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Qian Ren Xue rose the Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand, and the sunlight once again covered her body entirely. The Angelic Saint Armament abruptly glowed, constantly absorbing the Solar Pure Flame. Originally, the armor was gold; at this moment, all patterns on it started to dazzle, turning into the moving glowing red and gold light just like lava. Divine light sparked in Qian Ren Xue’s eyes. She stared attentively on the ground then suddenly plunged down.


Swoosh. A soft sound echoed and Qian Ren Xue directly disappeared into the ground with ease. There was a hole around one meter in diameters right on the ground where she had burrowed, which was similar to the deep pit the Angelic Sacred Sword made previously. There was some red-gold liquid around the hole.


Qian Ren Xue was a bold genius. The way she had chosen to chase after Tang San was imperious. She had used the Solar Pure Flame together with her angelic god power, heating up the Angelic Saint Armament to an extreme temperature so she could melt the sand and soil around her when she was coming through.


Not to mention that she had consumed much spirit power doing that. Tang San was controlling the earth force, and she was melting them directly. The pressure she had received was much more than what Tang San had endured. But she was the Angelic God. Her power was dozen times stronger than Tang San, so as her spirit power’s recovery speed. Although traveling through the ground caused her many troubles and weakened her power, still, she was the formidable Angelic God. With the Solar Pure Flame covering her body, she had rapidly shortened the distance between her and Tang San.


“Damn, is it possible?”


Although Tang San was a calm person, he couldn’t help but swear seeing Qian Ren Xue chasing after him with such method. His mental power was released into the surrounding ambiance and fused with the soil and rock around. This helped him sense Qian Ren Xue’s pursuit. The incredible speed with the scorching heat told Tang San what way she had used to come down here. The mental power fused with the sensing of the rock and soil, initially, was used to sense where Qian Ren Xue would attack him. But now, it turned into his sight and hearing. This was because the ground had restrained Qian Ren Xue’s power; if not, Tang San’s mental power would be useless.


Come here. I wouldn’t have a chance in the air, but under the ground, who knows! Tang San beamed a bitter smile, sped up and dug deeper. This wouldn’t harm others nor benefit him. Moreover, the further he dug, the more pressure he had to bear.


Being inside the ground wasn’t like being at sea. The force pressed on one’s body was much more. Wherever he had passed, the rock and soil collapsed immediately. The pressure put on his body became heavier from time to time.


Using the Earth Force, Tang San’s speed hadn’t been affected much. But the further he went through the earth, the faster his spirit power was consumed.


Tang San made up his mind. He wanted to compete with Qian Ren Xue in term of spirit power consuming speed. No matter what, Qian Ren Xue was using the Solar Pure Flame to melt the rock and soil. Of course, she was consuming much more spirit power than he did. The deeper she went through, the faster her spirit power was drained. Because of the increasing pressure, she had to urge the Solar Pure Flame continuously to melt the dense rock and muddy soil. Tang San was draining, but Qian Ren Xue’s spirit power consuming speed was doubled his. At least, Tang San’s pace hadn’t been affected much although he was using the Gravity Control and the Earth Force at the same time. But Qian Ren Xue’s speed would be definitely affected.


Apparently, this method was dangerous to Tang San too. Once he had used up his spirit power and he couldn’t maintain the Earth Force, he would be pressed deep inside the earth that he could never come out alive.


Soon, it worked when Tang San was getting deeper into the ground. When he was over one thousand meters deep, Qian Ren Xue was around two hundred meters behind him. But she was slowing down.


This slowing down wasn’t because of the depth, mostly because she had used up the energy from the Solar Pure Flame. At first, she thought that she just need to use the Solar Pure Flame to get under the ground and strike a killing attack immediately. She didn’t expect that Tang San’s speed was much faster than she had thought. Since she burrowed down the ground, she hadn’t approached Tang San yet. Launching an attack underground couldn’t be as effective as on the ground. Even if she possessed the god level power, she couldn’t attack on a large scale. If she did so, the rock and soil would collapse and help Tang San to dissolve the power of her attack.


That was why Qian Ren Xue could only launch a single attack and narrow the scale so as she could gather enough energy. However, it would give Tang San a chance to avoid her attack as long as he had enough space. It would be tough if Qian Ren Xue wanted to kill him just by one strike. Moreover, he still held the Sea God Trident in his hand. Using the pure Sea God’s power, he could still manage to avoid Qian Ren Xue’s divine sense that was locking him.


At this moment, the Solar Pure Flame was running out. Qian Ren Xue could only use her Angelic God’s power to break through the rock, soil, and mud to continue her pursuit. She had slowed down but still faster than Tang San.


Qian Ren Xue started to feel annoyed. Those soil, mud, and lava didn’t bother her. Even if she got buried here, she wouldn’t die. A supreme spirit master ranked god level had a substantial life expectancy. She could hold her breath for quite a long time. With the protection provided by the Angelic Saint Armament, she could get up gradually. However, the feeling of not capable of bursting out her power, and the constant consumption of her energy got on her nerves. Tang San’s wicked mind really gave others a headache!


They were two hundred meters away from each other. Tang San had put all of his effort to speed up. He knew that once Qian Ren Xue was around one hundred meters from him, she could kill him just in one strike.


Tang San had to risk his life facing the deadly danger. He didn’t care about draining his spirit power and kept on digging further into the earth. Until now, he had eaten several Large Recover Sausages to recover his consumed spirit power. His Mysterious Sky Skill torrentially circulated in his body, boosting the Earth Force and the Gravity control to the limit.


Tang San could get deeper into the ground with the advantage he got from the weight of the Clear Sky Hammer and the Sea God Trident he was holding. The Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t in the spirit avatar mode. Its weight wasn’t too significant. But the Sea God Trident weighed one hundred and eight thousand jin. It naturally helped him sink deeper.


The distance between them was around one hundred and eighty meters. Right now, they were one thousand and two hundred meters deep. This is the depth that ordinary people couldn’t endure. The pressure was increasing, and the lava was blending with the soil more and more. They had to slow down.


Suddenly, his mind flicked. His face became strange as if he was thinking of something. The nimbus on the first spirit ring of the Clear Sky Hammer was held in. The Gravity Control and the Earth Force were retrieved at the same time. Tang San stopped moving for a while. Qian Ren Xue was not far behind him. Sensing he had stopped, she was excited. Her speed was a little bit faster than Tang San’s speed. When her divine sense felt Tang San had stopped moving, the distance between them was shortened. It was less than one hundred meters now.


She finally got to the location where she was able to start her attack. Qian Ren Xue didn’t hesitate. However, she had consumed much of her god power. The Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand stabbed forward while her six wings extended instantaneously. The patterns on her Angelic Saint Armament were furiously projecting gold light. Although the massive pressure suddenly increased, she didn’t bother as she wanted to use full force for this attack.


The furious gold light consolidated into an impressive gold flame. In a flash, all the soil, rock and lava within five meters around Qian Ren Xue were melted. The massive pressure at a depth of one thousand and two hundred meters couldn’t put more soil or lava into her attack range. A splendid pellucid gold sphere then surrounded Qian Ren Xue’s body. All power was accumulated at her Angelic Sacred Sword. Qian Ren Xue swung her wrist, continuously struck four times and ejected four gold lights, crossing each other in the space which looked like the word Mi (looks like the * lit. rice). Those lights melted the ground and plunged towards Tang San.


Tang San was standing there in between the rock and soil. He turned around, held the Clear Sky Hammer with his left hand and covered his chest. The eighth spirit ring on the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly glowed, emitting a vivid red nimbus and covering his body entirely. That red nimbus was like a real entity, condensing as a layer of strong shell enveloped his body. This layer was very close to his skin, just like an armor. It didn’t look like an energy defending, but more like the physical defending. Tang San rose his right arm at the same time. Although the Earth Force was retrieved, still, his spirit power could help him move around.


The Sea God Trident in his hand glittered with gold light. Tang San had performed with all of his power at this moment. The Sea God’s Light was constantly pouring into the Sea God Trident, regardless of how much energy would be absorbed. His wrist was shaking; a gold sphere emerged from the main blade of the Sea God Trident, making nine defending layers in front of Tang San. This was the defending form of the Unfixed Storm.


The Mi-shaped Light Chop reached Tang San in just a second. The nine defending layers of the Unfixed Storm were smashed immediately. However, the Mi-shaped Light Chop was weakened after each time it broke one layer of the Unfixed Strom. After breaking through nine layers, the power of the attack wasn’t even half of when it was struck out.


Right after that, Tang San turned around, using his back to receive this remaining force.


The Eight Spider Lances were set neatly on his back; a defending layer of the Clear Sky Hammer’s eighth spirit ring’s ability covered them.


A loud explosion reverberated, shaking all the ground around them. People would think there was an earthquake. Tang San’s body was like a cannon ball, piercing through the mud and soil, plunging a hundred meters backward. His defending armor layer was totally crashed. The Eight Spider Lances were cracked while the clothes on his back had burned into ash.


But his body didn’t get hurt. If Qian Ren Xue stood close to him right now, she could have seen that the skin on his back had turned into gold. That was the defense brought by the Eight Spider Lances. Although her strike could break through the Unfixed Storm, the energy armor and the Eight Spider Lances, it couldn’t break his skin-defense. She could push him away but couldn’t kill him.


Tang San felt his back was scorching. He couldn’t help but scream and spit out a mouthful of blood. Blood was boiling inside him. This had brought him an extreme pain that he couldn’t even breathe.


This critical moment had pushed Tang San to reveal his strong spirit will. Facing the extreme pain, he didn’t hesitate but instantly shift his spirit. The Clear Sky Hammer was now changed to the Blue Silver King. Moreover, he immediately exploded the first spirit ring of the Blue Silver Emperor. A blue-gold aureole expanded rapidly, covering him. The Exploding Ring poured an enormous amount of energy into his body. Tang San had used this energy to wipe out the soil in front of him and quickly dashed away.


The Great Sumeru Hammer had many limitations. When using this technique, the spirit couldn’t urge any spirit ability. When the blue-gold aureole covered Tang San, pouring more power into his body and washing away the Angelic God’s power, Tang San then shifted his spirits again. The sixth and eighth spirit rings on the Clear Sky hammer glowed at the same time.


The armor layer appeared again. Meanwhile, the Clear Sky Hammer was covered with an eccentric shining red nimbus from the sixth spirit ring. It was strange that the pressure from the mud and soil around him had disappeared after he put on that armor layer. Tang San was at one thousand and two hundred meters deep down underground, but he didn’t feel any pressure. He had this feeling at the first time he had tried this ability; now, he felt more confident. At the same time, the Clear Sky Hammer was covered with the nimbus of the sixth spirit ring. Tang San just needed to wave it slightly to wipe out mud, soil, and lava in front of him to make a path. His speed was now much faster than when he used the Earth Force and the Gravity Control. More importantly, those two spirit abilities had drained his spirit power. Now, he didn’t want to waste much energy to urge this ability. He sped up and dug deeper and deeper.


How could it be? After Qian Ren Xue had stricken her attack, soil and lava were quickly pressed down. The Angelic Saint Armament had to continuously project a furious gold light to keep them away from her.


With her divine sense, Qian Ren Xue knew that her strike didn’t kill Tang San. However, she had performed that strike with her true Angelic God’s power. She was deep down underground, so she didn’t dare to use other mighty spirit abilities of the Angelic God. But from her previous fights with him, she assumed that her attack was enough to kill him. What stunned her was even though he got hit, Tang San didn’t slow down; instead, he was running faster with a strange enormous energy on his body. Moreover, her strike had pushed him over one hundred meters away, which lengthened the distance between them up to over two hundred meters.


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