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Tang San could guess Bo Saixi’s change due to his great grandpa Tang Chen, but he didn’t know it would turn out like that.


Bo Saixi serenely said, “But there’s something you have guessed wrong. Tang Chen did understand me. When he came here, and we met again, everything in the past had no meaning to us now. It’s been a hundred years. We have been living in this world for over one hundred years. What else couldn’t we let go? What a pity that he had brought me joy, but the sorrow he brought along was even deeper. I can’t blame him for all things that had happened. It was me, who was too arrogant. I had never told him or even given him any clues about my affection. All was because of me…”


Bo Saixi seemed she couldn’t control her mind. She sat still, but her body was shivering. Both of her hands were clutching tightly onto her Golden Scepter while the scepter was clinking on the ground due to her shaking.


“Senior, you…What happened after all? Where is my great grandfather?”


Bo Saixi looked at Tang San with a hint of disappointment in her beautiful eyes, “You know, you did take after him when he was young. But he was more aggressive. He didn’t have your sound mind. Of course, it related to his power; when he was thirty years old, no one of his generation could beat him. And, that was how I couldn’t help but grow special feelings for him, even though I know he was married. Tang Chen, he is my destined nemesis. Even at the last moment of my life, he still doesn’t let me go!”




As Tang San listened to Bo Saixi, he was astounded, couldn’t help but stood up immediately. He looked at Bo Saixi; lights in his eyes were trembling in fear.


Bo Saixi’s voice became feeble and lower, “Yes, Tang Chen is gone. He is gone forever! He knew my feelings. He came here for me. But what he had shown me was the last time we met. He gave me only three days; then he left me. After that, I’d been mused too much. One day was like ten years. Then I have changed like this.”


“No, it’s impossible!”


Tang San couldn’t hold his provocation, said, “Bo Saixi, my great grandfather was a demigod. How could he be gone like that? You’re wrong, definitely wrong!”


Although Tang San had just met his great grandfather once, in his heart, he took an importation position. Even when his father mentioned him, he had shown his absolute respect. Moreover, Tang Chen had started his Asura’s inheritance, and he got the demigod’s body. This time Tang San came to the Sea God Island, besides his accession, he wanted to invite his great grandfather to help him. With his support and Tang San’s formidable strength, the continent’s situation would have changed dramatically. Upon Bo Saixi heart-breaking words, he couldn’t believe it did happen. How could great grandpa die like that?


Bo Saixi lifted her head to eye Tang San, “Child, sit down. I call you here alone to explain this to you. This is also what your great grandfather asked me to do.”


Tang San was filled with doubts, trying to get himself together and sat down again. He was peering at Bo Saixi confusedly.


Bo Saixi spoke with her calm, but broken voice, “After your great grandfather and Qian Dao Liu listened to my conditions, they all left the Sea God Island. Qian Dao Liu was like me; we are the guardians of the God’s inheritance. He was the Six-winged Angelic God’s guardian, which means he could never be a god. Thus, he chose to give up. But your great grandfather didn’t. Besides the affections he had for me, his arrogance kept him away from me. He would never return until he could fulfill his promise to me. Through many bitter challenges, what he found was the last nightmare of his life. I think he told you already. He found the Asura’s inheritance at the Slaughter City. But then, he was delirious, becoming the host body of the Bloody Red Nine Headed Bat King, also the Slaughter King of the Slaughter City.”


Tang San quietly nodded. He had met his great grandfather for a short time, but he already told him about this.


“Tang Chen had dwelled for so many years in the Slaughter City. Although he could finally be unchained, thanks to your Sea God Trident, he then found himself again. However, his body was rotten. The Bloody Red Nine-headed Bat King’s toxins had eroded him. His energy was enormous, but his body couldn’t withstand such intimidating energy. When he was the Slaughter King, the Bloody Red Nine-headed Bat King had controlled his host body, as he could maintain his life. Nevertheless, after he got his mind back, his own power and the Asura God’s power entered him at once. This tremendous power had broken his body instantly. He had tried using his last breath to come here and meet me…”


Tang San bewildered, staring at Bo Saixi and mumbled, “It’s me, I killed him…”


Bo Saixi tormentedly said,


“Silly child, don’t say stupid things like that! Even if he had to die, he was much better than the time the Bloody Red Nine-headed Bat King had parasitized his body. Moreover, you had helped him find the real him. Your great grandfather, at his last moment, was still proud of you. When Tang Chen got here, his body was almost broken entirely. I had thought of anything I could do to help. But they didn’t work. He had wanted to wait for you. He wanted to see his grandchild taking the god’s accession. He simply couldn’t do that. The power of the Asura God was so intimidating that his decayed body couldn’t endure it anymore.


When Tang Chen was here, during the last three days of his life, he kept talking to me. He wanted to tell me all the things he had hidden all those years. He spoke so much. I was talking with him…no one noticed three days was gone!”


Tears dropped down on Bo Saixi’s face. Her body stopped shivering, sitting there motionlessly. Every time she recalled Tang Chen’s death, she couldn’t breathe. What she hadn’t told Tang San was Tang Chen had smiled and passed away in her embrace. She had embraced his dead body for seven days without resting. After the whole seven days, she had changed into this appearance.


“Senior, please don’t be sorry.”


“I can’t believe that I’ve only met him once and death had brought him away!”


Bo Saixi’s sorrow wasn’t faked. Tang San got the terrible news when he had just returned here. This hurt him badly. Although he was mature and his mentality was strong, still he couldn’t accept the fact that his great grandfather was gone.


Long after that, Bo Saixi finally got herself together, calmed her heart to some degrees. The grief on her face was gradually washed away, replaced with a tender smile, “Alright, we shouldn’t talk about those heartbreaking stories. To old people, death is a natural principle. Unless one becomes a god, he can break the Nature’s rules. Your great grandfather had been struggling at the Slaughter city, but he was over one hundred years old as his life was exciting to him. He wouldn’t regret anything. Everything he left would be recorded in your Clear Sky Clan’s history forever. What he had suffered because of me, I will make up for him in our next life!


“The biggest thing he had regretted is he didn’t have the chance to see you become a god, taking the Sea God’s inheritance. Tang San, if you respect him, you must fulfill his last will. Moreover, before he was gone, he left one thing for you. Keep it as a memento of him!”


Bo Saixi slightly turned her wrist while saying, waving to the Sea God Hall. A red light immediate radiated. It got between Bo Saixi and Tang San in just a flash.


That was a giant scarlet sword about two meters long, which was the one that Tang Chen had used to confront the Sea God Trident. It could have even push Tang San’s Trident away.


The sword was slender and thick, covered with dark-gold pattern. The long scarlet sword was filled with sharp murderous aura. Bo Saixi, a supreme spirit master, couldn’t help but knit her brows seeing that devil sword. Apparently, she got affected.


However, when Tang San saw this sword, he was bewildered.


Tang San didn’t get the same feeling with Bo Saixi. He didn’t feel that his body was affected by the murderous aura of the sword. Quite the contrary, his mind was simultaneously stimulated seeing the sword. He couldn’t help raising his left arm. The same red glowing ghostly scripture appeared on his palm as the icy-cold qi traveled through his shoulder. It seemed like that the devil sword and Tang San had formed a perfect connection.


Just in a blink, his big confused questions were answered. He finally knew what the red energy that helped him kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and took an important role when he had absorbed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring was.


True, it was his Death God Domain’s mutation. However, his Death God Domain, after its mutation, didn’t have the pure power of the Death God Domain anymore. Now it was linked with the Asura God’s power that his great grandpa had inherited.


True! If not, why that bloody murderous energy could compete with my Sea God’s power for a while? If it weren’t the god power, why my Sea God’s power found it hard to defend? How could the Deep Sea Demon King get totally subdued? Asura God! How come I have the power of the Asura God? What is happening?


His sound mind gave him the best choice. He rose his right hand, grabbing his left hand to not to let it touch the sword. Tang San had a feeling that if he caught that devil sword, the Asura God’s power, which was subdued now, could rise up again. At that time, he was afraid that his body would become their arena one more time.


This wasn’t a joke at all! Last time they had the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy providing them power, but now there is nothing. If they are going to fight again inside my body, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a good result. Grasp all, lose all. Tang San didn’t dare to think that he could receive the two god’s accessions at that same time. It was like an idiot trying to explain a theory.


Perhaps the Asura God was mightier than the Sea God, but that was the Asura God’s power. His great grandfather had been trying for those years, but still, he couldn’t absorb it, and he also died because of it. The Asura’s power was really intimidating and aggressive. The Sea God’s power was gentler. Moreover, his accession process was taken step by step through eight trials; now there was only one trial left. Even though the Sea God Trident was damaged, no doubt Tang San could still use it to take his inheritance.


Thus, he would never let the Asura’s power in his body had a chance to recover. Great grandfather left this sword for me, as he wanted to give me another choice. Or, it could be said that this Asura Demon Sword is the key of the Asura God’s inheritance. But now, I can’t touch it. At least I have to wait until I successfully received the Sea God’s accession. The God’s accession will be very dangerous; later when I have a chance, I will study this evil sword.


In fact, what Tang San had guessed was seventy percent correct. Tang Chen gave him the demon sword so as he could have another choice. By the time Tang Chen met him, he knew Tang San had the Death God Domain. But Tang Hao, Tang San and Hu Lie Na didn’t know that the Death God Domain was the first challenge of the Asura God. Only the ones who had passed this challenge could be eligible to proceed the Asura’s inheritance. However, this devil sword that Tang Chen left here represented that he had passed almost all the challenges. Any spirit masters who had the Death God Domain could be able to receive the Asura God’s inheritance.


The Asura God and the Sea God’s accession were different in nature, which was mainly about the decision of the gods when they were choosing the candidates. Once the Sea God had the chosen one, he would do his best to nurture that person until he was capable of completing the inheritance. From this point, the Sea God’s divine sense in the Sea God’s Heart had saved Tang San many times. After he got to the Sea God Island, it directly led him to the Sea God’s Nine Challenges and imparted him the first three strikes of the Golden Thirteen Halberds.


Being the candidate of the Asura God would be more dangerous. The Asura God was well known as the God of Slaughter; he had strict requirements for his candidate. Even if the Asura God didn’t tease you, it would be tough to receive his inheritance. Therefore, Asura God had chosen many people for his God’s power. Anyone who had the Death God Domain was the chosen one. However, who could get the Asura God’s power at the end depended on his/her efforts.


Of course, there was one thing that Tang San didn’t know. With the current situation, no one could have been eligible to receive the Asura God’s inheritance. The Asura God ranked half a level higher than the Sea God or the Rakshasa God. The former Asura God didn’t exist in this world anymore. However, the divine sense he left here didn’t need any host. If the owner of the Death God Domain could cultivate it to a certain degree where mutation happened, turning it into the Asura God’s power, the divine sense would know it immediately.


When Tang San had awakened from the battle between the Sea God’s Light and the wicked red light, the Asura God had acknowledged him. That was why he could directly enter the demigod mode of the Asura God. If he continued the inheritance process, he could be the next Asura God. No matter what, Tang San had completed almost all challenges of the Asura God’s inheritance.


Regrettably, Tang Chen’s body status couldn’t assist him to process this accession. His decayed body couldn’t bear the impact of the enormous energy anymore. After he got to the Sea God Island, he could only endure for three days. When death was reaching closer to him, Tang Chen didn’t want his power to vanish like that. He put all the Asura God’s power he had purified and condensed it into the Asura Demon Sword. He believed that once Tang San touched this sword, he would be able to receive the Asura God’s inheritance. Moreover, he understood well that the Asura God’s power was much more tremendous than the Sea God’s.


How could Tang San subdue the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? It was because the Death God Domain had been evolved to Asura Domain. Even the Gods had to shiver sensing the Asura God’s aura. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a one million years spirit beast with incredible power, but still, its level was too low compared to Asura God.


The reason why there was nobody else besides Tang San who could receive the Asura’s power was that Asura God had recognized him when his Death God Domain evolved to the Asura Domain. Tang Chen was gone; naturally, Tang San, who possessed the Asura Domain, would become the first row successor. Unless he died, only him could process this accession.


Of course, it was another matter if Tang Sand didn’t choose the Asura God’s inheritance.


The existence of the Death God Domain somehow had the same meaning with the Sea God’s Light and the Sea God’s Affinity. Together with Tang San’s improvement, the constant evolution of the Death God Domain was equivalent to Tang San constantly taking the Asura God’s Challenges.


When Tang San faced the Deep Sea Demon Whale, he had exploded six spirit rings at the same time. The tremendous power from that had stimulated the aggressively bursting Death God Domain on the Clear Sky Hammer, which created a significant difference in quality leading to the evolution to the Asura Domain. Furthermore, when Tang San added the last spirit ring for the Clear Sky Hammer, which was the demon whale’s spirit ring, it provided an abundant source of energy for the Death God Domain. The Clear Sky Hammer turning from a black to a red color was the completion of the Asura Domain’s evolution.


By the time he had absorbed the whale’s massive energy, Asura God’s overlord murderous aura had directly intruded his innermost, attempted to invade all of his spirit bones to send his divine sense into them. It had encountered the protest from the Sea God’s power, which led to the great fight inside his body.


If the Sea God’s power inside his body had had intelligence, it would have told that aggressive external power to get in line! I had been choosing Tang San for a long time; it wouldn’t have been easy for an outsider like you to take him!


Although Asura God was stronger than Sea God, the Sea God’s power had rooted inside Tang San for too long, together with the Sea God Trident, which had been changing his body unconsciously, it could have dominated the alien power at the end. However, the Sea God’s power could only restrict Asura God’s power into the left arm. It had no way to eradicate that intrusive power. The reason why it stayed in his left arm was that it was where Tang San had released his Clear Sky Hammer spirit. The Clear Sky Hammer was the new lair of the Asura’s power on Tang San’s body now.


The sword that Tang Chen left him was the Asura God’s power that he had been accumulated for many years. At his last moment, he had poured all of his power into the demon sword. The sword was now a divine weapon, which was recognized by the Asura God. Its features weren’t less than the Sea God’s Trident. It was considered the key of the Asura God’s inheritance; thus, if Tang San took this demon sword, his body would be changed dramatically again. Moreover, no one knew what the final results were going to look like. No matter how formidable the Asura God’s power was, Tang San was still standing in the Sea God Hall now. No one knew who would be the winner at the end. But if Tang San was standing in between the two tremendous forces like that, absolutely he couldn’t feel comfy. Perhaps he could never be able to recover again.


His intelligence always worked at the critical moments. He didn’t crave for the Asura God’s power; instead, he grabbed his left hand, constantly backed off to lengthen the distance between him and the Asura Demon Sword. He was trying not to be enchanted by the Asura Demon Sword’s great temptation.


“Tang San, how do you feel now?”


Bo Saixi looked at his weird movement, couldn’t help asking.


Tang San smiled miserably, answered her, “Nothing. What my great grandfather gave me is a big treasure. But, no matter what, I have chosen the Sea God’s inheritance. The power in this Asura Demon Sword is too intimidating; I’m afraid it could affect my Sea God’s accession.”


Bo Saixi eyed Tang San, then nodded silently, “It’s better. The sooner you get the Sea God’s inheritance, the sooner I would be released.”


She waved her right hand to put the Asura Demon Sword to the corner of the Sea God Hall.


The seduction of the Asura Demon Sword was weakened when the distance got longer. Tang San had got himself together then. He was one of the strongest spirit masters in this continent when it came to mind powers, thanks to so many struggles he had been through. Tang San got his focus again, looking at the biggest platform at the central of the Sea God Hall, where he used to draw the Sea God Trident out.


Bo Saixi said, “Call your friends in. The Sea God’s power is really massive. When you take the inheritance, the abundant power would be overflowing. Your friends could help to absorb the power and protect this place from being collapsed.”


“There’s something I have to tell you before I proceed!”


Tang Sang held high the Sea God Trident in his hand while saying, so as Bo Saixi could see the trident.


Bo Saixi immediately changed her countenance seeing the hollow under the main blade.


“The Sea God’s Heart? What happened?!?”


When Bo Saixi had seen Tang San, her heart was filled with Tang Chen’s image; she didn’t notice the Sea God Trident in his hand. Now, she had realized the big problem there.


Tang San replied bitterly, “It was my fault. I didn’t protect the Sea God Trident well. It was…”


Then he narrated what had happened when Qian Ren Xue had chased after him and the moment when the Sea God’s Heart had been broken in an attempt to rescue him. Also how the Sea God’s divine sense had protected him, helping him getting into the sea.


As Bo Saixi listened to Tang San, her face became grimaced as her eyes constantly sparked with strange lights.


“… Thus, to rescue me, the Sea God’s Heart was shattered. Senior, you are the Sea God Douluo, the great consecrator of the Sea God Island, do you have any method to recover it? If not, would I still be able to proceed the Sea God’s accession?”


Bo Saixi’s eyes continuously flared with strange lights as she was musing. But her complexion was still bitter. Apparently, it was not easy to recover the shattered Sea God’s Heart.


“Tang San, did you remember the time you took the Sea God Trident when you have passed the Sea God’s Ninth Challenge?”


Tang San nodded, replied, “Of course, I still remember!”


Bo Saixi spoke with a somber voice, “So you must have remembered that the first time you saw the Sea God Trident, it didn’t have the Sea God’s Heart. It was you who added the Sea God’s Heart on it. It’s you who brought the Sea God’s Heart here. In fact, the key of the Sea God’s inheritance is the Sea God’s Heart. I’m the great consecrator of the Sea God Island, but I didn’t know where it was. Only when it meets the chosen one, it would lead that one here, taking the Sea God’s trials. After that person finishes all the trials, he could be the Sea God. From what you’ve told me, I could conclude two things. The first one, Sea God favors you, he wasn’t afraid of being vanished to save your life. The second thing, the Sea God Trident has lost its holy sense since the Sea God’s Heart was broken. Thus, you’ve lost the power of this divine weapon. From the documents that Sea God had left here, Master Sea God had to use the Sea God Trident to perform almost all of his ability. So, during the accession procedure, the Sea God Trident would play a crucial role. You could have savaged the Deep Sea Demon King and complete the previous challenges perfectly, if you had the undamaged Sea God Trident, your inheritance would be absolutely smooth. However, now that you don’t have the Sea God Trident’s aid anymore, I don’t even know what would happen during the Sea God’s inheritance process.”


Tang San answered, “So there is no cure for the Sea God’s Heart?”


Bo Saixi sighed, then answered him, “I’ve told you. The Sea God’s Heart is something I couldn’t understand. I don’t know how to recover it. I can say that if you are able to complete the Sea God’s inheritance, the Sea God Trident will be self-recovered. But the accession would be unimaginably difficult. You are Tang Chen’s grandchildren, also the most excellent one. You haven’t reached your thirties to be ranked at level ninety-nine. Honestly, from my personal or your great grandfather perspectives, we don’t want you to proceed the accession. You should know that once you fail, the death is your only consequence!”


Tang Sang sighed, “Senior, I understand your good intentions. But I have to take the Sea God’s inheritance. If there is no God in this world, with my power ranked level ninety-nine, it is okay not to be a god. But now there is an Angelic God. If I can’t complete the Sea God’s inheritance, no one will be able to confront her. I don’t want to witness the Spirit Empire uniting the whole continent. If you don’t allow me to proceed the Sea God’s inheritance, I have to bet a more dangerous deal, which is to try the Asura God’s accession that my great grandpa had imparted to me. I understand well that even an invincible spirit master like my great grandpa couldn’t escape death. Moreover, I have an enormous amount of the Sea God’s power, once I chose the Asura God’s inheritance, it would be really intimidating. Then, Senior, please fulfill my wish. I have promised the Sea God Trident to recover it no matter what I have to pay. I definitely can’t let it be lifeless like this!”


Bo Saixi eyed Tang San, “Have you considered carefully? Without the Sea God Trident’s support, your inheritance would be ninety percent death. It is like the Angelic God has the Angelic Armament to be the mediator that helps the successor to absorb the power of the Angelic God, the Sea God’s inheritance needs the Sea God Trident to start the process. Without the Sea God Trident, you will have no assistance during the inheritance. Moreover, the trial would be more dangerous.”


Tang San quietly nodded, “Senior, you don’t need to advise me more. I have determined. The Sea God’s inheritance is my only choice. I will never back off!”


Bo Saixi sighed, “Tang San, Tang San…Your stubbornness is just like your great grandfather’s. Your Tang family’s members have the same rigid feature. Even you, the little boy who looks very mature!”


Tang San didn’t even reply to her, but his determined eyes told Bo Saixi his answer. Yes, he had no choice. For his parents, for Xiao Wu, and for the whole continent, he had to do so to defeat Qian Ren Xue and end the war.


Bo Saixi waved her hands. She looked exhausted, swaying to the central platform in the central of the hall.


“Call your friend in!”


Tang San quietly nodded, “Senior, please keep it on the down low. I don’t want my friends to worry about me.”


Bo Saixi silently nodded.


Tang San then opened the main gate, walking out in the sunlight.


The douluo guardians of the Sea God’s Seven Sacred Pillars and the Shrek Six Devils were waiting outside. Seeing him, Xiao Wu’s group of people peered at him with questions in their eyes.


Tang San slightly nodded, and said, “Everybody comes in, we have to start the inheritance process!”


The douluo guardians of the Sea God’s Seven Sacred Pillars immediately changed their complexion. Sea Banshee wanted to say something, bu= Sea Dragon Douluo had stopped her.


At that time, Tang San was deep in thought of the inheritance that he didn’t notice those details. He waved to his friends then got back to the Sea God Hall.


The Sea Dragon Douluo raked his sharp look to the other douluo guardians of the Sea God’s Seven Sacred Pillars. Under the Sea Dragon Doulou’s guide, they all bowed their heads, bent down on their knee, shouted, “Master sees off!”


The massive doors of the Sea God Hall closed after the Shrek Seven Devils had entered, isolated them from the outside. Sea Banshee couldn’t hold her provocations anymore.


“Why? Why does he have to take the god’s inheritance? Isn’t Master Bo Saixi miserable enough?”


The Sea Dragon Douluo sighed, then said, “Sea Banshee, do not talk like that! Have you forgotten our mission? Our mission is to wait for the next Sea God’s arrival. If we can see it, we are much stronger than the previous douluo guardians of the Sea God’s Seven Sacred Pillars.”


The Sea Banshee spoke with her voice choked with emotion, “But, the price of the Sea God’s inheritance is…It’s Master Bo Saixi’s life!”


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