would affect their further development. However, Xiao Wu’s case was different. She used to be a part of his body. Their souls, even their blood were interlinked. Tang San was familiar with her power. With this advantage, he could assist her under any circumstances without being afraid that it would affect her future development.


As his shadow flashed, Tang San got to the spot behind Xiao Wu. He sat down cross-legged then slowly rose both hands with the index and the middle fingers up. The blue-gold light started to radiate from behind him, covering them entirely.


Tang San started to release his divine sense inside that blue-gold aureole. The divine sense gathered around Xiao Wu’s body, gradually fused with Xiao Wu’s psyche. This was the main reason why he couldn’t help others taking the spirit ring, but Xiao Wu. Their souls used to live together inside Tang San’s body. Their soul powers didn’t boycott each other, even Tang San’s soul power had reached God level.


Xiao Wu had recognized just a gleam of his aura, although she was at a critical moment of her cultivation, still, she relaxed her soul and mental power, letting his divine sense enter her mental world.


“Relax, let me lead.” Tang San’s voice arose deep inside her soul. Xiao Wu was wincing because she had met difficulty taking the spirit ring; now she was relaxed, both of her body and soul were open as she didn’t even try to prevent the massive energy from the god-bestowed spirit ring from invading her body.


This is very dangerous. If she were reckless, the energy from the god-granted spirit ring would break her meridians or the mental power barrier, exploding her body from inside. But Xiao Wu still did that. She trusted him without any hesitation. She immediately handed her future even her life to Tang San. From her point of view, this was normal. Tang San was her closest loved one. They could always sacrifice for each other.


The aura of the blue-gold energy instantly appeared inside Xiao Wu. Tang San didn’t confront the energy from the god-bestowed spirit ring directly with his God powers. If he did so, he would destroy the spirit ring before Xiao Wu could ingest it. What called the god-granted spirit rings were, of course, the spirit rings that God had bestowed on human! They were not subjected to be absorbed by a God!


What Tang San was doing was to use his divine sense to take over the control of Xiao Wu’s energy then absorb this god-granted spirit ring.


When Xiao Wu relaxed her protest, Tang San could control her powers, preventing the invasion of the spirit ring to her body. At this moment, Tang San could see all changes inside her.


Before that, Tang San had had a chance to take a look at the inside of Xiao Wu’s body. It was a dark gold color then. He was startled seeing that. With the absolute effects of the peerless herbs Yearning Heartbroken Red and the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, Xiao Wu’s physical conditions had reached an ultimate level. If Tang San had tried this Yearning Heartbroken Red when he was a demigod, he could have entered further to God level at that time. This was the important reason explained why Xiao Wu could absorb more energy than Dai Mu Bai’s group. With that sort of demigod’s body, Xiao Wu found it easier to take the god-granted spirit ring. Even if Tang San didn’t help her, she could have it done completely.


How enormous was Tang San’s divine sense? When his divine sense took control of Xiao Wu’s spirit power, he immediately divided it into several flows. Just like a control style spirit master, he was facing the tremendous energy from the god-bestowed spirit ring by attacking it at the weak point and avoiding the strong points. With Tang San’s aid, Xiao Wu didn’t feel hurt more, wearing a faint smile on her face.


Tang San was using the divine sense to control Xiao Wu’s spirit power to confront and suck up the energy from her granted spirit ring. The other five members of the Shrek Seven Devils could still see what he was doing as his hands were moving so fast, leaving so many illusions of them behind Xiao Wu’s back. However, they couldn’t see it clear.


Xiao Wu’s smiley face suddenly ceased. A special surging energy appeared on her body.


Tang San was doing a complicated task as he did not only helped Xiao Wu to absorb the god-granted spirit ring but also tried to perfectly blend the energy that she had taken from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King with the Sea God’s energy. Under his divine sense control, the god-granted spirit ring’s power was restrained in some certain areas. Xiao Wu’s meridians were tough enough not to be destroyed by that energy. At the same time, Tang San had poured his Sea God’s power into Xiao Wu, not to help her with his energy but to break through her meridians.


Xiao Wu’s meridians were clear through when the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and the Yearning Heartbroken Red had helped her breaking through almost all of her meridians. However, at that time, Xiao Wu had not had enough power to guide the herb’s effect to break through the whole meridians in her body. Thus, even though they were almost all clear, the channels were narrow. Tang San now helped her to clear all of her twelve vessels and eight extraordinary meridians. No matter they were straight or crooked, Tang San could use his Sea God’s power to straighten and widen them.


His mind was divided to work on two tasks at the same time. Ning Rong Rong could do that too. Her mind-divided control technique had mastered to a marvelous stage. However, her technique was to apply on different persons. Now Tang San had split his mind to do the different tasks at the same time. On one hand, he was controlling Xiao Wu’s powers to encounter the energy from the god-bestowed spirit ring. On the other hand, he was breaking through her meridians.


Only taking one of these two tasks was hard enough to a Title Douluo spirit master, let alone doing two tasks at the same time. If Tang San didn’t have the Sea God’s powers, he wouldn’t dare to do so.


The Sea God’s divine sense was incredible as it had given him the absolute energy and the mental power to complete those challenging tasks. The dark-gold meridians of Xiao Wu under the blue-gold power of the Sea God were straightened, giving way to the sprite herbs and the piled energy to flow into her circulation. After just one round, Xiao Wu’s spirit power had been doubled. It could even push the god-bestowed spirit ring to another limit. Under Tang San’s divine lead, her eighth spirit ring absorption speed was increased several times.


At the time when Tang San had helped his father to break through his meridians, he had been exhausted. But now, even though he was doing two tasks at the same time, he still felt comfortable. This is the power of a God.


The beautiful red eighth spirit ring appeared on Xiao Wu. Instantaneously, the spirit power inside Xiao Wu’s body was seething torrentially just like the Yangtze River, flowing robustly in her thorough her meridians system. The enormous energy made her skin glow and shine like a pearl.


When she had completely ingested the eighth spirit ring, Tang San had completed his breaking through meridians task. The spirit power inside Xiao Wu now was the intimidating energy flow of a peak Douluo. Coming up next was the ninth spirit ring.


“Ge…” Xiao Wu called him softly.


Tang San lowered his voice. “Do not distract. Now we’re going to take the second god granted spirit ring. We shall continue.”


Xiao Wu smiled, “With you here, I don’t need to worry about any anomalies that could arise.”


Tang San stiffened his complexion and said, “Xiao Wu, don’t depend on me too much. It’s not good for your future cultivation. When I help you confront the energy from the god-granted spirit ring, you have to feel my control to your energy. This could help you much to enhance your powers in the future.”


Experiencing energy-controlling technique of a God level spirit master was very useful to other spirit masters. Xiao Wu nodded, pulled herself together and released the second god-bestowed spirit ring.


The combo award had given her three spirit rings. This second spirit ring would boost her cultivation to the peak.


A gold light circle quietly expanded, then instantly came into Xiao Wu’s body. The tender energy when entering Xiao Wu’s body became wilder. Because Xiao Wu already had a one hundred thousand years spirit ring, the second spirit ring immediately extended to the maximum when it just came into contact with the inside of her body.


Tang San was sitting behind Xiao Wu, calmly mobilizing Xiao Wu’s spirit power to stabilize her when the god-granted spirit ring was bursting out to help her take the spirit ring at the critical moment, preventing the counter-attack of the spirit ring. The next steps of the absorption process would be smoother.


Tang San still held his hands on her back to ensure the situation, helping her ingest the last spirit ring.


Feeling Tang San’s control to her spirit power, Xiao Wu could only think of the word: astonishment.


By the time the god-bestowed energy was exploded, he had arranged her spirit power to burst out at the same time, using this tremendous stimulation to stir up her potentials so as she could endure more pressure to receive a stronger spirit ring. Right when the god-bestowed energy was exploded, what Tang San had done opening Xiao Wu’s vision. Tang San had divided Xiao Wu’s energy into ten flows. Each flow was controlled by a flow of his divine sense. Nine of them were not only able to withstand the attack from the god-granted spirit ring but also counter-attack it. Even though she couldn’t take the god-granted spirit ring’s energy yet, it could make the spirit ring’s energy gather at one location.


Xiao Wu’s spirit power was not as strong as the god-granted spirit ring’s energy. However, Tang San had used his divine sense to condense Xiao Wu’s energy to a certain degree. The energy that was compressed could burst out on a large scale naturally. If she only needed to control one flow of energy, Xiao Wu thought she could do that herself. But Tang San was controlling nine different flows at the same time. This sort of control, Xiao Wu had never thought of it. Taking the god-granted spirit ring was a challenge. Now, Xiao Wu was absorbing the spirit ring and turning it into her strong spirit power. The god-granted spirit ring’s energy was oppressed altogether. If it had a soul, it would feel very pity.


What had startled Xiao Wu was that Tang San was controlling nine flows of spirit power, constantly compressed them then let them burst out to attack the god-granted spirit ring’s energy, breaking its energy little by little. The tenth flow that Tang San was also controlling didn’t join this battle. What it was doing was to comfily absorb the energy beams that the other nine flows had broken, pouring them into Xiao Wu’s body.


At the beginning, Tang San’s tactic hadn’t revealed its effect clearly. The power of the god-granted spirit ring was strong, anyway. However, as time was passing by, the energy of the spirit ring was broken more and more. The opposition between Xiao Wu’s spirit power and the god-granted energy was changing.


Tang San gradually rearranged the ratio between the attack flows and the absorbing flows. Now it was 8:2. Eight flows to attack the spirit ring and two flows to take the energy. And it was how her absorption speed was increasing massively. From 8:2 changed to 7:3 and 6:4 came later. When the ratio was 5:5, Tang San gathered all her energy to strike the last strike to the god-granted spirit ring’s remaining energy.


“Is it possible?” Xiao Wu was frightening, feeling the energy changed in her body. She admired Tang San much. Not to mention how miraculously he had controlled her spirit power, his idea was shocking. It is like when you are fighting with your rival; you use a part of your force to hold the major force of your rival. Then you would use a smaller force of yours, using the advantage of the powerful energy to solve the smaller force detached from your rival then finally take it all, gaining the victory. It is like the silkworms eating mulberry leaves. Eating little by little, but very fast. Poor that god-granted spirit ring, being absorbed like that. Besides, with that way of taking the spirit ring’s energy, no tiny amount was wasted. The whole effect of the spirit ring’s absorption was promoted. Tang San’s divine sense control was intimidating!


When Tang San controlled ten flows of Xiao Wu’s spirit power to ingest the god-granted spirit ring completely, the blood red spirit ring appeared on Xiao Wu’s body at the ninth location. Then, variation arose.


Without any hints, Tang San’s right palm suddenly felt cold. An icy-cold flow followed his hand, which was still putting on Xiao Wu’s back, getting into her body. When Tang San was about to retreat his hand, that cold flow scared him so much he couldn’t do that. Instead, Tang San didn’t hesitate, pouring his Sea God’s power into Xiao Wu’s body. His countenance was usually calm; now it was paled. Beads of sweat covered his forehead.


What has scared, no, panicked Tang San, who is a God now?


When that cold flow emerged from his palm, Tang San knew that it was the Asura Domain’s energy. Actually, it was the murderous intents, moreover, the god-level murderous intents!


This terrifying Asura’s murderous aura could totally subdue the one million years Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Such wildly aggressive energy was getting into Xiao Wu’s body, what would happen? Facing this abnormality, how could Tang San not panic?


Even though Xiao Wu’s body had been at demigod’s level, and as she had just reached Title Douluo, with Tang San’s assistance, she could ingest all the energy of the spirit rings perfectly. Her spirit power was not less than Dai Mu Bai’s, although she couldn’t break through level ninety-six, she was at the peak of level ninety-five. Her competence was tremendous now. But at this moment, what she was facing was the Asura God’s aura! This aura was even more intimidating than the Sea God’s. The Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen had been one of the strongest spirit masters of the Clear Sky School, but it took him more than his life to be eligible to take the inheritance. Asura God was one of the Five Ultimate, one of the Great Law Executors in the God Realm. Moreover, this aura was transmitted to Xiao Wu from Tang San. If anything happened to her, he didn’t dare to think what he would do at that time.



Just in the duration of a blink, Tang San’s heart was filled with fear, regret and many emotions. Even his divine sense was disordered a little bit. When you pay too much attention, you are easy to panic. Under this fatal circumstance, Tang San, who was always calm, couldn’t hold it anymore.


While Tang Sand had many emotions just in a short while, Xiao Wu was calmer. She could feel an icy-cold flow got into her body, immediately turned into a chill flow spreading all over her body. Right after that, Tang San gathered all her spirit power at the peak of level ninety-five, together with the Sea God’s power to chase after that cold flow, attempted to eradicate it before it spread out.


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