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Tang San nodded and said, “Now we shall go down there.” He grabbed her delicate waist and descended. He didn’t even touch the sea as Xiao Bai came to take them on time.


Tang San could see something else besides the deep appreciation in Xiao Bai’s eyes. It would benefit her if Tang San had let her eat the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s corpse; however, it couldn’t have been compared with the pure energy transmitting from his Eight Spider Lances. This method was direct enough and could help them avoid eating the dead corpse. Although Xiao Bai was a carnivorous animal, the flesh of this archaic whale who had lived for a million years, was absolutely not delicious at all.


More importantly, Tang San had helped not only her, but also her seven fellows. To the whole school of the Great White Shark Devil Spirits, it was an advantage. Being the chief, she was very excited.


“No need to say thanks. You know what? We are friends!”


Tang San wasn’t wordy, sitting on Xiao Bai and patting her back encouragingly.


Xiao Bai sighed then said, “Tang San, I had always thought that you humans, especially those who lived on outsides of the Sea God Island, were all wicked and cunning. Since I’ve known you guys, I know that there are bad humans and good humans. You are the best human that I have ever met. Honestly, I feel ashamed; I wanted to take it all at first. I should give you something, but now I don’t have much stuff here. After you absorb the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring, you should take its skull. There should be a treasure in there.”




Tang San was amazed, looking at Xiao Bai. But he didn’t say anything further. To utilize the powers of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, he had spent a lot of time here; he didn’t want his efforts to have been wasted. Moreover, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring wouldn’t be easy to absorb. Well, a million years of cultivation base, I don’t know what kind of anomalies would arise if I take it.
Patting Xiao Bai’s back, Xiao Wu jumped onto another Great White Shark Devil Spirit, leaving room for Tang San. Tang San took the Sea God Trident that he had put on the Eight Spider Lances, and put it horizontally on his lap. His eyes sparked with divine light while he was raising his left hand, summoning the Clear Sky Hammer.


The Clear Sky Hammer was much smaller than when it was originally in its fighting mode. Losing eight spirit rings, it could only maintain its original shape. However, the blood-like nimbus of the Death God Domain on it was still pretty clear. Tang San could feel the aura of the power he had used to finish the Deep Sea Demon Whale King from there. At the moment that Tang San had summoned the Clear Sky Hammer, Xiao Bao couldn’t help but shiver.


Xiao Bai was a one hundred thousand years spirit beast, but her reaction was strong when feeling the aura of the Clear Sky Hammer. It showed that the Hammer had reached a new intimidating level. No, to be exact, it was the intimidating aura of the mutated Death God Domain.


The Sea God Trident’s mark on Tang San’s forehead glowed. He wouldn’t recklessly absorb the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring like that. He didn’t want any troubles to sink him. He had to use all that he could use to be certain with the expected results.


The Clear Sky Hammer was covered with a blue nimbus as the Sea God’s Light was shining on it. At this time, Tang San was facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s corpse as he had urged his second spirit together along with his mental power.
Something eccentric happened. The blood-like aureole from the peculiar patterns on the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly burst out robustly that Tang San couldn’t control it. But it didn’t consume Tang San’s spirit power to maintain. The furious blood red light instantly covered the Clear Sky Hammer entirely, washing away the blue nimbus of the Sea God’s Light.


What’s happening? Tang San could clearly feel that the blood red light on the Clear Sky Hammer had been boycotting the Sea God Light. Nevertheless, he didn’t have time to think, as a fierce purple light had plunged out from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, torrentially rolling in the sky.


Just like the time that Tang San had fought with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, that immense purple light that was forming a tremendous tornado in the air, flying towards the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand.


At this moment, Tang San had no other choice. He would never let this one million years spirit ring slide away. Tang San was sure that when he reached the God level, his strength would be leaped. However, before becoming a god, the more powerful his spirit power and spirit rings were, the more formidable power he could have when he became a God. His future opponent would be the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue. If he wanted to defeat her, all of his attributes had to be more transcendent than hers. Thus, Tang San didn’t hesitate. He hurriedly hauled a Crystal Caterpillar Sausage and a Solid Golden Fly and shoved them all into his mouth. The Clear Sky Hammer then started to summon the purple tornado.


Red light on the Clear Sky Hammer burst out furiously, releasing an invincible aura. Tang San felt Xiao Bai body was trembling hard and sinking. Obviously, she couldn’t resist the energy emitted from the Clear Sky Hammer. It happened when he hadn’t even started ingesting the spirit ring yet; if he started to take the spirit ring, it would turn out badly. He couldn’t use Xiao Bai as a rest stop anymore.


“I’m going to take the spirit ring in the sea. You guys should stay away.”


Tang San shouted loudly then plunged up toward the dark purple tornado in the air.


The blood-red halo on the Clear Sky Hammer was like a scary open mouth, dashing toward the torrential purple energy. It was bizarre that the tremendous purple energy, when came into contact with the red light of the Clear Sky Hammer, had become milder. The energy currents were like hundreds of rivers flowing into the sea, merging into the Clear Sky Hammer.


Tang San’s body that was flying up suddenly had to pause for a moment. He felt an incredible power plunging into his meridians. At this moment, he couldn’t control his own power to resist the alien power nor doing anything. Tang San felt his mental world was constantly exploding. There was a blank space in his head now.


However, other people could see that his body had turned into a purple color simultaneously, also the Hammer in his hand. Then, he fell into the sea. Splash. He fell deep into the ocean and disappeared from other people’s sights, leaving no trace.
“Don’t act recklessly. We should follow his order. Now step back!”


Xiao Bai shouted to wake up the Shrek Six Devils from their worries. At the same time, she released a deep blue aureole, controlled the current and pushed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s giant body aside. Although the whale’s spirit ring was taken, its body was still useful.


The water couldn’t touch Tang San as the purple energy had split the sea to drag him deep down to the bottom. Currently, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had been living in the deepest trench under the sea, which was around thousands of meters deep. Tang San felt the surrounding was gradually darkened as the power in his body was rising more robustly. The absorption process had gone beyond his control now.


Let fate decide, Tang San smiled bitterly. Fortunately, the Clear Sky Hammer was stuck to his hand and didn’t fall off. But Tang San didn’t see that the pattern of the Death God Domain, which was covered by the purple light, under the purple energy’s stimulation, was constantly increasing. The red ghostly pattern had become much thicker and dispersed out to cover all the Clear Sky Hammer’s body.


In the beginning, it was at the head of the hammer. When it had enveloped all the hammerhead, it started to extend to the hammer’s body. Instantaneously, all the Clear Sky Hammer was covered with that ghostly pattern. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop there. After the red pattern had conquered the Hammer’s body surface, it started to get inside the hammer. The scorching feeling came from there. However, being scared by the eccentric red light from the Clear Sky Hammer, the enormous powers of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare to burst out inside of Tang San’s body. Quite contrary, it was being constantly dissolved during the mutation process of the Clear Sky Hammer.


This process was strange. Besides not being able to move, Tang San could sense all bizarre changes happening on his left arm. Although he still couldn’t move, when the Clear Sky Hammer in his left arm had struck the purple tornado, he was holding the Sea God Trident in his right hand, both of the two hefty weapons had dragged him down. He was diving upside down; that was how he could observe what was happening on his left arm.


Tang San couldn’t see the Clear Sky Hammer, which was entirely covered with the purple nimbus now, but he could clearly see that his left arm was gradually turning from purple to a red color. This red color was spreading rapidly. Not only the color had changed, but Tang San also felt his palm and the whole left arm had become icy-cold. That red color didn’t mean it was hot; quite contrary, it was the fiercely cold aura that was full of murderous intention. But it was peculiar that this murderous aura was filled with virtuous imposing manners.


Is it the power of the Clear Sky Hammer’s variation? The blood red light spread to Tang San’s left shoulder then stopped. After that, it repeated the process again on his left arm. Tang San could feel that at the moment his left arm had been changed as the purple energy was gradually absorbed. Moreover, he had lost the connection with the Giant Titan Ape’s left arm spirit bone.


While Tang San still had no clue of what was happening, the red light, which currently stopped at his left shoulder, had suddenly moved again. This time, its movement was so fierce just like there were thousands of marching soldiers. The icy-cold feeling was spreading rapidly from his shoulder to the entire body. However, the blood red light couldn’t affect the area around the Sea God Trident’s Mark on his forehead.


Tyrannous, overlord, and wicked, all strong feelings orderly filled every corner of Tang San’s body. He felt that even the Sea God Trident’s Mark was shivering just a little bit. Is the Sea God’s divine power afraid of this red light? What the heck is my Death God Domain mutated to?


At this moment, Tang San’s heart had started to tremble. This red light had suddenly changed, heading toward the six spirit bones in Tang San’s body. His six spirit bones reacted instantly as the tremendous surge power had almost exploded them. Tang San couldn’t hold the extreme pain, gushing out a mouthful of blood. Something even stranger happened. The blood he spat out didn’t dissolve into the sea as his skin had simultaneously sucked it back.


In the beginning, Tang San had thought that once he had started to absorb the massive energy of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring, it would definitely strike his own energy. At that time, he had to use the Sea God’s divine power to restrict it and ingest it little by little. But this current process didn’t develop into what he had expected. The Sea God’s Light couldn’t perform well, but the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy didn’t trouble him much. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand had controlled everything. It was as if only the powers of the Clear Sky Hammer could have taken control of his body.


On the water surface, while everybody was waiting in worries, Xiao Bai’s eyes suddenly changed, all of a sudden. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s dead body, under her protection, started to shake hard. When Xiao Bai was about to urge her power to control the situation, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s massive body suddenly exploded, leaving a big hole there. Right after that, a purple bone plunged up to the sky.


It was a piece of bone that looked like the spine bone. Moreover, there were some smaller bones attached on it. It was a Body spirit bone. The color was pure purple just like it was cast from purple glass. The strangest thing was it could emit an amount of energy in the form of a purple tornado to support itself.


True, that it was a spirit bone that the one million years spirit beast had produced according to what Tang San needed when he had killed the beast. It was a Body spirit bone.


To a spirit master, the body spirit bone was the most important among the six types of spirit bone. What Tang San had needed was a Body spirit bone.


Everybody took a closer look only to see a faint red light was lying under that purple body spirit bone. The torrential purple tornado, however, could not affect it.


The sea split as if it was slashed by a sharp knife, revealing a narrow crack. Swoosh. The purple body spirit bone descended to the bottom of the sea through that crack.

Seeing that, the Shrek Six Devils sighed as they knew that Tang San was taking the last spirit bone. He was still able to absorb the spirit bone, which meant he was not in danger.


Nevertheless, they didn’t know that Tang San was suffering from extreme pain that he couldn’t even scream out now.


Right when the red energy had gathered on the six spirit bones, it immediately poured the frigid energy into them unceasingly. The Sea God Trident’s mark on his forehead started to react. The dazzling gold light then radiated from the Sea God Trident’s mark had lit up a vast area. At the same time, six gold lights were now projected from the Sea God Trident’s mark, distinctively shone on each spirit bone. This washed the icy-cold feeling away, replacing it with the scorching heat that Tang San was familiar with.


Cold and hot at the same time. From extremely cold shifted to extremely hot. This feeling was absolutely not comfortable at all.


When Tang San had eaten the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and the Infernal Precious Apricot, he had tasted this ice and scorching feeling once. But this time it was more furious.


The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and the Infernal Precious Apricot were pure heat and coldness; while the gold light and red light from the Sea God’s Light and the mutated Death God Domain weren’t that simple.


The Sea God’s Light was full of holy virtuous aura. Quite contrary, the blood red light of the mutated Death God Domain was filled with the torrentially murderous intentions. These two opposites were totally conflicted and their battle was over the six spirit bones that Tang San had.


Nonetheless, Tang San wasn’t the most miserable being there. The energy of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring was truly tremendous, but the confliction between those two red and gold lights had oppressed its purple light. It couldn’t do anything. Moreover, during the battle, those two gold and red lights had constantly absorbed the purple energy to enhance them. It looked like they were competing to see which one could absorb more energy. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring had an enormous energy, but it had been continuously drained because of the other two wicked lights.


How could Tang San let his spirit bones to be their battlefield? But he couldn’t even speak. Suddenly be holy. Suddenly be deadly. It was just icy-cold, then scorching burned. Moreover, those two auras had totally opposite feelings and were constantly changing. Not only his body was suffering, but also his soul felt like they had split him into two different halves.


When Tang San felt he was about to collapse, a purple light descended from the sky all in a sudden. It didn’t give him time to react, directly merged into his body.


The existed purple light was recently dulled because of the other gold and red light, now became stronger. It now could be able to oppress the other opponents.


Tang San finally had a chance to gasp for his breath. He recklessly urged his mental power to take advantage of this short rest to regain the control of his body. He immediately beat the Sea God’s Trident and the Clear Sky Hammer at once. Vaguely, he could feel that his two weapons were related to the changes in his body.


Tang San’s idea was not wrong. However, when the Clear Sky Hammer and the Sea God Trident collided, his troubles instantly came.


It was because the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s Body spirit bone had merged into his body that had boosted the power of the one million years spirit ring, making it burst out simultaneously, oppressing the other two red and gold energies. Right when the two weapons contacted, those two energies rose up again.


The immense intimidating aura and the Sea God’s divine aura had burst out at the same time, subduing the poor Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy again. Those two red and gold lights weren’t as powerful as the whale’s energy, but Tang San didn’t know why it didn’t dare to protest against them.


At this moment, Tang San could feel a robust energy arose from his Body spirit bone. His physical attributes were improved tremendously. The dark gold light in his body turned into pure gold in an instant. Moreover, this pure gold color rapidly expanded to each of his meridians, every corner, every bone and blood cells in his body.


Body spirit bon? Suddenly, Tang San got puzzled. He didn’t know how this body spirit bone had come there as he didn’t call for it. However, with this body spirit bone, the pain he had suffered was much reduced.


Thanks to his enhanced body resistance attribute, although the icy and scorching energies were constantly changing, Tang San could feel that they were getting weaker.


However, what had shifted Tang San from being excited to being worried appeared right after that. After the collision, the purple aureole, which covered the Clear Sky Hammer was broken, revealing an eccentric Clear Sky Hammer that was covered with ghostly scriptures. It was full of murderous aura, just like a peerless mutated divine weapon.


At the same time, the gold light that had once disappeared together with the Sea God’s Heart from Tang San’s forehead now projected out again, furiously shining on the Sea God Trident. The divine and the murderous auras were fighting fiercely.


Gosh! Do they really want to tear me apart? I knew the Sea God’s power, but what the heck is that red energy? They are all from my body but why is the Sea God’s power boycotting it? I think they are competing to take control of my six spirit bones, no, my seven spirit bones, to be exact!


Tang San really wanted to tell them to make him black out before starting their competition, and they could wake him up after they had settled their fight. Of course, it was impossible. Even though his body was in severe pain, his mind had become extremely peaceful. All the loss he had when he had fought with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was healed now. Together with the dead or alive fight between those two energies, Tang San recognized that his body was changing.


All of his innards had turned into the color of pure gold. It wasn’t just the nimbus, but it was the light held inside his body. This meant his body had reached the God Stage.


Tang San had analyzed Qian Ren Xue’s situation once; he knew that the pure gold color represented God level. At the time Qian Ren Xue had performed her peak power, her skin had glowed with red-gold light, which was the color of a real God. Through the absorption of the spirit ring and spirit bone, no matter what those energies have been fighting for, at least my body is still changing. I hope when they are done, the result wouldn’t be so bad. To him, the worst consequences would be each of the energy had conquered half of his body. If that was to happen, Tang San didn’t know whether he could cry or not.


But the fortune still favored him. As time passing by, although Tang San was suffering from the increasing pain, he was glad to see that the Sea God’s power had dominated. The Sea God’s power had protected the crucial area on his forehead at the Sea God Trident’s mark. The red light had attempted to break into that area several times, but it was useless. The Sea God Trident had lost its heart, but still it was a holy weapon; meanwhile, the Clear Sky Hammer had changed under that red light. This difference could slightly push the balance.


Currently, those two energies were struggling at the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body spirit bone and the Eight Spider Lances External spirit bone. The gold light of the Sea God’s power was dominating and expanding.


Seeing the Sea God’s power could take advantage, Tang San breathed out in relief. He soon had predicted that the gold light would win at the end, but the battlefield was inside his body, of course, he had to worry. Tang San had some clues for his predictions. He was deep under the ocean, which was the territory of the Sea God. In this place, the red energy would hardly have a chance.


Tang San didn’t know how much time he had spent here. Eventually, the red light was forced to get back to his left arm. Moreover, the purple light in his body had gradually disappeared. During the battle between those energies, the power from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring had been totally absorbed. Although Tang San didn’t know how those two energies had changed his body when he was ingesting the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s power, he finally completed the spirit ring and spirit bone’s absorption.


Even though the Sea God’s power could subdue the red light and force it to get back into Tang San’s left arm, it couldn’t wash it away from his body. Taking Tang San’s left shoulder as the boundary, the Sea God’s power took almost all of his body, while that red light was entrenching in his left arm.


Those two lights had stopped their fight when the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s power had been drained. Apparently, they didn’t want to use their own pure power to struggle. They were absolutely cunning opponents as the poor loser was the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring.


It’s done, finally. Tang San sighed. He would rather take another battle with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King than being through this torturing process again.


The gold light on the Sea God Trident gradually disappeared, but the ghostly red pattern on the Clear Sky Hammer didn’t cease. The red light was just slightly dimmer. There was a spirit ring appeared on the Clear Sky Hammer that startled Tang San.


This spirit ring was a mix of red and gold, just like the last spirit ring of Qian Ren Xue. But the difference was that it didn’t have the condensed holy aura like her tenth spirit ring. However, it had an unimaginable murderous aura lying deep inside.


Is it the one million years spirit ring or the god level spirit ring? Tang San didn’t have the answer. However, he could be sure that this was much stronger than the one hundred thousand years spirit rings. Moreover, perhaps it wasn’t the spirit ring from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King since it had the power of the mutated Death God Domain. Its real power could only be tested in real battle!


Right at this moment, there was a familiar voice echoed in Tang San’s head, “The Sea God’s Eighth Challenge, accomplished. Sea God Armament, awarded. Bonus includes Sea God’s solubility increasing thirty percent. Total solubility is ninety-nine percent!”


Tang San had to frown listening to this voice. When he had completed the Sea God’s Seventh Challenge and received the Sea God Trident, his Sea God’s solubility had reached eighty-five percent. After this challenge, he had earned other thirty percent, which meant the solubility should be one hundred and fifteen percent.


The highest solubility of the Sea God was one hundred percent. Now, he should reach one hundred percent at least.


The Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi once told him that when his Sea God’s solubility had reached one hundred percent, he should become the Sea God at that time. At the last challenge to receive the Sea God’s inheritance, the higher the solubility was, the easier the inheritance process would be.


Maybe because I haven’t passed the last challenge, my Sea God’s solubility couldn’t reach one hundred percent? No, I don’t think so. Tang San looked at the Sea God Trident in his hand, suddenly realized the reason why his Sea God’s solubility couldn’t be completed after the eighth challenge. It was the missing Sea God’s Heart. I’m afraid at the time I take the inheritance, some anomalies would arise due to the broken Sea God’s Heart.


Oh forget it. No matter what, the Eighth Challenge had been accomplished. About the Sea God’s last challenge, I should ask Sea God Dou Luo Bo Saixi when I get to the Sea God Island. Moreover, my great grandpa is there; he could assist me somehow.


Tang San urged the flying ability of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right thigh spirit bone, while retrieving the Clear Sky Hammer, and reducing the weight of the Sea God’s Trident. He plunged up to the surface. During this time, he started to check his spirit power’s status. Tang San was happy to see that he got much benefit from absorbing the spirit ring and spirit bone of that one million years Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Not to mention the physical changes, his spirit power had leaped. His spirit power not only broke through level ninety-seven but also leaped two levels, reaching the peak of the Peerless Douluo ranked level ninety-nine. With this incredible increase in spirit power, he believed in victory when fighting with Qian Ren Xue again.


Actually, Tang San didn’t know the real reason of his increase spirit power. It wasn’t all about the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring and spirit bone. After reaching level ninety-five, it was extremely hard to jump to the next level. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring and spirit bone had an enormous amount of energy, but it could only help him reach level ninety-eight. The suffering that he almost couldn’t endure was the true reason.


The fact that the Sea God’s gold light and the Death God Domain’s red light had used his body as their arena had unintentionally given him big advantages. That divine conflict had pushed and stimulated his spirit power. Moreover, it helped his god level body integrate perfectly with his energy. This was how his spirit power could have reached the limit that human spirit masters were able to do, ninety-ninth level.


“Ge succeeded.” Xiao Wu was screaming in joy on the sea. They had been waiting there for seven days. They could ease their mind a little bit when the Body spirit bone descended to the sea bottom. However, seven days of waiting was a pure torture. Xiao Bai had dived to the bottom to search for Tang San, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. She could only feel an incredible surge power there.


At this moment, the red mark on Xiao Wu’s forehead suddenly dazzled. There was a familiar voice arose in her head, “Complete the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge with comrades, there are many awards.”


Xiao Wu cried out happily listening to the voice.


Nobody had reacted yet since Xiao Wu’s yell. Suddenly, a gold light was plunging from the sea. Tang San, holding the Sea God Trident in his hand, stepped out from the water. The clothes on his body had disappeared, but there was a gold nimbus that was moving powerfully on his skin.


Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhu Qing immediately turned their heads away. Xiao Wu was shy too, but her excitement had overcome her shyness seeing her man coming back safely. She screamed, “Ge, we are here!”


Oscar laughed out loud, “Little San, you are naked!”
At this time, Tang San had noticed his body’s status, hurriedly hauled a robe from the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges and put it on. No matter how damaged his clothes were, the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges and the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse were still all right.


Tang San slightly descended, looking at his comrades, then swung his arms, “I’ve finished the Eighth Challenge, what is left is only the Sea God’s inheritance now.”


Dai Mu Bai smiled, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”


“No, we still have to wait. Tang San, don’t you forget what I’ve told you?”
Xiao Bai stopped them. Under her control, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s decomposing body rose up from the water, revealing a giant skull.


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