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Seeing Tang Sang dissolving the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s familiar attack, Ma Hong Jun, Xiao Bai and her Great White Shark Devil Spirits, and other people standing outside the Demon Whale Sea could feel their faith was boosted.


In fact, what gave Tang San courage to provoke the profound Deep Sea Demon Whale King, who might be even stronger than a peak Title Douluo, wasn’t the Great Sumeru Hammer or other unique abilities, or the spirit power fast recovery speed; it was the Sea God’s Light.


No matter how strong the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was, it was still a maritime spirit beast. The Sea God’s Light was the power of the Sea God who used to rule the ocean. With this assistance, Tang San could have a significant advantage facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Under the Sea God’s Light, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s power to control the energy from the vast sea would be restricted. Right now, Tang San had experienced that as he had planned. Using the energy of the vast sea to attack the Sea God’s successor, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack power was reduced much. That was how Tang San could dissolve its attack with ease.


Faint gold light flashed. There was a powerful surge energy on him. The Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear instantly darted into the sea, leaving a streak of dim light on the water surface.


Facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Tang San had a massive pressure; but he felt secure as he knew the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was just a maritime spirit beast with tremendous power while its mental power wasn’t as much. At least it wouldn’t be more than the Sea God Doulou Bo Saixi. Currently, Tang San’s mental power could almost enter the god level. Unless he met someone, whose mental power was as strong as Qian Ren Xue, he could gain the upper hand. Moreover, with the support from the Sea God’s Light, in the vast sea, he was like a tiger with two more wings. He believed that in this fight he could be able to control the situation.




Numerous yellow light dots continuously emerged as a massive body rose to the sea surface. Its blue crystal-like body looked terrifying especially when there was no sunlight shining. The only one eye of the whale coldly looked at Tang San, who was hovering in mid-air. A yellow light spot gradually disappeared on its thick back.


Tang San felt his heart was sinking. Although he had assumed his enemy’s strength was profound, in reality, it was even more than what he had expected. The attack from the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear couldn’t even scratch him. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t even use any defending ability to confront the spear; it just relied on the thick and hard skin.


The Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear was a one hundred thousand years spirit ability! The Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ defending was tremendous, but they didn’t come back alive facing the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear. But now, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t seem to worry about it. Its entire giant body had a strong defense. This was undoubtedly intimidating just like a giant fortress undersea. That was why Xiao Bai affirmed that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was absolutely worth the title King of the vast sea.


“It’s you!”


A low voice reverberated from the sea, eccentrically echoing in the air. Tang San frowned, realizing his blood was shaking under the effect of this surging energy. This wasn’t a comfy feeling at all!


“You know me?”


Tang San didn’t feel strange as he heard the Deep Sea Demon Whale King speaking. Xiao Bai could talk, why couldn’t the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Last time it didn’t speak to me. I’m sure it thought my capacity was too low that I wasn’t eligible to talk to it!


“You are the Sea God’s chosen one. How could I not know you? However, even though you are the chosen one, you can’t just come to my sea and show off your strength. You dared to attack me. Excellent! You shouldn’t expect to come back alive. Leave your life here. I wonder if I could break through the last gate after I absorb the Sea Sod’s successor.”


Tang San coldly snorted, “I really want to see if you could absorb me or I will savage you!”


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King laughed. His laughter was ear-piercing just like a giant lava block was being ground.


“Little boy, do you know what is the so-called do not overplay your hand? I was pretty comfy last time. If the Sea God didn’t appear and threaten me away, do you think that you can be here now to provoke me? There is no Sea God in this world anymore. I’m the lord of the ocean. Your spirit power ranks level ninety-six, right? Your body isn’t bad though. It could approach the demigod level. What a pity, your body could be forty percent as a god’s body; but mine achieves ninety-nine percent in entering the god level now. Do you really want to confront me just with the Sea God Trident that doesn’t have its heart anymore? If I could eat you, I could add the last one percent and evolve to the Beast God, which has never been before!”


The massive body of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King fiercely rose higher from the sea while he was saying. The giant tail swung toward Tang San, bursting a pyramid-shaped purple halo heading toward him and Ma Hong Jun. Where the massive energy halo passed, the air was torn violently, leaving a thin layer of black lightning in the air surrounded that purple halo.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t use the power of the vast sea, but its true attack power.


After Tang San listened to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, he suddenly figured out something. A giant beast could cultivate to ninety-percent, almost being a god. According to what he said, he just needed to surpass a thin line to become a real god. From a spirit beast to a god, even Grandmaster had never heard about this. No one knows how many years of cultivation required!


There was no time for him to think about that. Tang San held the Sea God Trident tight with both hands. Light sparked from his eyes as a beam of the Sea God’s Light shone directly on the Sea God Trident. Immediately, the yellow-brown and blue colors poured into the Trident at the same time, changing the black color.


Tang San had made a strange move. He threw the Sea God Trident upward then clutched the trident at the end of its handle. With his body as the axis, he spun together with the Sea God Trident in mid-air. The Sea God Trident constantly projected dazzling gold light. Under the Gravity Control ability from the left arm spirit bone, in the middle of the air appeared a yellow-brown circle which had a hole in the center. Blue lightning beams were filling that central hole as Tang San used this circle to face the whale’s attack.


The power emitted from the whale’s tail and Tang San’s circle impacted violently in the air. All of a sudden, the sky darkened and emerged in silence. An absolute stillness enveloped the sky. Both of the tremendous powers had disappeared, leaving no trace.


“Wow, seems like you have learned something from the Sea God. But it is too plain, son. That year, the Sea God could only use this Sea God Trident to blind one of my eyes. You are just his successor, and you dare to frighten me? Do you really think that you are a god now? Even if you are, I will skin you alive!”


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s voice was filled with rage when he mentioned the Sea God. The tranquil water suddenly seethed; tremendous power was surging. Just in a blink, it separated Tang San’s mental power.


Tang San said with his somber voice, “Demon Whale King, I guess your cultivation base is almost a million years. It’s very tough for the spirit beasts to cultivate, even tougher than that for human spirit masters. Just like when we cultivate to the peak Title Doulou, you spirit beasts have to spend a long time to accumulate powerful strength. If you want to break through God level, it would require more time. You have been using the giant body, turning your true body into energy to live longer and cultivate. I really admire you in this aspect.”


Deep Sea Demon Whale King was thinking about his next attack, but listening to Tang San, he asked doubtfully, “You could see through my cultivation base? Are you a god now? No, it is impossible. Your aura is far from the god level!”


Even though the whale said that he wasn’t afraid of the Sea God, in fact, the Sea God was its sole nemesis in this world. Unless he could break through the last gate and reach the Beast God stage, he couldn’t defeat the Sea God. His attributes were restrained, no matter how strong he was, he would never be able to confront the Sea God.


Tang San was just guessing. Listening to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s confirmation, he had to take a deep breath to calm down. Gosh! I’m facing a million years spirit beast! Am I able to absorb its spirit ring if I can kill it? Is it even possible to savage this beast?


The Sea God Trident in his hand couldn’t help but shiver. Something changed in Tang San’s eyes.


Deep Sea Demon Whale King understood now; he said,


“Boy, you just guessed, right? Alright, it’s okay to tell you. I’ve lived here for almost a million years. It is just a hairline to reach the god level. You are right; it’s tough for spirit beasts to become gods. I have been at my current level since one hundred thousand years ago. But still, I can’t break through the last gate. It looks like it needs a god’s accession (a God’s seed). You – the Sea God’s successor, have brought yourself to my mouth. When I have your accession, I will be the newly appointed Sea God!”


When the Deep Sea Demon Whale King hadn’t finished his words, Tang San suddenly moved. His move was abrupt without a hint of strength. He swiftly turned into a shooting light with the Sea God Trident pointing forward. Tang San’s spirit power was all accumulated in this strike. The Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone ability, Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven, was released together with the Blue Silver Emperor’s ninth spirit ability, Blue Silver Azure Sky Dragon Soul.


A massive blue dragon covered Tang San; at this moment, his body and the Sea God Trident in his hand all turned into blue color. Before striking this attack, he ate a Solid Golden Fly to boost the power of this attack multiple times.


But the boosting for his attack wasn’t only that. From a far distant, seven light pillars were turning into a rainbow and shining on Tang San, enlarging the blue light he was projecting. Nobody could clearly see Tang San or his Sea God Trident now. The pirate eye of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King could only see a giant blue dragon descending from the sky, dashing toward him.


“You really want to die!”


Deep Sea Demon Whale King roared in rage. It didn’t use energy to attack Tang San, but its whole massive body. The two-hundred-meter tall body was very flexible. Just with a light sway, its tail could smash several descending blue dragons.


Although its body was ninety-nine percent god level, Tang San’s strike was still able to threaten the whale. With the double-boosting from the Solid Golden Fly and the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower, plus the Gravity Control that had enhanced the weight of the Sea God Trident, and his two top rank attack spirit abilities, even the God level Qian Ren Xue had to be careful when facing it, not to mention the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. This attack was absolutely a god level strike.


After another fight with Qian Ren Xue, Tang San had leaped his control on using spirit abilities as well as the bursting attributes of his own. Only now did he able to release such tremendous power in just one strike.


BANG – –


The giant tail hit the blue dragon hard. Furious blue-purple aureoles had covered the tail, which looked like numerous lightning strikes gathering at the same place.
The power that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had been accumulated in a million years was really tremendous. It was just a thin line from the God stage. Sensing the threatening strike, his counter-attack was set with all of his power.


Right when the whale’s tail hit the blue dragon, the light nimbus on the dragon was smashed. But Tang San’s attack wasn’t easy to dissolve. Although this attack didn’t hurt his bones, the Sea God Trident in Tang San’s hands had sharply pierced through the thick skin on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tail. Three blades had cut through the tough skin, deeply penetrated the whale’s tail.


The size of the Trident was just like a small toy compared to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s giant body. The Sea God Trident without its sense was still a divine weapon. Deep Sea Demon Whale King screeched in pain, violently swung his enormous body while blooming tremendous surge power attempting to blow Tang San and his trident away.


Tang San had calculated the force carefully, how could he let the whale throw him out? Tang San tried to hold his pain, holding the Sea God Trident tighter. He poured another beam of Sea God’s Light to press the Sea God Trident deeper into the whale’s flesh, forcefully screwed the Trident to prevent the whale’s struggling in an attempt to throw him away.


At the same time, the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back extended at once. The external spirit bones that had hurt the Deep Sea Demon Whale King once, now drilled into his body again.


Previously, Tang San was so lucky, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had underestimated him; that was how Tang San could get to the blowhole, the weakest spot on his body, and pierced into it with his Eight Spider Lances. However, the Eight Spider Lances had evolved to God level now; they didn’t need to find a weak spot to penetrate the whale body. The Spider Lances furiously stabbed deep into the whale’s body, and released the toxics immediately, making Tang San’s body come in contact closely with the skin on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tail. No matter how strong it had tried to wave its tail, it had no way to throw Tang San away.


The intense pain stimulated the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s giant body, making it crouch in pain. With that massive body, it was impossible to poison him till death. Anyway, the toxics that the Eight Spider Lances had absorbed were terrifying, especially the top fire and ice toxics from the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t withstand it. Moreover, the anchoring Sea God Trident and the Eight Spider Lances had given the demon whale a horrible pain to the extent he had to groan. The Demon Whale Domain was immediately released; purple aureole expanded to the entire sea.


Pitifully, no matter how hard it was waving or releasing the domain, it was useless to Tang San.


The Sea God’s Light was enveloping his body together with a layer of Vast Sea Protective Barrier; the power of the vast sea couldn’t affect him at all. Under the protection of the Sea God’s Light, Tang San didn’t care about the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Despite the powerful struggling that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was making to shake Tang San off, still, Tang San could attach his body closely to the whale’s skin.


The waves were striking Tang San, but it was no use to a demigod like him. When he had just clung on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, he spit out a mouthful of blood due to the hurt his got from the attack of the whale’s tail. Right when the Eight Spider Lances pierced through the thick skin and anchored him there, he quickly ate a Crystal Caterpillar Sausage, which was produced after Oscar had eaten a Solid Golden Fly. It was a little bit generous, but Tang San didn’t care about saving at this moment. He had filled the Hundred Treasure Wishful Purse with the goods Oscar had produced.


It might look like he was fighting alone, in fact, he had his comrades standing behind him who got his back. It was like the time he got the accession at the Sea God Island.


The devouring ability of the Eight Spider Lances was releasing at once. Tang San didn’t expect that the toxics could bring a big effect; however, he knew that the devouring the energy from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King would give him a huge benefit.


The devouring ability of the god level Eight Spider Lances was tremendous. Just in a short time, it could take a large amount of the whale’s power, purified it, then transmitted back to Tang San, which recovered all the energy he had consumed for his previous strike. Moreover, the constant devouring had increased Tang San’s overall strength. The place where the Eight Spider Lances anchored was covered with a gold nimbus, quickly shriveled. The Eight Spider Lances devoured not only the power but also the vitality of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. If Tang San’s body were able to contain all the power, he could devour all the energy and the vitality of the demon whale. Of course, it would take time.


The wind and waves were furiously seething in the vast sea. Dai Mu Bai and his team were soon affected. However, under the protection of Xiao Bai and her fellows, the angry wave couldn’t hurt them. All were focusing on the gigantic Deep Sea Demon Whale King who was wiggling continuously in the sea.


All went well as Tang San had planned. He had told them once that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King must possess a profound power. If they wanted to encounter it directly, it would be impossible to defeat it. At that time, Tang San thought that this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s cultivation base would be dozen hundred thousand years; however, the accumulation of the dozen hundred thousand years could smash them all.


However, Tang San had also mentioned the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s weakness, which was its gigantic body. Yes, this massive body could easily protect it from any attack just like a solid fortress. Thus, no matter how flexible the whale was, its body was still a big flaw. If someone could approach it in a certain distance, this massive body would become a restraint to the demon whale.


Tang San got this idea from the time he had fought with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. He had used the Solid Golden Fly, Ning Rong Rong’s attributes boost and the terrifying weight of the Sea God Trident to achieve the first goal, which was to approach the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Although he had to pay the price, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King wasn’t in a comfortable situation at all.


Moreover, Tang Sand didn’t stop there. His body attached to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body like a big gold spider while the Eight Spider Lances started to climb up. Whenever the Eight Spider Lances stuck into the whale, they left a large shriveling concave there. Being devoured made the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous body started to shrink. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King felt more painful as he knew the shriveled spots on its body had weakened its defense. Tang San used the sharp blade of the Sea God Trident to bore a deep hole into the whale’s body. He hauled two bottles then poured the blue and red potions into that hole.


The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was struggling badly, but it couldn’t affect Tang San. He was taking action under the energy protection. No matter what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had done with its massive body, he couldn’t harm Tang San now. This was also the first time the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had encountered such circumstances. The only thought he had now was to use his body and attack Tang San. Even if he got hurt, he had to finish him. His energy-based attacks had to be launched from the body. Right now, Tang San was clinging onto his body; he could only use the energy of the vast sea to attack his own body. Nevertheless, using the vast sea’s energy attack meant nothing to Tang San. No matter how you attack me, I still have the Sea God’s Light!

Of course, the potions Tang San had poured into the hole on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body weren’t magic potions. I don’t bring much, but it’s not the time I should save them. This water from the Fire and Ice Ying Yan Well is exquisite! With this kind of water, he could have killed so many Demon Orcas. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body wasn’t something the Demon Orca could compare; however, the torment that the Fire and Ice Ying Yang Well brought could destroy the flesh quickly. More dreadfully, Tang San was trying his best to lengthen its pain to the max.




The giant tail smacked down on the sea, rising a sky-piercing wave. The massive body of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King took the force from this smack to jump up. The whale’s body was over two hundred meters long! The smack was too strong it could push such hefty body up to the sky. Tang San, who was clasping on its back, had to stop all his movements under the furious impact.


If the Deep Sea Demon Whale King could see Tang San’s expression now, it would be astounded as this human being, who was torturing it, was beaming a triumphant smile.


Some of the tiny wounds on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s skin were frozen; the others were toasted, but all of them were covered with faint blue light.


An incomparable formidable energy column instantly burst out from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head. The massive body was ceased in the middle of the air for a while.


A dazzling blue light column plunged up from the sea. From the dark torrential clouds in the sky, nine lightning pillars, each as big as a giant bucket, struck hard on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body. Fortunately, all nine lightning strikes had hit the whale’s massive body; Ma Hong Jun was lucky enough to be able to dodge this attack. But still, he was shivering in fear, hurriedly flying away.


Blue-purple halo enveloped the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body entirely. Both of the blue light rising from the sea or the purple lightning striking down from the sky, parked with a faint gold light when hitting the whale. It looked like there was a blue-purple crystal layer consolidated on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body. At the same time, its massive body started to shrink rapidly.


When all nine lightning pillars struck the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Tang San felt his body was numb under the tremendous impact. Apparently, it wasn’t easy to pluck the God level Eight Spider Lances, but Tang San decided to back off. His body flashed as he retrieved the Eight Spider Lances and plunged away. Concurrently, Tang San shifted the Sea God Trident to his right hand; after another flash, a big Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his left hand.


“Fatty, watch out. His attributes are Water and Lightning!”


Tang San shouted; the Eight Spider Lances on his back projected furious gold light, boosting his aura. However, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body was much stronger than his. The Eight Spider Lances weren’t a demigod’s level; they were truly at God level. This was the crucial key that helped him subdue the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Of course, Tang San knew what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King wanted to do. He didn’t startle after hearing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King speaking. Xiao Bai could turn to human form on land. That badass had been cultivating for a million years, how could he not be able to do so? He had only one way to eliminate the flaw of a giant body. It was also in Tang San’s plan.


When Tang San was in the Sea God Island, Xiao Bai had told him that any maritime spirit beasts, who could turn into human form, naturally, wouldn’t do that in a typical circumstance. Because when they turned into human form, they couldn’t use the advantages from their true body. In other words, their overall capacity would reduce significantly.


With the unique ability of the Eight Spider Lances and the perfect tactics, Tang San had pushed to Deep Sea Demon Whale King to throw away his precise fortress body. Once he turned into human form, although he could hide his flaw, it would be easier to deal with him.


In fact, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t help but do so. No one had ever used such strategy to fight against him. Even if they wanted to do that, they didn’t possess the deviant Eight Spider Lances external spirit bone, which not only could intrude the thick defense, but also could crazily devour its power, not to mention the deadly toxics. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King understood well that if this continued to happen, Tang San could kill him at the end.


Tang San had accumulated too much energy that could burst out from his ability or attack his body directly. The Eight Spider Lances had an endless devouring ability. If it could devour the whale any longer, it would die soon. It was in a dead-end alley; it had to choose this way. Being the overlord of the vast sea, when it was in human form, of course, it was more dangerous than Xiao Bai. The advantages the whale got from the giant body were gone while it was unable to use all of its power.


Tang San had timed his detaching accurately. Right now, the blue-purple crystal layer consolidated from the energy that covered the entire body of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King suddenly exploded, forming a massive blue-purple tornado. The broken crystal pieces were like numerous sharp blades that were full of Water and Lightning attributes. If Tang San were still there, even though he could escape, still he would be skinned alive!


What happened in the air had threatened Tang San.


The massive blue-purple tornado didn’t vanish. Quite contrary, it was wildly rotating and compressing at the same time to condense the power. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body inside the tornado disappeared.


“Do you really think that you could have a chance when forcing me to turn into my human form? It’s true that in the human form, I don’t have the tremendous power. But don’t you think about how terrifying the power that I have been cultivating for a million years?”


As Tang San listened to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s voice, his face became darkened. Ma Hong Jun had appeared behind him. His blazing flame lit up the space.


Ma Hong Jun said from behind Tang San, “San-ge, what is he doing? His energy is too furious; you have to be careful!”


Tang San nodded. He didn’t know what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was doing, but he wouldn’t risk. The blue-purple tornado had Water and Lightning attributes, even some small part of Wind; it wouldn’t be simple. If he entered it without preparation, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King would have a good chance to strike him. Tang San would never underestimate such experienced opponent.


Tang San was holding the Clear Sky Hammer in his left hand, and the Sea God Trident in his right hand. He was maintaining a special status, releasing all of his mental power. The entire space was clogged with the enormous energy from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. However, Tang San’s mental power was filling each leak of the whale’s energy layer. Tang San didn’t blink, enveloping the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy entirely with his mental power. Although it couldn’t affect the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s transform process, still it could accurately give Tang San even the smallest move of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Tang San’s mental power sensing told him that that formidable energy was rapidly condensing in distinctive layers. The surge power moved faster at the layers near the center. Tang San’s mental power couldn’t reach through to the core of the tornado.


However, Tang San didn’t waste his effort as he soon saw the results.


The blue-purple light gradually ceased. The two-hundred-meter tall Deep Sea Demon Whale King disappeared. A middle-aged man then appeared in Tang San’s sight. That man’s style was so archaic.


This man was around three meters tall. The dark blue hair tangled on his back. The most eccentric feature on him was the strange dark purple armor he was wearing. The armor looked like it was made from crystal. All components such as breastplate, pauldrons, plackart, faulds and the other parts were linked pretty well that no gap in between. Even the neck and nape were fully covered. The dark purple helmet, which looked like a half-moon with two thorns on two sides, was covered with fish scale patterns. All the power was gathered at once when the man appeared. At the same time, there was a dark purple tornado appeared behind him. The tornado slowly rose up, twirling from behind to his front then accumulated at the center of his armor, turning into a gem at fist-size. There was seething energy inside the gem, which looked quite bizarre.


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