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Of course, Qian Ren Xue didn’t know because Tang San himself just suddenly recalled that he had another method to travel in the ground like this. That was why he abruptly retrieved the Earth Force and the Gravity Control and received Qian Ren Xue’s attack.


He stopped for a moment, and that had slowed him down. But if he really wanted to plunge away, he wouldn’t let Qian Ren Xue approach him within one hundred meters. He did that on purpose.


Performing the attack spirit ability underground would consume much spirit power than on the ground; also, the massive pressure would dilute the power of the attack. Tang San had used the Unfixed Storm to weaken Qian Ren Xue’s strike, then used the defending ability of the eighth spirit ring to cover the Eight Spider Lances, making them his last layer of defense. No matter what, he believed that Qian Ren Xue couldn’t kill him with just one attempt.


Indeed, Tang San’s assumption was right. When he faced the attack, the first defending layer was the Unfixed Storm from the Sea God Trident; but the Eight Spider Lances wasn’t the second important defense. It was the eighth spirit ability of the Clear Sky Hammer.


When Tang San savaged the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor three brothers, he got three one hundred thousand years spirit rings. They were the sixth, seventh and eighth spirit rings on the Clear Sky Hammer. Besides the spirit avatar, the seventh spirit ring granted him another spirit ability, and the sixth spirit ring granted him the other two. But the eighth spirit ring was a strange one. It granted him only one spirit ability even though it was the one hundred thousand years spirit ring. Three brothers of the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor gave him four spirit abilities in total, distinctively.


The eighth spirit ring granted Tang San a spirit ability called the Thousand Catties Barrier. It was a pure defending ability. Tang San was reluctant when receiving this spirit ability. He wanted to use strength attack and control system as his thriving path. He rarely needed defending. Such a pure defending ability couldn’t help him much. But right now, when he had to run for his life, he finally acknowledged the importance of the defending spirit ability.


A one hundred thousand years spirit ring granted only one spirit ability meant the power of this spirit ability would be tremendous, surpassing a regular one hundred thousand years spirit ability. It was just like two spirit abilities had combined.


The most powerful attributes of the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor were speed, strength, and defense. The exoskeleton on their body had a tenacious defending ability. Tang San had used the Clear Sky Hammer to pound them but he couldn’t break them. Even the Sea God Trident, without performing the Golden Thirteen Halberds, couldn’t disgrace them. He had to use the devouring skill and the toxics of the insect nemesis god level Eight Spider Lances to finish them. The eighth spirit ability of the Clear Sky Hammer was the tremendous defending power of the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, which was much stronger than the Thousand Catties Ant Emperors themselves. This was because Tang San’s spirit power was much more than them, plus, the evolution of the spirit ring had pushed the ability to one hundred thousand years. A ten thousand years difference between ninety thousand years and on hundred thousand years could make a huge difference in term of effect. This was just like the ninety thousand years spirit beasts and the one hundred thousand years spirit beasts.


When Tang San had used this Thousand Catties Barrier to defend, he had pushed his defense to a new level which he himself had never been before. Qian Ren Xue’s god level attack could break it; but in reverse, it could reduce much of her attack power. Also, he got his back covered with the Eight Spider Lances, which saved him from getting hurt badly.


This wasn’t all of what Tang San had thought. He accepted the attack not only because of this powerful defending ability but also because he remembered the other practical spirit ability of the Clear Sky Hammer.


What is the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor? It is an insect! What they are good at is to burrow and dwell underground. Their Earth attribute was purer than the Giant Titan Ape Er Ming’s. Er Ming had lived on the ground, but they had built their nest underground. When Tang San released the Thousand Catties Barrier spirit ability, all the pressure had disappeared. This was obviously the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s attribute.


The sixth spirit ability he had struck simultaneously was one of the two spirit abilities that the spirit ring granted him, called the Great Earth Ant Emperor Slash. Its operating principle was like the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, by using its mandibles to crack the soil and move forward. The attack direction was straightforward just like the Orca Demon Hatchet. However, Tang San thought it was somehow different from the Orca Demon Hatchet. It was released from the Clear Sky Hammer, which meant the shape would be different. Moreover, it was originally from a Thousand Catties Ant Emperor. Right now, Tang San could quickly move forward thanks to the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor burrowing ability. Using the sixth spirit ability – the Great Earth Ant Emperor Slash – to clear the way and using the Thousand Catties Barrier to defend was much more comfortable than using the Earth Force and the Gravity Control. The spirit power required was also lower, which had helped him increase his spirit power’s recovery speed. He could endure for quite a long time while maintaining this situation.
Tang San triggered Qian Ren Xue to attack him when he had been well prepared. It was much better than being an attack while she was chasing after him. At the same time, he could waste a significant amount of Qian Ren Xue’s angelic god’s power. He had chosen to explode the Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit ring because he wanted to use the Great Sumeru Technique and the spirit ability of the Clear Sky Hammer at the same time.


Just within a short while, Tang San could make such decisions proving that he was using all his capacity now. Since he met Qian Ren Xue, his life was constantly pushed to the edge. This invisible pressure urged him to develop faster. His trick worked. Tang San was amazed realizing his overall power was leaping under Qian Ren Xue’s force.


To any creatures, great or small, when they are in danger, they have to adapt or become extinct. Tang San didn’t think about being killed. That was why he could consistently develop, reaching toward the god level, using all advantages to survive.


Qian Ren Xue frowned; sensing Tang San was burrowing deeper into the ground, she continued to pursue him. Chasing after him today, she had determined not to let him see the sunlight of tomorrow’s dawn, no matter what obstacles she would face. Although she was constantly draining her energy, her god level spirit power had been increasing since she became a God. She had consumed lots of her energy, but the streak of divine sense she left on Tang San was still there.


However, as they were digging deeper and deeper underground, Tang San’s spirit power consumption didn’t change since he had urged the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s spirit abilities. But Qian Ren Xue’s consumption speed was increasing rapidly. Qian Ren Xue didn’t bother the draining spirit power, but she noticed that her speed was declining. The distance between her and Tang San was getting longer.


Currently, the distance between Tang San and her was around one hundred and sixty meters. However, it was hard to shorten this distance. Qian Ren Xue was getting mad seeing the distance was lengthened. If this continued, she wouldn’t be able to kill him before he reached the vast sea. She didn’t know how long Tang San’s spirit power could endure, but she couldn’t let this continue. When we reach the sea, who knows what Tang San would do to me? Her attributes were Light and Fire. The Fire attribute would be totally subdued in the sea. Her power would be restrained. At the same time, Tang San had the Sea God Trident; obviously, he had more advantages.


Tang San was dashing forward when he suddenly felt Qian Ren Xue had stopped behind him, just like what he did previously.


Tang San should be exciting seeing Qian Ren Xue stopped there, but his heart was shrinking in anxiety. He could smell danger. Being a supreme spirit master ranked God level, Qian Ren Xue couldn’t drain her spirit power that quick. Even though they were at one thousand and five hundred meters deep down in the ground, she would never underestimate her enemy. She might want to urge some kind of divine abilities. That was why she stood there.


No matter what, Tang San had no choice but speed up again, heading forward. With the Thousand Catties Barrier, the Sea God Trident and his quick reaction, Tang San believed that Qian Ren Xue couldn’t kill him just with one strike.


Qian Ren Xue stopped, hovering in a small space underground. The furious gold flame appeared around her again, melting all the soil and rock. Six wings behind her back extended, bursting out a layer of dazzling gold light associated with the Angelic Saint Armament. Qian Ren Xue shouted, raising the Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand. A shadow of her true form appeared behind her, pouring into the Angelic Sacred Sword. Instantaneously, furious dazzling gold light plunged from the Angelic Sacred Sword.


Wherever the gold light came, the soil within one meter vanished. That tremendous gold light column constantly pierced the ground, plunging up to the surface.


What does she want to do?


Qian Ren Xue quickly gave him the answer. The terrifying god power was exposing at this moment. The gold light column directly got through one thousand five hundred meters, plunging up to the sky. Qian Ren Xue had made a tunnel so she could see the air above again.


With the existence of that deep hole, the pressure in the ground had disappeared immediately. Although the diameter of the hole was just one meter, it was enough for Qian Ren Xue. The recovery ability of a supreme spirit master ranked god level was incredible. Within three seconds, Qian Ren Xue could recover half of the consumed amount of her god power.


But it wasn’t the main reason she had broken through the ground. Without this recovery method, her god power was still enough for her to endure for quite a long time fighting underground. There was another reason that she had to do so.


The sky got darkened again since the sunlight only shone on the hole Qian Ren Xue just made. The scorching Solar Pure Flame shone down to the bottom of the hole. With the Angelic Sacred Sword suction force and this tunnel, the Solar Pure Flame could travel through this distance in no time.


The red-gold light reached Qian Ren Xue in a flash. She had used both the Angelic Sacred Sword and the Angelic Saint Armament to absorb the power from the Solar Pure Flame, which was as smooth as a hundred rivers flowing into the sea. Gradually, the Angelic Saint Armament on her body turned into a lava-red color. Even her hair had been dyed with the same color.


There were two burning flames inside her beautiful eyes. Qian Ren Xue coldly snorted:

“Tang San, let me see where you can hide!”


The lava-red figure left a fading shadow and plunged directly into the ground. The Solar Pure Flame burst out furiously, tripling Qian Ren Xue’s speed. It looked like a blazing meteor was shooting underground, wildly running toward Tang San. The distance of three thousand meters was shortened in a flash.


Qian Ren Xue was outraged, bursting out her true Angelic God’s power. Even though they were deep down underground, she still wanted to prove that her power was stronger than Tang San’s could ever be. She wanted to eradicate him.


Qian Ren Xue spent eight seconds to gather this formidable power. Within the time of eight seconds, Tang San had run away for over three thousand meters. Being deep down underground, his mental power couldn’t expand too far. Moreover, with the assistance from the Earth Force, he had soon lost Qian Ren Xue’s trace. Tang San even thought that Qian Ren Xue actually gave him up.


However, right after that, the sensing of extreme danger immediately washed over his body. Vaguely, his instinct had reacted accurately.


Right then, the Sea God Trident’s mark glowed, completing the connection with the Sea God’s Heart. The Vast Sea Wild Wave granted by the Sea God’s Heart emitted a blue aureole expanding over his body. Tang San shifted his spirit to the Blue Silver Emperor at the same time. Furthermore, he didn’t hesitate, exploding the last eight spirit rings of the Blue Silver Emperor.


That was all he could do now. Feeling fear came from deep inside his soul, the Sea God Trident started to tremble. Tang San knew his life might about to end. At this moment, he didn’t dare to save any amount of energy, bursting out all of what he had at once.




The blue-gold aureole instantly covered his body. Without the two excellent auxiliary abilities of the Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San was slowing down.


Tang San’s body completely turned into blue-gold at this moment. He did explode eight spirit rings at the same time, which no one had done before, even the ancestors of the Clear Sky School who created the Great Sumeru technique. But at such critical moment, Tang San had no choice but try anything to feel safer. He wildly poured all the power of the Exploding Rings into the Sea God Trident.


At the same time, a terrifying red light that nothing could compare suddenly appeared around Tang San. It looked like a black hole that could devour everything, coming furiously with its wide-open mouth.


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