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Tang San almost forgot that. After he had accomplished the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge, he was getting more eager to become the Sea God. They had spent a lot of time here. Tang San now had the anxiety that Dai Mu Bai had before, which was about the situation of the battle. If Qian Ren Xue comes to the front line, it will be big troubles! Their families and their friends were there. Thanks to Xiao Bai’s reminder, Tang San recalled that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King should have something good for him. Xiao Bai wouldn’t babble; she was also the spirit beast here, her knowledge about the Deep Sea Demon Whale King would be more profound than his.


Tang San nodded with Xiao Bai, smiling, “Thanks!”


He was still uncertain about his body’s status; however, the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge was accomplished, everything else should be discussed when he arrived at the Sea God Island. The process of killing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and absorbing its spirit ring was tough. However, compared to what they had expected, at least everything went well without any serious problems. Currently, his spirit power had reached level ninety-nine. If he had to encounter Qian Ren Xue now, he believed that she couldn’t kill him just in a short time. Of course, the primary condition was that the battlefield should be in the forest or on the sea.


Tang San plunged up, pouring his surge spirit power into the Sea God Trident. Although this divine weapon couldn’t radiate the light it once had, with Tang San’s strong spirit power and the Blue Silver Emperor spirit, the blue-gold light dazzlingly covered the Sea God Trident making the three blades blast again.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was worth the cultivation base of a million years. It had been submerging under the sea for seven days, but its body wasn’t decomposed much. Moreover, after Tang San had flown up, he found out that in this Demon Whale Sea, the Great White Shark Devil Spirits were everywhere! Apparently, Xiao Bai had called her fellows to come here. She didn’t want to waste this dead body of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


After Tang San had savaged the beast, he absorbed the main components of the whale’s energy, however, that energy was still abundant, plus the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had almost approached the God Stage. If those Great White Shark Devil Spirits could eat it, it would greatly enhance their cultivations. Their overall strength would have increased to a certain level. Xiao Bai herself might get out of the age restriction for one hundred thousand years spirit beasts to become the true overlord of the ocean.


However, Xiao Bai had protected the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head pretty well. Her fellows only ate the flesh. Tang San’s spirit power ranked level ninety-nine burst out without releasing any spirit ability as he only used his physical strength and the spirit power to pour into the Sea God’s Trident. The sharp trident pierced directly through the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head.


“Stab from one side. Be careful!”


Xiao Bai reminded him.


Tang San nodded. The Sea God Trident stabbed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King on its cheek. This was a relatively weak spot on the whale’s body. Puff. The Sea God Trident easily pierced through.


Tang San slightly waved his wrist as his body flew across the sky, cutting the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head.


Tang San had thought that a putrid smell would have come out. However, it didn’t happen as he could smell a pervading scent arose from the cut. He couldn’t help but inhale several times while standing close to it. Suddenly, he felt refreshed and relaxed.


The Great White Shark Devil Spirits in the sea all paused their actions, looking toward this area. Even Xiao Bai’s eyes sparkled with desire.


The Sea God Trident slashed then opened the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s skull. Gold light instantly expanded on the sea. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was gigantic; even its head was over dozens of square meters wide. The opened skull revealed its brain.


The whale was big in volume, but its brain was tiny. This tremendous Deep Sea Demon Whale King wasn’t an exception. This small brain was the main reason why its mental power couldn’t be compared to Tang San’s. After the thick and large skull was opened, he could see the brain, which was about one square meter. The pleasant scent came out from it.


The whale’s brain was light yellow; it looked condensed as if gold had blended with the brain. The scent was pervading enchantedly. Right in the middle of the brain laid a fist-sized purple-gold bead. The whale’s brain was eye-catching, but when Tang San saw that bead, he couldn’t get his eyes off it.


When he had killed the Dark Demonic God Tiger, he had also seen a bead, which had three colors but was smaller than this one. There was something different that the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s bead was like a living thing while this whale’s bead looked lifeless. Nevertheless, talking about the potential power, this whale’s bead was much powerful. Just in a glare, Tang San knew that this was a precise treasure in this world.


Xiao Bai’s feeble voice echoed behind him, “The maritime spirit beasts who have more than one hundred thousand years cultivation base, would have their brain evolved into a special medicine. This medicine is very tonic to any kind of creatures. Moreover, it could excite one’s potential abilities. This Deep Sea Demon Whale King had the one million years cultivation base, its brain, of course, is a treasure. I don’t dare to say that it could bring the dead back to life or it could grow flesh from dead bones. But it’s indeed very precious. The usage depends on you. You deserve it. Honestly, when you helped us kill the Demon Orca King, I had sneaked to eat its brain. Do you think I’m selfish?”


Tang San shook his head and said, “So what? You are my friend. Moreover, I had the best from it. I took the Demon Orca King’s spirit ring and spirit bone. No need to mention that orca’s brain, if you want this thing, you can take it!”


“Really?” Xiao Bai opened her eyes wider in awe.


Tang San replied, smiling, “What? Don’t you believe my words?”


Xiao Bai sighed then answered him, “Nope, thanks for your good will. But you should keep this. I can’t take it. This is not that I want to keep ceremony between us. Recently, I have absorbed much external energy. It’s enough for me to leap to the next level. Greed is not good; I understand that. Look at this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain; I think it would benefit you somehow even if you have become a god already. You have to take the Sea God’s inheritance in the short coming time. Maybe it could help you break through the last trial.”


Tang San nodded, pointing at the whale’s bead lying on the brain, replied, “What is that? Does it come from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain?”


Xiao Bai said uncertainly, “I don’t know. Maybe when the cultivation has reached another stage, it would appear. However, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had taken the qi from the sky and earth for so many years; I could confirm that this is truly a treasure. If you add it on your weapon, maybe you can produce a holy weapon.”


As Tang San listened to Xiao Bai, his mind was touched, looking at the hollow on the Sea God Trident then his friends. Dai Mu Bai smiled, “There’s no need for ceremony between friends. Even if this bead could benefit us, just wait until we arrive at the Sea God Island. Bo Saixi must know something about this. Take it, and we should hurry to depart!”


Tang San nodded, then took out the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse from his belt. It was the best container for this massive brain. However, it was so big that Tang San could only clear one slot in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and left it there. He would think about it later when he had time.


His right hand turned into a giant claw as a blue-gold nimbus thickly expanded from his hand. He first drew the bead. When Tang San had caught the beads he couldn’t help but inhale deeply. This pleasant aroma made his mind calm and refreshed.


The whale’s bead in his hand was warm and soft, just like a yolk but much bigger. Although it felt warm and soft, the skin on the bead was very tough; it wouldn’t be easy to break it. Moreover, Tang San vaguely felt that the substance inside this warm bead wasn’t liquid, but something smooth, tender and as condensed as glue.


Tang San didn’t check it thoroughly; he put it in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse right after that. Then, his suction force became stronger as he was releasing the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. Blue-gold aureole from his body was moving on his arm. The dragon roar coldly resounded. It was like a dragon on his arm was trying to drink water. That sticky brain was like a golden subject which had been drawn out and was put into the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.


Killing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a torture, but the harvest was worth it. The unknown spirit ring and the spirit bone from that tremendous body pushed Tang San’s overall strength to another level.


“Let’s go!”


Splash. Xiao Bai jumped then fell in front of him.


Tang San smiled, swung his right arm to release the Blue Silver Emperor Intertwine, catching Xiao Wu and bringing her to sit next to him on Xiao Bai’s back. The other Great White Shark Devil Spirits, whom Tang San had poured power into them through the devouring golden threads, carried the other people of the Shrek Seven Devils. They all sped up, heading toward the Sea God Island.


Xiao Wu leaned on Tang San’s chest. She didn’t say anything but hug him tight. Her silence irritated Tang San. She was a little bit different now.


“Xiao Wu, how do you feel? Are you mad at me? Look, I don’t want to risk my life, but you know…”


Xiao Wu immediately shook her head, “No, I’m not mad. Gege, I know you are forced to do that. If you are not getting stronger, how could you confront the mighty opponents? I’m upset that I couldn’t help you.”


Tang San embraced her soft, exquisite body, pulling her closer to him. He whispered, “Who said you couldn’t help me? With you by my side, it is the best support. Because when I can see you, my mind is clear, all the things I do can be valued. Whenever I think about after those perils go away, I could be together with Xiao Wu, the one I love the most, living a peaceful life, my heart is filled with happiness. This future happiness encourages me. When Qian Ren Xue was chasing after me, all I could think of was you. I always remind myself that no matter what, I have to survive. For my Xiao Wu, I have to survive. I can’t let you get hurt anymore. Without this anchored my heart, I don’t know if I could survive and come back to you guys.”




What Tang San was saying couldn’t be considered as sweet words, but they were his true feelings. As Xiao Wu listened to him, she felt that her heart had been tied as tears blurred her eyes.


Tang San uneasily said, “My bad. Since you have been resurrected, I have had no time for you. You know, Xiao Wu, I really want to marry you. I will hold the most beautiful wedding on this continent to make you my bride. Remember this. This is my promise to you. Not long after we defeat the Spirit Empire, I will definitely make you my wife. Let me follow you for the rest of my life, will you? Then you will give me our lovely children. We will stay wherever you want to stay.”


“Wow wow. I can’t stand it. You guys, I’m still here! Could you please stop that?”


Xiao Bai was trembling a little bit. But her eyes were showing her admiration.


Tang San smiled without saying anything. Xiao Wu’s beautiful face was blushing. She buried deeper into his embrace. Seeing the splendid figure that nothing could compare to in his lap, Tang San was stunned.


It took one day and one night to travel from the Demon Whale Sea to the Sea God Island with the maximum speed of those Great White Shark Devil Spirits.


Seeing the Blue Sea Silver Sand one more time, all the members of the Shrek Seven Devils were proud of themselves. The last time they came here, they were like thieves, using the hiding ability of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier to come up from the sea. At that time, even Tang San who was the strongest between them, his spirit power was only over level sixty.


But now the Shrek Seven Devils’ power had leaped tremendously. Not to mention Tang San, whose spirit power had reached level ninety-nine now, the others were also advanced after they had absorbed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy.
Dai Mu Bai’s level was enhanced the least, but besides Tang San, he got the highest cultivation base. Now, he had reached level eighty-eight, very close to Title Douluo stage. With his innate talents, he could be a young Title Douluo in the next five years. Although he wasn’t as super as Tang San, Dai Mu Bai hadn’t reached the age of thirty yet!


Because of his body’s status, Oscar could only absorb a small amount of energy; however, his spirit power had a certain improvement. A Food style spirit master like him, at this level, was a tremendous existence. Oscar believed that he could become the Food style Title Douluo that had never existed on the Continent. At that time, his sausages ranked Title Douluo would be more formidable. But he had wished that there would be no spell such as “I have a caterpillar” anymore. Even if his face could have been thicker, his psychological bearing capacities were limited.


Ma Hong Jun’s spirit power was higher than Oscar’s because his body was stronger when they had been ingesting the power of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


He was ranked level eighty-six as his attack power was getting more intimidating. His Phoenix Flame was increased tremendously. The higher his level was, the better this top rank spirit could be. Among the Shrek Devils’ members, besides Tang San, only Dai Mu Bai could be compared to him.


Xiao Wu had reached level eighty. Of course, it was just temporary now. According to Tang San’s assumption, Xiao Wu had ingested much energy, just less than him, which meant her spirit power could break through at least three more levels. In other words, when Xiao Wu got her spirit ring at level eighty-one, she would be able to leap directly to level eighty-four. The distance between her and other members could be shortened soon. Moreover, Xiao Wu had passed the top trial on the Sea God Island. The award from this was more than the seven challenges that Ning Rong Rong had passed. He still remembered at what spirit level that Ning Rong Rong got awarded with. Thus, when he completed his inheritance, perhaps Xiao Wu’s spirit power could catch up with Dai Mu Bai.


Ning Rong Rong’s spirit power had reached level eighty-seven; she was just behind Dai Mu Bai. Although she couldn’t take much energy from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower was outstanding. Moreover, after the seventh challenge, her spirit power had been increasing much more than the others. She was stronger than Ma Hong Jun now.


Zhu Zhu Qing’s spirit power ranked level eighty-six. She was weak compared to other members. But when she fused with Dai Mu Bai to form the Hell White Tiger, even Tang San, who was ranked level ninety-nine, couldn’t defeat them in a short time. Moreover, this spirit fusion was enhanced together with their personal capacity.


Eightieth was the lowest level they had now. Each of them had broken through at least twenty levels through six years. With the peak Doulou Tang San, if the Shrek Seven Devils had to face all the spirit masters on the Sea God Island, they wouldn’t be afraid. Even the seven Douluos who protected the Sea God Island couldn’t compare to them regarding the terms of the cooperation.


From the time they had enrolled in the Shrek Academy, they had been together ever since. It’d been more than ten years. The harmony they had nurtured from deadly challenges wasn’t something that other spirit masters could have just from their daily cultivation. Each member of the Shrek Seven Freak could give his/her life in their comrades’ hands.


“I won’t take you any further. I’m going back to digest the energy. Good luck, Tang San! Wait until you have become a god, we, all creatures, great or small, in the sea will congratulate you!”


Xiao Bai swam vertically in the water, waving her fins to the Shrek Seven Devils. She then swayed, leading her fellows diving into the sea.


Tang San took a deep breath. He grabbed the Sea God Trident in his right hand, his left hand held Xiao Wu, looking at the Sea God Palace. Although he couldn’t see the hall from where he was standing, the qi of the Sea God Palace was calling for him.


Sea God Island, Sacred Mount, and Sea God Palace, I’m back. Here comes the last trial. Sea God, I will officially get your power and show it to the world again.


Dai Mu Bai came to Tang San, “Shall we go there now? Do you need to take a break?”
He had a reason to ask so. After they had left the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force, Tang San didn’t have a chance to rest. He had encountered the formidable spirit beasts in Star Dou Forest, then Qian Ren Xue’s pursuit. He had struggled to get to the sea. When the effects from the Exploding Ring were ceased, he had to face the one million years Deep Sea Demon Whale King, killed then absorbed it. He must be exhausted now.


Facing his comrades’ concerned looks, Tang San smiled then shook his head, “Ease your mind, I’m okay. My healing ability is strong. It’s okay even if I don’t sleep for a month.”


Oscar smiled cheerily, said, “Of course, with my Crystal Caterpillar Sausage, even if you got hurt, it would be okay. Moreover, don’t you forget that Little San is a monster? The Shrek Seven Devils are all monsters, but he is the most dangerous one. Don’t waste time. Even if you need rest, we should come to the Sea God Palace first. I believe that Bo Saixi won’t let him take the trial with an unstable condition.”


When they were about to depart, Tang San frowned, lifting his head to look at the forest in front of them.


In the forest, some figures were walking out one by one, following each other. Seeing them, Tang San and his friends were amazed. There were seven people. They were the Seven Sacred Pillar Douluos, who were the examiners and the guardians of the Sea God Sacred Pillars. It could be said that they were the core power of the Sea God Island. Under the Sea God Doulou Bo Saixi’s leading, this power could defend any spirit masters in this continent.


The Sea Dragon Douluo took the lead as the other six followed him. They were slowly moving forward. Looking at their countenance, Tang San couldn’t help but frown seeing they all looked grimace. Sorrows could have been seen between their brows.
Has something happened to the Sea God Island? Tang San startled, hurried to welcome them, “Fellow seniors, what…”


Sea Dragon Douluo forced a smile, and replied, “We know you are coming back. We are here to welcome you. Master Bo Saixi is waiting for you at the Sea God Palace.”


From what he said, there was nothing serious happened to the Sea God Island. But why they had the complexion like that?


Tang San doubtfully asked, “Sea Dragon senior, is there anything bad happened on the island? Why do you look so grimaced?”


The Sea God Douluo suddenly trembled inside, but quickly got himself together then answered respectfully, “Nothing. It’s been too many years; finally, our guardian tasks have come to an end, together with your inheritance. We are just a little bit disappointed!”


Tang San understood now. True, after he took the Sea God’s accession, those seven Douluos wouldn’t need to protect the sacred pillars anymore. Their missions would be accomplished. It had become their routines, dedicating themselves to protect the sacred pillars for those passing years. Now it had to stop, as they hadn’t adapted yet.


Tang San couldn’t help but console them immediately, “Fellow seniors, no matter what would happen, you are the solid pillars of the Sea God Island. We must have you here!”


Sea Dragon Doulou smiled, “Master, please follow us to the Sea God Palace.”


He had turned around while saying; when his gaze met the other guardian Douluos’ eyes, the smile disappeared from his face, leaving a deep sorrow. But Tang San couldn’t see this as he was turning his back to him.


All of them were supreme spirit masters; they just only spent one hour to reach the Sacred Mount. The mountain didn’t change at all. Tang San’s sight had become stronger; he could see Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi wearing a blue gown, quietly waiting for them on the peak.


However, Tang San was dumbstruck seeing Bo Saixi. In his memory, or from the first time he had seen Bo Saixi, she had never changed. She was a beautiful woman in her thirties, who was elegant, noble and mild. She gave other people a feeling of something beautiful that they could never reach. Her glamor had made people’s soul tremble, but they couldn’t have any temptations.


Tang San still recalled the first time he saw Bo Saixi. The Bo Saixi who was wearing a red gown, holding a golden scepter. This image had left him a deep impression. But now the Bo Saixi he was looking at was totally different.


There was still that red gown and the golden scepter, even her blue eyes that still looked as deep as the vast sea. (didn’t he just say that she was wearing a blue gown?!?) But she didn’t look young anymore. Her wrinkled face was like a lamp hanging in front of the strong wind. Although she was standing there with an untouchable distant aura, the changes on her appearance shocked Tang San.


If her aura wasn’t as powerful as usual, Tang San couldn’t believe that this was the strongest spirit master on the Sea God Island, the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi. How could it be? How come she had turned into such an appearance? With her powers, she didn’t need to do anything to maintain her beauty till the day she ceased to be. Now, her cultivation didn’t change, but she looked so senile, just like the wind could blow her away at any time.


“Tang San, I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Come up here!”


The voice came from the Sacred peak. The distance was quite significant, but still, each of them could hear her clearly. Her voice was calm, just like nothing had happened. But from that calmness, Tang San could feel some degrees of indifference.


Tang San looked that the Sea God Doulou’s group of seven. Sea God Doulou could see the confusion in his gaze, as he knew that Tang San had seen Bo Saixi. He sighed, shook his head without saying anything while speeding up to the Sacred Mountain.


Tang San knitted his brows, following his friends to climb up there. After a while, they had reached the edge of the sea ring, but it couldn’t prevent them now. Tang San plunged up, releasing six Blue Silver Emperor, bringing his friends, crossing the sea which was two or three hundred meters wide.


The Sea God’s Light on the Sacred Mount still made people touched. Everything looked exactly the same as the time that they had left the island. The refreshing air and the splendid views that made the people relax. However, Tang San had no mood to watch them. He didn’t wait for the guardians of the Seven Sacred Pillars to lead the way, suddenly sped up to the peak of the mountain. It took him several jumps to reach the front of the Sea God Palace.


Of course, Tang San wasn’t dazzled. Everything he had just seen didn’t change. Bo Saixi was old now. Her aged appearance was like a lamp in front of the wind that had touched Tang San’s heart. She had spent her whole life on the Sea God Island, why she…


Bo Saixi quietly peered at Tang San. There was something in her blue pupils, but she didn’t say anything. It looked like she wanted to find something from him.


Tang San didn’t open his mouth either. He just let her study him. He really wanted to ask, but under that pure gaze from her translucent eyes, he couldn’t utter a word.


Other people finally got to the peak. When Dai Mu Bai’s group saw Bo Saixi, they couldn’t help but acclaim astonishingly. Especially, Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhu Qing, the two of them were covering their mouths in awe. Only Xiao Wu could remain calm because she hadn’t contacted directly with Bo Saixi before.


Bo Saixi tenderly eyed them, “It’s weird, right? But it’s nothing. Appearance has no meaning to me. You guys wait here. Tang San, come inside. I have some tasks for you.”


Tang San silently nodded, following Bo Saixi to the Sea God Hall.


Bo Saixi swung her arms releasing her mild spirit power to close the big doors, cutting the connection with the outside. The Sea God Hall didn’t change as the seven platforms were still there.


After entering the hall, Bo Saixi didn’t go further. She got to one place then sat down crossed legs, pointing at the position opposite to her, signaling Tang San to sat there.


Tang San sat down as requested, looking at Bo Saixi, taking a deep breath, “Senior, does your current appearance relate to my great grandpa? He still doesn’t get your feelings?”


She was a peerless douluo; an enemy couldn’t change her this way. Which level was Bo Saixi’s? Even if she had encountered a god level spirit master, she would dedicate her life for the Sea God Island. She would never turn herself into a senile woman like this. In Tang San’s eyes, Bo Saixi was an arrogant person. If not, she wouldn’t have used that way to deny Tang Chen and Qian Dao Liu.


Thus, there was only one explanation for her current appearance, which related to his great grandpa. Bo Saixi loved him. He was the love of her entire life. That was the only possibility that Tang San could think of at this moment.


Eyeing Tang San, Bo Saixi beamed a vapid smile, which contented more complicated feelings.


“Tang San, you are smart. I have to thank you for giving me a chance to meet him for one last time. You can conclude that I’ve changed like this because of him just in a short time. I think that even Tang Chen could not have thought of this possibility!”


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