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“Asura, stop there! We need to talk. You are unfair. I’m not afraid if we are going to the God Realm’s Committee. I don’t put my nose on your selection method of choosing many candidates at the same time. I only focus on one candidate!”


Although Sea God’s voice was still firm, others could see he was begrudging.


Asura God stopped, but he didn’t turn back, said, “Furthermore, what you had said was to help Tang San erase his distracting thoughts, I heard it all. You didn’t ask for my permission when you wanted to let your spokesman Bo Saixi be with my candidate. Tang Chen, Tang San’s great grandfather, even though he had consolidated a part of the Divine Soul, his soul had been damaged severely. I didn’t even think about wasting my Divine Soul to help him.”


Then, Asura God stepped out of the main gate of the Sea God Temple.
“Don’t you threaten me like that!”


Sea God shouted indignantly, “Asura God! You are my older brother! Can we talk again? Wait for me!”


Asura God’s icy-cold voice came with the wind, “Wait until Tang San has completed the inheritance. Even if I want to make him a Law Executor of the God Realm, it is not going to happen in the next ten thousand years.”


Sea God stormed out of his Temple, screaming, “Everything can be discussed again. You are one of the three great Law Executors; your position is equal to the other God Kings. You shouldn’t talk without carefully thinking in front of the God Realm’s Committee!”


The Law Executors held high positions in the God Realm. They had the authority power to control everything even the main Gods. They could interfere the power of the God Kings. Under some special circumstances, they could go to Human Realm using the unique method of the God Realm to execute the God Realm’s rules. The God Realm’s Committee consisted of two God Kings and the three Law Executors. In case they had something to decide, they would vote for it. Each God King had two votes while the three Law Executors each had one. But if the three Law Executors had the same opinions they could object the two God Kings’ opinions. Those five commissioners were called the Five Ultimate. Sea God wasn’t one of them, but his position was just slightly lower. His power was strong enough for him to not be afraid of Asura God.



The dazzling gold light blurred Tang San’s eyes. He could feel there was a massive gold vortex in front of him, dragging him inside as gold was the only color he could see now.


Suddenly, the vague vision disappeared, so did the gold vortex. Tang San realized he was standing on a round, tall platform.


This gold platform was successively transmitted warm feeling from his foot. The platform stood in the middle of a vast ocean. Tang San startled, realizing the seawater around him was all gold. What an eccentric gold ocean! Moreover, the sky above him was also filled with gold color. It seemed there was only one color in this space. Some places were darker or brighter than others, so as Tang San could distinguish the locations.


Tang San was smart. He concentrated his thought to recall the changes of Sea God before he brought him there. I think Sea God has some reasons as he couldn’t tell me everything, but bringing me here directly. Perhaps this place is a special domain, specialized for the Sea God’s inheritance process. This was what Tang San had assumed from his observations.


Around the round platform that Tang San was standing, there were other eight round platforms floating in the air. They were smaller, about two meters in diameter. Eight platforms? Sea God said that if I wanted to complete the inheritance, I would have to go through eight challenges. It must relate to these eight round platforms.


When Tang San was musing, a torrentially seething aureole suddenly rose up in an attempt to cover his body. Immediately, Tang San felt that the strange energy was binding him; he couldn’t move an inch.


Gradually, that gold energy had covered Tang San entirely. What made him wanted to cry was even his breath was sealed. He was still able to see, but nothing more than that. The Mysterious Sky Skill force in his body was slowing down. It was moving lazily. Tang San wanted to use his mental power to urge the internal force, but an unknown power had oppressed both of his mental powers and internal force.
Suddenly, without any hints, a scorching feeling came from behind him. Right after that, when Tang San hadn’t had time to react, he instantly felt an extreme pain of being torn apart. It had hurt him so much that Tang San had almost blacked out, just like his body was being chopped off. The ear-piercing rubbing sound echoed behind him. Tang San’s mental power was sealed at this moment, but his senses had become more accurate. The more accuracy his senses were, the more painful he could feel.


That extreme torment was as if someone was using a sharp knife to cut his back, open his skin, his muscles, and meridians. Then that one started to cut his rib cage from behind; moreover, the knife that person was using just cut through him from the intercostal spaces. Crack. It seemed that one of his ribs was violently dragged out.


Cutting flesh and taking bones. His sensitive senses had amplified the extreme feelings that no one could endure. Although Tang San had a solid will, under this utmost pain, all the meridians within his whole body were numb, shaking all of his nerves.


At the same time, one of the eight floating platforms came to Tang Sang, stopping around one meter from him. That platform was radiating beautiful shining rippling gold light beams. What a pity, Tang San was suffered from the extreme pain, he didn’t have the mood to watch the miraculous scene. A gold light flow plunged from behind Tang San, reaching that smaller platform; but it didn’t fell down there, just hovering half a meter above. It was obviously a rib! Tang San’s rib! Tang San’s painful feeling apparently came from his ribs that were being drawn out.


If the Sea God’s Heart hadn’t been shattered, with the Sea God’s Trident and the Sea God’s Heart, even though his bones were being drawn out during the inheritance, the pain would still have been reduced much. The Sea God’s Heart would use the Sea God’s power to protect his senses, eliminating the painful feeling. But now, Tang San didn’t have the Sea God’s Heart’s aid; he was like a patient going through his operation without any anesthetic.


A rib, my golden rib! Tang San was trying hard to oppress the fear in his heart. Under the utmost pain, he was telling himself not to panic. He must remain calm. This rib was one of his Eight Spider Lances. It had been evolved to a divine weapon; but still, that strange energy could draw it out.


As to prove his assumption was correct, when the rib had been balanced on the platform, it immediately projected dazzling light, enlarging to a three meters spider leg. That was one of the Eight Spider Lances.


The extreme pain arose again. After another crack, Tang San could feel that his body was getting softer while another rib was taken out. His Mysterious Sky Skill was totally subdued, as he couldn’t circulate it to reduce the pain. Tang San could only flex his muscles to endure.


At this moment, the cold voice that Tang San had heard before he entered the Sea God Temple suddenly echoed, “Remove the binds. If you prevent the spirit bones from being taking out, the challenge will be considered interfered, resulted in your inheritance cancellation. You are not allowed to leave the central platform more than two meters. Do not change your position while your spirit bones are being drawn out. If you can’t do that, it is considered you have quit your inheritance process.”


Upon the voice, all binds suddenly released. Tang San could be able to move again. He immediately took a deep breath, recklessly urged his Mysterious Sky Skill, forming a sense-shielding layer at his chest to prevent the utmost pain from getting into his nerves.


However, his senses had been amplified five times, that impressive pain couldn’t be oppressed that easy. During that anguish, the second gold light flashed as another spider leg appeared on the small platform in front of him. Two out of eight spider lances were taken out.


At this moment, Tang San recognized that getting back the ability to move was worse than being bound. If his body were sealed totally, at least he could use all of his mind strength to endure the pain. But now he had his ability to move back, in such extreme pain, he could only think about getting out of here or using his spirit power to attack. Once he took action, apparently, he would interfere the Sea God’s inheritance process. Thus, he had to completely concentrate on controlling his body, maintaining his still posture.


Tang San had to stay still, even though his body was feeling so much hurt it started to contract. This feeling was more torturing than before. From passively receiving the pain to actively taking it.


It is just the beginning! If I can’t endure this moment, how can I survive the upcoming challenges? An aggressive power was seething in him. He clenched his teeth to stay still. But it seemed he still couldn’t prevent his nerves and body from shaking. Anyhow, he was like a steel nail standing there. Despite his shaking body, he stood still.


Crack. Another rib was drawn out. Extreme anguish blocked everything in his vision, leaving only a black color. But his mind was strangely sound as he could even analyze this painful procedure. Tang San’s heart was beating frantically three times faster than normal. Tang San started to worry whether his heart could bear this hardship.


It was more bizarre that even though his ribs were being taken out, there was no blood dripping to the ground. Moreover, although his rib cage had the hollow spaces of the missing ribs; it didn’t affect its bearing capacity.


Tang San immediately knew that it wasn’t his ribs that were being drawn out, but it was his Eight Spider Lances External spirit bone. His ribs still remained. What that strange energy was doing was taking out his spirit bones.


It had happened before. But at that time, he chopped off his arm to take the spirit bone out violently. It wasn’t taking the spirit bones from his skeleton. The Blue Silver Emperor’s right thigh could regrow his arm. Moreover, cutting off a spirit bone, even if he was the peak Title Douluo, his spirit power level would have decreased ten levels. Tang San and his father Tang Hao had experienced this. But this time, although the detaching process was extreme, Tang San’s spirit power wasn’t affected. This was God’s ability. Besides God’s abilities, what else could do that?


Knowing that, Tang San felt the pain on his back was reduced somehow. Feeling the miraculous powers of a god, Tang San accepted this pain. Tang San’s will was really powerful, even more than his god’s power aura. With his intelligence, he understood the cause of his pain, making his mind more stable.


However, this extreme anguish had drained his stamina. He was soaking with sweat. Beads of sweat constantly rolled down on his face. Tang San didn’t gasp for breath, as it would drain him faster. He understood that during the inheritance process, external forces couldn’t be effective. Thus, he didn’t eat the sausages that Oscar had given him. He kept reminding himself that every time he endured the pain, his power could be enhanced more. With his strong self-insinuating, Tang San could stand still. Crack. The cracking sound echoed continuously, thrilling others. At each crack, there was a rib plunging to the platform, turning into a spider leg.


Eventually, the last lance of the Eight Spider Lances was detached with a crisp, broken sound. The extreme pain ceased. Tang San breathed out in relief.


A normal person would never feel how happy he is. But to a person who was just undergoing extreme pain, his healing procedure would bring him endless happiness. Tang San was enjoying that feeling. Moreover, from this joyful feeling, his body had been changed strangely.


The ends of eight spider legs got together at once, forming the complete Eight Spider Lances with dazzling gold light moving on them. Tang San could even see the golden devouring threads were tangled there. This external spirit bone had been with him for dozens of years, seeing them being taking out like that, even though his pain had vanished, his heart felt the extreme loss now.


Right at this moment, the Eight Spider Lances in front of Tang San started to change. From the gold ocean beneath, eight water pillars, which were same sizes with the spider lances, plunging up and covering the eight spider lances entirely. But then, the lances absorbed them immediately.


The pain, his happiness and the feeling of loss were washing away all at once.


Tang San focused on observing what was happening in front of him. He didn’t want to miss the god’s inheritance process that could happen only once in a lifetime.


A seething gold aureole emitted from the eight spider legs, gradually thickened. Those patterns looked massive, but they were neatly and perfectly connected to each other, making the Eight Spider Lances more splendid. Moreover, Tang San vaguely felt that the Eight Spider Lances were enlarging after absorbing the seawater. Together with the enlarging spider lances, the torrential pattern under the shape of clouds started to grow along.


Some strange understanding appeared in Tang San. Vaguely, he felt the longing feeling from the Eight Spider Lances. Is the spirit bone able to send its feeling to me? If so, does the Eight Spider Lances have its own soul?


But Tang San didn’t have much time to think. Something that could shake his heart was happening in front of him now.
The long eight spider legs suddenly shrank. However, they became bigger; each was about two meters long now. Then, the torrential wave patterns that looked like clouds expanded just in a blink. They were like the caterpillar breaking its cocoon to become a butterfly. Eight huge gold wings opened at once.


– Ah–


Seeing this, Tang San couldn’t help but scream.


Those eight wings, each was around two meters long and one meter wide. The torrential wave patterns that looked like clouds were their feathers. Each time that the eight wings gently flapped, the patterns were slightly moving along, radiating stunning gold light just like topaz. But the edge of the wings looked as sharp as a sword. The magnificent gold light was touching. The wings flapped as if they were calling for Tang San.


This…Are they my Eight Spider Lances? Tang San felt his mind was shaken. Then, joy suddenly arose in his eyes, instantly conquered his soul. Tang San couldn’t help but want to storm over there, taking those wings, hugging and caressing them. At the same time, his Eight Spider Lances were like they were calling, waving for him. They were sending him a joy of longing that they would never be detaching again. They were his! Tang San already rose his hands. There was a voice telling him that he just needed to step forward and touched those wings, he would instantly possess a holy weapon. It wouldn’t be any less powerful than his Sea God Trident, a holy weapon that suited him well.


Tang San’s left leg had stepped one step forward. One more step, just one more step and he would have the Sea God Eight Wings, which were full of Sea God’s power. He would have even two wings more than Qian Ren Xue!


Right at that moment, a serious alarm from the eight wings was transmitted to him, firmly making him, who was already lifting his left foot, stopped in the air.


The feeling of danger was sent to him from the Sea God Eight Wings or his Eight Spider Lances. All joy was washed away. Tang San still maintained his action; his body was ceasing as his complexion became stiffer.


The fear came from deep inside his soul made his sweat roll down from his face.


How could he make this step? The cold voice was still echoing in his mind. If I leave this position, the Sea God’s inheritance will fail instantly! This is such an intimidating challenge.

Tang San shuddered, immediately took his foot and both of his hands back. The insane joy in his mind was forced to stop.


He was wide-awake now. First, it was the extreme pain that he had to accept. Then came the crazy joy seeing his Eight Spider Lances turning into the glorious Sea God Eight Wings. Even though one had a will of steel and a solid courage, he could be able to endure the extreme anguish; but would he be able to control his overjoy? Tang San was a good example. If the Sea God Eight Wings didn’t send him the warning to dismiss his joy, his Sea God’s inheritance would fail immediately.


Compared to the Angelic God’s inheritance process that Qian Ren Xue had taken, Tang San’s inheritance process was much more struggling. No matter what, these eight challenges shouldn’t have been that hard. Tang San had lost his Sea God’s Heart; if he hadn’t, when the inheritance started, it would give him useful tips. With his intelligence, it wouldn’t be easy to fool him.


In fact, the Eight Spider Lances had sent Tang San the warning on time; it was the Sea God’s secret assistance to him. Of course, Sea God didn’t ask the Eight Spider Lances to help him because it would violate the God Realm’s rules. However, he could change the order of his challenges. He made the Eight Spider Lances spirit bone to be taken out first. It was close to Tang San, with the divine sense it had, it could help Tang San break the temptation during the inheritance. It had made Tang San be more careful in the upcoming challenges. This was all that Sea God could do to help him.


When Tang San woke up from his insane joy then got himself together, a blue-gold mist emitted from that small platform had wrapped the Sea God Eight Wings. Light flashed. Then, the platform that represented the first challenge of the inheritance process slowly flew back to its original location. But now, there was a set of the Sea God Eight Wings, which was beautiful with torrential wave patterns on it.


Right when the first platform moved, the second one had come quietly and stopped in front of Tang San. Learning from the first trial’s experience, Tang San hurried to concentrate. As he had assumed, the extreme pain came again. This time, it was from his right arm.


He could see clearly a gold energy hand concurrently appeared at his right arm, making a snatching move. Then his pain began. Tang San clutched his right arm on his waist, trying to press down the tearing pain, letting that gold energy hand take out his right arm’s spirit bone.


Through the first trial, Tang San vaguely understood that during this Sea God’s inheritance he had to experience the constant pain when all of his seven spirit bones would be drawn out one by one. And, the last trial would be the recovery of his Sea God Trident. Eight in total. However, during the challenges, the pain would be extreme, but it wasn’t the main content of the challenge.


Just as in the first challenge, although he could get through the pain, he almost ruined his process with the joy in his heart. Obviously, the inheritances trials were the changes of his feelings after the spirit bones were taken out. They would try to use his emotions to make him leave the round platform. Once he left the platform, he immediately canceled his inheritance.


With this understanding, Tang San could prepare himself better.


The right arm’s spirit bone was taken out faster as the pain he had to accept was less than the first time. Tang San could observe this change. Vaguely, he understood that the longer it took to drive the spirit bone out, the better it would be after being covered with Sea God’s power. The Blue Sky Bull Python’s spirit bone was good, but it couldn’t compare to the Eight Spider Lances that had evolved to god level. Thus, the time it was detached was less, which meant it wouldn’t be as excellent as the Eight Spider Lances.


What made Tang San curious was, after the extreme pain, the Eight Spider Lances had turned into the Sea God Eight Wings, what would the Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone be?


The answer was soon given. But this scared Tang San so much. Yes, not joy but scare.


The Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone silently stood on the round platform. A gold wave splashed on that platform, covered all the spirit bone. The power of the gold ocean, also the Sea God’s power, quickly merged into the Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone, changing it from inside.


The spirit bone was enlarged instantly, as big as Tang San’s arm. But it didn’t have joint, just like a round stick lying there. Moreover, there was something round on one end that looked like a mushroom. Any man looks at it would have some familiar concepts. The smaller version of that spirit bone would be like Oscar’s Swift Flying Mushroom Sausage. What made people couldn’t help but swear was at the center of the mushroom, a gold fluid gushed out, making a smooth curve in the air and directly pouring on Tang San.


Tang San could even smell the stinky odor from it.


The flame of rage in his eyes furiously sparked. Instinctively, he rose up his right arm indignantly. At this moment, a despicable voice, just like the cold voice that he used to hear, echoed, “It’s sad to say, renovation, failed.”




Tang San felt as if his brain exploded with fury. It would be fine insulting him. But what was being insulted was what Da Ming had sacrificed his life for him, creating that spirit bone! Tang San couldn’t urge his spirit power, but he just needed one step forward to blow that disgusting thing away.
Tang San was well alarmed, but deep inside of his heart, his family and friends were very important. If someone had humiliated him, he could have controlled his mind, but now it was Da Ming who got insulted. Da Ming had saved Xiao Wu, how could he hold this rage?


His step was about to have been completed! Tang San had risen his foot as he understood that this was the trap set by the inheritance process. What if it is a trap? Even if I can’t complete the inheritance, I can’t let Da Ming be insulted like that!


However, right when Tang San was about to move his foot, a feeble but familiar voice resounded, “Don’t be fooled, my brother. Your anger makes me feel your respect for me. To me, it’s enough. It’s my honor to be a part of a God.”


This… Tang San, who was about to step out from his round platform, was held back. What was holding him back, was the smelly odor gushing out from that round mushroom. He didn’t think that that fluid would help him.


“Da Ming…” Tang San’s eyes were blurred. He realized that this was Da Ming’s soul, the soul that was dwelling in the spirit bone.


“No need to say more. Do you really want to die in here without completing your inheritance and hurt Xiao Wu?”


Da Ming’s soul was feeble now. This was his last words, but it had a significant impact on Tang San.


To a spirit master, the spirit bone he got was from the death of a spirit beast. Of course, it would have full of resentment toward him. Unless it was the case of the Eight Spider Lances, evolved to god level and emotionally attached to Tang San.
However, Tang San wasn’t an ordinary spirit master; he got the Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone by the beast’s will. Da Ming’s soul was still in the spirit bone, seeing Tang San could resurrect Xiao Wu, he felt much joy. This spirit bone wasn’t a god level one, but Da Ming had used his soul power to deliver his message to Tang San. He would rather be insulted than seeing Tang San ruining his inheritance process.


This wasn’t what Sea God had set before nor Tang San’s fortune, it was Da Ming, who saved Tang San’s accession process.


Tang San had tears in his eyes, taking back his foot.


“Da Ming, I won’t let you down!”
Tang San had turned his rage into his power, furiously roared to press down his indignant feeling. Thus, he was clenching both of his fists to control his emotion.


When Tang San finally controlled his emotions, things were changing again. The object that looked like a mushroom suddenly enlarged. In the gold mist, reverberated a dragon roar. Tang San somehow could see Da Ming’s original form, just much smaller. Then, under that gold mist’s effect, it was changing rapidly. The Blue Sky Bull Python, bull head, snake body, in this flash of time, could have fulfilled the wish that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t achieve despite he had been spending a million years.


Just in a blink, Da Ming had turned into a gold dragon, soaring up from that small round platform. Although its body was small, still, it gave people the feeling of a dragon soaring through nine heavens in that rolling gold mist. The round platform gradually came back to its position.
True, this was the true evolution of the Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone. Tang San swept his tears, calming his emotions.


First, using joy to shake his mind. Then, using indignation to affect his emotion. Those inheritances trials were too intimidating. It had humiliated Da Ming to provoke him; moreover, it had used the power of the inheritance to seduce him. Even though he understood this was the trap set for him, he almost stepped into it. How come the Sea God’s inheritance process was so difficult?


Passing through the two trials, Tang San had a deeper impression towards the Sea God’s inheritance process. It was like, studying one formula but being able to solve ten equations. Tang San suddenly remembered a typical sentence in the basic “Trimetric Classic” [1] by Confucianists in his previous life, which was, “We speak of Joy and Anger; We speak of Grief and Fear, of Love, of Hatred, and of Desire; These are the seven emotions.”

[1] Trimetric Classic: the embodiment of Confucianism suitable for teaching young children. It was probably written in the 13th century and attributed to Wang Yinglin (???, 1223–1296) during the Song dynasty. The text is written in triplets of characters for easy memorization. With illiteracy common for most people at the time, the oral tradition of reciting the classic ensured its popularity and survival through the centuries.With the short and simple text arranged in three-character verses, children learned many common characters, grammar structures, elements of Chinese history and the basis of Confucian morality, especially filial piety and respect for elders.

Nowadays, Chinese netizens use the “Trimetric Classic” terms to indicate offensive words which also consist of triplets of characters, such as ???, ???, ???, etc. (well, you should ask Google gege for the meanings).


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