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The blood-like light which was tangled around Tang San looked intimidating. His entire body was projecting terrifying light beams. His moves seemed slow, but his mental power had covered the Deep Sea Demon Whale King that he couldn’t run away. If the whale ran away now, under the cover of that dreadful blood-like light, he would have perished sooner.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t understand how Tang San, with his capacity, could emit such tremendous energy. It was impossible! What Tang San had performed now actually had far surpassed his own capacity, especially that dominating killing aura. It looked like a domain, but it was different. Domains could affect a certain area, while this could have an impact on the whole surroundings.


Tang San himself had a different feeling. When he had confronted Qian Ren Xue, he used to explode several spirit rings at the same time; but they were the spirit rings of the Blue Silver Emperor. When those six spirit rings of the Clear Sky Hammer exploded, Tang San could feel that something had arisen in his head as the special energy had prevented him from connecting with the Sea God’s Light. He felt his blood was boiling inside.


Everything in front of his eyes turned into a red color. He could only see the powerful body which was wearing a dark purple armor of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King standing there. All the thoughts in his mind had turned into the desire of victory. All tricks and plans were overwhelmingly replaced with the furious wills. What he could only feel was the heat inside. His power now was as scorching as the melting lava inside a volcano, which was trying to find a way to erupt.


That tremendous power also muted every sound outside. What Tang San could hear was only his strong heartbeats. Tang San clearly felt that his body had reached the limit that he would explode if there were just a little bit more energy added.


The wildly murderous aura constantly filled the space. Even the Shrek Six Devils, who were familiar with Tang San’s tricks, didn’t know what the blood-like tangled light on his body was. As they were standing near the Demon Whale Sea, they could feel the formidable energy on Tang San’s body. Once it burst out, it could threaten the heaven and scare away the ghosts!


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had been living for almost a million years in this world, of course, he wouldn’t just wait to die. Feeling Tang San’s invincible aura, he became fiercely frantic. He clapped his hands as if he was praying, holding the dark purple gem in the middle of his breastplate. Terrifying surge energy burst out immediately. Explosions constantly reverberated. The armor on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body suddenly enlarged, turning into the massive energy dark purple tornado. The torrential tornado furiously changed the red space around him to a purple color. His aura wasn’t subdued anymore, but still, he couldn’t oppress Tang San.


This was all what the one million years spirit beast got. Even if the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t have many spirit abilities, or could boost his capacity several times higher with the Great Sumeru Technique, he was still a one million years spirit beast. Once he played all that he had, he could reach the god level for a while.


The Shrek Six Devils all clenched their fists. Xiao Wu could felt her heart had wanted to jump out of her chest. They all knew that the last moment had come. This would determine whether Tang San could be able to savage the Deep Sea Demon Whale King or not.


Before they came here, Tang San had assigned tasks to them. Besides Ning Rong Rong, the others felt displeased. Dai Mu Bai and Oscar had wanted all seven of them to cooperate and kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. It would be risky if Tang San were the only one who was going to do that.


But now what they were witnessing made them understand that Tang San’s decisions were correct. They hadn’t reached Title Douluo yet, facing such opponent would had left them no chances. If they had engaged in this fight, it might be…


They also understood the huge gap between them and Tang San. It would take forever to shorten the distance. At this moment, Tang San had become a top rank supreme spirit master.


Tang San and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King almost acted at the same time. This wasn’t probing, it was life-risking!


The dazzling red light dyed the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand with a dark red color. The boundless red nimbus expanded in a flash. Something strange happened. The red phantom behind Tang San suddenly jumped over, then fused with Tang San’s body. Everybody could see that Tang San had disappeared; now there was only a dark red figure moving.


But with a closer look, they saw what had been enlarging was Tang San! He had gotten bigger until he was as big as the dark phantom. No one could differentiate which one was the phantom, and which one was his true body. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand was in the phantom’s hand now. An indignant roar resounded just like it had come from an ancient Demon God. The Clear Sky Hammer was pounding down forward with an unimaginable aura.


Right when the hammer pounded down, a circle of ghostly scriptures appeared behind the giant phantom. That circle of the ghostly scripture’s diameter was more than one hundred meters; it even covered the sunlight. If Hu Lie Na were here now, she would be startled. This circle of the ghostly scripture had appeared once when Tang San and she perceived the Death God Domain. But this current circle was much bigger. Moreover, the power it was emitting was incredible. A peak terrifying energy. All creatures, great or small, were shaking from deep inside of their souls seeing this. Their body was frozen in fear.


What kind of power was that? How could Tang San’s Death God Domain become such astonishing in just a blink? It was as strong as a God! It was because his Death God Domain wasn’t a regular domain anymore. Later, when Tang San received the Sea God’s inheritance, he finally knew why.


There was a shadow of a giant demon whale that appeared behind the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. All of his body was sinking in the massive dark purple tornado at this moment. That tornado looked like it had wanted to draw all of the sea area into it. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had broken his armor, pouring all his energy into this strike. That massive tornado changed abruptly; it was like the giant shield confronting the blood-like Clear Sky Hammer.


Red and purple. Two halos instantly impacted, twisting the whole space. Everything in front of them became blurry. The sea level suddenly reduced over one hundred meters as the tremendous power covering the entire sea area had pressed it down, creating a deep pit.


The Shrek Six Devils and the Great White Shark Devil Spirits couldn’t resist the pressure. Even Xiao Bai, with the power of a hundred thousand years, couldn’t even swim up to the surface. They were all shaken. The invincible energy left them with no chance to protest. When they were pushed down into the water, they felt that the pressure in the water had increased ten times. This was because of the terrifying air which was pressing down.




At this time, inside the sea, a moment was as long as eternity. (slow motion effect =_=)


The intimidating red and the enormous purple energies impacted in mid-air. Time was paused at this moment…


Then it exploded…


The incredible pressure made the ocean hiss. Within hundred square sea miles, tsunamis appeared everywhere.


The sky immediately got darkened, just like the sun had turned into the dark purple color.


The tremendous power surge had shaken the whole world. The Angelic God Qian Ren Xue, who was standing on the shore, could feel the power of this strike.


This power surge also broke the space. Numerous cracks of different sizes appeared in the middle of the air, violently devouring the air and everything existed in the sky.


The two figures detached. The giant phantom dissolved as the demon whale shadow vanished. Two human bodies were separated hundreds of meters apart right after that. From their bodies, countless beams of surge energy constantly plunged up in the air. This was why the air had to change. At the moment of that impact, they couldn’t control that intimidating power.


The Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand had disappeared. Eight spirit rings were broken. After that incredible strike, the Hammer couldn’t hold it anymore.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s purple armor disappeared, revealing his unprotected body. Blood was like a small snake that crawled from the seven holes on Tang San’s face, dripping into the sea. But it was strange that his dripping blood had exploded continuously when touching the water. Even his blood contained much power. The previous attack was absolutely formidable.


Tang San didn’t tremble like the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. He stood upright. Although his face was even paler than paper, the murderous intent in his eyes didn’t cease.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was better than him; only his body was shaking. Blood just came out from his mouth and nostrils. His body was ninety-nine percent at the God level, he didn’t get hurt much.


However, damages didn’t present all. Even though Tang San got hurt, the strike from the giant dark red phantom had smashed the triumphant belief in the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. This one million years spirit beast now was filled with fear. Facing Tang San, who got severe wounds, he felt like he was confronting an invincible statue of the Demon God. It was almost a million years, and this feeling had appeared only once before. It was the time he had faced the Sea God and got one of his eyes blind. At that moment, he had felt the helplessness he was feeling now.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s mind was telling him that this human was weakened that he could defeat him now. But his heart was shivering. The last formidable strike had carved a deep cut inside his heart. It held down all his intentions for another attack. At this moment, he only thought of running away.


Tang San’s limbs and vessels were almost all destroyed. The meridians were damaged and disordered just like the time he had fought with Qian Ren Xue. However, his will of steel helped him stand up. Before he could kill his opponent, he would never let himself fall.


Tang San shoved another Crystal Caterpillar Sausage into his mouth, looking at the shivering Deep Sea Demon Whale King, who was constantly backing off. Tang San didn’t even wait until the Crystal Caterpillar came to effect, dashing forward.


Right now, his body couldn’t run any faster. However, his fast actions had threatened the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Although the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had wanted to urge some of his powers to protest against Tang San, he still couldn’t do that. He howled strangely then ran away.


“You have no chance.”


Two red-gold light beams swiftly projected from Tang San’s eyes, crossing the sky just like two lightning strikes. Wherever they passed by, the torn space that hadn’t been healed yet was pierced through again. They were furiously darting toward the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head.
Death was in front of his eye. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King instinctively turned around, roaring. Round waves continuously rippled from his head in an attempt to stop Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye.


When the energy waves came in contact with Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, they didn’t explode. The ear-piercing sounds of friction echoed as countless sparks bloomed in the air, just like pieces of metal were rubbing on each other.


The Purple God Light persistently destroyed the energy waves one by one. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was in great fear, now shaking harder. All he could do now was to risk his life, expanding his mental powers to stop the Purple God Light.
At this moment, after Tang San had projected the Purple Demon Light, his body suddenly spun violently, shedding blood from the seven holes on his face. But the strange thing was, his blood didn’t scatter away from him, they were just spinning around his body. They were making a faint red aureole covering him. No one knew what Tang San was doing. The Shrek Six Devils were making an effort to swim up after the massive pressure had dipped them down. They came up only to see that the Purple God Light had broken through the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s defense.


The red-gold light eventually hit the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head. His hovering body got stunned in mid-air. Right before he completely lost his consciousness, he suddenly felt a wonderful feeling of being unchained. The extreme fear in his heart had vanished. At this moment, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King suddenly realized that he got fear, not because of Tang San. When that Clear Sky Hammer had pounded on him, a ferocious energy had intruded his heart. What kind of eccentric energy is that? This was the last thing on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s mind before he became unconscious.


If Tang San weren’t certain of the current situation, he would have never urged the Purple God Light. Although his mental power was much more enhanced, once using the Purple God Light, he would receive severe side effects. This battle was coming to an end, he didn’t hold anything or didn’t need to hold anything back.


Tang San stopped spinning suddenly. He looked strange now. Right when he paused his move, nine red lights coming out from his hand as the faint red nimbus twirling around him disappeared.


Those nine red lights looked like nine oval leaves. Besides the blood-red color, they looked plain and natural.


After releasing those nine red lights, Tang San started to tremble violently in the middle of the air. He couldn’t control his flying abilities anymore, falling down.


The eight-headed Fire Phoenix had come in time to catch him. If it were someone else, he would have been burnt with the Phoenix’s Flame. However, Tang San was immune to Water and Fire, he didn’t bother with the scorching temperature of the Phoenix Flame.


When Ma Hong Jun caught Tang San, he immediately turned back into human form, using the phoenix wings on his back to fly as both of his hands gripped Tang San tightly. He didn’t pour any energy into Tang San’s body, just bringing him rapidly back.


Tang San had assigned Ma Hong Jun to timely back him up. It showed how well-prepared they were. With Ma Hong Jun’s assistance, Tang San wouldn’t fall into the sea.


Right when Ma Hong Jun caught Tang San, those nine red lights didn’t hesitate, striking the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Those nine red lights had only one target, which was the heart of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Each red light that didn’t pierce through the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, exploded right near his heart. Nine explosions continuously resounded. Now, there was a big hole on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s unprotected chest. It looked like he had had a large window on his chest; flesh and blood were scattered everywhere. His hefty body was blown away. He had just recovered his consciousness, but it was too late now. His heart and all the internal organs in his body had been exploded. Even if he were a god, he couldn’t have recovered from such severe wounds.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s eye was bewildered. His body was still floating in the air, looking at Tang San. He couldn’t resign from this loss. He wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, only black blood spouted out.


Finally, this incredible one million years spirit beast couldn’t hold on anymore. The giant body with a large amount of blood fell down, dropping into the sea.


Without the energy, he couldn’t maintain his human form anymore. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King turned back into his original shape while falling down. The massive body of over two hundred meters flopped violently on the water. There was a large pit on the whale’s chest, which blood was gushing out non-stop. When the whale fell into the water, its blood immediately dyed the sea with red. Power surge burst out in another tsunami. Xiao Bai was washed away, she hurriedly brought Ning Rong Rong and dove down deeper to stay away from the washing tsunami.


Seeing that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was dead, Tang San breathed out in relief, hardly gasped for his breath. He had spent all of his powers and concentration of mind in this battle. It looked like he had been dominating all the time, but Tang San had understood that if he didn’t break the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s morale, he wouldn’t be sure of anything. Might have been both lost. That hefty body couldn’t have been killed that easily.


When recalling that battle, Tang San couldn’t help but think about the massive red light. When he had struck out the Clear Sky Hammer, his body had been covered with a formidable energy. That energy was as cold as ice but torrentially immense. It had boosted his aura and his faith to the peak he had never had before. At that moment, Tang San understood that he had gone up one more level. It wasn’t the spirit power, but the mental power. Now, finally, he could totally control his breath, his aura, and morale. He couldn’t feel it now, but he understood that the little loss he had paid to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King somehow was related to that red light. He was sure that that red light had aided him in destroying his target.
The Crystal Caterpillar Sausage had come in effect. His disordered meridians started to stabilize as his wounds were now being healed with the miraculous effects of the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage. At the same time, Ning Rong Rong’s attribute boost was shining on him again. After Tang San had got out from the God status, his spirit powers gradually came back to its peak under the attribute boosts. He felt much better now.


Tang San signaled for Ma Hong Jun to let him go. Some parts of his body had already recovered, he could fly up again. Eight gold lights had descended from the sky, traveling through the sea then pierced through the massive dead body of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Those were the Golden Devouring Threads from the Eight Spider Lances.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was dead. However, the abundant power in his body couldn’t have vanished that quickly. Tang San couldn’t have let this chance go, especially when he had wasted such a significant amount of spirit power.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t control them anymore, the Eight Spider Lances started to devour faster with all of their capacity. Tang San was constantly absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tremendous spirit power.


While ingesting, Tang San couldn’t help but acclaim. This Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a rich badass. His one million years cultivation base was so intimidating. If his fighting abilities weren’t limited by my Sea God’s Light together with the variation of the Death God Domain, it would be considered daydreaming thinking about killing him. Even Qian Ren Xue couldn’t have had killed him in the sea without the nemesis attributes!


Tang San’s spirit power had reached its peak again within ten minutes. Moreover, the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage had recovered not only his body but also his mental power. Tang San had been worrying all the time during the battle. He didn’t feel as comfy as when he had faced Qian Ren Xue. However, despite his mental fatigue, he couldn’t rest now.


“Everybody, please come here. Use your Swift Flying Mushroom Sausage.” Tang San called out to his comrades.


When everybody saw that Tang San had killed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, they screamed out with joy. Although they didn’t know that Tang San had already recovered, seeing him flying in the sky, they understood that he was all right. Hearing his call, they ate the Swift Flying Mushroom Sausage then came near him.


“Little San, what were the last red lights? How could they be so powerful?” Dai Mu Bai asked, even when he hadn’t arrived yet.


Tang San said, “This was one of my hidden weapons. Also, one of the most incredible hidden weapons called the Bodhi Blood. Pour the spirit soul into your blood and compress it, then project it with a special skill. When it collides with the opponent, it can explode violently. Last time when I attacked him, before the blood red light disappeared, I had released the Blue Silver Emperor, using it with my remaining amount of spirit power to strike the Bodhi Blood. If I couldn’t kill him, I would now be dead like the lamp that ran out of oil. I wouldn’t even have been able to fly.”


True, the last nine red lights that Tang San had struck out was the second top rank hidden weapon of the Tang Sect’s Hundred Hidden Weapons Record, the Bodhi Blood. Talking about the piercing ability, it was less than the first place, the Guanyin’s Tear; however, its attack ability was tremendous. The reason why it was named the Bodhis Blood was not only because of the shape of the blood-red leaves, but also that the Bodhi Grandmaster [1] had to shed his blood when facing this powerful attack. Of course, there were no Bodhi Grandmasters in the Douluo Continent. Tang San couldn’t explain further.


“Well done everybody. Now be ready, I’m going to pour the energy of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King into you guys. We will absorb together as it would be faster. His energy is too enormous. It would be a big waste if we let it vanish. It would boost our capacities.”


While he was speaking, the Eight Spider Lances slightly moved as it threw out seven devouring golden threads, distinctively tied at the right hands of his comrades. It wasn’t devouring, he just wanted to connect everyone together.


Tang San’s devouring golden threads could ingest a massive amount and purify them before pouring back into him. However, he could only absorb a certain amount in a certain duration. To him, taking the spirit ring and spirit bone from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was more important. Thus, the time they had to ingest the power was around two hours. After two hours, no matter how much energy they got, he had to take the spirit ring and spirit bone to complete the last mission of the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge.


The Shrek Six Devils were pretty close to Tang San. Although they hadn’t understood what he wanted to do, they still followed him immediately.


Soon, the pure energy started to pour into their body through the devouring golden threads. They got startled, while starting to absorb the energy.


At first, as Tang San had worried that his comrades would make mistakes due to being astounded, he just transmitted a small amount to them. Later, when they had started to get used to it, he sped up the transmission speed. Seven people were fiercely devouring the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s power in mid-air. Tang San had released the Blue Silver Emperor to bind them around their waist so that they wouldn’t fall.


Of course, Tang San didn’t forget Xiao Bai, one of the seven golden threads was transmitting the power to her. To Xiao Bai, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy didn’t conflict with her power; moreover, it was advantageous to her. She was very excited now. Tang San had savaged the Orca Demon King and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King of the vast sea; it helped the Great White Shark Devil Spirit a lot. Xiao Bai was the Great White Shark Devil Queen, if she could have the power from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, she might then become the overlord of the vast sea.


Time slowly flew. Tang San’s speed of devouring and absorbing was faster than the others’ since he had the body of a demigod. Although he was filled with energy, he had consolidated his energy and then continued to absorb more. The other people couldn’t do that. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar had to stop after ten minutes. Tang San then put them back down, sitting on the Great White Shark Devil Spirits and they then started to cultivate


If they had tried to ingest more, their meridians would have been destroyed. They didn’t have the tremendous healing abilities of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right thigh spirit bone; once their meridians were damaged, it would hurt them severely. At that time, their capacity couldn’t be enhanced; quite the contrary, they would have been counter-attacked.


The same thing had happened when Zhu Zhu Qing, Dai Mu Bai, and Ma Hong Jun had absorbed the energy for twenty minutes. They had been cultivating for many years, of course, they understood that being greedy wasn’t good for them. They all descended to the water surface and started to cultivate. There was only Xiao Wu and Tang San who were still persistently ingesting the power from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Among them, Xiao Wu’s spirit power was the weakest, ranked level seventy-six. However, she had used the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and the Yearning Heart-broken Red, the two precious fairy herbs. Her body was as sturdy as Tang San’s. It helped her to receive more power. Moreover, she was once the one hundred thousand years spirit beast, her energy absorption, and transmission was much better than the ordinary people. That was why she could persistently devour the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy, along with Tang San.


Furthermore, it came from deep inside her heart. Listening to Tang San’s narration about his fight with Qian Ren Xue, and witnessing the struggling battle he just had with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Xiao Wu felt painful and sorrowful at the same time. She was upset because she couldn’t help him. Then, she had decided to become more powerful so as she could assist him in the near future. With that thought anchored in her heart, she was able to release all of her potentials.


Time slowly passed by as Tang San still controlled the golden threads to devour more. To take full advantage of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy, after his comrades had finished their absorption, Tang San then connected the devouring golden threads to the Great White Shark Devil Spirits. It was their payment.


The Great White Shark Devil Spirits were really excited. The power after being purified by the Eight Spider Lances was very suitable for them to absorb. It was much more difficult for the spirit beasts to cultivate; the time it took would be a hundred times more than what the human spirit masters had to spend to cultivate to the same level. With Tang San’s help, they could save a lot of time. At least more than ten thousand years compared to their other fellows. Moreover, they would have had a chance to get to the level of one hundred thousand years. What Tang San had done had touched their hearts as if they would thankfully cry.


The devouring golden threads constantly changed the location of where they had pierced into the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s dead body since that area would be shriveled due to losing energy and vitality after a while. Tang San also used this method to search for what he needed.


The remaining time wasn’t much. Tang San had used the devouring golden threads and his mental powers to understand the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body.


Gold light flashed as Tang San had retrieved the devouring golden threads. His eyes sparked with god light, smiling with Xiao Wu.


Xiao Wu slowly opened her eyes. Her face lit up with joy, “Ge, my spirit power has reached level eighty. Moreover, I think I have absorbed more than that. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy is tremendous! Wait until I get the eighth spirit ring, my spirit powers would leap incredibly.”



[1] Bodhi Grandmaster: Subhuti (lit. Good Existence), he was one of the Ten Great Sravakas of Gotama Buddha, and foremost in giving gifts. Subhuti appears as a character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West, as the teacher of the Monkey King Sun Wukong.


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