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Looking at the terrible change in the sky, Xiao Bai paled in fear, screaming,


“Seems like he doesn’t exaggerate! I’m afraid he is very close to the God stage. When the Sea God master became a god, he could have fused his energy within his body to create the divine armor. He could then turn his spirit into the Sea God’s Trident at the same time. But the Deep Sea Demon Whale King still hadn’t reached that high of a level; he could have still used his energy to form the armor, but it still wasn’t completely integrated with his body. Still, it is just a tiny bit away from the god level!”


Dai Mu Bai grimaced, “Even though he cannot fuse his body with the energy armor after turning into human form, he could have had still use that energy to strike along with his original powers. It had seemed like it had cost him nothing. I think Little San was wrong. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is much stronger than what we had thought.”


Tang San looked calm from up there. Of course, he could think of what the others had been able to figure out. Moreover, it would have been much more thorough since he had already fought with a god level spirit master. The energy armor looked powerful, but it was not as terrifying as Qian Ren Xue’s Angelic Armament.


However, no matter how much of the energy that he had taken from the nature to create the armor, it was all from Water. Tang San was the successor of the Sea God; that was why Water favored him. Qian Ren Xue, the successor of the Angelic God, even though she hadn’t understood all the divine spirit abilities of the Angel, she was still a god; but Tang San had been able to beat her up. Now he was facing a Deep Sea Demon Whale King, what else could it be to have made him back off?


Talking about powers, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was intimidating. His overall powers were not less than that of Qian Ren Xue but he wasn’t the top god yet. Although the Deep Sea Demon Whale King in the ocean was a top rank spirit beast, his attributes still had a big gap compared to the Dark Demonic God Tiger. The demon tiger was a perfect balance of the three attributes. If Tang San had to face the million years Dark Demonic God Tiger, he would have definitely ran away. Furthermore, it wouldn’t have had taken more than a million years for the Dark Demonic God Tiger to become a beast god, Tang San assumed.


The Eight Spider Lances slowly extending, pointing towards the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Tang San’s eyes were like frosted ice that couldn’t be shaken no matter how strong his opponent was.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King felt a little bit disappointed. But it had boosted his resentment to the peak. Although he could have turned into his human form, the pains that he had suffered were still attacking the insides of his body. The Eight Spider Lances devouring and toxins were nothing to the whale, but the toxins of the water of the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well had brought the extreme opposite feelings inside of him. Now, he felt that half of his body was burning, and that the other half was freezing. Even though he could have had neutralized those two damaging energies, it couldn’t have been done in just a second. This wound needed much more time to heal.


One human and one fish were staring at each other in the middle of the sky. Though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s powers were much more than that of Tang San’s, but he still couldn’t dominate his aura. Tang San had put all of his mental powers on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. The pirate dark purple eye of the whale that faced Tang San’s eyes as startled in finding that Tang San had slightly subdued his aura. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s aura that had reached its peak when he had turned into human form gradually ceased at this moment.


On the battlefield, morale was the key in determining the winner. The lower the morale was, the worse that one’s abilities could have been performed. Everybody knew it. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had decided that he shouldn’t wait anymore. You got high mental powers, so what? The differences between the energies couldn’t change!


“Go die!”


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King roared and lifted his right arm. Countless purple light spheres appeared around him. Just in a blink, they had completely filled the hundreds of square meters wide area. Each of the light spheres was aimed for Tang San. The tremendous power then turned the entire space around the Deep Sea Demon Whale King to a dark purple color. Moreover, it was twisting the air.


The ear-piercing sound of the torn air echoed. The time since those spheres had been consolidated till they had been released, was shorter than that of a single breath. Thousands of the purple light spheres were as furious as the shooting meteors that were darting towards Tang San. Their speed was as fast as the electric shift.


Thirty percent of Water and seventy percent of Thunder. This was what Tang San had assumed of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack. Each of the light spheres had been formed by the powers of the two attributes. This was a fusion energy strike. It was no doubt that they were like the thunder beads that could have released an intimidating force when impacted. Obviously, this large-scale attack was unavoidable.


However, Tang San did not want to dodge it. He coldly snorted and put his left arm towards the back while his right arm was raising the Sea God’s Trident. The Unfixed Storm, was activated.


Under Qian Ren Xue’s deadly pursuit, he was still alive. Seeing the Sea God performing the Unfixed Storm for the second time, Tang San’s understanding of his divine abilities had been improved dramatically. Even though the Sea God’s Trident wasn’t a holy weapon now, it couldn’t have affected him in releasing this powerful strike. Without the Sea God’s Trident’s divine aura, this was still a divine ability!


A dark red enormous light sphere was dazzling in the air, which emitted the energy of the Clear Sky Hammer. A murderous current spread out from the Clear Sky hammer behind Tang San. The Death God Domain was released.


Under the effect of the Death God Domain, the Sea God’s Trident’s nimbus was dyed with a blood-red color. Tang San didn’t pause, swinging the Sea God Trident in his hand one round to the left then one round to the right, constantly projecting blood-red light spheres into the air.


The eccentric thing was that the blood-red light spheres had had some powerful suction force that could have drawn and dissolved the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s thunder beads.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King slightly changed his countenance. His initial thought was to use the advantage of his abundant energy and the Water and Thunder attributes to explode Tang San. But when his thunder beads impacted with the spheres of the Unfixed Storm, he had lost his mental contact with them immediately. The thunder beads didn’t explode, but vanished inaudibly when covered by the blood-red light of the Unfixed Storm.


How could it be? The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was shaken. They were the energies that he had emitted; of course, he knew how powerful they were! He had estimated that even though Tang San’s mental powers were stronger than his, it shouldn’t have been enough to cut off the connection between him and the large-scale attack like that. The only thing that he hadn’t thought of was that Tang San was able to use the Sea God’s divine ability now.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King paused for a while when his mind was astounded. Just in this short moment, all the power of his strikes had ceased, none of the thunder beads exploded.


“Is Tang San’s power this tremendous?”


Xiao Bai acclaimed in fear. When she uttered that, Ning Rong Rong, who was on her back, wasn’t free to reply. She was raising the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower, projecting other the seven light pillars, shining on Tang San.


Ning Rong Rong had eight spirit rings now. But she had just released the seven light pillars because she had already urged her spirit ability, the Nine Treasure avatar. This was also the strongest ability of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower spirit masters.


Her seventh spirit ability could have been performed on her, or her comrades. The first six spirit abilities could boost Tang San’s attribute up to ninety percent. And, the seventh light could have helped Tang San receive the effects of the Nine Treasure Avatar, which reduced half of the spirit power consumption while Tang San performed his own spirit abilities. If so, Tang San could now engage in the battle for a long time while his energy could be increased at the same time.


Previously, Tang San had risked approaching the giant body of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King; however, the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage had cured his wounds. Moreover, the energy that he got had been devoured from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. He was at a new peak at this moment. When the seven boosting lights of Ning Rong Rong shone on him, all his power, mental and qi had been consolidated to a formidable level. He then shouted. His voice was as loud as the thunder shaking the sky. His body was like an arrow, darting towards the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King wasn’t weak, of course. The aureole then bloomed on his body as he fiercely stood in Tang San’s way, clenched his fists and pounded on his chest. A dark purple sphere burst out, launching a dark purple tornado plunging from his chest. Wherever the dark purple had passed by, even the air had ceased moving.


This was an evolved spirit ability of the Demon Whale Domain, which had the same effect with the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation. When that light shone on someone, he would be stunned for a moment. But to be stunned was a really deadly situation for the spirit masters at that level.


But right when that light was about to make contact with Tang San, the second spirit ring on Tang San’s body was instantly enlarged. The red-gold power surged violently and exploded, pushing the purple light aside. At the same time, the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand suddenly enlarged in the air. After spinning one round in the sky, the giant Clear Sky Hammer furiously pounded on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head. This was the peerless skill of the Clear Sky Hammer, the Exploding Ring.


With the supremacy of the exploding ring, Tang San had solved the restriction of his opponent then accumulated the power to strike back. A this moment, Tang San’s responding ability could be described with the word “perfect”.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t think that a man who looked as elegant and calm like Tang San could have attacked like that of a raging thunderstorm. He didn’t dare to recklessly face the Clear Sky Hammer that was shining with the eccentric red-gold nimbus, raising both of his hands as the light frantically projected from his armor. He was gathering all of the energy from his armor to confront Tang San’s attack.


But the Exploding Ring’s power was really intimidating. Under Ning Rong Rong’s boosting attributes ability, all of Tang San’s attributes and abilities were doubled. His spirit power, which was at level ninety-six, had leaped to more than level ninety-seven. It didn’t stop there; his strength, attacking power, speed and attack ability had entered the peak of level ninety-eight. Also, the Great Sumeru Technique’s top rank skill – the Exploding Ring, could release the attack power of a Peerless Douluo ranked level ninety-nine! Moreover, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand was enhanced with the Gravity Control ability, making its weight not much different from the Sea God’s Trident under the same Gravity Control’s effect.




Xiao Bai, her henchmen Great White Shark Devil Spirits, and the Shrek Six Devils standing near there dropped their jaws in awe seeing the one million years spirit beast, the invincible Deep Sea Demon Whale King, was pounded, falling from the sky. Boom. He was beaten, plunging down into the sea, splashing a hundred meter tall wave.


Tang San successfully struck his attack, but he didn’t stop there; under Ning Rong Rong’s constant boost, his eyes became sharper as he had united as one with his hammer. The formidable powers of the Great Sumeru Hammer burst out again. This time, it was the first spirit ring, which was the spirit ring of the Giant Titan Ape Er Ming, exploded. The power it contributed was even more terrifying. At the same time, his left leg flung out and a hatchet covered in red nimbus descended from the sky, violently colliding with the giant wave that the explosion had made. It created a massive abyss over hundreds of meters deep. When the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had just gotten himself together, Tang San’s hatchet revealed him and his second hammer was instantly pounding him from the sky, bringing with it the peak aura that he had never had before. The demolishing power was tremendous, hitting the whale’s head.


Once his attack had begun, Tang San didn’t think of pausing. As long as he hadn’t destroyed his opponent completely, he would never stop.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King felt extremely dreadful. When he had seen Tang San use the Sea God’s Light, he thought that Tang San hadn’t received the Sea God’s true powers. He was confident that he wouldn’t lose when fighting with an opponent like him. However, at the moment that he had been impacted with the Clear Sky Hammer, he didn’t think that the hammer could have broken through his massive energy and pounded him into the sea. That aggressive power and the imposing aura told him that this opponent would not be easy to confront at all. He could even possibly be in deadly danger.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had been dwelling in the ocean for almost a million years; his fighting experience was rich. Seeing that the sea couldn’t be his backup anymore, and considering the dangerous feeling that the Hammer had given him, he made a strange move.


The whale covered both of his ears with his hands, staring at Tang San who was descending from the sky. He suddenly opened his mouth and hummed. At the same time, a white air current flew out from his mouth.


“Tang San, watch out! That’s the cinnabar energy of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.”


When Xiao Bai saw that white mist, she hurried over to inform Tang San.


Apparently, Tang San heard what she had said, but he didn’t change his move. The Great Sumeru Hammer Technique didn’t have the ‘dodging concept.’ It was like he understood well that he had no choice but to burst out all of his powers. Nevertheless, Tang San still bravely endured the strike.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s humming was husky at first, but soon it was changing into a dragon roar together with the emission of the white mist. Black clouds in the sky started to torrentially gather there as if they had been responding to his calls. The cinnabar mist consolidated in the air as a long current, confronting Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer timely.




The white mist was scattered apart as the dark clouds in the sky were blown away, revealing the dazzling sun. The white mist from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was smashed. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was shaking violently and falling again. His eye was bloodshot; apparently, he was greatly affected.


However, Tang San was not better than him. His attack didn’t go through. The white cinnabar was smashed, but he was blown into the air by a counter-attack force. The Clear Sky Hammer was buzzing; the energy from the first spirit ring’s explosion had almost been drained.


Tang San’s current tactics in confronting the Deep Sea Demon Whale King wasn’t his only plan. The most ideal plan was to use the Eight Spider Lances to devour him to death. If so, Tang San could have killed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and leaped his spirit powers as well. Once the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had turned into human form, he would use the unrivaled skills of the Great Sumeru Hammer’s Exploding Ring nine times constantly to destroy him when he hadn’t been fully aware of his abilities. But at this moment, his second plan was somehow canceled.


Of course, he got something from those strikes, as the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had already been greatly hurt.


The angry hissing and screaming sounds had come out from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s mouth. He fiercely flopped on the water surface then plunged towards Tang San like a cannon ball. The purple aureole that covered his hovering body rapidly consolidated into a giant purple light sphere. At the same time, an enormous phantom of the Deep Sea Demon Whale appeared behind him. His anger was provoked; this attack would be absolutely terrifying.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body turned into the giant purple light sphere that immediately detached from his true form, turning into two giant purple hammers. Those two hammers were not smaller than the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hands. He held all the power inside, flying towards Tang San. It looked like he had wanted to wrestle with Tang San without using any rules.


Don’t you really think that it would be a wrestling game? Holding power and trying to attack from a close distance, it was the formidable attack style. Under those circumstances, their capacities weren’t much different, if one side had chosen this dangerous attack, the other side would have had any choice then. Because if you use energy to attack, your opponent’s holding energy could break your attack easily. Hurting him would be difficult.


Tang San understood this. You want close combat? Fine, I’ll play with you.


Tang San ate another Solid Golden Fly. He didn’t want to avoid but face the Deep Sea Demon Whale King directly. He was holding the Clear Sky hammer in his left hand and the Sea God Trident in his right hand. When they were about to collide, Tang San’s body suddenly flashed. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King just felt dazzled and Tang San already appeared next to him; the black, icy-cold Sea God Trident sharply stabbed into his waist.


However, what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had chosen to do scared Tang San. He didn’t avoid the Sea God Trident as it stabbed his waist while he swung his arms pounding the two dark purple Octagon Plum Blossom Hammer on Tang San’s head. If he got hit this time, even his soul would have been hammered. This hammer strike had accumulated the whole tremendous powers of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


How smart Tang San was! He understood what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King wanted to do just in a flash. He doesn’t care about his wounds in order just to kill me! He has the energy armor, so my strikes couldn’t kill him. But if those two hammers hit my head, I would have been doomed for sure. He has planned his attack carefully, I assumed!


Of course, Tang San didn’t want to make such a trade. He immediately used the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to back off and avoid the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was fulfilled with his attack, and he didn’t want to let Tang San go. He immediately chased after him. The two hammers swung in the air, constantly attacking Tang San. The way he had swung the Octagon Plum Blossom Hammers didn’t follow any methods, but their speed and strength were marvelous. With his tremendous powers, he could push Tang San backwards continuously.


Tang San had no counter methods right now. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was so cunning; he knew how to use the advantages from his energy armor as he didn’t dodge Tang San’s attack. Tang San’s overall power was less than his. He was subdued now, and constantly backing off. It was the same as when he had used the Great Sumeru Hammer to oppress the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. But now, it was him who was in a more dangerous situation. The longer he got subdued, the more his opponent’s morale and energy would accumulate for the next attack. It was just a daydream waiting for an experienced opponent like the Deep Sea Demon Whale King to make a mistake.


Ma Hong Jun was standing not far from there, he was worried after seeing that. However, he understood that his power was much less than them; it was useless even if he had really wanted to help.


Under such adverse circumstances, Tang San still maintained his sound mind, just backing off constantly. Even if the Deep Sea Demon Whale King could have sped up now, he couldn’t catch Tang San, who was receiving the speed boost from Ning Rong Rong and using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track at the same time.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King evilly grinned. He had no way to attack Tang San now, but his hammer wasn’t that simple. Each strike he had made had released an invisible energy current, weaving a giant energy net in the air. Just in some more strikes, he could have completed the net. At that time, Tang San couldn’t avoid him anymore.


However, right when the Deep Sea Demon Whale King thought that he had finished his net and that it was time to eradicate Tang San, Tang San disappeared all in a sudden.


What? The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was bewildered. Disappear? How could it be? He immediately urged his mental powers. With the short distance in such small area, he instantly spotted Tang San.


However, his movement was slowing down a little bit.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s net was perfectly done; how could Tang San not have known about it? His mental power was always focused on every change around him. With the exquisite ability of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Tang San could have escaped the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack range right when he had struck the first hammer. He didn’t do that so he could let the Deep Sea Demon Whale King waste his energy.


Tang San was using the hiding ability of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier, and didn’t launch any attacks. Even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had used up all of his mental power, still, he couldn’t see him even in a short distance like that.


To Tang San, a blink could have been as long as eternity. The situation of his battle had changed in the short duration of this blink. He had retrieved the Clear Sky Hammer and the Eight Spider Lances. Now, he was like a rock, falling from the sky. He wormed through a mesh of the net the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had woven and flew away. At the same time, the Blue Silver Emperor spirit was released. A giant Blue Silver Emperor plunged down just like a blue-gold lightning as Ma Hong Jun, who had been informed, was waiting there.


When the Deep Sea Demon Whale King chased after him in just a short time, Tang San used the force when he released the Blue Silver Emperor under the gravity principle to speed up towards Ma Hong Jun.


The perfect trap he had built had failed just in a flash. No one could endure this pain. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King wasn’t an exception. Obviously, he knew that his power was much more than Tang San’s, but he had no way to catch him. This feeling was horribly painful.


Murderous intentions sparked out from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s eye. He had spun furiously in mid-air, throwing the Octagon Plum Blossom Hammer on his left hand to Tang San. At the same time, the hammer on his right hand was ejected towards Ning Rong Rong, who was standing on Xiao Bai now.


He soon got the information that Ning Rong Rong’s existence was the key point for Tang San to strike against him continuously. If he could kill Ning Rong Rong, it would then be much easier to savage Tang San.


Facing the giant hammer that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was hurling towards him, Tang San held the Sea God’s Trident with both hands, fiercely spun one round to launch the Unfixed Storm, drawing that dark purple hammer into the light circle and cut the connection between it and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. This was the unique feature of the Unfixed Storm. No matter how strong your attack is, how could you now urge it when I have cut your connection?


But it wasn’t all that Tang San had done. Ma Hong Jun, under Tang San’s instructions, had put both of his hands on his back, furiously pouring the Phoenix Flame into the Eight Spider Lances. Tang San had controlled the Eight Spider Lances to not letting them devour the flame. He quickly accumulated the energy, using the god level power of the lances to hold all the Phoenix Flame power inside. Right when Ma Hong Jun emitted the Phoenix Flame, his last spirit ring, the eighth, glowed.


After releasing the Phoenix Flame, Ma Hong June paled, continuously ate the two Large Recovery Sausages then turned into an Eight-headed Fire Phoenix, flying away. His mission had been accomplished.


Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances couldn’t hold the intimidating power of the Phoenix Flame for a long time. When he had asked Ma Hong Jun to pour the Phoenix Flame into his body, he had decided that it was the right time to launch the massive attack.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had launched his attack in two different directions. His move had been slowed down for a while so he couldn’t prevent Ma Hong Jun from pouring the Phoenix Flame into Tang San. What made him dumbstruck was that Ning Rong Rong hadn’t been affected by his strike.


Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing were waiting for this attack for a long time. Tang San had predicted that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King would attack them all. He was so engaged into the fight with Tang San that he couldn’t use a complicated area attack. Thus, Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing were more than enough to protect her.


A giant two-winged Hell White Tiger suddenly appeared in the middle of the air, impacting with that massive purple hammer. The tremendous surge power pounded the Hell White Tiger to the sea. However, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t get what he had wanted. If the two spirit masters ranked Spirit Douluo had performed the spirit fusion, they could have released a positive stronger power. Moreover, to ensure this counter-attack, they had eaten the Solid Golden Fly, which had boosted their attack to the peak Title Douluo level. If the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t concentrate on them, how could he then get his purpose?



“I’m your opponent!”


Tang San’s icy voice arose in the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s ears. Even though he was very powerful, the constant attack had drained his power. He couldn’t help but stop to gasp for his breath. Right at this moment, Tang San had come back with the Clear Sky Hammer on his right hand. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s pirate pupil shrank in fear, seeing all the last six spirit rings on Tang San had exploded at the same time. All the intimidating dark gold light had accumulated on the Clear Sky Hammer. A dark red phantom gradually formed behind Tang San. This figure was different from the Sea God that Tang San had projected before.


The Sea God was imposing, while this figure looked more elegant. The consolidated murderous essence had formed this tall phantom with freezing aura. To this strange phenomenon, Tang San thought of the variations of the Death God Domain when it had received the boundless energy. The energy from the six exploding rings was really massive, which could fill every corner of the Clear Sky Hammer, even the Death God Domain. This bizarre phenomenon was the light that was emitted from the Death God Domain.


Tang San had never used the Great Sumeru Hammer with the six exploding rings, including the three hundred thousand years spirit rings, even when he had been facing Qian Ren Xue. It could be seen how formidable his attack was. However, the furious way that he recklessly used had startled the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, especially when the dark red phantom appeared behind Tang San. Although it looked vapid, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was trembling in fear seeing it.


Tang San put the Sea God’s Trident on his back, using the Eight Spider Lances to hold it. Now, he held the Hammer with both hands. The Clear Sky Hammer with the consolidating power from the six exploding rings was really intimidating.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare to move forward, he even stepped back. He wanted to run away now. This young man is aggressively crazy. Such tremendous power, isn’t he afraid that he would be counter-attacked till death?


Not only did the Deep Sea Demon Whale King get startled, but also Tang San’s comrades who were watching him with fear in their eyes. Right after he had exploded the six spirit rings, the giant dark red shadow appeared behind him. Tang San looked like a Devil God descending. Even his head and both eyes had turned into a dark red color. Dark clouds were covering the sky. However, they didn’t come from the power of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King since they were as red as blood. There was something else that had turned into the blood-red color. It was the sea underneath them. Tang San’s energy could change everything that surrounded him, which was what a god could do.


Without the god level Eight Spider Lances, the Great Sumeru Technique, his demigod body and the Crystal Caterpillar, Tang San would never dare to bet that big. Even if Qian Ren Xue were here, looking at his strike which was full of power, she would be grimaced.


Ning Rong Rong suddenly changed as she found out that her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower couldn’t send any attribute boosts to Tang San now. All of her boosting had returned to her. The light that the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower projected couldn’t get through that blood-like layer. This was the first time she had encountered such situation. There was only one explanation for this circumstance, which was that a god’s powerful capacity basically didn’t need any support from the auxiliary system spirit masters. At this moment, Tang San had reached the god level.


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