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“The peak challenge, accomplished. Accompany the Sea God to complete the inheritance, combo rewards. Spirit power increases ten levels. All spirit rings increase two thousand years. Three spirit rings awarded from God.”
When the voice arose in Xiao Wu’s head, she was shaken. Not only because of her increasing spirit power, but also because of Tang San. Xiao Wu’s heart was trembling seeing Tang San in his blue-gold armament and the extending eight wings. Nothing could have been compared with his imposing aura now.


They all passed the peak challenge, but what Xiao Wu had received was much more than Ning Rong Rong. It was not because of the difficult degree of the challenge, but because of the combo awards.


At the same time, five people of Dai Mu Bai’s group also heard a voice arose in their heads.


“Assist the Sea God for his inheritance, one god-granted spirit ring awarded.”


In fact, what the Shrek Six Devils had received was not only that. When Tang San raised his Sea God Trident, completing the inheritance, the immense blue-gold light also soaring up to the sky. The light emitted from the red-gold gate had turned into a blue-gold color. Six blue-gold light columns were projected, shining on them respectively. This wasn’t the energy that Tang San had granted them, but the Sea God’s power. By the time that Tang San completed his process, he had absorbed much energy, and the remaining energies were shining on the Shrek Six Devils now. It wasn’t much to Tang San, but it was the God’s energy to the other six! Their spirit powers were increasing rapidly under the God’s power contribution. Their hearts were beating faster. This feeling of the overflowing energy that was running inside of them was wonderful.



In the world of the gold ocean.


Everything became vague as the gold energy in this world was merged into Tang San’s body after the massive blue-gold light column plunged up. Eight strenuous trials of the Sea God’s inheritance final process were all passed. The Sea God Trident was recovered. Tang San was wearing the Sea God Sacred Armament as he could understand deeper the intimidating aura of a God. The feeling of being able to hold everything in his hands was marvelous.


However, it hadn’t ended yet. Ten spirit rings, nine red and one blue-gold, slowly disappeared. Another set of spirit rings was rising from his feet. Right when those new spirit rings had appeared, a dark red-gold light soared up from Tang San’s left arm, spreading out quickly. That was the holy weapon Clear Sky Hammer, which was soaked with Asura Domain.


When it had just emerged, Tang San was worried. Soon, this feeling was washed away as Asura Domain was totally sunk deep inside the Clear Sky Hammer. Together with its appearance, there was another set of nine spirit rings on Tang San’s body now.


Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red. The first eight spirit rings were the same with the Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit rings. However, there was no blue-gold light covering them. It seemed the Sea God’s power didn’t get into this Clear Sky Hammer. However, its spirit rings’ cultivation bases were increased by fifty thousand years along with the awards of the inheritance. This amazed Tang San. Moreover, the ninth spirit ring had appeared together with the other eight. It was a dark red-gold spirit ring, same color with the Clear Sky Hammer. All nine spirit rings were shining splendidly.


Its color didn’t catch Tang San’s eyes. But right when the ninth dark red-gold spirit ring appeared, Tang San’s divine sense immediately knew that this was a god level spirit ring. This spirit ring is ranked at the same level with my tenth spirit ring of the Blue Silver Emperor, which has been fused with the Sea God’s power.

Why did it happen? After being stunned for a while, Tang San felt excited. He had two god level spirit rings! Although they belong to two different spirits, with the boost attributes of these two god level spirit rings on my body, my attributes are much advanced compared to the other Gods!


Soon, he understood that the ninth spirit ring of the Clear Sky Hammer came from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. This spirit beast’s cultivation was so profound it was just a hairline away from being God. With the completion of the Sea God’s inheritance, this spirit ring was added fifty thousand years more, of course, it could shorten that hairline gap to reach the God level.


Nonetheless, why this god level spirit ring on the Clear Sky Hammer has the dark red-gold color of the Asura Domain, but not the blue-gold color of the Sea God? It’s hard to clarify. No matter what, it’s grateful that Asura’s power didn’t affect my Sea God’s inheritance.

Tang San didn’t dig further, urging his divine sense to retrieve the Clear Sky Hammer and its nine spirit rings at once. All aureoles came into his body.


Divine light sparked in his eyes as he tenderly pointed the Sea God Trident forward. The main blade was shining with blue-gold light, slashing a long streak in the air. A crack then appeared in the empty space. The Sea God Eight Wings on Tang San’s back were gently flapping as he crossed through that crack just in a flash.


The surroundings changed. When Tang San descended, he was standing inside the Sea God Temple. But the Temple was empty. He didn’t see the Sea God anywhere.


Where did he go? Tang San beamed a faint smile, recalling the scene when Sea God had instructed him. Facing the other end of the hall, where placed his throne, Tang San slowly bent one of his knees, kowtowed once. This was from the appreciation Tang San had for the Sea God. Without his assistance, he had soon died several times, let alone being a formidable newly-elected god as he was now. He was eligible to sit on that throne now as he had completed the inheritance. He didn’t do that. This was his respect to the Sea God. Even if he had become the master of this Temple, he would never sit on that throne. It was the former Sea God’s, forever.


Tang San didn’t stay there longer as he vaguely heard his comrades’ voices. He was Sea God now and he could use his Sea God’s power to maintain that gate connected to the channel leading to here. His friend didn’t need to do that anymore. However, he didn’t want to waste more time staying in this Temple.


The blue-gold light just flashed, and Tang San had appeared outside the Sea God Temple. He turned around to see, studying that massive temple. His smile became wider. His body was floating up, easily getting through the light barrier that used to prevent him from getting inside. He entered the blue water.


This time the feeling was different from when he had first entered the area. Tang San could feel that the sea was now like a part of his body. He didn’t need to urge the divine sense, just merely thinking and the water had pushed him to the location he wanted to go. Moreover, there was a streak of pure energy in the water that he could use at anytime. Yes, I’m the Lord of the Ocean, I can control the water everywhere!


He swung the Sea God Trident again. Blue light sparkled from the new Sea God’s Heart. The light gate which had vanished now appeared again in front of him. The flame was still burning furiously on the gate, but its color was blue-gold now. Tang San looked at the gate formed by the blue-gold flame, praying, “Senior Bo Saixi, I hope that you and great grandpa would meet again in the God Realm where you would be together forever there.”


While praying, Tang San took one step forward, finally got out of the intermediate world between the God Realm and the Human Realm, also where the Sea God’s accession was taken place.


When Tang San stepped out of the light gate, all light in the Sea God Hall suddenly turned into a blue-gold color, excitingly welcomed their master. The light shone on the seven platforms ceased, revealing six figures of Tang San’s friends.


Six people, twelve eyes, all gazed at Tang San. Their looks contented admiration, joy, luck and a little bit of jealousy. But the excitement was dominated all the other feelings. They were excited that Tang San had completed the inheritance successfully. Finally, there was a God among the Shrek Seven Devils.


But Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, and Ma Hong Jun had determined that even though Tang San was the first one, he would not be the only one of the Shrek Seven Devils that could become a God. They would head to that stage one day.


Now, besides Xiao Wu with three dazzling gold god-granted spirit rings, each of the other had one spirit ring floating in front of them. But they didn’t catch it. Tang San safely returned was more important than a god-granted spirit ring.


Tang San didn’t open his mouth to say anything. He lifted his head, looking at the top of the Hall, then slowly raising the Sea God Trident. From inside of the Sea God Palace on the Sacred Mount on the Sea God Island, he solemnly announced to all creatures, great or small, dwelling in the vast sea that Sea God, their guardian, had returned.


The blue-gold light then turned into a massive circle of energy converging on the top of the Sea God Palace. An explosion resounded as all the walls of the Sea God Palace disappeared into that blue-gold halo. There were only seven round platforms in the Sea God Palace now. An enormous blue-gold light column soared up, piercing through nine tiers (nine heavens) of the sky, turning into an invincible Sea God’s divine power current.


This massive light column had shaken the earth and sky. Also, it turned the whole vast sea into one state.


The sea was surging. Water had been rising up to one hundred meters high. All creatures in the sea had come up to the water surface and danced. Under the tremendous Sea God’s power, the whole sea had turned into a blue-gold area.


As the light flashed, Tang San’s countenance became tranquil. He wasn’t excited with this expanding energy. In his divine sense, there was only tender consolation which could touch any creatures living in the ocean.


The Sea God Sacred Pillar Douluo Guardians all bent on their knees to greet Tang San. The grief in their eyes was gone, replaced with wild excitement. When the light column had plunged up to the air, Tang San’s divine sense had come to their heads, telling them what Sea God had told him about Bo Saixi’s good outcome. That eased the seven guardians, washing their resentment away.


Residents of the Sea God Island were gathering to some large areas and showing worship towards the Sacred Mount. It’d been years and generations until they finally came to this moment when Master Sea God had returned. He was their belief!


In the sea outside the Sea God Island, all members of the Great White Shark Devil Spirit tribe were showing up to the water surface. The Great White Shark Devil Queen Xiao Bai looked up to the Sacred Mount and the blue gold column, a streak of tear rolled down from her eyes. She knew that from this moment, she had become the overlord in the sea, because, she was the Master Sea God’s mount!


On the Purple Pearl Island, all the pirates were looking at the miraculous scene far from there. They were all bewildered, dropping their weapons under the solemn aura of the Sea God.


Ji Xiang and Zi Zhenzhu were standing next to each other, looking at the enormous light column piercing through the sky from the Sea God Island, they were so excited they couldn’t speak. They didn’t know what was happening. However, Jia Xiang could vaguely feel his teacher’s aura from that light.


Qian Ren Xue was standing at the shore; six of her wings opened at once. Holding the Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand, looking at the blue-gold light column, she mumbled, “Finally done? Tang San, you didn’t fail me. Sea God, I’ll be waiting here for you.”


She rose the Angelic Sacred Sword, pointing to the sky. The blazing Sacred Sunshine and the Solar Heavenly Power connected together, forming a giant red-gold light column. The light column that linked the earth and heaven represented the Angelic God’s powers. This was her provocation, her declaration of war to the newly elected Sea God Tang San.



Spirit Empire. The Capital.


Inside a dark room stood a dark purple figure. There was a massive door in front of her, radiating dark purple light. One of her feet had entered the door now. Suddenly, the door that was created from the dark purple light was trembling a little bit as a faint blue halo flashed.


“This is…”


That dark purple figure was bewildered for a while.


“Another one. Can’t believe there’s another God. Good. Excellent. Wait for me; I will definitely come back.”


Then she determinedly took her half-done step. The dark purple light door was like it had swallowed all the light around, immediately disappeared into the dark, gloomy room after the woman had entered.


The massive blue-gold light had been shining for one hour before it vanished. Tang San closed his eyes, feeling the power of the universe, the calls and the worship his fellows were giving him in the sea. This calmed his mind. Countless creatures dwelling in the ocean were calling him with their most sincere voice. Tang San’s god power was thriving along with their belief.


Eight wings slowly contracted tightly on his back. Tang San retrieved his Sea God’s power. He had used his divine sense to announce to the entire ocean that Sea God was back. From this moment, nobody was allowed to humiliate the vast sea, as he would put all of his powers to fulfill the mission of a Sea God, protecting each cubic meter of his sea.


“Little San, congratulations!”


Dai Mu Bai looked at Tang San; there was a beam of sadness in his eyes. Not long from that, he had been the strongest big brother of the Shrek Seven Devils. But now, the gap between Tang San and him could never be narrowed. Seeing Tang San covered with the Sea God Armament, he somehow felt distant. Talking about strength, they now belonged to different worlds anyway.


“Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t know anything?”


Tang San smiled. His smile and his voice were still sincere like before. Nothing had been changed. He was still close to his comrades.


“I told you. God is a title that a human spirit master would achieve when he has reached a certain level. Gods are still human beings. Just stronger. It could be said that a human is the one who could use the power of nature to cultivate, but a God is the one who holds all that natural powers. You and I are not much different in age. Perhaps not long later you can be like me, reaching such stage. You’ve witnessed my inheritance, also what Sea God had discussed with me. He is a God, but he doesn’t have the happiness that we have now. I’m always Tang San of the Shrek Seven Devils, and you guys are always my best brothers and sisters.”


While he was saying, the blue-gold aureole on his body ceased; eight wings and the armament looked like they had been melted and got into his body. Even the Sea God Trident had turned into a light, coming into the mark on his forehead. He was now wearing a plain blue-gold robe.


Just one minute before, he was the powerful Sea God; now after retrieving his entire aura, he looked like an ordinary man, even worse than a normal spirit master. However, his blue hair was still long.


Ma Hong Jun sighed, “Thank God, San-ge is still the San-ge we know. I thought that after San-ge has become God, he would be arrogantly talking to us.”


Ning Rong Rong couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


“I don’t have that feeling. Even if San-ge were arrogant, it would be towards the Spirit Empire, not us. He will never do that. We have San-ge now, we are not afraid of the Spirit Hall anymore. What else could Qian Ren Xue do?”


The atmosphere became comfier. Everybody jumped off the round platform, gathered near Tang San. They also took the spirit ring that God had awarded them.


“In fact, you are the main force to confront the Spirit Hall, not me.”


Tang San smiled, pulling Xiao Wu’s hand. Her hands were cold and soaking wet with sweat. Tang San felt sorry looking at her. He knew she was much worried for him.


“We are the main force? Tang San, are you sure?”


Oscar opened his eyes wider.


“Of course you are. It’s true that I’m the Sea God now. But the Spirit Hall has an Angelic God. She has just sent me her declaration of war. When we are on the battlefield, I’m not sure how long it would take for the battle between her and me. Even if I could defeat her, it wouldn’t affect the final result of the war much. So the ones who would be able to change the situation are you guys. You are at the watershed now. What are you waiting for? Aren’t you eager to reach the peak level of human beings, entering the stage that we have dreamed of?” Said Tang San.


The Shrek Six Devils looked at each other, Ma Hong Jun was the first one who screamed out.


“Yes! I’m so excited seeing San-ge becoming a God that I forgot I have to advance my level now. Ha ha ha ha. I want to be a Title Douluo. I didn’t expect that this day has come so fast. Wait until Xiang Xiang could see me as a Title Douluo, don’t know how much excited she would be. You tell me, which title I should take?”


Oscar laughed.


“Let’s call you the Evil Fire Douluo. Didn’t you often say that the Evil Fire in your body couldn’t be oppressed? Your spirit would be called the Evil Fire Phoenix too.”


“Shit, you call your father the Evil Fire Douluo? How about you? Do you want to be called the Sausage Douluo? Or the Mushroom Doulou? Or the Fly Douluo [1]?” Ma Hong Jun snapped back.


Oscar’s countenance suddenly reddened. Indeed, he wanted to use those titles. It was so shamed.


Dai Mu Bai laughed out loud.


“Wait, it’s not the right time to think about the titles. Little San was right; it should be discussed later when we have the powers of the Title Douluo. We have been waiting so long for this day. This time, thanks to Little San’s glory, we could enter level ninety that fast. I’m not willing to wait anymore.’’


While saying, Dai Mu Bai directly sat down, taking out the god-granted spirit ring and started to ingest.


Everybody smiled at each other then did the same. Only Xiao Wu was still buried in Tang San’s chest.


After receiving the extra energy from Sea God’s power, the Shrek Six Devils’ spirit power had leaped to the peak; even Xiao Wu had reached level ninety. Before that, when she took the power of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, her spirit power ranked level eighty. But she didn’t have spirit rings to absorb more; that was why she couldn’t show her real level. After the peak level examination, she was awarded ten more level as her spirit power had reached over level ninety now. Moreover, with the abundant energy she had taken from Sea God, what her spirit power would reach could only be revealed after she finished taking the god-granted spirit rings.


“Xiao Wu, you should start to absorb the spirit rings.” Said Tang San.


Tang San caressed her smooth, black hair while smiling.


Xiao Wu shook her head, looking at her comrades sitting there in their process; she spoke with her low voice.


“I know what you are up to. Ge, you have promised me, no matter what happens you won’t leave me ever again. Absorbing the spirit rings is not much hurried now. I want to go with you.”


Tang San smiled, “What’s wrong? Don’t you feel relief seeing me?”
“I’m not worried. I…I… I’m just afraid that you…” Said Xiao Wu.


Of course, Xiao Wu knew what Tang San wanted to do next. After taking the Sea God’s accession, the first thing he had to do was to fight with Qian Ren Xue, using god power to strike against god power. This battle is unavoidable. This was also what Tang San wanted to do. Others might be so excited they didn’t think about this. But how could Xiao Wu not remember? Moreover, the image of the one who had appeared in Tang San’s seventh trial, Qian Ren Xue, was deeply carved in her mind. She wasn’t afraid that Tang San wouldn’t love her anymore. Just because she was embarrassed that she couldn’t have been compared to her.


“Silly girl, what are you thinking about? In my heart, no one could compare to you. You are my most precious treasure. Don’t you know that? I only love one person for my whole life. Her name is Xiao Wu. Alright, if you want, I will take you with me.”


Xiao Wu happily nodded as she hugged Tang San tighter, shoving her beautiful face closer to Tang San’s chest.


Tang San took Xiao Wu, started to fly up. As he stopped outside the Sea God Palace, which had disappeared now, he saw the Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians who were still bending on their knees there.


Sea Dragon Douluo was leading them, bowing down.


“Hail, Master Sea God!”


Tang San swung his hand. A pure energy force rose seven guardians up. His move was mild, but the power he had released was irresistible, even to a Title Doulou.


“Seven Seniors, you don’t need to be too formal. Although I have received the Sea God’s accession, I’m still Tang San. When there are no strangers, just call me by my name. I feel deeply hurt now that Bo Saixi is gone. But now she has a better life; we should be happy for her. What Sea God had said couldn’t be false.”


When he mentioned Bo Saixi, the eyes of the Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians were gloomy. No matter how, Bo Saixi wasn’t only the Great Consecrator of the Sea God Island, but also their teacher. However, they didn’t show the grief in their eyes. Anyway, it was the best result as Bo Saixi could enter the God Realm.


Tang San turned back to look at the seven platforms inside the Sea God Palace.


“Sea God Palace does not exist anymore. Sea God is the guardian of all creatures in the vast sea. He shouldn’t hide inside his temple. Please take care of this place. I’ve left here a streak of divine sense. If something serious occurs, you can notify me from here. When I took the Sea God’s power, Angelic God had sent me the declaration of war. I have to go now. Please take care of my comrades when they are processing their spirit ring. Later I have to count on you for the matters on the Sea God Island. Sea Dragon, Bo Saixi is gone, from now on, you are the Great Consecrator of the Sea God Island.”


“What? Me?”


Sea Dragon Douluo was astounded, looking at Tang San’s comrades. Apparently, after they had finished their absorption, they would enter the Title Douluo level. At that time their powers wouldn’t be less than the Seven Sacred Pillar Guardians. Moreover, they were very close to Tang San; Sea Dragon had never thought that Tang San would let him take the Great Consecrator position. The Great Consecrator would take the title of Sea God Douluo. Moreover, when Sea God didn’t present here, the Great Consecrator would decide everything.


“Master Sea God, your comrades have received the Sea God’s power. The late Great Consecrator also let them assist you to fulfill your inheritance, which means they will assist you to manage the vast sea later. Perhaps you should choose one of them to be the Great Consecrator. It would be more appropriate.” Said Sea Dragon.


Although he was seething with thoughts, he still spoke of what he believed was true.


Tang San smiled, “Senior Sea Dragon, you shouldn’t resist me. They are all my brothers and sister, how could I not understand them well? If you make them live in this island forever, they will protest against you. Seven of you have been the Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians, now you still are. Then, the Great Consecrator position, you should take. When I’m not here, everything will be on your hands and other seniors here.”


The Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians looked at each other. They had never thought that their powers would remain after Tang San took the accession. Quite the contrary, they were promoted. This place was their home. Being the Guardian Douluos for so many years, how could they be willing to let others take their roles?
Seven of them didn’t hesitate more, under Tang San’s gaze, they all bent down on their knees, replied to him with all their respects.


“We will follow your order.”


Tang San smiled. His position was different now; he had to receive their bow.


After they had bowed to him, Tang San said farewell then brought Xiao Wu, flying up to the sky. Sea God Eight Wings quietly appeared, extended then gently flapped. Instantaneously, everything around them became more miraculous.


Tang San was flying at an incredible speed, but Xiao Wu didn’t feel any strong wind as she was leaning on his chest.


“Ge, the group of Sea Dragon Douluo seems to really appreciate you.”
Xiao Wu smiled and told him. Tang San had finally completed the Sea God’s inheritance, the most challenging trial. Her joy started to rise from the bottom of her heart.


Tang San smiled, and said, “They deserved that. They have spent their whole life for the Sea God Island. Although I did receive the Sea God’s title, I’m still an outsider. How could I take the throne then affect their life like that? Later when we get married, where do you think we should stay? I’ve arranged like that because I was thinking about our future!”


Xiao Wu blushed when she heard the word “married”, quietly buried deeper in Tang San’s chest.


“Ge, I currently feel that I’m about to become your wife.”


Tang San smiled cheerily.


“It is obvious. When I was six years old, seeing you the first time, I had determined that you would be mine.”


Xiao Wu burst out laughing, “I still remembered the first time we met. Well, who was the one I had beaten up at that time? Oh, I have defeated a God!”




Tang San winced, “We were little at that time, but your jujutsu was excellent. Well, a fall is always a fall. Hitting means “like” and scolding means “love”. You know, Xiao Wu, the happiest moment of my life is from when I was six years old to when we took the champion of the Elite Spirit Masters Championship of the whole continent because we were together throughout those years. Moreover, we could be carefree spending our time. Every day I could cultivate with you, play with you, look at your smiles. Those are things that make me happy the most.”


Xiao Wu nodded, “Me too.”


“We have reached the shore. Now you should watch from a distance.”


Xiao Wu was amazed. She looked up to see, but she could barely see anything. She couldn’t recognize where they were now.


“That fast?”


She thought it was just a couple of minutes that had passed. That distance would take the Great White Shark Devil Spirit three days at maximum speed.


Tang San smiled, “Don’t you forget that we are on the sea, my world. Moreover, my Eight Spider Lances has been evolved. Qian Ren Xue couldn’t compete with my flying ability now.”


Tang San beamed a tender smile to her. A faint blue-gold light flashed, enveloping Xiao Wu entirely. Xiao Wu suddenly felt that her psyche and Tang San’s psyche had been linked together. She lifted her head, looking at Tang San doubtfully.


“Even though Qian Ren Xue isn’t a despicable person, I shouldn’t be careless. With my Sea God’s Light protection, you and I are one now. As long as I’m still alive, nothing could break this Sea God’s Light protection to harm you.” Said Tang San.


Xiao Wu goggled her eyes angrily.


“You are not allowed to talk about death. You are a God now. You are an immortal.”


Tang San laughed out loud.


“Yeah, yeah, I’m an immortal God now. Xiao Wu, don’t worry. I will definitely win!”


[1] Actually this is sort of pun. All titles that Oscar mentioned indicate male private part. In Chinese, the “golden spear”, which is translated in our novel as the “golden fly” (the true meaning of the word), is a funny slang for that thing, not to mention the word “solid”. They sound alike but have different meanings. You know what I mean, right? If you don’t get it, just take a look at your golden spear ha ha.  Geez. I’m trying to be an innocent translator here. Yes, I am.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter and survive Monday! I wish I could sleep 24 hours straight away! I did that when I had finished my final tests years ago. It seems asians got the panda eyes easier than westerners. ~~~

See you tomorrow, if you are not up for a late nite bite, goodnight!

p/s Hey, if we have any female readers here, please leave a comment ^^, I really want to know your opinions and if there are girls/women reading this kind of light novel. Thank you.



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