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Tang San solemnly said, “Qian Ren Xue sent her message to me through the sea. I guess she would wait for me at the shore until I become the Sea God and come back to fight her. Only she could beat me up when we are at the same god level could help her eradicate the shadow in her heart. Moreover, obviously, she has found her flaws through our fight. Perhaps now she is improving her abilities. It’s more important than destroying the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires. When she could perfect her Angelic God’s ability and kill me, her dream of uniting the Continent would soon be fulfilled. Quite contrary, if she just cares about the small benefit, rushing to cover the Spirit Empire as they wipe out Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires, all her efforts will be useless once I become a God. Qian Ren Xue is brilliant; she wouldn’t make that risky trade. Then I could conclude that she is waiting for me at the beach now and cultivating to improve her Angelic God’s abilities thoroughly.”


Dai Mu Bai startled as he suddenly understood the matter.


“Well, that’s it. That’s why you don’t worry that she would trouble the Heaven Dou Empire’s force over there. Hey, what if she goes to the front line, smashes the Heaven Dou’s Force then imprisons our friends to threaten us? What should we do then?”


Tang San didn’t muse, shook his head then said, “Not really. Supreme spirit masters have their pride. Although I haven’t talked to her much, I know this woman is self-conceited. She won’t do something like that. If it were Bibi Dong, perhaps she would stealth us. Qian Ren Xue will never do that. So, in the short coming time, the war wouldn’t change much. However, I have to quickly receive the Sea God’s inheritance to eliminate my disadvantages. We have to compete with the time.”


Tang San suddenly bent down to see the underneath of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier as the Great White Shark Devil Spirits abruptly changed their direction and decelerated their speed.


Other people reacted slowly, although they almost realized the changes immediately. But they didn’t have time to ask; there came a massive figure telling them the reason why the Great White Shark Devil Spirits had changed their direction. Even though the distance was far, using the Purple Demon Eye, Tang San could recognize that massive figure. Wasn’t she the Great White Shark Devil Spirit King, their friend Xiao Bai?


Xiao Bai was still vigorous. As she could sense her fellows’ aura, she sped up and arrived in front of them in a flash. Her giant body flexibly swayed in the water, accompanying Tang San and his people. At the same time, Xiao Bai’s voice was transmitted through the rippling water, getting inside the Vast Sea Protective Barrier. She couldn’t see them, but she knew Tang San and his group were on the back of her fellows.


“Finally you arrived. What just happened? Tang San, whose voice is that? It’s scary.”


The spirit beasts’ sense was more sensitive than human sense. Xiao Bai was in the area where Qian Ren Xue had spread her divine sense; she heard Qian Ren Xue’s voice. She was still shivering, recalling that voice.


Tang San forced a smile then explained one more time. Xiao Bai widened her eyes in awe, “Can’t believe that God exists. The continent would be in chaos soon! I used to hear my ancestors said that Gods would come in pairs to restrain each other. Tang San, you should become the Sea God quickly in order to restrain that Angelic God.”
Tang San said, “I think so. But I have to complete the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge and add the last spirit ring for my second spirit.”


“I know your purpose. I rushed here to help and to remind you. Bo Saixi asked me to tell you: the Deep Sea Demon Whale King is different from the other one hundred thousand years spirit beasts. Its cultivation is so profound that you won’t be able to sense. She herself isn’t sure she could beat the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. You should be careful.” Xiao Bai said.


Tang San discussed, “The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is a maritime spirit beast. Xiao Bai, you must know about them more than us. Please tell us the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s abilities and overall power. We should have countermeasures to confront it.”


Xiao Bai shook her giant tail and said, “I don’t know many things about it. This time you have to play with a tough guy. I think even a school of the Orca Evil Spirits is not as dangerous as this guy. The Orca Evil Spirits are the invaders; how could they let the Deep Sea Demon Whale King go? If they could kill him, they would acquire good things.”


Then, Oscar said, “Xiao Bai, tell us quickly. How powerful is this Deep Sea Demon Whale King?”


“Why are you rushing? Even Tang San isn’t in a hurry! Hm!”


Xiao Bai liked to quarrel with Oscar. When she heard his voice, she couldn’t help but snap back. But she still told them what she knew about the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


“Tang San, to be honest, I’ve never met the Deep Sea Demon Whale King before. I don’t actually know its capacity.”


Xiao Bai’s first saying had shaken Tang San.


Tang San frowned, “Are you, the Orca Demon King and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, the three kings of the vast sea? How come you haven’t met it before?”


Xiao Bai smiled, “What the three kings of the vast sea are you talking about! You human speak of us like that. I’ve never admitted that. Don’t you know how big the ocean is? In this world, the ocean is four times larger than the continent. You shouldn’t think that the continent has more spirit beasts. In fact, the number of spirit beasts undersea is many times greater than the number of spirit beasts on land. The Continent is a ground for spirit beasts to dwell. However, in our ocean, no matter how deep it is, there are spirit beasts living there. Moreover, maritime spirit beasts, especially those who live in the deep sea, you human couldn’t have a chance to meet them. That’s why maritime spirit beasts live and thrive better than the continent spirit beasts. If they are strong, and their tribes are outstanding, it will be enough for them to develop. The number of one hundred thousand years in the sea is at least one hundred times greater than on the land. It’s just mocking by calling me one of the Three Kings of the Ocean. If you call us the Three Overlords of the Continent Sea, it will be fine, I think. Out there, under the deep blue sea, there are so many one hundred thousand years spirit beasts. Our Great White Shark Devil Spirit is just a strong tribe among them.”


Tang San was astounded, “If so, there are more than thousands of one hundred thousand years spirit beasts?”


Xiao Bai replied, “Could be. But you shouldn’t think that there would be many sea spirit masters too. Quite contrary, the maritime spirit beasts are so powerful that your humans don’t dare to jump into the deep sea and savage them. Maritime spirit beasts are more close-knitted than the land spirit beasts. If they find spirit masters attacking one, they will come and counter-attack them together.


Just like the previous time you came here, if we didn’t assist you in attacking the school of the Orca Devil Spirits, you would not only face them but also other stronger creatures in the sea.”


Tang San nodded then said, “So what did you say that was related to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King?”


Xiao Bai answered, “I said that because I wanted to show you its strength from some points of view. Do you know why I haven’t seen it before? Since I was born, our predecessors had decided to prohibit us from entering the territory of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Not only us, but I think the Orca Demon King had also been warned. But this guy was brave enough. He intended to go there. I don’t know what actually happened. But since then, the school of the Orca Devil Spirit hadn’t provoked us or started any war with us for the last one hundred years. Obviously, their loss was significant.”


Tang San suddenly released something, startled then said, “Are you telling me that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King is not restrained by the rule of age of which a one hundred thousand years spirit beast couldn’t live for more than ten thousand years?”


“You are smarter than others. That’s what I wanted to say. I don’t even know how much longer that Deep Sea Demon Whale King could live. By the time I was born, he had been the overlord of that area already. I don’t dare to violate our tribe’s rules. I have never approached his territory, just looking from a far distance. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is a lazy badass that has never left his territory. He stays all the time deep down there. Nobody knows what he is doing. Of course, he isn’t a nice guy if someone dares to enter his area. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s area is always restricted to your human seafaring boats.”


Tang San knew this also, nodded and said, “According to you, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King is very tough! His cultivation maybe over two hundred thousand years.”
Xiao Bai said, “Maybe more than that. I can only confirm that no one knows his real age in this sea. Of course, I can affirm that I’m ashamed to be called one of the Three Kings of the ocean. But this Deep Sea Demon Whale King is truly the King of the ocean. And probably the strongest. Even he can be compared to the god level spirit masters.”


The Shrek Seven Devils all took a deep breath. They immediately recognized the adverse situation. They used to think that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was just a gigantic one hundred thousand years spirit beast. Now they understood that this formidable Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s power was “unclear.”


Tang San’s brain started to flick quickly. The one hundred thousand years spirit beast’s cultivation base was similar to a spirit master ranked Title Douluo. Some tremendous one hundred thousand years spirit beasts, such as the Blue Sky Bull Python and the Giant Titan Ape, were as powerful as the Title Doulou ranked over level ninety-five.


Apparently, the power of this Deep Sea Demon Whale King was much terrifying than Da Ming and Er Ming. If the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi couldn’t be sure that she could beat it, its power would be similar to a peak Title Douluo ranked level ninety-nine. But it wasn’t a god level spirit master. Because if it were, it would be the second Sea God that he could never escape alive when he encountered it.


Getting to this conclusion, Tang San became grimmer. If he were right, they were about to confront an opponent as strong as Bo Saixi. Moreover, the battlefield would be the deep sea, where the whale understood the most. If the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had the same strength as Bo Saixi, it could control the sea better than her as it always dwelled under the sea and no one knew exactly about its profound cultivation.


It’s impossible that I should let him go. If I can’t kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, I will not receive the Sea God’s inheritance. This fight is unavoidable. The light in his eyes became more determined. When I was at level ninety-three, I could defeat Bibi Dong with many tricks. Now, I’m at level ninety-six, and I have the Great Sumeru Technique, isn’t it enough to counter the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Whether I’m going to take revenge or the god inheritance, I have to kill that sea overlord!


Tang San had made up his mind. His face gradually became normal. He vaguely assumed that the key point in his Sea God’s Eighth Challenge was to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, the spirit beast that the Sea God had mentioned. It is the eighth challenge – the most difficult challenge, it should be hard, though. Moreover, if I could kill this overlord, it means I’m able to defeat any kind of maritime spirit beasts. Later when I become the Sea God, they will obey me. Thus, completing the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge is the essential step I must take on my way to receive the Sea God’s inheritance.


“Xiao Bai, how long does it take from here to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s territory?”


This time they came to the sea from a different direction, he didn’t know exactly the time it would take them to get there.


Xiao Bai answered, “If we move with the maximum speed, we will get there after three days, same with the time it would take to the Sea God Island. Tang San, are you ready to encounter him?”


Tang San nodded then said, “I will definitely defeat it. Three days is enough for me to prepare properly.”


With Xiao Bai’s guidance, the Great White Shark Devil Spirits moved forward with their maximum speed. Tang San eased his mind. On one hand, he had to recover the power he had drained. On the other hand, he had to plan for this critical battle coming up three days later. It was very crucial to his Sea God’s inheritance process. Even till now, he had never lack faith. Moreover, even if the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was really powerful, it couldn’t be stronger than Qian Ren Xue.


But this is the only wrong assumption Tang San had made. Deep down under the blue sea, Qian Ren Xue wouldn’t be able to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.
Three days went by fast. To the Shrek Seven Devils, those three days living in the sea wasn’t boring at all. Besides their cultivation time, Tang San had arranged his plan discreetly. Oscar was the busiest person. During the whole three days riding on the Great White Shark Devil Spirit, he had to produce many sausages.


Their speed was decreasing. Tang San understood that they were approaching the demon whale’s area. They weren’t too far from their goal now.


Tang San sat crossed legs on the Great White Shark Devil Spirit, gently caressing the Sea God Trident on his lap. At the time he had just had this weapon, he could only use it rigidly; but currently, he could easily control the weight of the Sea God Trident. Just like now, the Great White Shark Devil Spirit couldn’t feel the massive weight of the trident. If not, it couldn’t carry Tang San!


Nevertheless, since the last time the Sea God appeared, after rescuing Tang San from Qian Ren Xue’s pursuit, Tang San could still control the trident, but he couldn’t connect to it anymore. Now it seemed like it wasn’t a divine weapon, but just a solid normal weapon with a terrifying weight.


Every time Tang San looked at the diamond-shaped hollow under the main blade, he could sense the somber feelings from there. Because of me, the Sea God’s Heart had to vanish. How could a holy weapon that has no heart and soul emit the aura of a holy weapon?


Tang San didn’t know how to recover this divine weapon. He was sure that even the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi wouldn’t know about this. He had brought the Sea God’s Heart to the Sea God Island. Since he had the Sea God’s Heart, he could get the Sea God’s approval to become his successor. However, the Sea God’s Hear had disappeared now, and Tang San didn’t know how to recover it.


This holy weapon couldn’t emit its aura, which would affect Tang San’s inheritance process. But Tang San didn’t worry about this. He felt sorry for this diamond-shaped hollow. He had apologized to the Sea God Trident not only one time. If I were strong enough, how could I let the Angelic Sacred Sword disgrace my Sea God Trident? Tang San determinedly made up his mind. No matter what, as long as it is within my capacity, I will absolute restore this holy weapon. It was not because of the Sea God’s inheritance, but because he had considered the Sea God Trident his closest comrade. This comrade had protected his life many times, but he couldn’t protect its.
Whenever Tang San caressed the Sea God Trident, his apologetic feeling had poured into the Sea God Trident. Tang San could feel vaguely that the Sea God Trident had somehow responded to him. But no matter how he poured the Sea God’s Light on it, without the Sea God’s Heart as the connector, the Sea God’s Light couldn’t get through this gate.


Tang San didn’t give up. He shone the Sea God’s Light on the Sea God Trident every day. He believed that the Trident would feel his sincere feelings one day; then it could be “reborn” by his own power.


The Great White Shark Devil Spirits eventually stopped. Under Xiao Bai’s direction, they came up to the water surface. They were remotely far from the shore now. Even though Qian Ren Xue was powerful, she couldn’t send her divine sense through such distance. Innumerous maritime spirit beasts would disturb her with their surge powers. Moreover, the vast sea was a boundless energy source.


Seeing the sun again, all members of the Shrek Seven Devils made the same move. They looked up at the sky then deeply inhaled. The humid fresh air with a faint salty taste flowed into their lungs, made them feel comfy. Each of them was riding on a Great White Shark Devil Spirit. When they got up to the surface, Tang San retrieved his Vast Sea Protective Barrier.


Xiao Bai was swimming vertically as her head popped up from the water. She headed to Tang San and asked solemnly, “At this moment, I ask you once again. Are you ready? I want to remind you, don’t ever think that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King wouldn’t be flexible with such gigantic body. When he urges his power, no creatures, great or small, in the sea could be faster than him. I could protect other people to escape, but you…”


Tang San, of course, understood Xiao Bai’s goodwill. She wanted to say that other people could have a chance to run, but he was the main attacker, he would receive the insane revenge from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.


Tang San beamed a faint smile, “Even a God couldn’t kill me, do you think I will back off at this moment?”


Xiao Bai nodded, “I understand, hence, I sincerely hope that you could be a god level spirit master, taking the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring. It would be my eternity glory.”


Tang San smiled to her, “Sure, it would be like that. Just act as we have planned.”
An ash-blue light column projected from Xiao Bai’s head, diverging into seven light pillars, distinctively covered her seven fellows. The ash-blue nimbus expanded between her and the other sharks. This was a function of her Devil Shark Domain, which she could use to connect with her fellows. Although it didn’t use the power of the vast sea, it could boost their attributes, especially their speed. As long as she could maintain this connection, her fellows, whose cultivation base was over twenty thousand years, could have a speed as fast as hers. This was why Xiao Bai had performed this ability. With her current cultivation, if she didn’t need to waste her energy for any other ability, she could keep this domain for twelve hours.


“Little San, keep fighting!” The Six Devils gazed at Tang San. Dai Mu Bai spoke with his encouraging voice. Other people were looking at him too, especially Xiao Wu. Besides the encouragement in her eyes, there was worry which she had buried deep inside her heart. How could Tang San not recognize it?


Looking up to the dazzling sun hanging in the air, Tang San suddenly roared. His voice was like a sharp arrow that was piercing through the sky. It looked like he was declaring war with the sun to take revenge for what Qian Ren Xue had done to him. The Shrek Six Devils and the Great White Sharks were standing next to Tang San. At this moment, they could feel his fighting spirit was multiplying to a tremendous level.


A faint gold light glowed on his body. It wasn’t the power of the spirit; it was his skin that was glowing.


Through a great battle with Qian Ren Xue, Tang San became sturdier after he had recovered. He came closer to the god level. This faint gold light couldn’t be compared to Qian Ren Xue’s dazzling light. However, it had a significant meaning to Tang San as he wasn’t a human anymore. His body had become the body of a demigod.


Tang San screamed, plunging up to the sky with the faint gold light aureole. Just in a flash, he was in the middle of the sky as quick as an ethereal shooting star. He was heading to the Demon Whale Sea, where the Deep Sea Demon Whale King dwelled.
A strange call resounded from Xiao Bai’s mouth. She suddenly sped up, leading her fellows carrying the Shrek Six Devils and following Tang San. The Shrek Six Devils were sitting on the Great White Shark Devil Spirit; they were all releasing their spirits. The unavoidable war was about to begin.


Tang San’s roar was full of his compelling aura, loud and powerful. It had pierced through the sky and deep into the sea. His roar had shaken the Demon Whale Sea. The Sea God Trident in his hand pointed across the sea. His eyes were filled with an imposing aura. His blue hair was flying in the wind while his shabby white robe didn’t look elegant at all. The Sea God Trident’s mark on his head was dazzling with gold light; it looked like his third eye.


Tang San’s roar couldn’t spread on a large scale like Qian Ren Xue’s voice, which was assisted with her divine sense. But this roar had incited a large number of maritime spirit beasts living around the Demon Whale Sea.


It was so long since someone had provoked the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s superior aura. Now, since someone suddenly popped out from nowhere and offended it, this had shaken the maritime spirit beasts in that area.


In their mind, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a terrifying invincible existence! And the one who had provoked him was a human being! Many spirit beasts came up to the surface to watch Tang San, who was hovering in the air. Smarter spirit beasts inaudibly swam away while braver ones came closer to the Demon Whale Sea. Of course, no one dared to enter the Demon Whale Sea. That was the deadly prohibit area.


Tang San was about five hundred meters from the water level. He chose this elevation after throughout calculation. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was the most powerful maritime spirit beasts. Even if he was flying, it wasn’t certain that he could avoid the whale’s attack. The reason why he was hovering there was that that location was the most suitable place to maximize his attack’s effects.


The translucent sea had been gradually changing. The blue sea had become darker. The torrential waves inside the Demon Whale Sea were getting tranquil. They looked totally opposite to the rippling waves around the area. This calm water didn’t overflow outside, as the other waves from outside couldn’t affect it. The somber ambiance twisted the air.


Tang San’s expression didn’t change. Blue-gold aureole rose from his feet as his spirit rings started to appear one by one. After three days of relaxing, the exploding ring’s side effects were gone. He could use the Blue Silver Emperor now.


Tang San was holding the Sea God Trident in his left hand while his right hand was pointing down across the sea. The dense blue-gold nimbus was mixing with the red light glowing from his fifth spirit ring, wildly concentrating. This was the Blue Silver Emperor’s fifth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear.


Far from there, Xiao Bai with her fellows had stopped and watched. Ning Rong Rong jumped on Xiao Bai’s back. She wasn’t an attack system spirit master, but this jump was nothing with her Spirit Douluo’s attributes.


Raising the shining Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower in her palm, Ning Rong Rong became too earnest that she had never been before. There was something in her left hand.


Dai Mui Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing stayed together, moving to Xiao Bai’s location. Now, they were holding hands, standing on one Great White Shark Devi Spirit while the black and white lights were constantly moving around them. They were releasing their spirit, which could burst out in any minute now. Tang San had assigned them a simple task, which was to protect Ning Rong Rong. This time, they came to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, besides Tang San, Ning Rong Rong was the crucial person.


Xiao Wu stood aside, peering at Tang San in the air. The red light on her forehead, which represented the top rank challenge, was heating. Apparently, she had to confront the opponent with Tang San this time. Although they were still far away from the center of the Demon Whale Sea, they had crossed the boundary and entered the whale’s territory. Within this scale, the Sea God’s Challenge recognized Xiao Wu and Tang San would fight the opponent together. It was the same with what Tang San had carefully planned.


Ma Hong Jun said, “You guys should be careful. I’m going now.”


He shouted then soared up to the sky. The scorching heat of the Phoenix Flame instantly spread over his body. He directly released his spirit avatar, the eight-headed Fire Phoenix. After his cultivation had broken through the Spirit Douluo stage, his Fire Phoenix spirit had been evolved too. Ma Hong Jun guessed that when he reached Title Douluo, his spirit avatar would be a nine-headed Fire Phoenix. If he could ever break through the god level, his spirit could be the ten-head Fire Phoenix, which was the fusion between the Ten-headed Fierce Serpent and the Fire Phoenix, also the fusion between the two great ancient god beasts.


Ma Hong Jun plunged up to the air, bringing with him the radiant light. However, he was hovering at one hundred meters above Tang San. His phoenix wings were extending as his eight heads were bowing to watch over the situation.
Right when Ma Hong Jun reached that height, the sea underneath was as dark as black ink. The massive pressure had condensed the air. More terrifyingly, there were so many spirits that filled this area. The sky and the sea were both getting darkened.




A blue light column around five meters in diameter suddenly appeared in that explosion without any notice. It looked like it was breaking the sea to plunge up there. It immediately traveled five hundred meters, heading straight to Tang San.
Although it wasn’t the first time he had confronted such tremendous attack, Tang San still felt nervous. His capacity was ranked at level ninety-six, which helped him feel the enormous energy in this strike. It wasn’t a pure energy attack, but it was like the whole sea was screaming. Just like Qian Ren Xue could borrow the power from the sun, inside this blue light column, the power of the performer wasn’t much, the majority of it was all the power of the ocean.


With his current cultivation base, Tang San couldn’t analyze the component of his opponent’s attack. The reason why he could see the structure of this light column was because of the combination of the Purple Demon Eye and the Sea God’s Light. He was the Sea God’s successor, who could be more familiar to the sea power than him?


Tang San coldly snorted, pointing the Sea God Trident forward. An immense blue light projected from the mark on his forehead, covered the Sea God Trident and directly faced the attack.


Even though the Sea God Trident had lost the Sea God’s Heart, still it was the Sea God’s weapon. The massive energy that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had urged had been changed suddenly. Most of the blue light was turning into drops and scattering. There was just a little amount of energy collided with the Sea God Trident.


The explosion came from the water dropped down to the sea. Tang San was hovering in mid-air; he didn’t move to dissolve the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack. At the same time, the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear in his right hand burst out in a flash, turning into a dashing gold light, plunging into the sea.


Here comes the whale, ta-da!

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