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The Sea Banshee looked at the closed doors, mournfully said, “You all forgot how much support Master Bo Saixi had given us so we could be who we are today? Without her, there are no us. But now, we are just standing here and watching her dying! I can’t help be like that!”


The Sea Horse Douluo sighed and replied, “You know her condition now. Perhaps this would be the best possible outcome for her. She’s changed since that man came here. Can you see that her heart has been gone together with his death? Now, living is a torture to her.”


“Alright, be quiet. Let’s wait for the Sea God’s arrival and also pray for Master Bo Saixi!”


The Sea Dragon Douluo slowly stepped forward, bent down on one knee, putting his hands in a gesture in front of his chest. He didn’t say anything else.


The other six guardians of the Sacred Pillars, including Sea Banshee, reluctantly bent down on their knees behind the Sea Dragon Douluo. Their countenances were mournful; they were silently praying.



Inside the Sea God Hall.


After the main doors had closed, everything suddenly turned into a dense black color. It wasn’t the first time that they had been here, but the feeling was totally different. Xiao Wu, Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, Ning Ring Rong, Ma Hong Jun and Zhu Zhu Qing all focused on Tang San. He was about to take the god inheritance! Once he completed it, he would become a real God. A God! A real God!


Their breaths became faster as their looks on Tang San changed. Excitement and admiration could be seen in their eyes; of course, there was a vague worry too. Although they didn’t know how the shattered Sea God’s Heart could affect Tang San’s trial, they always knew that the God’s accession was a dangerous challenge.


Dai Mu Bai suddenly rose his right arm, grabbed Tang San’s shoulder, “Little San, you must succeed!”


Oscar took out all the high quality sausages he had, bringing them to Tang San, using his action to show his support. Tang San smiled, shaking his head. Human spirit masters’ auxiliary support was useless to God. Tang San knew this by the time Ning Rong Rong couldn’t give him her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower’s boost while he had been using the Asura God’s power in his fight with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Thus, during the inheritance, those sausages couldn’t be effective.


Ma Hong Jun hugged Tang San tight.


“San-ge, you are my idol. To me, there’s nothing you can’t do. This time too!”


Just like they had discussed before, Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhu Qing approached him from both sides and gave him a kiss on his cheeks.


Ning Rong Rong smiled, “Rumor said that beautiful girls’ cheers could generate massive energy. San-ge, don’t fail us!”


Dai Mu Bai and Oscar didn’t show that they were jealous. Only encouragement could be seen in their eyes.


Xiao Wu was the last one came to Tang San. Other people stepped aside, didn’t look at them as they wanted to spare this last moment for them only.


Tang San held both of Xiao Wu’s hands, placed them on his mouth, “Xiao Wu, I’ve proposed to you, and you agreed with me! Ease your mind, even if it would be more challenging or painful, for you to be my wife, I will definitely succeed!”


Xiao Wu’s eyes reddened. She suddenly rushed into his embrace, raising her hands to touch his face. She looked at him passionately, “Gege, I love you. You must survive for me! Remember, no matter what you will be, God or Ghost, I will be with you forever!”


Tang San understood what she had meant. He could feel there was something sweetly tied his heart. He hugged Xiao Wu tighter and placed a tender kiss on the scarlet mark on her forehead, then let off her. He instantly plunged to the platform where he used to take out the Sea God Trident.


Suddenly, the Shrek Six Devils all felt a special energy current surging around their bodies. The mysterious patterns that had once appeared on their foreheads now reappeared. There were the pentagonal star, hexagonal star and heptagonal red star started to appear on their body. The light on their foreheads simultaneously glowed, lighting up the dark surroundings.


Vaguely, there was a special energy that was leading them. Six of them plunged up to reach one of the remaining six platforms distinctively.


The low but powerful voice of the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi reverberated in the hall, “Are you ready?”


“Yes, we are ready!”


The Shrek Seven Devils all shouted. The crucial moment, which determined their future, had finally come. It was impossible not to be nervous. But they had no way back now. Their belief in success had filled their hearts as they performed with their best conditions.


Bo Saixi slowly rose the golden scepter in her hand. The scepter was three meters long, with mysterious patterns carved on the body. The head of the scepter was a diamond shape. Five inches below the scepter’s head mosaicked a gold lozenge gem. When Bo Saixi rose the scepter, the dazzling gold light was radiating from that lozenge gem, lighting up the whole Sea God Hall.


“Come to the center of the platforms.”


Bo Saixi vapidly said. At this moment, she had a ruddy complexion as this light had brought her back the vitality of youth. The sorrow in her eyes was washed away and replaced with excitement.


Bo Saixi lifted her head up, shouting wildly, “I’ve been waiting for one hundred years for this moment. Hail the Great Sea God! Your servant could finally fulfill your given assignments!”


Faint gold light rose from Bo Saixi’s foot. At this moment, she looked like she was entering a unique state. That faint gold aureole was Bo Saixi’s spirit power. This was also the first time that the Shrek Seven Devils saw Sea God Douluo perform her true powers.


Under the light gold aureole, the hair on her head was flying without any wind blowing through. Her spirit rings were released, orderly from her body, one by one. Each of the spirit rings was covered with a faint gold light. All nine of them were ranked at least at dozens of thousand years.


This was the great consecrator of the Sea God Island. It could be seen that after she had passed the peak Eighth Challenge, she had got many great benefits. The spirit master who was invincible in the sea, was now urging power to start the holy ceremony.


The gold light was getting more dazzling, shining on each corner of the Sea God Hall. The mysterious patterns that once glowed up when Tang San had drawn the Sea God’s Trident, were blinking again. The holy aura had settled impurities in their hearts.


Even though this was only Tang San’s accession, being able to witness this was crucial to the Shrek Six Devils. Only if they could experience the god power’s baptism, they would be able to reach such unimaginable levels in the near future.


Tang San sat next to Bo Saixi, quietly feeling the energy that Bo Saixi was urging. He got shocked. He used to assume that when his spirit power had reached level ninety-nine, it would be enough to be compared with that of Bo Saixi. In fact, when Bo Saixi had performed her real powers, Tang San immediately understood that even though they were all supreme spirit masters ranked at the level ninety-nine, there was still a huge gap between them.


But Bibi Dong and Bo Saixi were in different stages. The divine aura on Bo Saxi came from the Sea God’s power. Moreover, her own energy had been fused with the Sea God’s power; even her nine spirit rings were filled with Sea God’s aura.


If there was anyone else that could be compared to her, Tang San could only think about Qian Ren Xue. Bo Saixi didn’t have the tenth spirit ring, and she was ranked at the level ninety-nine. However, it was no doubt that she had entered the God stage. It was because of her holy mission that she could never have actually entered that world.


That was why the profound Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare to approach the Sea God Island nor confront her. With the existence of Bo Saixi and the condensed Sea God’s power on the Sea God Island, even if Qian Ren Xue wanted to destroy the island, she wasn’t capable of doing so. This was the power that the Sea God had left here, also the power that the loyal Bo Saixi had gained.


Under the shining light, Tang San’s complexion was calm. He was waiting for the last moment.


Bo Saixi’s figure suddenly flashed as she shifted from where she was standing to be in front of Tang San. Her eyes had turned into a gold color as the nine spirit rings on her body enlarged up to more than three meters in diameter. Tang San just felt a warm current passed his body and he was immediately covered inside Bo Saixi’s nine spirit rings.


Nine faint gold glowing spirit rings covered both of them. The Shrek Six Devils had never seen such a miraculous scene before. The enormous energy was still moving tenderly while the Sea God Hall was lighting up splendidly.


The mysterious dazzling patterns started to appear inside the Sea God Hall under the form of rolling waves, converging at the top of the hall. Then, the gold light pattern that looked like quicksilver was gradually falling from the wall and the seven platforms underneath. The torrential holy energy seemed to have filled the air with the Sea God’s aura.


The Golden Scepter in Bo Saixi’s hand was put between her and Tang San now. The lozenge gem was getting brighter, but it didn’t blind people’s eyes. Under that gold light, the Sea God Trident’s mark on Tang San’s forehead started to blink. A warm feeling expanded instantly through his body. At this moment, Tang San could feel each cell in his body was incited as if they were dancing pleasantly.


Also, that tender power was pushing the Asura God’s power, which was always being restrained by the Sea God’s power, one drop by one drop to his left arm. Finally, it couldn’t be the barrier that stopped the Sea God’s power from circulating in his body anymore. Vaguely, Tang San felt that the Asura God’s power now was detained in the Clear Sky Hammer by the Sea God’s power that Bo Saixi was controlling.


Now, the Sea God Hall looked like a massive formation, whose eye was the central platform where Tang San was standing.


A pure gold hexagonal star started to glow underneath Tang San and Bo Saixi. This massive hexagonal star was about five meters in diameter. The star’s six angles were pointing to the other six platforms as six distinctive gold light pillars. Concurrently, six gold light pillars from those six platforms were rising rapidly. Each light pillar fully covered the platform and the person standing on it.


The six devils could feel clearly that their body was attracted to an eccentric energy as their mental power had entered a miraculous world. In this world, a unique mental power had connected to their souls. They felt that each of them was one of the pillars, supporting this hall that they couldn’t move their body. This gold light controlled even their breathing.


Bo Saixi eyed Tang San, revealing a vapid smile, “Tang San, are you ready?”


Tang San didn’t avoid her look; his translucent eyes gazed Bo Saixi’s eyes.


“Yes, I’m ready.”


Bo Saixi’s voice became somber, “The Sea God is the God who control every single life in this ocean. Being the successor of the Sea God, you have to put all your power to protect your fellows. Tang San, can you do that?”


Tang San didn’t hesitate, answered, “I can!”


Bo Saixi continued, “Sea God is the representative of Light, who holds the vast sea in his hands. Will you be able to keep your honesty existing forever in your heart, and only use the Sea God’s power for virtuous purposes?”


Tang San firmly replied, “I will definite bring the Sea God’s justice to the world!”


Bo Saixi said, “Sea God has the power to control the vast sea. Being the Sea God’s successor, Newly-appointed Sea God, you have to always remember, never insult the Sea God’s dignity. You must bring the Sea God’s divine light to every corner of the ocean, using your divine power to support your fellows and not to let any opponents invade them!”


“Yes, I can definitely do that!”


It seemed that Bo Saixi’s eyes wanted to see through Tang San. When their eyes contacted, Tang Sang didn’t have the chance to avoid or block it. He just let that sharp look saw through the deepest place in his eyes, just like she was piercing through his soul. Tang San understood that her questionnaire wasn’t an official interview. She was asking him on behalf of the Sea God as it was another challenge for him. If he had any fluctuated thoughts in his mind, he could never take the power of the Sea God.


What Bo Saixi could see was Tang San’s innermost world, which was perfectly integrity without any tiny flaw.


Bo Saixi nodded satisfyingly. The scepter in her hand pointed forward; the gold lozenge gem touched the Sea God Trident’s mark on Tang San’s forehead.


“The Sea God’s glory will continue because of you!”


A scorching energy from the lozenge gem was transmitted to Tang San’s head. He felt like his soul had been exploded instantly. The tender archaic voice, which had appeared many times, echoed again at this moment. Moreover, it was filled with intense feelings.


“Sea God’s Nine Challenges – the Ninth Challenge, Sea God’s accession, begins!”


There was no further explanation for the challenge. That short utterance immediately boosted Tang San’s aura, mental and attributes to an incredible peak.


He had spent six years full of effort to pass the Sea God’s Eight Challenges. Today, the last moment had come. How could Tang San not be excited?


Bo Saixi rose the scepter higher under the shining light. A gold light projected directly on the central of the hall. Simultaneously, the furious gold light was waving in the space. The hexagonal star underneath Tang San instantly glowed up.


The dense light covered Tang San and Bo Saixi entirely. Gold light emitting from the scepter had now dispersed into thirteen gold lights descending from the sky, forming thirteen gold flames outside the hexagonal star.


A massive gold shadow gradually appeared behind Bo Saixi. Tang San was familiar with him. It was the Sea God, who had saved his life not only once, also imparted divine techniques to him. But this shadow was clearer than he had ever seen. Although he still couldn’t see his face, he could see a splendid gold armor on his body.


“The holy gate is about to open. Sea God’s inheritance process will start soon! Candidate, please enter the gate that the Sea God opens for you. Use your power, your heart, your soul and all that you have to take the Sea God’s last trial!”


Bo Saixi’s voice suddenly rose up as she was reaching an unimaginable peak. The scepter in her hand had burst out together with the nine spirit rings that were twirling around Tang San and her.


At the moment all of her nine spirit rings had exploded, Tang San saw the space surrounding him had been changed dramatically as everything had become unreal. He couldn’t move his body anymore as he was bound by an incredibly torrential power.


The fierce gold flame around him plunged up instantly. That was the power released from Bo Saixi’s spirit rings’ explosion. The same gold flame was burning Bo Saixi. The solemn and divine aura on her had gradually ceased. She was looking at Tang San with her mild eyes.




Tang San wanted to shout, but he couldn’t make a sound. He watched the gold flame on Bo Saixi’s body turning from faint yellow to bright yellow, then to pure gold. Her body had gradually vanished in the changes of the gold flame.


“Child, don’t feel hurt. This is my mission. This day is destined from the day I’ve become the great consecrator of the Sea God Island, taking charge of the Sea God Hall. Being the consecrator, I have to protect everything on the Sea God Island, and guide the next generation of the Sea God. Now, I’ve completed everything. Next, you have to depend on your own strength. Child, I’ve been living for over one hundred years. Just like your great grandfather. We are not going to die young, right? Don’t be upset. What Master Sea God had assigned me, I must fulfill. My life and Qian Dao Liu are the same. I can tell you now, Qian Ren Xue has become a God, and as her guide, Qian Dao Liu had to sacrifice for her. It is what we have to do. Only when using my body as the mediator and my energy as the bridge, you can receive the true god power assisting you to complete the trial. If Tang Chen were still alive, I would be regretted. But now, he had departed one step ahead, what could anchor me now?”


There was a hazy space in front of Tang San now. Many memories had started to flash in his mind at this moment. He still remembered that Bo Saixi had once shown her murderous intent during the Sea God’s challenges when she knew he must take the inheritance. Now, he understood why she had such reaction. The Sea God’s inheritance process needed her life as the mediator.


Tang San also recalled the complexions of the other guardians of the Sea God’s Sacred Pillars when he and his friends had returned to the island. It turned out that they had been upset not because they were about to complete their missions, but because the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi had to sacrifice for the Sea God’s inheritance process.


If he had known it earlier, would he have chosen to proceed the inheritance process? To maintain the Sea God’s inheritance, Bo Saixi not only spent all of her youth, her beautiful life, but also her being.


“Child, don’t cry! Death is not scary. To me, it’s a relief. When you have started the Sea God’s Nine Challenges, I had been reluctant. I even lost my balance and began to boycott you, using my power to make you struggle more during your trials. It isn’t because I’m afraid of death, nor I wanted to go against Master Sea God’s order. There was something that had rooted in my heart. I wanted to see Tang Chen again. You have fulfilled my wish. I couldn’t be with him in this life, but I will follow him now. I believe that in another world, we would be definitely together. Next, you have to depend on your own. Although you don’t have the Sea God Trident’s assistance anymore, you’ve created many miracles; I do believe that it wouldn’t be exceptional this time. You will definitely succeed and become the virtuous Sea God. Being able to guide you on this inheritance path, watching you walk your final steps, I’m luckier than Tang Chen! Go, child. Use your braveness, your resilience, and your boundless will of steel to take the last challenge! I wish you best…”


Bo Saixi’s voice was fading out as her body was vanishing in the pure gold flame. The power around him became furious at this moment. The pure gold light had turned into a massive gold light pillar, swallowing Tang San.


Tang San felt deeply hurt. Tang Chen’s death had struck him hard. Seeing Bo Saixi sacrificed for him now was like a sharp knife cutting his heart. This old couple had been through such tragic experience at the very last day of their lives. It was unfair to them.


The extreme sorrow was nibbling his soul. The temperature around him became scorching, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.


Bo Saixi, what you have granted me will not be wasted. I will definitely fulfill your and my great grandpa’s last wishes, taking the Sea God’s accession. Tang San was a firm guy. He would never be drowned in sorrow; instead, he would turn them into his power. At this moment, his will became solid, looking at the pure gold flame in front of him without a streak of fear in his eyes. He was standing upright.


With this move, Tang San suddenly found that he could move his body again. All gold flame suddenly ceased, revealing a giant door in front of him.


It looked like a door, but it actually didn’t exist. That pure gold flame door seemed to be waving at Tang San.


Tang San knew that this was what Bo Saixi had paid with her live, the Sea God’s inheritance gate. The door that she had opened for him.


Tang San took a deep breath to fill his lungs, then grabbed the Sea God Trident tighter with his right hand, walking to the giant pure gold door.


Qian Ren Xue in her splendid royal robe was standing on the shore, zooming to the boundless vast sea as two yellow flames projected from her eyes. Behind her, the Angelic Sacred Sword suddenly appeared, slowly flying to her front.


A strange complexion appeared on Qian Ren Xue’s face.


“Has it started? Tang San, you didn’t fail me! You are worth the only man of my life. I’m waiting here for you. Wait until you inherited the Sea God’s power, let see if you can defeat me or I can conquer you!”


As she didn’t put all of her effort to prevent Tang San from taking the god’s inheritance, Qian Ren Xue’s divine sense had become throughout without any impurities. Her mind had entered the God Stage. She was absorbing the Angelic God’s power little by little. Now, she was truly the God of Angels who possessed the true powers of a God.



Right when his body was going through the pure gold flame door, Tang San could only feel that his body was restrained under a tremendous pressure that had wanted to smash him. But after he got through the door, the pressure instantly vanished. The surroundings suddenly changed as he had entered another world.


This was a blue world. Right when he arrived here, Tang San realized that the pressure was gone, but he couldn’t breathe. He was falling through a deep blue space.


This is… Tang San calmly observed around him. During the time he was falling down, he vaguely got a hint of where he was now.


It wasn’t like the Angelic Hall where Qian Ren Xue took her Angelic God’s inheritance. Where Tang San had arrived was an aquatic world.


The Angelic God belonged to the sky, while the Sea God belonged to the ocean. That was why when Qian Ren Xue took her inheritance, she had been brought to the Angelic Hall in an endless sky. To Tang San, the one who was going to take the Sea God’s power, he arrived at an undersea world. Of course, this undersea world didn’t exist in reality. Only once he went through the Sea God’s Inheritance Door, he could get there.


His body was sinking because of the Sea God Trident’s weight. As he was drowning rapidly, the pressure around him was increasing. However, the light on his body didn’t change.


Is this where the Sea God’s inheritance would be taken place? Tang San urged a divine light to control his Sea God Trident, making its weight balance with the water’s resistant force. At the same time, his body was floating in the water with this unchanged light. He had to get to know the situation here first.


Tang San got himself together, controlled his mind then drowned the sorrow he got for Bo Saixi’s sacrifice deep down to his heart. He then started to observe the surrounding.


When he scanned down there, his mind was struck immediately. He froze.


What was that? Tang San saw a palace that was over one thousand meters beneath him. A massive palace silently situated in the middle of the vast sea.


His spirit power ranked level ninety-nine and his peak Mysterious Sky Skills could help him endure for a while. However, the miraculous scene in front of his eyes had made him almost scream, swallowing a mouthful of salt water.


That massive palace was ten times bigger than the Heaven Dou Empire’s royal palace. From a distance of over one thousand meters, it looked so impressive.


From his location, the sole palace situated undersea must be higher than one thousand meters! What kind of grand palace is that! There was a gold light aureole outside of the palace. It looked like this aureole had lit up the whole area.


It’s beautiful! Tang San couldn’t help but acclaim. Perhaps this was the true Sea God Palace. Tang San was using the Sea God Trident’s weight to descend slowly. The Sea God’s inheritance must be carried out inside of this mighty Sea God’s Palace.


Soon, Tang San had approached that gold light aureole. Right at the moment he wanted to get through the light, a problem arose.


A lifeless cold voice reverberated around him in the water. The water was slightly vibrated due to this voice’s existence.


“Only the one who possesses the Sea God’s Heart could access the Sea God Palace. Without the Sea God’s Heart, you can’t get inside.”


It didn’t matter whose voice was that. The most important thing was he couldn’t get through that thin gold aureole!


Tang San didn’t know what kind of energy had formed that barrier; it was solid to an extent that it entirely kept Tang San outside.


What should I do now? If I can’t get through this light, obviously, I can’t proceed the Sea God’s inheritance! But, how could Tang San have the Sea God’s Heart? For saving him, the Sea God’s Heart was shattered. He was just one step away from the inheritance. Without the Sea God’s Heart, his problem popped up.


Tang San calmly stood near the gold light. He didn’t feel discouraged due to the current problem. He understood well that if the Sea God’s divine sense had to sacrifice the Sea God’s Heart to save him, he still would have the chance to take the inheritance. Moreover, this thin light looked solid; but Tang Sang had guessed that it was just as strong as the god level defense. If Tang San had used the Great Sumeru Hammer, plus his own powers, he could push his powers to the god level. Breaking this light could be possible then.



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