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Tang San mused then slowly rose his right arm, his index finger pointing to Oscar. A drop of blue-gold blood dripped out from his fingertip. Gold light sparked from the Sea God Trident’s mark on Tang San’s forehead, shining a blue gold beam on Oscar, immediately coming through his skin to protect him from being blown up.


Anyway, he had to depend on his own ability to absorb the spirit ring. External force couldn’t help him. Tang San also didn’t attempt to help him ingest the spirit ring. Light flashed again and that spot of blue-gold light from his fingertip quietly contacted with Oscar’s glabella. It glowed for a short while then disappeared into his body.


It was only a drop of blood, but Tang San looked a bit tired. It was his god blood. Even though it was just one drop, but it was very precious. When Qian Ren Xue got her heart pierced through by the Guanyin’s Tear, she hadn’t been bleeding; it was the same reason with this. Losing one drop of god blood would affect a God’s vitality. At this moment, to help Oscar, Tang San didn’t regret losing his vitality. He couldn’t just stand there and watch Oscar exploded. Moreover, from the bottom of his heart, he wanted to give his brother a hand.


Sea God’s Light was retrieved as Oscar’s reddened countenance started to get back to its normal state. Although he was still shivering and convulsing, his dangerous situation was over.


Spirit rings appeared around him one by one. The six trials that Oscar had passed on the Sea God Island was Black Rank, but they didn’t enhance his spirit rings’ cultivation like what Ning Rong Rong had. Thus, his first eight spirit rings were included two yellow, two purple and four black as before. Now, the ninth spirit ring vaguely appeared. With that blood-red color of the spirit ring, obviously, Oscar was about to succeed.


Tang San beamed a smile. With the assistance from that drop of god blood, Oscar’s body had the god power to improve his meridians and blood, upgrading his physical conditions. He was no longer weaker than other people. Also, his spirit ring absorption was about to finish.


Eventually, that vague spirit ring started to consolidate, hovering above Oscar. Spirit power strongly surged on Oscar’s body then burst out. The aura of the one hundred thousand years spirit ring had twisted the air.


The mist that Tang San had lifted up over Oscar’s head slowly descended on him. Instead of taking the mist by breathing like Tang San had done, that mist was coming into Oscar’s body through his pores. The tremendous power from breaking through Title Douluo couldn’t be controlled but burst out from his body. The powerful aura created a moving, ethereal energy on him.


Today, the ever first Food Style Title Douluo had written his name in the history of the spirit masters world.


Oscar stopped shivering. The grimace on his face was lifted up as his breathing became stabilized. Each breath was strong and long. A cotton candy pink light was emitting from his body. Nine spirit rings took turns to sparkle dazzling colorful lights.


Done! Tang San smiled, backing off ten meters.


Oscar slowly opened his eyes. These pupils now had a shining colored light. He retrieved the aura and spirit rings one by one. They all turned into a calm, mature aura on him. He looked like a jade crown (means elegant and handsome). With the achievement of being a Title Douluo, not only his competence could enter a new stage, but also his mental and psyche had been changed somehow.


When Tang San assumed that Oscar’s ninth spirit ring’s absorption was completely done, suddenly, a flow of similar cotton candy pink light descended from the sky. That light was traveling rapidly that Tang San himself as the Sea God, couldn’t have prevented it. That pink light directly penetrated Oscar from his glabella. Oscar was stunned; his whole body looked like a solid motionless statue.


“Not good!”


Tang San startled. Under his protection, if his friend got any problem, how could he explain to the others? Tang San swayed, coming beside Oscar. A blue-gold light instantly turned into a light cage covering Oscar. At the same time, Tang San pointed his right hand at Oscar’s forehead.


However, what had gone beyond his assumption was Tang San’s divine sense, which was scanning over every part of Oscar’s body, couldn’t find any anomalies. Tang San frowned, looking at the direction where the cotton candy pink light came from.


At this moment, Oscar had recovered. His dulled eyes became livelier. But Tang San’s Sea God power had locked him; he could barely move.


Tang San took back a part of his god power, but still locked his divine sense on Oscar. It was to prevent unwanted events; also to release him from binding.


“Little Ao, are you alright?” Tang San asked worriedly.


Oscar suddenly stood up, laughed out loud.


“Good. I’m so fine I couldn’t be finer. Little San, we are brothers, I won’t say thanks more.”


Tang San breathed in relief. It’s good that Oscar was okay.


“Earlier, there was a cotton candy pink light descended from the sky and got into your body from the glabella, right after you have finished absorbing the spirit ring. Did you feel something strange?”


Oscar laughed cheerily. A streak of mysteriousness appeared on his face.


“Brother, I won a big prize this time!”


“Oh, what was that?” Tang San asked, curiously.


After he had become Sea God, he always had the feeling that he could control everything. But what had just happened wasn’t in his control. He was very curious now.


Oscar lowered his tone, said, “When I have just finished the ninth spirit ring’s absorption, I could feel my competence has been significantly upgraded. It’s awesome, you know. This is the first time I feel the absolute invincible power. My spirit power has reached level ninety-two now. Your Sea God’s energy is so effective! I think others may find it is much better because they could take more than what I have taken. Then, I felt a warm current flowing into me from the glabella. A tender voice arose in my head. That man told me, as a matter of fact that I could become a Food Style Title Douluo when I’m not forty yet, I’m now eligible to take his inheritance. He told me to cultivate to level ninety-nine. At that time I would be able to take the next step of the accession process.”


Tang San opened his eyes wider.


“God’s inheritance? Are you saying that that pink light is a divine sense of a God coming for you? It’s…”


Tang San actually didn’t know how to analyze this situation. No matter the Sea God, the Angelic God or the Asura God’s inheritance that his great grandfather had been trying to take, they all had a permanent place to leave their divine sense. Moreover, the challenges would have appeared after the candidates had contacted with it.


But that pink light came here by itself. This was different from his situation. From another aspect, that pink light could enter Oscar’s body under his supervision had proven that it was a god divine.


Seeing Tang San sinking to his thoughts, Oscar said, “Little San, you shouldn’t think about that any further. Didn’t you forget that your brother here is the very first Food Style Title Douluo? Our history hasn’t had this before. Well, maybe this is the key step of the God’s trials. I’m a Title Douluo now, needless to say, I’m young and handsome. Maybe, he has chosen me because of that. Ha Ha. It seems I have a chance to become a God. It may take a long time, but at least I don’t need to look for a God’s inheritance now. Mua ha ha ha ha!”


Oscar laughed satisfyingly. He was really excited. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, he was always the weakest. His support sausages weren’t bad, but they still had a big gap with Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower. Talking about fighting ability, he could use the Clone Mirror Sausage to use his friends’ abilities temporarily. But if he had to fight alone, he couldn’t compete with anybody. Now he suddenly was a chosen one for a God’s inheritance, how could he not be excited? He would have no worries that he didn’t deserve Ning Rong Rong.


“Little Ao, what is the name of that God?” Tang San asked.


Oscar smiled cheerily then said, “Very suitable to me. He said he is the Cookery God. He he. Then your gege has a title now. From now on, please address me as the Cookery God Douluo. Awesome! It’s cool, right?”


Cookery God? Tang San understood abruptly. Turned out what Oscar had thought was perhaps correct. Being the first Food Style Title Doulou was the first step of the God’s inheritance, also the most crucial one. Tang San was so happy seeing his friend could be able to take a God’s accession. Recalling the loneliness that Sea God told him, Tang San burst out laughing. He wouldn’t be lonely later. If every one of his friends could have had that fortune, it would have been marvelous.


When Oscar was still laughing in his joy, another mist had been ingested, revealed the body it was covering. It was the youngest member of the Shrek Seven Devils, Hell Civet Zhu Zhu Qing.


A beautiful red spirit ring appeared on Zhu Zhu Qing’s body. She had finished absorbing her ninth spirit ring. With her vigorous physical build, much stronger than Oscar’s, and the strong spirit power, the one hundred thousand years spirit ring as her ninth spirit ring was the best result she could have.


Seeing Zhu Zhu Qing had completed her absorption, Tang San and Oscar both didn’t look at her but to the sky. They were hoping that there would be another light coming.


However, it turns out that fortune would not come upon your request. The sky was clear and placid, none of the small trails of divine light could be seen.


Zhu Zhu Qing slowly opened her eyes, which looked like two splendid black pearls. The ethereal energy layer on her body was clearer than Oscar’s. When she rose up from the ground, the transition of each of her move had given people a feeling of unreal movement as many fading shadows were being tagged along with her.


“Little Ao, San-ge, what are you looking at?”


Seeing Tang San and Oscar were both staring at the sky, Zhu Zhu Qing curiously asked.


“Oh…nothing. Zhuqing, you have succeeded. So, how about your spirit power?”
Oscar and Tang San quickly got themselves together. They understood that the fortune wouldn’t come again. Oscar was the one who asked that question.


Zhu Zhu Qing tenderly smiled. Although she was the youngest member, her characteristics were mature. She didn’t keep the frosting countenance when talking to her friends.


“Oh yes! Thanks to San ge’s Sea God power and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s, I’m ranked level ninety-three now. It’s like it just takes me one step to come to heaven. I’ve never thought that I could be a Title Douluo when I’m not thirty years old yet.”


Tang San smiled and answered her. “It’s good when you have finished taking the spirit ring at ease. Our Shrek Seven Devils are monsters in others’ eyes for a long time. I still remember when we had been enrolled in the Shrek Academy, our teachers told us that the Shrek Academy only accepts monsters, no ordinary would be enrolled. But I think even Flender, the Dean, couldn’t imagine that he had nurtured a group of monsters like us.”


Oscar and Zhu Zhu Qing couldn’t hold their laughter listening to Tang San.


Tang San asked, “Zhu Qing, you are a Title Douluo now, but we don’t need the Spirit Hall to ordain us the title. What do you like to be addressed?”


Zhu Zhu Qing thought for a while then answered, “I’m okay with whatever my title is. I think I shall take the name of my spirit. Let say, it’s the Hell Douluo.”


Oscar smacked his lips and said, “It’s gloomy as hell! Zhu Qing, you are a girl, it should be Civet Douluo.”


Zhu Zhu Qing laughed, “Nah, Sausage Douluo. My title, I should have my own opinion. This sweating is annoying. I’m going to clean myself.”
Then she turned and went down the mountain.


“Zhu Qing-mei, wait for me. I need a shower too. Nah, it’s not Sausage Douluo. Your gege’s title is the Cookery God. You have to call me the Cookery God Douluo.”
Oscar was discontented, calling after Zhu Zhu Qing. But how could he catch up with the speed of an Agility style Title Douluo? Zhu Zhu Qing wouldn’t give him a chance to peek at her.


Tang San shook his head, smiling at the fading figures of his friends. He thought he was so greedy. What had just happened to Oscar was unique in the spirit masters world; how could he be a daydreamer expecting that his other friends could have this luck too? If so, the God’s inheritance wasn’t that precious. However, Oscar still had a long way ahead to cultivate to level ninety-nine. No matter what, he couldn’t continue to take another spirit ring to enhance his spirit power’s level. He could only depend on his own from now on. Even if Tang San was a god now, he couldn’t help him. Anyway, he hadn’t been thirty years old yet; he still had plenty of time. With the power of a Title Douluo, it would be normal if they could live up to two hundred years old. Level ninety-nine was possible. When everything is settled, we will stay together. Then, I can at least protect Oscar when he takes his inheritance, or we will go to search for other God’s inheritances for other members. I will not let what had happened to my great grandpa happen to my friends.


When Tang San was still contemplating, his divine sense was slightly moving. He immediately looked toward a dense mist. The mist there was increasing then turning into a shape. Originally, it was a round-shaped mist; now it was retreated then pushed upward, turning into a different form.


It was a tower, but the mist looked so real. Tang San didn’t need to use the divine sense to know who was inside that mist.


“I think Ning Rong Rong is about to finish her ninth spirit ring.”


An eccentric scene happened on the summit of the Sacred Mount. The mist tower started to glow.


When the mist inaudibly vanished, Ning Rong Rong didn’t stand there but a massive seven-meter tower. Nine different colors of light were moving on the tower. It looked stunning under the sunlight. Each tier of the tower was magnificent with fine carving and inlaying. The shining colored light made the Sacred peak more glorious. Even the Seven Sacred Pillars Douluos were looking at it with admiring eyes.


Tang San nodded in compliments. Finally, Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was accomplished. With the immortal herb Tang San had given her, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Tower had evolved to the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower. At this moment, when she got the ninth spirit ring, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was finally completed.


Then, nine spirit rings appeared one by one. The last one was red, the color that represented the cultivation base of one hundred thousand years. The massive Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower become ethereal; they could see that Ning Rong Rong was sitting neatly inside. Compared to Oscar, and Zhu Zhu Qing, she looked much better. At least there was no sweat or bloodstain on her pearl-like beautiful face. Her complexion always looked like she was smiling. She was a beautiful lady; now she looked more stunning, like a goddess.


The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower’s halo was shrinking, as it had been turning smaller, floating in front of Ning Rong Rong. Right when Tang San was about to stop by and congratulated her for successfully taking the ninth spirit ring, suddenly, a chain of thunder reverberated loudly in the air.


Tang San was astounded. It was a beautiful sunny day. Where did the thunder come from?


Then a nine-color light descended from the sky, slowly fell on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower. Immediately, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower, which was already as splendid as a young maiden, projected dazzling light column soaring up to the sky. It looked miraculous in the air.


Then, a giant shadow vaguely appeared in the sky. It was a woman wearing a nine-color iridescent gown. She smiled, looking at Tang San to greet him before she turned to Ning Rong Rong. Her lips parted as she was saying something.


Tang San quietly wiped the sweat which didn’t exist on his head. What’s day is today? Is it true that the Shrek Seven Devils are all monsters reincarnated in this world? Another God is coming! Needless to say, that shadow was a divine sense of a god. Her aura wasn’t as intimidating as Sea God, Angelic God or Asura God, but it was true that she was a God.


Well, there were two Gods visited on the same day and wanted to impart the god’s power to them. It would shake the whole spirit masters world! Didn’t know what Oscar, who was washing himself now, would react if he saw this. When they became God, they could be together!


Tang San couldn’t help but look at Xiao Wu. He had determined that no matter what, he had to find a God’s inheritance for Xiao Wu so as when he came to the God Realm, he could take her with him.


The wind breezed through the summit. The shadow of a woman who wore the nine-color iridescent gown quietly disappeared. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower fell on her palm. She opened her dreamy eyes and saw Tang San standing not far in front of her. She jumped and ran to him.


“San-ge, there’s a woman called the Nine Color Goddess. She told me she had wanted me to receive her God’s inheritance. But I have to wait until I reach level ninety-nine to start my trials. It isn’t a dream, is it?”


Among the Shrek Seven Devils, of course, Ning Rong Rong loved Oscar, but the one she had trusted the most was Tang San, her third brother. When she had doubts, she would come to him first.


Tang San smiled and said, “Congrats! Rong Rong. It’s true. You have to put more effort. When you reach level ninety-nine, with your third brother’s assistance, you will definitely pass the Nine Color Goddess’s trials.”


Ning Rong Rong batted her eyes. But she shook her head then said with her low voice, “No need. I don’t want the God’s inheritance.”


Tang San was bewildered.


“Rong Rong, are you alright? There are many title Douluo’s had to spend all their life earning nothing from the God’s favors. Even the peak spirit masters like my great grandpa. The Goddess has come for you…”


Ning Rong Rong suddenly moved as she was just awakened. She looked at the place beside her, finding that the slot where Oscar used to sit was empty. She asked hurriedly.


“San-ge, where is Oscar?”


Tang San smiled to her, “Oscar has finished his spirit ring absorption. He is cleaning himself. He’ll back in any minutes. What? It’s just a couple minutes not seeing him, and you are worried?”


Ning Rong Rong breathed out in relief, came to Tang San and whispered to his ear.


“San ge, promise me one thing.”


Tang San was bewildered.


“What? Rong Rong? Why are you acting so strange?”


Ning Rong Rong lowered her voice then muttered, “San ge, please don’t tell Oscar what has just happened. Although he looks carefree outside, I know his ego is big. He has been like that since he started to chase me. Our relationship is almost ripe. If he knows a Goddess has come for me, I’m afraid he would be disappointed and self-deprecating. I don’t want what had happened five years ago happen again. So, please don’t tell him!”


Tang San understood Ning Rong Rong’s idea now. He smiled and told her, “So, you don’t want to take the Goddess’ inheritance because of Little Ao?”
Ning Rong Rong’s beautiful face blushed, nodded quietly.


Tang San rubbed her head and sighed.


“Rong Rong, you are grown up. I can’t imagine that the arrogant lady that year was you. Not a surprise that the Nine Color Goddess came to you. But, are you sure you won’t take her inheritance?”


Ning Rong Rong nodded determinedly.


“If I can’t be with the one I love, being a God has no meaning to me. San-ge, you have to protect this secret for me.”


Tang San laughed louder.


“This is what you’ve said. Don’t regret it. Little Ao, you heard what your Rong Rong said? Well, you can solve it yourself.”


Ning Rong Rong was surprised. She turned to see Oscar was hesitating, coming up from the foot of the mountain. His complexion became strange; he dazedly looked at her as he slowly took each step to come to her. Vaguely, there were tears in his eyes.


Ning Rong Rong turned again to look at Tang San. Her eyes were reddened.


“San ge, why did you do that? You have seen him coming, why didn’t you prevent me from saying that. You…”


She was dashing to Oscar while saying. She buried herself in his embrace, hugged him tight then mildly told him.


“Oscar, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t actually want to hide things from you. Don’t worry. I will not take that Goddess’s inheritance. I will be with you forever. Wait until the war between the Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Empire ends, I will marry you, is it alright?”


Oscar bowed his head to look at Rong Rong in his chest. It seemed like there was something choked in his throat that he couldn’t say a word.


“Little Ao, don’t scare me. Competence doesn’t represent all. Moreover, we are all Title Douluo now. Promise me, when the war ends, marry me, okay?”


Ning Rong Rong was so anxious she burst out crying. Tears were rolling down on her gorgeous face.


“Rong Rong…”


Oscar suddenly hugged Rong Rong tighter.


“I want it. Of course, I want it. You are mine. Forever mine. Rong Rong, you are so kind to me.”


At this moment, a smart guy like Oscar could only say those straight words. Tang San was smiling, looking at the cute couple. Then his gaze shifted to his lover tenderly. He thought, “Xiao Wu, can we marry on the same day with them?”


Ning Rong Rong heard his response, breathed out in relief. She eagerly kissed him. Of course, Oscar wouldn’t let this good chance slip away. They were kissing passionately and didn’t care about the other people around them.


Ning Rong Rong was always shy. She barely had any intimate actions with Oscar in front of their friends, let alone this passionate kiss.


“Ahem ahem…are you going to perform in front of your broad audience now?”
The placid but cold voice brought with it Zhu Zhu Qing’s teasing arose from one side. She had done cleaning and got back here with clean clothes.


After they had parted, Ning Rong Rong was shy, hiding her head in Oscar’s chest.
“Your fault. It’s your fault. Now they are teasing us.”


Oscar smiled cheerily, said, “Yes, yes. My bad. It’s my fault. However, Rong Rong, the Nine Color Goddess’s inheritance, you must take it!”




Ning Rong Rong looked at Oscar, wearing a worried complexion again.


“Little Ao, don’t be like that. I told you, I will not leave you.”


Oscar smiled, then said, “Yeah, you will not leave me, that’s why you have to take the Nine Color Goddess’s power! Oh, Little San hasn’t told you yet. There’s a god just came to me previously. He’s the Cookery God.”


Ning Rong Rong was astounded looking at Oscar. She was batting her eyes, looking at Tang San. Tang San, with his “innocent face”, told her, “It wasn’t me. It was you who was so hurried. You didn’t leave me a chance to speak. Little Ao is the first Food Style spirit master has reached the Title Douluo stage. He got the acknowledgment from the God Realm. Didn’t I ask you to confirm that you are not going to take the Nine Color Goddess’s inheritance?”


“You, y’all bad!”


Ning Rong Rong knew it now. That was why Tang San let Oscar hear what she said. She was too worried about him and messed herself up like that.


Her pink fists showered on Oscar. Oscar just let her hit him while smiling like an idiot. What Ning Rong Rong had told Tang San, he hadn’t listened in full length, because he had been leaving the peak at that moment. But Tang San had used the divine sense to transfer her words to his ears. Ning Rong Rong was willing to sacrifice her possibility to be a Goddess for him. Oscar was so stirred up. The partition from the past had soon vanished. To Rong Rong, he had the only endless love now.


“Rong Rong, I love you.”


Oscar ardently looked at his shy lover who was pretending to be mad at him.


Ning Rong Rong was muddled for a while. Her fists stopped pounding him. She hurled herself onto his chest, crying loudly.


Zhu Zhu Qing came to Tang San, smiled then whispered, “San-ge, you are too bad. You set Rong Rong up!”


Tang San laughed out loud, then said, “It’s not related to me. Oscar did that. If he told her he got the Cookery God’s acceptance, Ning Rong Rong wouldn’t have misunderstood him. Well, they should solve their own business.”


Zhu Zhu Qing smiled then said, “We must congrats them. They both got the God’s acknowledgment. It is even luckier than you being able to complete the Sea God’s accession!”


Tang San said, “It’s your efforts. You know, both the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower and Oscar’s food style spirit have been through many difficulties to reach the Title Doulou stage. I think the vestiges that Gods have left on this Continent are not rare. We all have the power of the Title Douluo stage, and we are still very young; wait until we defeat the Spirit Empire, we will travel and cultivate, also search for other God’s inheritances. I believe that one day our Shrek Seven Devils will reunite in the God Realm.”


While Tang San was saying, several high notes of the phoenix’s singing soared up high. The scorching heat was spreading over the Sacred Mount’s peak. The mist around Ma Hong Jun had turned into a dark red color. Then, a giant phoenix plunged up to the sky, turning into a flow of red-gold light in mid-air.


The phoenix wings were extending to over a dozen of meters. The nine heads of the phoenix had a strange posture. The energy from his flame dyed the whole sky with a light red color.


“Fatty also succeeded.”


Tang San looked up to see the nine-headed phoenix in the air. His joy was increasing.


The last spirit ring on Ma Hong Jun’s body was also red. But the color wasn’t clear under his phoenix flame shining. From the surge energy on his body, Tang San could feel that Ma Hong Jun’s competence was marvelous now. Especially, the bursting of the Phoenix Flame, even if he met a ranked ninety-five spirit master, he would be able to defend.


But what happened had proven that that fortune would not always shine on the Shrek Seven Devils. Fatty had entered Title Douluo Stage, but God didn’t favor him. He spread his wings, twirling three rounds in the air before landing. He retrieved the flame, turning back to human form. Dirt on his body was totally cleaned by the blazing phoenix flame. Before he descended to the ground, he hauled a robe and put on. His visage showed his innermost satisfactions.


“Muah ha ha! Level ninety-three. Rong Rong, Zhu Qing, your ge reaches level ninety-three. Am I marvelous? Phoenix Douluo has arrived. Ha ha ha ha.”


At this moment, Ning Rong Rong had become calmer. She rolled her eyes at Fatty and said, “What about level ninety-three? Ge, you are the Strength Attack spirit master and your spirit is the high-grade Fire Phoenix, your spirit power is not as strong as mine, are you not shamed saying that? I’m ranked level ninety-four!”




Fatty said discontentedly, “Don’t attack me. You have the top auxiliary spirit in the world. Moreover, your foundation is better than mine. Your spirit power is always higher than me. It seems everybody had finished?”

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        E o espírito dele é sem precedentes de acordo com o grandmaster, pois é extremamente raro um food style capaz de produzir carne, e ainda com lvl 10 innate Spirit power(que nem a rong rong tinha mesmo tendo o top support Spirit,ela teve lvl 9, ele foi o primeiro e único support lvl 10 aos 6 anos) portanto o espírito dele é sim absurdo
        E bem como todos os 7 ele consumiu uma das ervas(não me lembro qual), e por fim ele pode ser só o mais fraco fisicamente, de resto ele vale uns 2 dai mubai, sem contar que ele não precisa nem estar perto para ser eficiente que é o caso dá rongrong… Ele pode simplesmente produzir um kit de linguiças para cada e na hora do pau ele pode lutar de boa, mas tudo isso é só uma questão de opinião de qualquer forma

        1. ele nao é um combatente, tire as salsichas clone e qualquer um o derrota, ele nao tem como se defender, tire ele do time e ele é um lixo, coloque-o em grupo e ele se torna poderoso, ele tem um espírito raro não poderoso, o tipo de salsicha dele tbm é comum, ele si é uma exceção por ser capaz de fazer carne, mas de especial nada tem, novamente o mérito dele é estar dentro de um time que permite o uso de uma gama de abilidades se moldando a situação, tire o time e voce tem um title doluo sem abilidades ofensivas/ddefensivas ficando apenas com um corpo razoavelmente forte o que não é nada, um lvl 70 casual o venceria sem dificuldade se ele estivesse sozinho e sem salsicha clone

  5. At this point i think the author forgot about the clear sky cla, on another note i just dislike how the author wrote the god battles, right before it tang san had learned how to chain his skills but now that is useless, sure its way easier from him to write this way, but its sad seeing that by becoming god all the other skills became useless

  6. Tomato-san i personally think cookery sounds weird, what do you think about food doluo? i think its more fitting given the way he makes food on the fly. he doenst really cook anything so its not reaaly like him

    1. I actually came up with the Food God Douluo, but my editor suggested Cookery. I know it sounds weird, but yeah, they use it in DD 2.5

      1. Oh well i only read a bit from the manhua of dd2.5 and i’m waiting for the novel to accumulate a bit more to read it, anyways like i said it doenst fit his image but if the higuer ups want it that way then it cant be helped, thanks for letting me know, have a good day.

        1. Not to mention, I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard the word “cookery” in text or in conversation. It’s pretty obscure, and it is definitely awkward, just saying. Even cooking god would be better.

  7. Makng a furom would be niece..so we exchange some great pictures..or may i ask if Tomato or evil manager will make a facebook fan page?it would be more a lot easier to promote..
    Just saying..

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