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Tang San’s mind had quickly flickered. With this illusion, he eventually recognized that this was when Qian Ren Xue had been carrying out her Angelic God’s inheritance. What he was watching was what had happened at that time.


I’m standing deep inside Qian Ren Xue’s mind. But why does my appearance act like that in her mind? Am I one of her challenges?


Tang San didn’t have more time to think as Qian Ren Xue had approached the illusion of ‘Tang San’.


Qian Ren Xue didn’t hesitate, jumping onto that ‘Tang San’. Her delicate soft body was like a snake, crawling on ‘Tang San’ as that ‘Tang San’ stretched out his arms to hug her. Their bodies were tangling with each other just like they were one now. Moreover, the clothes on that ‘Tang San’ had inaudibly disappeared. His body looked perfect, exactly like what Tang San had had.


Tang San was powerful, but this was the first time he had ever seen something like this. Xiao Wu and him had been engaged for years, but their relationship had not been that far. Tang San was a virgin himself. Of course, a virgin like him couldn’t have borne this stimulation. Especially when he was one of them, and the other one was a God. Both the visual and mental stimulations had reached its peak just in a short time.


Although Tang San understood that this was just an illusion, still, blood in his body was boiling. He felt thirsty. A man’s instinct suddenly arose inside him.


Qian Ren Xue’s exquisite body was wiggling and constantly shaking. Tang San had never seen a couple’s intercourse before. Now it was happening in front of his bare eyes. Everything was pretty clear and deeply carved into his mind. Tang San was dumbstruck now.


– Aaaa—


Qian Ren Xue moaned pleasantly with her boundless seductions. Her legs were clinging onto ‘Tang San’ hips, trembling so hard. Tang San could even see the gold fluids dripping from where they were connected.


Exciting! Arousing! Watching such a lively scene like that had aroused Tang San, a male virgin.


Then, the scene was getting blurrier, as that sensual intercourse was fading out, leaving only an immense space. Tang San hadn’t lost his awareness yet; suddenly, he felt the thirst had become even more intense.


Abruptly, Tang San realized that his psyche had come back into his body. He was naked now, both of his feet were touching the ground. While he was still in a daze, a splendid white body appeared in his embrace. Her long gold hair was flying in the wind. That was Qian Ren Xue.


It happened exactly the same with the previous scene when Qian Ren Xue had jumped onto ‘Tang San’. Her slender thighs were tenderly lifted, intimately caressing his waist. Then, she directly clung onto him. Her exquisite body was entirely stuck to his.


It was about to develop as what he had seen. Last time he had just been watching, now he was about to practice. The woman’s body was extremely seducing to a virgin like him. Red roses appeared everywhere from where he was standing. The strong stimulation made Tang San’s breath become heavier. His eyes became bloodshot. Qian Ren Xue’s body with a distinct aroma of a virgin girl was continuously caressing his body. She let out a moan and cooed in his ears.


“I want it…give it to me…”




Sacred Mount, Sea God Hall, Sea God Island.


The Shrek Six Devils were all covered in gold light, dropped their jaws seeing what was happening in the inheritance space. Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, and Ma Hong Jun almost said at the same time.




They were all males, experienced males, of course, they knew how boisterous this challenge was. They wondered, if it were them, they wouldn’t even have been able to resist it, let alone Tang San, who was still a virgin!


Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhu Qing blushed, closed their eyes, as they didn’t have the guts to continue observing. They couldn’t even concentrate on their prayers for Tang San.


Xiao Wu was inane; tears were rolling down on her face. She didn’t say anything but her heart was so hurt that she couldn’t even breathe. Seeing her Tang San tangled with another woman, even if it was just an illusion, she couldn’t bear that. Ge, would you do that…


At this moment, Xiao Wu felt that all of her strength was leaving her. She could recklessly have sacrificed her life to rescue Tang San when he was in deadly danger. However, in facing this, as a naive girl, she couldn’t do anything.


Right after that, Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, and Ma Hong Jun opened their eyes wider to witness the unbelievably hot scene.


Tang San was standing still. He didn’t move. His thirsty eyes suddenly became colder. He uttered two words with his icy-cold voice.


“Get lost!”


Qian Ren Xue’s soft, naked body was shaking hard on Tang San’s. She suddenly stopped all her moves. Tears streamed down on her face as she lifted her head to gloomily ask him, “Why?”


Tang San stolidly said, “Because you are not her. My virgin body only belongs to Xiao Wu.




Qian Ren Xue instantly turned into a bursting gold flame, burning everything in front of Tang San.


It is true that male sensual desires are a tough challenge. However, right when the illusion had appeared, as Tang San had observed that lively scene, something was quietly stirring his heart. Even when his blood was boiling so hard that he couldn’t resist it, this still lingered in his heart. At the last moment, it drew him back.


Tang San had recalled what Xiao Wu said when she had been using the telepathy to wake him up. “It isn’t me.”


True, Qian Ren Xue wasn’t Xiao Wu, his lover. No matter how strong the desire was, his love was always stronger. At the last moment, he had awakened from the sensual seduction, strongly dragged his mind out of the illusion. Besides Xiao Wu, to the other women, Tang San’s manners were included in these words “my heart is as cold as steel”.




Sacred Mount, Sea God Hall.


Xiao Wu burst out crying. Her soul and her heart were trembling. She could only have mumbled, “Ge…ge…”


Everything became normal. The left hand spirit bone was floating gently on the seventh platform. Under the cover of the gold seawater, it had turned into the figure of the Giant Titan Ape. Although it was much smaller, the Giant Titan Ape had turned into a gold color entirely. He was looking at Tang San with his peaceful eyes.


Tang San sighed. He finally understood why Qian Ren Xue quit chasing after him that easy.


If I’m not wrong, what I’ve seen had already happened.


When Qian Ren Xue has been carrying out her inheritance, that intercourse scene had also happened. Moreover, she had now become a God, that denial perhaps did help her. That’s why she could have let me go that easy.

He had gone through seven out of the eight challenges. Now, there was only one challenge left. Tang San used his right hand to haul the soft whale bead in his Hundred Treasures Wishful Purse. He remembered that the Sea God had told him to use this whale bead if he had wanted to pass this eighth challenge. He had finally got to this step; Tang San couldn’t help himself but smile.


Joy, Anger, Grief, Love, Hatred, Fear and Desire. I’ve been through the seven challenges of the seven emotions. If my Sea God’s Heart hasn’t been damaged, I would have completed the inheritance by now. Now, the last thing I have to do, the one I determinedly wanted to do, is to bring back the god’s aura of the Sea God Trident.


The eighth round platform had come up in front of Tang San. The black Sea God Trident also flew up.


The Sea God Trident still had a deep aura, but looking at that hollow hurt Tang San.


Tang San carefully held the soft whale bead, took the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges on his belt, releasing a massive chunk of whale brain. He then took some of the substance, shoved it together with the whale bead into the hole on the Sea God’s Trident. Then, he slowly pierced the Trident into the whale brain.


Blue light was projecting from the Sea God Trident’s mark on Tang San’s forehead as fast as lightning. Blue light dazzlingly shone on the Sea God Trident. Tang San had released all of his mental powers, didn’t hold anything back or used any techniques. His eyes calmly gazed at the Trident, continuously releasing his Sea God’s Light. He was sincerely praying.


“Come back, my partner! Even if I have to pay with all my powers, I have to resurrect you.”


The Sea God’s Light had been intensively released. The black Sea God Trident had turned into a blue color now as if it was affected by the Sea God’s Light. Even the massive brain of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had been turning gradually blue as well. It slowly melted and got into the Trident.


That whale bead had now turned into a blue color, then started to fuse with the whale brain as it was gradually inlaid into the hole under the Sea God’s Light.


This process took a lot of time. During that time, the gold sea around the round platform became placid just like a boundless lake, where no waves were rippling.


No matter how strong his mental power was, it still had limits. Moreover, Tang San had spent plenty of his mental powers throughout the challenges of the seven emotions. Gradually, his mental power had been running out, almost drained. But Tang San still maintained the shining Sea God’s Light and his upright posture. Only his eyes had changed from being calm to those of determination.


What Tang San had promised the Sea God Trident was the words between men. They had been together through many ups and downs. At this last moment, Tang San would never give up.


As time was flying, Tang San started to tremble. His face was as pale as snow. The Sea God Trident’s mark on his forehead became drearier. Still, he was clenching his teeth, and constantly projected the Sea God’s Light. His heart could feel that as soon as he had stopped releasing the Sea God’s Light, the Sea God Trident would never have been recovered.


Right at this moment, the platform underneath him started to glow. Among the other eight smaller platforms that were flying around him, except for the eighth one that was hovering in front of him, the other seven, which represented his seven emotions, started to twirl around him. The gold mist on those seven platforms had turned into dazzling gold lights just in a flash, creating a splendid halo around Tang San.


The first one to move was the god level spirit bone and the Eight Spider Lances, which had been turned into the Sea God Eight Wings. The Sea God Eight Wings rose up as the gold light pillar that was covering it slightly opened. Those rippling waves cloud-like patterns were emitting blue lights, dyeing the Sea God Eight Wings entirely with the magnificent blue-gold light.


Instantly, the platform of the Sea God Eight Wings flew out and stopped above Tang San. A scorching gold light shone from the sky, entirely covering Tang San. The gold Sea God Eight Wings also rose up, flying one round in the sky then descended onto Tang San’s back.


A burning heat was strongly transmitted to Tang San, who was about to shrivel. It was like a new living current was being pumped into his body. Tang San was shivering with the pleasures of being alive. That scorching energy was spreading to his dry meridians. His mental powers were boosted up again. The Sea God’s Light, which was feeble before, was now shining again. Tang San could only feel an unimaginable energy, which was like a hundred rivers streaming into the sea at the same time, furiously poured into his body from his back. This pleasure was incomparable. The feelings of being drained and feeble were all washed away.


Tang San’s mental power instantly realized what changes that had been made. The eight massive wings had been attached to his eight ribs, right where the Eight Spider Lances used to be. Eight massive blue-gold wings opened at the same time. Those massive wings had absorbed an enormous amount of energy from the Gold Sea underneath and transmitted it to him.


Together with the enhanced Sea God’s Light, the Sea God Trident started to change. Faint gold light started to appear on the patterns carved on the Trident. The whale bead became more pellucid. The Sea God Trident had absorbed at least one-third of the whale brain’s energy.


Together with the energy that was poured into his body, the feeling of being filled with energy made Tang San’s determined eyes become livelier. His pupils were the first to turn into a blue-gold color; then it was his entire eyes.


After the Sea God Eight Wings had been attached to Tang San, under the blue-gold light, its platform disappeared. Then, the second platform, which was holding the Blue Sky Bull Python right arm spirit bone, flew above his head then stopped there.


A melodious dragon roar reverberated, echoing in the air. A blue dragon rapidly soared up into the sky from the small platform, along with that lucid but full of energy roar. Its blue body, while plunging up, tagged along with a cloud of seawater on its tail. Gradually, it had turned into a giant Blue-gold Dragon.




When that giant dragon had reached the height that people couldn’t observe with bare eyes, it suddenly turned its head back. The entire gold color vast sea was storming with seething, furious waves. The dragon roar didn’t cease. After a flash, that giant dragon started to shrink.


A strong suction force lifted Tang San’s right arm. That blue-gold dragon descended, then wrapped around Tang San’s right arm. The scorching heat arose again, filled his mind. An incredible energy started to get into his body from the right arm.


Each square inch of Tang San was filled with pleasure, extending to his shoulder. BOOM. A layer of blue-gold dazzling armament suddenly appeared, covering Tang San’s right arm.


There was a dragon head on his shoulder, which was looking outward. It wasn’t grandiloquent, but very magnificent. Then it stretched out to his entire arm, covered it with dragon scale patterns. The shape and each angel of the arm armor were delicate, even the palm. The armor lingered closely on Tang San’s arm. However, it didn’t bring an annoying feeling of a solid armor; instead, it was flexible and didn’t affect Tang San’s moves.


Especially, there was a blue-gold gemstone on his right palm. A strong suction force, which was drinking the gold seawater came out from inside that gem.
Instantly, another enormous source of energy started to pour into Tang San. Meanwhile, his body was now like a bottomless cave, devouring everything continuously.


A massive gold water column drew a miraculous curve in the air. The gold seawater, through his right arm armor, constantly got into his body.


Under the support of the Sea God Eight Wings and the solid right arm armament, Tang San felt that the loss of his Sea God’s Light and its recovery were finally balanced.


However, it is just the beginning. Those smaller platforms, one by one, came to Tang San. Following the second platform that held the Blue Sky Bull Python right arm spirit bone was the third platform holding the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone.


The translucent Blue Silver Grass slowly descended. Each of its leaves had turned into a moving light, ornamentally twirling up from Tang San’s feet. They stopped when reaching his thigh. After another boom, Tang San felt his right leg was tensing as a powerful energy was spreading rapidly from there. The tender energy was moving instantaneously. A leg armor, which was blue-gold mixed with the blue color of the Blue Silver Grass, dazzlingly integrated with Tang San’s right leg.


The surface of the right leg armor was similar with the Sea God Eight Wings’, which was decorated with torrential wave clouds. It covered Tang San’s right leg entirely. On the greave appeared three spikes that looked like three sharp bones. Each of them was curved like a small wing.


When the third platform disappeared right after the Sea God Armament’s right leg appeared, the fourth platform came. The shadow of the Demon Orca King flashed then struck violently to Tang San’s left leg. Tang San immediately felt the freezing cold expanded from his left leg. It was totally opposite to the tender feeling of the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone. This cold feeling had stirred Tang San up. The same leg armor with the right leg appeared. The difference was, on his left foot, a faint white light was surging. It looked like the sharp nimbus of a blade. Obviously, it was related to the Orca Demon Hatchet of the Demon Orca King’s left leg spirit bone.


When a new element of the armor appeared and integrated with his body, Tang San’s power was advanced miraculously. He could project a stronger and more constant Sea God’s Light. That armor was his strongest foundation. He was urging all of the Sea God’s power to recover the most important weapon of the Sea God.


After the Demon Orca King left leg spirit bone had completed the leg armor, the next platform arrived. It wasn’t what Tang San had expected, which was the Skull spirit bone. The seventh platform came together with his Giant Titan Ape’s left arm spirit bone. Boom. A sturdy left arm armor appeared on Tang San’s arm. Unlike the right arm armor, this left arm armor didn’t have the dragon shape or the dragon scale. Moreover, it looked bigger than the right one. But the wave cloud patterns were identical. Quite the contrary, the two different arm armor elements didn’t give a feeling of discordance, but full of perfection and vigor.


The four elements of the sacred armor had appeared, plus the Sea God Eight Wings on Tang San’s back. The seething gold seawater whirled around the platform then plunging up to the air, turning into a massive tornado, which was then furiously twirling around the big platform. The tremendous power of the Sea God vehemently came into Tang San’s body, continuously improved each component of his body.


Right after that, the sixth platform, which carried the destroyed soul of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, plunged up then fell back. When it was still in the air, the original crystal clear spirit bone had turned into a glorious torso armor. This torso armor had fine details and was descending.


An explosion resounded. Strange feelings suddenly came from all different parts of his body. The hair on his head grew rapidly until it reached his waist. His hair now had a deep blue color of the vast ocean, flying in the wind. The armor had covered him completely.


The torso armor from the body spirit bone of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King looked overlord. The breastplate was thick as the waist was smaller. All of them had the fish scale patterns. Meanwhile, the tasset had the cloud patterns. All the parts connected splendidly. Right under the chest and above the waist, inlaid a lozenge deep blue gemstone. There was a seething dark purple tornado inside the gem. This gemstone was similar the one that held a dark purple tornado on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s armament. However, this gemstone had the pure, profound Sea God’s power.


Four lights, from his shoulders and thighs, at where the armor’s components had been jointed to be exact, started to glow together with the ribs where the Sea God Eight Wings had connected to Tang San. The sound of the connection of those elements was touching. Under the cover of the Sea God’s power, the torso armor had completely jointed with the other four parts and the Sea God Eight Wings. They finally came into a whole. When this process was finished, the fifth platform started to fly up. It didn’t come to Tang San, but to the Sea God Trident in front of him.


The skull spirit bone silently plunged; a small tornado appeared around it as to confront with the bigger tornado outside. The skull started to transform. As the blue-gold light was dazzling out, the skull was shrinking, turning into a small trident. But it didn’t stop there, continued to shrink until it had turned into a smaller ring, then finally a blue-gold Poseidon’s crown.


A hollow, which had the shape of a tiny Trident, was carved at the center of the Poseidon’s crown. When the crown was put on Tang San’s head as his long hair was tied behind his back, that hallow was placed right on the Sea God Trident’s mark. Blue-gold light instantly burst out. The Sea God Trident in front of him, under the shining of the Sea God’s Light, started to change.


The trident body wasn’t black anymore as the gold scripture that had brought Tang San the tremendous god power once, now was glowing entirely again. The dazzling gold had mixed with the blue color of the Sea God’s Light and turned into a blue-gold nimbus, spreading on each inch of the Trident. The whale bead, which was inlaid where the Sea God’s Heart used to be, under the constant shining, had turned into a blue jade gemstone.


At the same time, Tang San’s body was transforming.


The hole of a small trident on the crown that had connected with the mark on Tang San’s forehead, now had a lozenge gemstone, being the center of the crown, making the blue gold crown on his head more magnificent.


The pure, pellucid Sea God’s Light was projected from this gemstone, shining on the Sea God’s Trident with its brand new Sea God’s Heart. Tang San abruptly felt himself being the absolute central of this place. The familiar aura of the Sea God Trident now became closer to him, spreading to his entire body just in a flash.


Sea God Eight Wings on his back opened at once rising the blue-gold pure mist around him. That blue gold mist was getting condensed, turning into a massive blue gold light column, plunging up to the air altogether. The immense power had been fused with Tang San’s soul, becoming an unimaginable power source that he had never had before.


Tang San could see his soul now, which had been transformed into an entity. A blue-gold lozenge gemstone appeared on his forehead, linking with the gemstone on his armament. Tang San didn’t know that the materialization of the soul was the sign of the God being. From now on, his mental power had been turned into the divine sense, the purest Sea God’s divine sense.


Tang San tenderly looked at the Sea God Trident in front of him as the blue-gold light in his eyes ceased. He had totally understood what had happened to his body after he got the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. The heating feeling from those spirit bones had come from the power of the Sea God’s Light as it had secretly improved his spirit rings to evolve them. Their evolutions had completed at the beginning of this god’s inheritance process. After each time Tang San had passed one of his seven emotions’ tests, each of his spirit bone could have been evolved. This Sea God Armament wouldn’t be weaker than the Angelic God Armament.


No, to be exact, Tang San’s Sea God Armament was much stronger than Qian Ren Xue’s Angelic God Armament. The Angelic God Armament was the holy divine that the Angelic God had left in Human Realm. Each of its spirit bones had reached level one hundred thousand years. What about Tang San? Even though the Skull spirit bone was the only one that hadn’t had the one hundred thousand years cultivation base, it was enhanced with the Sea God’s Heart, aided with Tang San’s Purple Demons Eye, its power was more intimidating than a regular one hundred thousand years spirit bone.


Although Tang San’s seven spirit bones came from different spirit beasts, their quality was actually pretty high. Using the one million years body spirit bone to create the torso armor, this Sea God Sacred Armament was even stronger than that of the previous Sea God. One more thing, the former Sea God didn’t have wings. Tang San had an External spirit bone, which was the Eight Spider Lances. After it had been evolved to the peak level, it turned into the Sea God Eight Wings, contributing more powers to this Sea God Armament. It was like a tiger could have two wings, ah, eight more wings.


Each component of the armor had been made from Tang San’s spirit bone, which meant they could integrate perfectly with his body. Even though they had formed the armor, still they were his body’s parts. This will never change.




The massive tornado suddenly exploded, releasing a furious twirling wind storming to the platform, getting through Tang San and the Sea God’s Trident.


Tang San immediately woke up. At this moment, there was only the Sea God Trident, his closest comrade in the deadly watershed. He rose his right arm, finally moved. Right now, nothing could prevent him from doing this deed. His sturdy right hand, covered with the Sea God Armament, determinedly grabbed the Sea God Trident, which was radiating dazzling gold light.


Right when Tang San took the Sea God’s Trident, a blue-gold flame from his body plunged up rapidly. All tornados in the air were pausing at this moment. In the next blink, Tang San had already risen the resurrected Sea God’s Trident with its blue-gold beautiful aureole over his head, pointing toward the sky.




A massive suction force suddenly burst out from Tang San. The torrential wave cloud patterns on the eight wings were projecting stunning, dazzling gold light. The gold seawater, under the effect of the tornado, scattered in the air, furiously fused into Tang San’s body as well as the Sea God Trident like numerous lightning strikes. The blue-gold flame was spinning around him. From his feet, gold light waves started to rise up one by one.


A strong voice, which was full of respect, reverberated from everywhere.


“Sea God’s Ninth Challenge, accomplished. Sea God’s power perfectly integrated. Sea God has arrived. All spirit rings cultivation base are increasing fifty thousand years more.”


Each spirit ring started to fly up from Tang San’s feet stunningly. This beautiful scene could touch people’s heart. Previously, Tang San had seen nine red and black spirit rings of Qian Ren Xue, which were dyed with splendid gold light. But what had happened to him was different.


The first spirit ring had appeared was a red one, which had a glorious blue-gold nimbus on it. The second one was the same as well as the rest of his spirit rings set. All nine spirit rings were red with a blue-gold nimbus cover. However, the last one, the tenth spirit ring, was different. This tenth spirit ring represented the power of a God. It was a pure pellucid gold spirit ring.


One hundred thousand years, all are one hundred thousand years spirit rings! Being a spirit master, even if he wasn’t a god, it was very stirring seeing all of his spirit rings could be ranked one hundred thousand years. Even Tang San himself couldn’t believe his own eyes.


Sea God’s inheritances last award was the increasing fifty thousand years for all spirit rings. For his Blue Silver Emperor spirit, after the second improvement, the lowest spirit ring got the cultivation base of over fifty thousand years. Now with the gift from the challenge, Tang San’s first spirit ring had turned into red. Nine red and one gold. This is the invincible god power!


At this moment, Tang San had no feeling about strength. He had only one thing in his mind, “Control everything!” Yes, he was holding all power in his hands.


Tang San rose the Sea God Trident over his head. The Trident wasn’t black anymore due to lack of energy. Now it was the seal of Tang San’s soul, becoming a part of Tang San. It was same with his spirit bones that had formed his armor now as they would never leave Tang San. How wonderful it is!




Sacred Mount. Sea God Hall.


Right at this moment, the scarlet mark on Xiao Wu suddenly changed. The dark red mark inaudible broke as a powerful voice arose in her head.


“The peak challenge, accomplished. Partner of the Sea God during the Sea God’s inheritance, combo award of…”



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