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Qian Ren Xue’s right arm rose horizontally on her side. The Angelic Sword and her arm made a straight line. Her Angelic Armament was sparkling with red-gold light everywhere. The Angelic Sword swung one round making a massive circle with her shoulder as the center. A line of the sword shadows was dragged along with the real sword.


At the moment where the start point and the end point of the circle met, a red-gold light disc appeared around Qian Ren Xue’s body. Red-gold halo filled that disc instantly just like a real sun descended from behind Qian Ren Xue.


“Angel – Domain!”


Qian Ren Xue rose the Angelic Sacred Sword over her head. She would never give Tang San a break, finally releasing her Angel Domain.


The sky had turned into a yellow color. Only the red-gold disc behind Qian Ren Xue was still clear, as the real sun was even now being covered. At this moment, everything in this space was dyed with that gold color. It could even reach the further area of the vast sea beneath them. This gave Tang San the feeling of returning to the inheritance space where he had received his powers.


All of a sudden, something miraculous happened. Under that holy gold light, Qian Ren Xue’s body was changing. One multiplied to two. Two multiplied to four. Just in a flash, there were so many Qian Ren Xue in the sky; each held an Angelic Sword in their hands, raising it over their heads while the red-gold discs behind them were constantly shining. All Qian Ren Xue were letting all the discs shine on Tang San.


Tang San instantly felt his body was getting heavier, as much as one million jin. Even if he got the god’s competence, the pressure still suffocated him.


“Great Sun. Angel. Myriad of Sun Rising to Heaven.”


The uncountable number of Qian Ren Xue loudly shouted at the same time. The union of their voices torrentially reverberated in the sky. Under the effect of this cry, the ground around Tang San was scattered. Within the range of her red-gold sun shining, the whole continent was sinking.


Tang San lifted his head to look at the sky then closed his eyes. The Sea God Trident in his hand slowly pointed toward the sky up high. His complexion became more serious. The torrential wave patterns on his Sea God Armament looked like they were lively alive. Especially, the Sea God Eight Wings on his back were gently flapping. Blue-water color light waves rippled one by one from Tang San’s body. The sea in this area seemed to be totally subdued under such red-gold sky. What should he do? Qian Ren Xue would definitely not give him a chance to break and recover his divine power. Her attack was constant and flawless. Moreover, every time she launched another attack, it would be much stronger than the previous one.


As the Sea God Trident slowly arose, the blue light that looked like water waves started to gather and condense at the Sea God Trident. The lozenge gemstone on his Poseidon’s crown suddenly glowed. From his body, the blue-water wave patterns were rapidly expanding. The sky was yellow now, but just in this flash of time, the whole ground was turning into a blue color. The gold seawater due to the gold light shining had turned back to its true color of deep blue.


“Sea – God – Domain”


The faint blue mist inaudibly diffused from this deep blue area. The seething vast sea was strangely calmed. A giant Sea God phantom appeared behind Tang San. Ten spirit rings on his body were radiating dazzling beams.


At this moment, Tang San suddenly became ethereal, but his divine sense became congealed. Qian Ren Xue had used the Myriad of Sun Rising to Heaven to restrain his body. But now she found out that Tang San’s body looked unreal. He still stood there but somehow vague.


The Myriad of Sun Rising to Heaven had its limit area. Quite the contrary, the blue light from Tang San could reach the whole ocean. The blue water energy was rising from the sea. The purest Water Element in the deep sea was seething, arising loudly. It looked like the sea had been split, creating another sea. With his congeal divine sense, Tang San had surpassed Qian Ren Xue, urging the furious waves to shake the sky.


“Ultramarine waves. Sea God. The endless blue sea.”


The low voice came out from Tang San’s mouth. His voice sounded like it didn’t have any attacking power. However, at this moment, that mature voice had become the cradle of the bursting ocean.


The Myriad of Sun Rising to Heaven almost burst out at the same time. The red sun behind each Qian Ren Xue all turned into a massive red-gold shooting star, descending from the sky toward Tang San. Concurrently, the deep blue high waves from the seething sea abruptly rose up.


Fire meets Water. Red sun meets blue wave. Angelic God versus Sea God. Their energies were totally opposite, but they had collided at once. The final result should depend on their absolute power. Both Tang San and Qian Ren Xue didn’t have benefit from their strikes as they could only urge all of their powers to impact with the opponent.


Red-gold and deep blue. The explosion was so loud as if it could shake the whole Douluo Continent. Even all citizens of the nearest city, which was about three hundred li from there, could observe that splendid scene.


The earth was shaking just like the apocalypse was coming. The citizens there were extremely terrified.


Eventually, the red sun couldn’t evaporate all the deep blue high waves as that deep blue light quietly swallowed countless red-gold shooting meteors.


Qian Ren Xue wore an unbelievable look of fear as the deep blue light dragged her up to the sky. Nonetheless, she only felt an endless warm feeling in the ultramarine wave’s embrace. It was warm and tender. She suddenly felt tired as if falling asleep in this warm wave was the most beautiful thing she wanted to do now.


Qian Ren Xue bit her tongue. Red-gold radiant beams projected from the Angelic Armament as she was trying to hold the tired feeling down, plunging up to escape that blue embrace. Qian Ren Xue had turned into a shooting star soaring to the sky; meanwhile, her divine power and divine sense were drastically reduced when the high wave washed over her. Moreover, she hadn’t felt this reduction until she could be able to get out from the deep blue wave.


The sky was still yellow, the yellow of the Angelic Domain. The earth was still blue, the blue of the Sea God Domain.


Those two gods ranked spirit masters couldn’t use their own domain to destroy the opponent’s domain. They could only use the domain to enhance their divine abilities. Under the most disadvantaged situation, Tang San had overturned the circumstances, washed away Qian Ren Xue’s attack and dissolved a part of her Angelic divine power. It wasn’t enough to hurt her, but it gave Tang San the upper hand altogether.


Why so? Qian Ren Xue didn’t carry out another attack. She just let the Angel Six Wings help her recover with the aid of the Angelic Domain.


She didn’t understand why both of them were gods but her profound attack couldn’t protest against Tang San. Is it because he is standing on the sea now?


“It’s strange, right?”


Tang San opened his eyes, smiled at Qian Ren Xue who was hovering in the air. He also didn’t launch another attack.


Qian Ren Xue coldly looked at him, tight-lipped. The Angelic divine power was circulating fiercely in her body. She was ready for another attack at any minute.


“In fact, you shouldn’t feel strange. It’s not because I’m standing near the sea that I could mobilize more energy than you do. We are all God. It is same with your ability to take the energy from the sun at any time; I can do the same with the sea. I could dominate this strike because of the difference between our absolute powers. Although we are both God, your divine sense is weaker. The ability to “borrow” the external energy depends on the divine sense. Your divine sense is weaker than mine, which means your solar energy couldn’t be as much as the sea energy I could mobilize. Then how could you defeat me?”


“Nonsense! We are both God. Why is my divine sense weaker than yours?”
Qian Ren Xue rolled her eyes and said, “Want to shake my confidence? In your dreams!”


Qian Ren Xue sternly looked at Tang San to observe every expression of his as she wanted to detect that whether he was telling the truth or he just wanted to lengthen the time. She then got disappointed. Her divine sense couldn’t even restrain his body entirely; also, she couldn’t touch where he was emitting his Sea God’s powers. It was solid and firm as the giant rock sinking underground.


Tang San faintly smiled, “Don’t you want to admit that? It’s true that we are both God. But our processes are totally different. I’m confident to say that what I’ve been through in my process is much more than yours. Besides, my mental power is much higher than yours. It would be my advantage when we become God. When I had just entered the Title Douluo level, my mental power had been equal to a peak Douluo ranked level ninety-nine. I’m God now. Qian Ren Xue, you are not my match.”


Qian Ren Xue didn’t say anything else. She forced herself not to listen to Tang San. Each of his words was shaking her confidence.


Her Angelic Sacred Sword was rising again. Myriads of gold beams descended from the sky, shining on Qian Ren Xue. The red-gold aureole gradually turned into a pure gold one. The surging power on her Body started to change. Now, there was a liquid gold aureole moving on her Angelic Armament. Qian Ren Xue cried, holding the Angelic Sacred Sword, turning then slashing toward Tang San.


Tang San didn’t wait for her to complete her move as he soared up to the sky after just one flap of his eight wings. The Sea God Trident pointing toward directly confronted the sword in her hand.


Their bodies were crossing in the air, changing their positions. Then a lucid sound dispersed in the air.


Tang San was shaken in the air, couldn’t balance his body with the Sea God Eight Wings’ aid. Qian Ren Xue succeeded with this strike, but she didn’t stop there. Both of her hands gripped the sword tighter, spinning one beautiful round in the air as her Angelic Sacred Sword, with a bunch of gold light spheres tagged along, directly chopped down, aiming for Tang San’s neck.


Area attack couldn’t hurt Tang San; then Qian Ren Xue concluded that it was because of their arena was near the sea. She decided to use close combat to fight against him.


Suddenly, Tang San flung a blue light spot out. His attractive voice echoed in her ears. “Guanyin’s Tear”


Just a simple name but Qian Ren Xue’s Angelic Sword became disordered. The gold light spheres were about to attack him had to turn back instantly. At the same time, her body took another spin to change the direction. She was about to dash forward; now it’d changed to descending down. Her beautiful face wore an extreme fear.


The Guanyin’s Tear had carved a deep impression in her mind. When Tang Sand was still a Title Douluo, he had used this technique to break her heart. Hearing this name again at this moment, of course, she got scared. Even though she was wearing the Angelic God Armament, Tang San had become a God too. Her Angelic God’s Armament didn’t give her a secure feeling.


Tang San beamed a vapid smile seeing her terrified countenance. The blue light spot he had flung out silently exploded. The Sea God Trident in his hand pointed forward, blue light rippling out from it. That was the first move of the Unfixed Storm.


When Qian Ren Xue descended to the ground, still she didn’t see anything that could threaten her. At the same time, she saw that blue spot broke in the air. She got bewildered for a while, then shouted at him indignantly.
“You’ve fooled me?”


Tang San smiled, “There would never be too much deception in military tactics. Are you wary of my Guanyin’s Tear that much? Then how could you defeat me?”


Tang San didn’t pursue her. He had his own thoughts. He didn’t intend to kill Qian Ren Xue today. As he said before, Qian Ren Xue had given him a chance to survive; he had to repay this gratitude to her. Since the beginning of this battle, he was always in the disadvantaged position. It wasn’t because Qian Ren Xue was too powerful. In fact, he had set it up. He couldn’t kill Qian Ren Xue today, but he had to get as much information about her Angelic divine abilities as possible. Next time they fought, he wouldn’t give her another chance. Qian Ren Xue could find out many flaws of hers, but her general view and her intelligence were still far behind Tang San. It was like what Tang San had told her: they were both God, but their divine senses weren’t at the same level.


To a supreme spirit master when he was fighting, especially a god ranked spirit master, anger was very intimidating. Qian Ren Xue had this feeling now. Facing Tang San, who was as deep as the ocean, she vaguely felt that no matter how much she had tried, she would never defeat him. Qian Ren Xue stopped her attack. She just stood there looking at Tang San with strange light flared up from her eyes. The Angelic Sacred Sword slightly moved in her hand. She knew she couldn’t beat him now. But would it never happen then? Wait until he got used to the Sea God’s divine abilities, for their next fight, she wouldn’t have had a chance to hurt him.


Tang San seemed to see through what Qian Ren Xue was thinking.
“Leave this chaotic world. What is not good about having a peaceful life? If you give up the Spirit Empire, I will not trouble you. One day, when we meet up again in the God Realm, there’s no mortal stuff that would disturb us. We should be friends then.” Said Tang San.


Qian Ren Xue suddenly smiled, gently shook her head. Tang San was amazed, seeing the desperation vanished in her eyes. The Angelic Sacred Sword sparked then disappeared into her body. Qian Ren Xue looked at Tang San and said, “Tang San, you are powerful. You are worth the man in my heart. You are the only man who could give me strong feelings in my entire life. From now on, I won’t avoid anything. I will look straight to what it is between us. I don’t actually want to admit, but my divine sense is not as strong as yours.


Although now you are not familiar with the new Sea God’s divine abilities, I can’t kill you. If I wait until you got used to them, I can’t be your rival anymore. However, don’t forget that we are both God. Same level. Even if my powers are not enough, it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t drag you to death with me. My grandfather was gone. I don’t have any relatives here. What about the power of the Spirit Empire? I have nothing that could attach me. We should stop here. But remember, next time we meet, I will drag you to another world. Didn’t you say that we would be friends there? Okay, as you wish. Now we will be apart. Goodbye, my love.”


Upon her words, Qian Ren Xue retreated her wings. Under Tang San dulled gazed, she turned into a gold shooting meteor and disappeared into the horizon. The Angelic Domain gradually dispersed after she left.


Tang San clutched the Sea God Trident tightly, as his countenance became somber. Qian Ren Xue wasn’t dangerous. He didn’t care about the Angelic God either. But a god ranked spirit master had prepared to make him die together was a deadly threat.


Qian Ren Xue wasn’t wrong. She might not have been his match, but if she bet her life to drag him to hell with her, the result would be unpredictable. A power that had been generated from the death of a God was really intimidating. Tang San was stronger than Qian Ren Xue, but it was just a thin line.


Tang San beamed a forced smile. He also took Xiao Wu out of the Hundred Treasure Purse. Only hugging his lover now could ease his seething mood.


Tang San sighed, then said, “I didn’t think that under my pressure, she could break her distracting thoughts, the flaws in her heart. When we meet again, she would be very powerful. I used to think that the seed of failure had rooted in her heart, if we met again, she would have the thought of never gaining victory from me. But she has the thought of us dying together to break the flaw. She doesn’t have any burdens now. But I have. I would miss my parents, my lover, and friends. I can’t see the death as a place to return like she does. I think she could get over my advantage now.”


Xiao Wu leaned on him.
“Don’t think too much. We always find a way. She would definitely go to the front line, the battlefield between the Spirit Empire and the Heaven Dou Empire. This time we come back there, we have a God and six of us. We have all reached Title Douluo. The Heaven Dou Empire’s competence would be much increased. You don’t need to risk your life fighting with her. Even if she wants to die, she can’t defeat you. We just need to defeat the Spirit Empire; we will have a way to deal with her. The thought of death appears easy, but it’s hard to maintain it.” Said Xiao Wu.


Tang San was amazed, looking at Xiao Wu in his embrace.


“I didn’t think that you understand everything well. Much better than me. You’re right. I will absolutely not risk my life with her. We just need to keep her from affecting the war. My wife, you are smarter than your husband! Come, let me kiss you.”


What Xiao Wu said had cleaned all of his worries. This was the first time he had used the divine power to defeat a God. He felt pretty good now.


Xiao Wu smiled, buried her head into his chest.


“Gege, we are not married yet. We should come back to see how others are doing. This is their last spirit ring. I think they would absorb it recklessly. I hope no anomalies had happened.”


As he heard Xiao Wu mentioned his comrades, Tang San stopped his intimate acts, nodded to her then opened his eight wings. He had turned into blue light, flying to the opposite direction, heading to the Sea God Island.


Qian Ren Xue had gone. Just like what Xiao Wu said, she would go directly to the battlefield. They shouldn’t be there any longer as they had to be ready in case she would join the war and hurt their families.


The blue-gold light descended from the sky. Tang San took Xiao Wu back to the peak of the Sacred Mount. The Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians were still there. Seeing they coming back, they stood up to welcome them.


Tang San smiled, waving his hands.


“Seniors, please don’t be too formal. I told you, if there are no strangers, just call me by my name. How are they doing?”


Sea Dragon Douluo answered, “They are still absorbing the spirit ring. I guess they are at the critical moment of the breakthrough now. Their minds are much stronger than us.”


Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, Ning Rong Rong, Ma Hong Jun and Zhu Zhu Qing, the five of them hadn’t finished the absorption. There was pink mist around their bodies. It wasn’t any kind of energy, but the effect of their blood exuded from the pores that had blended with the energy swirling around their bodies.


It wasn’t hard to know why they had been taking all of their powers to break through the limit. Seeing Tang Sand had become a God, they got the motivation right away. Seven Devils were brothers and sisters; they didn’t want to be left far behind. It was impossible to catch up with Tang San, but at least they had to maximize their competence. Especially, the god-granted spirit ring was extremely rare. With this chance, also the last spirit ring to be added, they had to put their best effort to possess the one hundred thousand years spirit ring!


To the Shrek Seven Devils, the least challenged they had been through at the Sea God Island was Black Rank as their mind determination was much surpassed the ordinary spirit master. In fact, each of them was very famous on Douluo Continent. However, there was a monster like Tang San stood in front of them making them unable to see how powerful they were. At this moment, they all focused on the absorption; they had to receive the best results.


Xiao Wu stormed out from Tang San’s chest, smiled then said, “I should start now.”


Tang San nodded, “Fighting!”


With his presence here, she wouldn’t be worried about any troubles that could happen to her comrades. Xiao Wu’s body strength was closer to his; taking the spirit rings wouldn’t be a big trouble. Moreover, Xiao Wu had to ingest two spirit rings, leaping from Spirit Sage to Title Douluo.


Xiao Wu sat crossed legs next to Tang San, hauled a god-granted spirit ring. She started to pour her spirit power into it to begin her eighth spirit ring’s absorption. The god-granted spirit ring turned into a gold moving light, twirling around her before entering her body.


It would take a certain time for his comrades to complete the absorption. Tang San retrieved the Sea God Armament and the Sea God Trident. Now, he didn’t release the divine powers; he looked like an ordinary man, putting his hands behind his back, looking to the vast sea. His divine sense expanded boundlessly. He recalled his previous battle with Qian Ren Xue.


The time they had been fighting wasn’t too long, but the whole process was furious. The reason why Tang San could overturn the situation was his powerful divine sense that surpassed Qian Ren Xue’s. In fact, he hadn’t used his divine abilities much.


Through that fight, Tang San found out that all the spirit abilities he got before taking the Sea God’s inheritance could still be used. Moreover, after the Sea God’s divine power had gradually fused with his, all those spirit abilities had become his Sea God’s divine abilities. Moreover, now he got new abilities inherited from Sea God. His own spirit abilities had all been evolved to god level; now he needed to study and practice Sea God’s abilities.


Tang San was standing still, as those abilities appeared one by one in his mind. At his level, he didn’t need to actually perform the ability to practice; he just needed to use the divine sense to imitate them in his mind, then he could memorize all the applications of his abilities to use in real battle later. It also explained how Qian Ren Xue could master her skill by just only sitting on the shore.


As he was looking at the deep, vast see, each of his abilities appeared in his consciousness. Tang San carefully got to know these new abilities. With the effect of the Sea God Domain he had used in the previous fight with Qian Ren Xue, even though he was still standing there, gradually he had entered the meditation state.


Of course, he had left a streak of divine sense to take care of his friends’ situation. If anyone got troubled, he would awake from his meditation immediately.


As time passing by, the aura from the six devils became more compelling. Each of them was almost covered with the dense mist. This situation was extremely dangerous to spirit master as if they wanted to break through their limits; they had to put themselves at the edge of the broken. Once their body couldn’t endure, or their mind got shaken, the God-granted spirit ring would be able to destroy them completely.


The Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians were standing aside, watching them. When their gazes met, they could see the astonishment in their teammates’ eyes. These young people were really excellent. Not to mention Tang San, who could reach level ninety-nine when he was just over twenty years old. Even if there was luck, his innate talents were still outstanding. The first eight Sea God’s challenges, which one wasn’t a deadly one? Moreover, he had borne almost all of the pressure from Xiao Wu’s high-grade challenges.


From the view of an outsider, they would see that Tang San had spent five years to leap his spirit power from level seventy to eighty, then he left the Sea God Island. But the Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians all knew that it was what he had exchanged his life for. He would have been killed at any time. Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi hadn’t helped him at all.


Besides Tang San, the other six had received massive pressure, but they all got over it step by step. The Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians themselves had passed at least four challenges at Black Rank with Bo Saixi’s guidance. Even if they had been encountered difficulties, Bo Saixi had helped them all. To them, Bo Saixi was not only the Great Consecrator but also their teacher. Moreover, when they had started their trials, they were much older than the Shrek Seven Devils now. Nevertheless, those young men and women, with their competence and intelligence, had been breaking through challenging trials to achieve their accomplishments today. The oldest of them was not even thirty years old. The future of Douluo Continent would be on their hands. Heaven knows how many gods would appear later. With their ages now, it would be possible to do so.


Right at this moment, Tang San, who was still looking at the boundless sea, suddenly turned, reaching Oscar just in a flash. Tang San had urged his divine sense, lifting up the mist swirling around Oscar.


Oscar’s body was revealed after the mist had been lifted up. The skin of his entire body had turned into a dark scarlet color; especially his face, it looked almost purple. He was shivering, about to collapse.


Seeing Oscar’s situation, the Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians were shaken. They all thought that this young man was risking his life as if he was joking with Death.


Among the Shrek Seven Devils, Oscar’s physical condition was the worst. Even if he could use the Clone Mirror Sausage to have fighting abilities, basically, he was still an auxiliary system spirit master. Ning Rong Rong was also an auxiliary system spirit master, but she was much stronger than him. The evolved Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was the strongest support spirit had boosted her physical attributes. Moreover, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower spirit had a special protection to its owner. With this innate spirit, her absorption was much safer than Oscar’s.


Tang San could felt Oscar was about to collapse; he immediately came.


Oscar was a fun guy who liked to joke; moreover, his spells were all pervert. Even so, Tang San knew that Oscar had an arrogant heart. He just didn’t show that with his friends.


Being an auxiliary system spirit master, and a Food style one, Oscar had put double effort to shorten the gap between his spirit power and his friends. Usually, he would cultivate extra time when everybody was resting. The promise he had made to Ning Rong Rong five years ago didn’t reveal what had happened to him. But Tang San could guess that those five years of Oscar was like stepping and climbing up from a pile of dead bodies. If not, he couldn’t make such progress. It was just he didn’t want Ning Rong Rong to worry about him that he never said what had happened.


Currently, everybody was absorbing his or her god-granted spirit ring. Oscar could totally absorb the spirit ring up to level fifty thousand years. With this cultivation and achieving of a Title Douluo as a Food Style spirit master, he was the peak that never had happened before. Apparently, at this time, he was about to collapse as he was trying to reach level one hundred thousand years as his friends. Tang San understood that Oscar was afraid that he wouldn’t deserve Ning Rong Rong. He had to fix all the flaws so as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and the whole world couldn’t find his weakness. He had to possess the one hundred thousand years ninth spirit ring, just like his friends!

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