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Then, seven out of eight trials of the Sea God’s inheritance process were all about the seven emotions. Surely they were to test his determination.

Came to this conclusion, Tang San’s mind became clearer. Another pain went straight to him from his right thigh. The Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone was about to be drawn out, but the pain it caused didn’t affect his thoughts.

If Sea God could sense what had been changed in Tang San’s mind, he would jump in joy. If the Sea God’s Heart were here, it would remind him that those were the challenges on the seven emotions. Originally, during the Sea God’s inheritance process, he would have been tested on six desires, respectively to the six spirit bones that a regular spirit master would possess. But Tang San was an exception as he had the Eight Spider Lances External spirit bone. Since he got seven spirit bones, the challenge’s contents had been changed from six desires to seven emotions.

Everybody has Seven Emotions and Six Desires. They are human natures, which are unavoidable. No exception. This kind of challenges would be tough. Even if one got reminded, under the obtrusion of the Sea God’s power, it was still very difficult to pass. Moreover, Tang San didn’t have any reminder and just directly came to the trial place. He had been struggling more that he almost failed.


Previously, Sea God had helped him to clear his hitch, furthermore, with his fortune, he could guess the contents of the challenges. In addition, after Tang San had completed eight challenges of the Sea God Nine Challenges, he got the Sea God’s Affinity of one hundred and fifteen percent, which helped him turn the impossible to possible. Tang San didn’t fail anyone who counted on him. From the third trial onwards, his process had become smoother.

The third trial, the test context was about the “Grief”. After the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone had been taken out, a vague scene appeared. This was about Ah Yin, Tang San’s mother, had chosen to sacrifice herself to save Tang Hao. She was standing in front of him, choosing to sacrifice herself. Tang San now only needed to raise his arm to be able to save his mother in that illusion. The space was filled with sorrow that could easily drown people.

Learning from the previous trials, no matter how miserable the illusion was, Tang San still held himself together, trying to control his mind. He was amazed realizing that his Purple Demon Eye’s ability, which could disperse the illusion, could be urged in this space. Nevertheless, the Purple Demon Eye wasn’t a power that belonged to this world. The illusion was so deluded, but Tang San was still able to resist. He then passed the challenge. The Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone had been turned into a small, authentic Blue Silver Grass, covered with blue-gold nimbus, laying on the third platform.


Right after that, the fourth challenge began as his left leg spirit bone was drawn out. Still, another illusion appeared. This time it was Xiao Wu, who had sacrificed for him, as her soul was about to vanished. Seeing this, Tang San’s heart was filled with fear.

With the experience from three previous trials and his understanding of the nature of those challenges, Tang San could maintain his will of steel, strongly resist the provoker. Challenge passed. The Demon Orca King left leg spirit bone had been turned into a giant Demon Orca, laying on the fourth platform.

At this moment, Tang San had undergone four out of eight challenges of the Sea God’s inheritance process. After the fourth trial, Tang San suddenly felt his body was changing. His bones, flesh, and meridians used to have a gold color; now they started to redden, turning into the red-gold color that looked like Qian Ren Xue’s aureole when she attacked him with all of her powers. The four emotions’ challenges had been improving his body unconsciously. At the same time, Sea God’s power was entering his body little by little.

There were three spirit bones left in Tang San’s body now. Tang San knew that they were the most important ones.

The god level Eight Spider Lances was fused with him just like they were one body and it could help him to stay alerted. The Blue Sky Bull Python spirit bone had Da Ming’s soul; it could remind him of this dangerous situation. His mother had given him the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone; it was filled with love, of course, it wouldn’t trouble him. Although the Demon Orca King left leg spirit bone came from a one hundred thousand years spirit beast, it was the left leg spirit bone that didn’t hold an important role in his body. Moreover, Tang San was calm enough to withstand the feeling that arose from that spirit bone. Thus, he could pass through the first four trials with ease. Of course, the key condition was Tang San’s brilliant mind, which was able to understand the real contents of the Sea God’s inheritance process.


Nonetheless, the last four trials would be much more difficult. Let alone the recovery of the Sea God’s Trident, the next three emotions’ challenge would be more strenuous. First, it was Tang San’s body spirit bone, which came from the one million years spirit beast, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Needless to say, that demon whale had the deepest resentment for Tang San as he not only savaged it but also destroyed its corpse. When Tang San took this challenge, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s soul in the spirit bone surely wouldn’t help him; quite the contrary, it would try its best to help the Sea God’s power to promote its illusion. It is the most important spirit bone among his spirit bones. Naturally, the trial would have been more challenging.

Not to mention the Mind Condensing Wisdom Skull. It was the spirit bone that had integrated into his brain. It would bring the utmost pain for sure. Moreover, this spirit bone had fused with some part of Sea God’s power; Tang San wasn’t sure what anomalies would happen during the Sea God’s accession process.

The last one, also the one that wouldn’t trouble him, the Giant Titan Ape left arm spirit bone. This spirit bone ranked lower than the others. Furthermore, it came from the Giant Titan Ape, with the relationship between the ape and Tang San, it shouldn’t be a problem.  But the key point here was, this spirit bone had Asura God’s power. Tang San could confirm that it would be very difficult to take this spirit bone out of his body. Even though the Asura God’s power was detained in his Clear Sky Hammer, still, it was dangerous.

What was happening proved that Tang San’s assumptions were correct. The fifth spirit bone that was being taken out was the Skull spirit bone, the Mind Condensing Wisdom Skull.

Right when the spirit bone was taken out, Tang San’s brain was like a void. This wasn’t the feeling of being hurt. It was like when Sea God had taken him to this place. He couldn’t control anything, as his senses couldn’t feel the surrounding world anymore.

The faint scarlet light started to appear in that empty world. That scarlet light slowly condensed, forming a huge heart in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but be in that world. Although he wanted to use the Purple Demon Eye to break the illusion, he couldn’t do anything. Not a surge beam of energy could arise. In this world of consciousness, he was just a humble, ordinary human.

All of a sudden, the surroundings started to change. The pale world now lit up with countless beams of light.


There were a green forest and a small pellucid lake that people could see through its crystal clear water. Birds and insects were singing and tweeting in the sky.  The fresh air gave people refreshing feelings. Laid at the center of this beautiful picture was a girl in white, sitting on a rock near the lake. She had stunning long black hair, which could touch the translucent water. She was gently combing her hair with a thin, cute comb.

Tang San was dulled seeing her. Xiao Wu! Yes, she is my Xiao Wu! Tang San didn’t need a closer look to recognize his woman.

He was standing two meters away from Xiao Wu now. Suddenly, Xiao Wu leaned her head, looking at him. She tenderly swung her long hair, revealing her exquisite beauty, looking at Tang San and smiled, “Ge, did you know that?”


“Know what?” Tang San answered instinctively.
Xiao Wu’s eyes were filled with joy, smiling, “Mom told me that a girl, during her whole life, should let only one man comb her hair. Are you willing to comb my hair?”


“Of course, I am!”
Tang San replied immediately. The passionate love filled his mind instantly. He had nothing else in his mind right now. Being able to comb her hair, spending the happy days with her, were the most wanted desires in his heart.
Xiao Wu blushed, embellishing her beauty that could truly touch people’s hearts. She delicately rose the wooden comb, didn’t dare to look at Tang San, softly said, “For you.”

Tang San rose his hand, attempted to come forward and take the wooden comb. But his hand suddenly ceased in the middle of the action.


This is an illusion. All are illusions. How could I be with Xiao Wu at the lake, which lays in the middle of the Star Dou Forest? Even if this is the world of consciousness, if I step forward and take that comb, possibly I will make one step in reality and leave the central platform.

If Tang San could have urged one of his spirit abilities, he would have taken that wooden comb. However, he was in the consciousness world; he couldn’t do anything.

Even so, Tang San’s heart was still filled with the love he had for Xiao Wu. Among his seven emotions, this “Love” was the most difficult challenge to overcome. In his heart, Love was also the most fragile or the biggest flaw of his.

Although he knew all were just illusions, Tang San couldn’t be firm enough to resist Xiao Wu. He was looking at her motionlessly and dazedly.

After a while, Xiao Wu slowly lifted her head, looking at him. Her eyes were abashed. A pellucid layer of tears lingered on her eyes. She didn’t look at Tang San anymore as she bowed and gazed at the wooden comb in her hand. Her voice was choking with emotion; she tremblingly cooed, “Ge, you don’t want to comb my hair?”

“No. I do want it. I want it!”

The passionate love broke his will. Tang San fiercely shouted. How could he be heartless to watch his beloved Xiao Wu’s sadness? Even though this was just an illusion, still, he couldn’t turn her down.


Sea God Island, the Sacred Mount, Sea God Palace.

The Shrek Six Devils all witnessed Sea God Doulou Bo Saixi’s scarification to open the gate leading to the Sea God Temple for Tang San.

Their body was covered with gold light. They could feel the dense power gushing out from that gate, transmitting to their body through the platforms where they were standing. At the same time, their spirit powers had been united as one, connected with those gold flames, ensuring that that gate would be open all the time.

Sea God Palace wasn’t similar to the Angelic God Hall, which had a door opened to where the inheritance was taken place. Also, Qian Dao Liu’s sacrifice was different from Bo Saixi’s. Qian Dao Liu had sacrificed to open the gate for Qian Ren Xue; once she completed her Angelic God’s inheritance, she could open the gate again with her own powers.

Bo Saixi didn’t only have to open the channel leading to the Sea God Temple but also use her power to create the gate. If this gate were closed, even if Tang San could have had become a God, he would never be able to return to the Human Realm.

That was why the six of them needed to be here to maintain the channel during his accession. Originally, according to Sea God’s arrangement, the Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians had to do that. However, Bo Saixi knew that the Shrek Six Devils were very loyal to Tang San; also, they had all passed at least the Black Rank Sea God’s challenge. Despite their weak competence, their spirit powers weren’t lower than the Seven Sacred Pillars Guardians. Their presence here would be easier for Tang San’s process.

Since Tang San had entered the inheritance place, the Shrek Six Devils could watch all of his moves, as their sight had been with Tang San always. They could even see what had been changed in Tang San’s mind. This was one of the benefits of the ones who were maintaining the channel. Being able to witness the God’s inheritance process would benefit their development in the future.


They all saw Tang San breaking the light barrier as well as the real appearance of Sea God. Of course, when Tang San had started the accession process, their visions had entered that gold world too. Therefore, they didn’t hear what the two Gods had discussed at the Sea God Temple.

When Tang San had been dealing with his first trial, everyone was sweating, worrying about him. Until he understood the key points of the challenges, passing through four trials continuously, they could feel ease to some degrees.

There was one person, who was still anxious. It was Xiao Wu. It wasn’t mainly because she was worrying for Tang San, it was because of what Da Ming had reminded him. Her heart was tied to that emotion.

Now, all six of them were submerged in Tang San’s illusion, as they could hear what that Xiao Wu had talked to him.

According to Dai Mu Bai and Oscar, this couldn’t be burdensome to Tang San. He could pass all the previous trials, how could he not recognize the scene in front of his eyes wasn’t real? That Xiao Wu was just an illusion.
Right when Tang San shouted, except Xiao Wu, the other five, including Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, Ma Hong Jun, Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhuqing, were all dumbstruck. They couldn’t figure out why a smart guy like Tang San could be so emotional like that. It seemed he couldn’t pass this fifth challenge.

Only Xiao Wu could understand Tang San’s heart. He doesn’t want to refuse me! Although it was just an illusion, the plot of what was happening there was true. Even the emotion of that combing hair scene. Tang San’s emotion was affected by the Sea God’s power. Love in his heart was bursting, breaking his will. “Love” made him forget that he was taking the Sea God’s accession.
Facing such situation, even though she couldn’t move as she was covered in that dense gold light, Xiao Wu screamed with all her strength.

“Ge, it’s not me! It’s not me!”


Xiao Wu’s voice echoed inside the Sea God Hall, waking the Shrek Five Devils. But they all understood that her voice couldn’t reach that strange world. Xiao Wu was screaming until her voice was getting hoarse. This dragged their heart. If Tang San couldn’t pass the Sea God’s inheritance, he would be finished.

However, the answers are not always absolute.

When everybody thought that Tang San would fail this time, inside the illusion, Tang San suddenly stopped his move.

Tang San bowed, looking at his right hand with disbelief. The vehement love in his eyes didn’t cease; it just changed its target.

True, he heard Xiao Wu’s voice, even if it was just a very feeble signal deep inside his heart. Moreover, he could only hear “It isn’t me!”


But it was enough. Xiao Wu screamed to wake him up, and Tang San heard her voice. Yes, the illusion in front of my eyes is identical with Xiao Wu. But she isn’t my Xiao Wu. I only comb my Xiao Wu’s hair. Not you.


All illusions collapsed at once. When Tang San turned back to the gold world of the Sea God’s inheritance place, he immediately saw a blue-gold skull in front of his eyes. The aureole on it was exactly similar to the Sea God’s Heart’s aureole.


Even Tang San didn’t know that he could be able to hear Xiao Wu’s voice, not because of Xiao Wu had loudly screamed with all her strength, but because there was a telepathy connection between them.

Telepathy exists. For example, between twins, long-time couples or between parents and children.

The telepathy connection between Tang San and Xiao Wu came from the sacrifice she had made for him. Even though Tang San had returned the spirit ring and spirit bone to her, from some aspects, officially, they used to be one. Under such conditions, an invisible bridge had been formed between their souls. When Tang San encountered a deadly situation, this bridge had conveyed a feeble signal to rescue him. Although it was just in a blink of an eye and happened in two different worlds, it was enough to wake Tang San up, escaping the trap of the fifth emotion, also his biggest flaw, Love.

Tang San breathed heavily. His spirit power couldn’t help but circulate fiercely. He looked at his right arm, recalling Xiao Wu’s worrying voice. A deep concern filled his heart. Although he was constantly suffered from the taken spirit bones and the mental challenges, Xiao Wu’s voice had helped gather his mental power to a new level. At this time, after he had passed the fifth challenge, a faint blue-gold nimbus appeared on his skin. His physical loss was recovered.

The Sea God’s inheritance didn’t pause. Right when the skull that looked like it was made from blue-gold and its platform came back to the original position, the sixth platform had arrived. At this moment, the energy arm, which was constantly taking his spirit bones out, had become enormous. That gold hand directly appeared about one meter in front of Tang San, making a move like it was snatching something.

This simple move gave Tang San a feeling of his soul was being taken out. The extreme pain that he had never had before had washed over his nerves instantly.

Needless to say, the body spirit bone was the biggest one among the six spirit bones, also the most important one. When it was being taken out, of course, it would bring along the most furious anguish. This was like his entire skeleton was beaten to a pulp. That massive energy didn’t let Tang San withstand. As the body spirit bone was being taken out, Tang San’s seven holes were spouting blood, which looks like several small snakes crawling down. However, Tang San’s blood used to be gold, now it had a faint blue color mixed together with the gold color. From the original gold, it had turned into red-gold and now blue-god. The power of Sea God gradually solubilized into his body. Tang San, of course, had to endure that extreme pain patiently to complete his accession.
Puff. Blood was gushing out from his body. His vision was blurred now. Even though his bearing capacity was high and his will was much stronger than ordinary people, facing such torturing pain, he couldn’t stand somehow. The extreme pain was like his brain was continuously exploding.

No, I can’t lose like that. Tang San vaguely felt that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was laughing at him and Xiao Wu’s worrying countenance. Clenching his teeth, he let that power taking what it wanted. Tang San didn’t resist, just let his body wiggle in pain; no matter what stimulations the pain would give him, he would just clench his teeth and endure. Tang San was clenching his teeth so hard that he bit his lips until blood bled from there. His fists were so tight that his fingernails had pierced into the soft tissues in his palms.

His feet adhered to the ground. This pain was too much that even if with his god level’s skeleton, he couldn’t endure. Ten toes, except the two big toes, the other eight were all broken. Even so, he still stood upright. Although the huge platform where he was standing was solid enough,  some holes still appeared due to his toes’ pressure.

A translucent purple skeleton gradually appeared in front of Tang San’s chest. Even if it was a body spirit bone, it was formed by energy. What Tang San was feeling was like his real skeleton was being taken out of his body. Moreover, seeing that with his own eyes even brought more pain.

Tang San couldn’t help but scream. His clenched fists suddenly struck hard on his waist. He lifted his head up, swinging the long hair, which was full of blood and sweat, flying on his back. Along with his scream, the biggest spirit bone was drawn out of Tang San’s body. Tang San didn’t even have a chance to use the spirit abilities granted by that spirit bone.

That purple body spirit bone looked like it was formed from ribs connected with spine flew to the sixth small platform in front of Tang San. The shadow of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King immediately arose behind the spirit bone. A furious resentment suddenly emerged in Tang San’s soul. At this moment, the shadow of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King became more realistic. He jumped back then plunged into the gold sea beneath them.

A ferocious laughter reverberated.


“Tang San, I really need to thank you for bringing me to this place. It’s been so many years that I haven’t come to this final step. But now I’m here. This Sea God’s power, let me take it!”

While saying, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, which was submerged in the gold water, suddenly turned into human form just like when he fought with Tang San. Both of his hands swung, creating a giant purple tornado which immediately dragging six smaller platforms with Tang San’s spirit bones on them to him. Six small platforms were twirling around the Demon Whale; even the other two empty platforms were shaking as if they wanted to move.

How come this could happen? Tang San was shaken. He could feel clearly that that Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a real soul. Moreover, those eyes looked exactly the same. At this moment, the Sea God’s aura around Tang San dispersed as well as the blue-gold nimbus on his skin. Meanwhile, the same blue-gold aureole appeared on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

No no no no…

He had undergone so many deadly challenges to get there, how could he let someone else take it? Resentment furiously occupied Tang San’s heart.  His right arm swung, bringing the Sea God Trident hovering in front of him. Tang San pointed at it with the black trident, shouted angrily.

“Deep Sea Demon Whale King, I didn’t think that you are still alive.”


Deep Sea Demon Whale King evilly laughed. The purple tornado from his hands became stronger. Those two last platforms started to fly toward him. “Who said I didn’t die. It’s true that I’d died. But you have underestimated my one million years soul. Even if it has been detained inside the spirit bone, it is not easy to eradicate my soul. I’ve been waiting for this chance. I didn’t think that this day would come. Ha ha ha ha ha. I really need to say thanks to this inheritance process. Now Sea God’s power is mine. Little boy, for you to bring me here, once I’ve finished re-creating my body, I will let you die decently.”

Facing the Demon Whale’s direct provocation, Tang San suddenly smiled, lowered the Sea God Trident in his right hand, putting it next to him, then stolidly said, “You don’t need to act. Your words are nonsense to me. They are joy, anger, anxiety, grief, love, fear and hatred, seven emotions. This sixth trial is all about hatred. Sea God’s power has intruded my mind, getting information from my true feelings to create those illusions that could touch my emotions. It’s true that I’m easy to get trapped. However, “hatred” is not my flaw. Even if you could cooperate with Sea God’s power to trouble me, it is impossible to prevent me from completing the inheritance process. I have passed the “love”’ trial. What else am I afraid of? All of these are illusions. Not to mention that your soul couldn’t leave the spirit bone. Even if you could, do you really think that in a world, which is full of Sea God’s power like this, you can easily interfere my inheritance? If your soul really could leave the spirit bone, it would be like suicide to you.”

After listening to Tang San, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s countenance had changed dramatically. The gold sea underneath him suddenly rose up. A giant golden trident broke the water, plunging up to the sky, piercing through the body that had been formed by the demon whale’s soul power. A solemn voice echoed in the gold world.

“Attempt to sabotage the candidate’s inheritance process. Death sentence. Soul destruction.”

Deep Sea Demon Whale King screamed out terrifyingly. No matter how much soul energy he had, in this world, it was useless. Just in a flash, his body had turned into dust, then entering the body spirit ring, which was taken out from Tang San’s body.

That spirit bone had turned into a purple dragon, wildly hovering above the small platform. It got calmer after a long while, floating there, just like the small Blue Dragon formed by the right hand spirit bone.


Watching this, Tang San got stunned. A cold feeling was running down his spine as he suddenly figured out that what just happened wasn’t an illusion. That Deep Sea Demon Whale King was actually formed by its soul energy. If not, after Tang San said those words, the illusion would have been collapsed. There would have been nothing like the soul destruction death sentence.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King hadn’t been eradicated. He had been hiding inside the spirit bone, waiting for his chance. Well done! One million years spirit beast was absolutely amazing!

This made Tang San’s mind shaken. He understood that if he couldn’t avoid the hatred intent in his mind, what the whale said would have come true. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King could have been able to take the Sea God’s inheritance. The Demon Whale might strengthen the extreme pain he had experienced through the body spirit bone taking out process. As his mind was damaged, the whale’s chance would be more ensured.

Eight round platforms flew to him once again. The pain from the seventh spirit bone was coming. The last spirit bone, of course, was the left arm spirit bone.

However, it didn’t go out as he had expected. No anomalies arose from the process. The pain was just the same with that of when the right arm spirit bone had been drawn out. This pain was nothing compared to the pain he had endured when the body spirit bone had been taken out. The seventh spirit bone was flying to the seventh platform.

Light flashed as everything became blurrier. A new illusion appeared. Tang San was astounded seeing himself standing in a mysterious starry night just like he was standing in the vast galaxy.

A round gold platform appeared in front of his eyes. A woman, who was radiating splendid gold light, was floating there. Her face showed that she was drowning in extreme sorrow. She was wearing a gold armament; six dazzling gold wings appeared on her back. However, her face grimaced as she was wiggling in extreme pain.

Although her face was twisted with painful complexion, Tang San could recognize the one who had appeared in his illusion just in a glance. She was the Angelic God’s successor, Qian Ren Xue.

Tang San’s psyche was like a shooting meteor, swoosh; it was plunging toward Qian Ren Xue just in a flash. It didn’t wait for him to react and intrude Qian Ren Xue’s head immediately.


The surroundings became clearer. Something really strange happened.

This was an empty space and what Tang San had seen first was Qian Ren Xue. What had startled him was her naked body. The gold skin looked delicately soft. Her generous contours were flawless. However, her look was dulled. She was looking forward aimlessly.

Tang San looked toward the direction where her gaze was locking. He got shocked again, seeing a young man.

His long blue hair was floating behind him. Everything could be seen in his crystal clear deep blue eyes, which were full of light of wisdom. His figure was slender and elegant. There was a harp floating silently in front of him.

He slowly rose his hands. The slender fingers touched the strings. Ding dong ding dong. A pure, perfect melody resounded, dispersing in the vast space. Qian Ren Xue was walking toward that young man, muttering something.


“Tang San, why it is you…”


What! That young man is me! But why am I here? What is happening?!?

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  2. Summarizing:

    joy – 8SL
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      Hatred: Whale torso, Purple dragon
      Desire: Titan ape bone, we will see…

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