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Boom. Light as bright as flame burst out from Tang San’s body. Concurrently, he hauled an incense out of his chest, holding it in his hand. (The incense is used to measure time. Usually, it would take around 30 minutes to burn one piece completely.)


Qian Ren Xue casually put the Sea God Trident into the ground. This time she wasn’t as careless as before. The gold light shone as she released her six-winged seraphim spirit.


Six dazzling wings on her back extended, creating a tremendous pressure that could tilt the sky. This pressure suffocated Tang San. The absolute restraint feeling made people feel helpless.


Nine spirit rings of the Blue Silver Emperor appeared on Tang San’s body. Those nine spirit rings couldn’t be considered splendid. Five black ones and four red ones. Five fifty-thousand-year ones and four one-hundred-thousand-year ones. Almost no Title Douluo in the Spirit Master World could compare with Tang San about the number of strong spirit rings.


However, talking about the beauty of the spirit rings set, Tang San’s was far away to compare with Qian Ren Xue. There were nine spirit rings arranged neatly on Qian Ren Xue’s body now. The first seven looked different from the time he first met her. Of course, she couldn’t be like Tang San, pouring the power of his spirit rings to other people and then had the absolute luck to gain another two spirit rings from the one hundred-thousand-year spirit beasts. The color of her spirit rings could be changed due to the advantage she got after she received the god’s inheritance. Even if Qian Ren Xue had finished her inheritance process, her nine spirit rings set was still weaker than Tang San’s. She had one one-hundred-thousand-year spirit rings less than what Tang San had. This showed that Tang San was somewhat a genius to use his mortal body to strike against God but still have a chance to win.


The spirit rings on Qian Ren Xue’s body weren’t normal anymore. A dim gold nimbus had covered all of them. Although their original colors could be seen, they looked more stunning. Tang San knew that this was the special feature of the god level spirit rings.


Under the god’s influence, each spirit ring of Qian Ren Xue had a part of God power and aura. This somehow affected the spirit rings in a good way that normal spirit masters couldn’t compare.


But those nine shining spirit rings couldn’t scare Tang San. The first time he had fought with Qian Ren Xue, she didn’t release her six-winged spirit, he didn’t have a chance to see her spirit rings. Beholding them right now, Tand San felt his mind was shaken.


Tang San was a stubborn guy but still affected just by seeing her spirit rings. There was no doubt about how tremendous they were. But they were not just nine spirit rings. He could see the tenth one on Qian Ren Xue’s body. Yes, the tenth spirit ring!
It was a gold spirit ring, looked like it was made from angel’s gold feathers. This tenth spirit ring was massive; its diameter was three meter in full. It was hovering behind Qian Ren Xue, enveloping her body and the six wings, just like a regular spirit ring. Tang San could see it was like an ordinary spirit ring of any spirit masters, but it was totally different.


Each ten levels was a period of cultivation. When a spirit master had broken through each ten levels, he needed a spirit ring to improve his capacity, boosting his power to the next level. It was also the process of change in quantity leads to change in quality. At level ninety he had to earn his ninth spirit ring, so ninety was considered the peak level of a spirit master. Breaking through level one hundred meant she had leaped another ten levels, having the tenth spirit ring was “reasonably logical.” This “reasonably logical” tenth spirit ring had shaken Tang San. The first nine spirit rings were all mortal level, but this tenth spirit ring was totally a God level. We couldn’t use “year of cultivation” to measure a god level’s golden spirit ring. It wasn’t something that the one hundred thousand years spirit ring could compare.


“Tang San, yesterday, I saw you released your Blue Silver Emperor spirit, I was surprised that you had so many high-quality spirit rings. You’re not a god yet. I don’t know why you could do that. It’s possible for your second spirit to improve the quality of the spirit rings, but the Blue Silver Emperor is your first spirit, also the one you usually use, how it could be like that?”


Tang San’s right hand caressed the incense, using his inner force to burn it. His hand swung, darting the incense to a tree far from there.


“Aren’t you afraid of wasting time if I take time and explain to you?”
Tang San looked at Qian Ren Xue. Blue-gold light waves surged one by one from his body. He was under the massive pressure of the god level, but he didn’t back off a step. The divine light in his eyes burst out wildly, looked like he was entering a unique state.


“The time to burn an incense is not neither long nor short. A little bit of delay doesn’t count. Will you explain to me?”
Qian Ren Xue smiled faintly; she didn’t care about the burning incense.


Tang San said:
“It’s ok if I tell you. To save Xiao Wu, I had returned the spirit ring and spirit bone she had sacrificed for me. Also, I gave her a big part of my spirit rings to help her resurrect. Of course, I had to find other spirit rings to make up for the ones I had lost. I had found higher level spirit rings that suit me. That’s what you can see now.”


“Is it possible to resurrect the sacrificed spirit beasts?”
Qian Ren Xue was shaken, looking at Tang San with doubt in her eyes:
“You are the man who is good at creating miracles…”


“It wasn’t me who is good enough. You, Spirit Hall, had forced me to do that. It’s your Spirit Hall that had ignited Xiao Wu’s sacrifice. Xiao Wu is my lover, together with my parents, my teacher’s resentments, the Spirit Hall and I are archenemies.”


Qian Ren Xue sighed:
“The Creator has tantalized us, making us the enemies. If you were from the Spirit Hall, you might still have other thoughts. The incense is burning now, show me what you got to endure my attack during this period.”
Tang San laughed out loud:
“I don’t want to suffer from your attack for half an hour. I want to maintain my attack continuously for half an hour. Watch out!”


Boom. Blue-gold light burst. All nine spirit rings on Tang San’s body were glowing. Their original red and black colors disappeared, left only the shining blue-gold. Nine spirit rings of the Blue Silver Emperor totally turned into blue-gold, same color with his body now.


“What? What is that ability? Is it an ability you just develop?”
Qian Ren Xue didn’t rush to attack him. She was amazed looking at the changes on Tang San’s body. Up to now, she hadn’t seen any spirit master could change his spirit rings accordingly with the spirit. Before she had become the god, she couldn’t think or even thought about that.




The blue-gold flame furiously covered Tang San. He dashed toward Qian Ren Xue just like a rocket, without using any spirit ability. As he said before, he only used pure strength to attack a god level spirit master like Qian Ren Xue.


Qian Ren Xue didn’t avoid him. Six wings on her back slightly flapped, she came in front of Tang San in a flash. Her divine sense could see his weakness pretty clearly. She arrived when Tang San hadn’t plunged over. His power hadn’t been accumulated to the peak.


Tang San’s movements and reactions were so fast nothing could compare. He punched with his right fist. The blue-gold flame covered the fist now turned to emerald, heading directly toward Qian Ren Xue’s chest.


A direct yet simple punch brought Qian Ren Xue a complicated feeling. Right now, she could feel clearly that all the Blue Silver Grass in Star Dou Forest had fused with his fist, bringing all of their power along with this punch.


Qian Ren Xue’s gold hand and the full vitality fist, which was covered with blue-gold flame, impacted. BOOM. The blue-gold flame blazed up; Tang San jerked back at the same time. Qian Ren Xue’s god level body was stunned for a while in mid-air. The massive vitality’s aura had oppressed her divine sense and revealed her flaw.


How could it be? Qian Ren Xue widened her eyes in shock. She didn’t understand how Tang San could do that. He hadn’t released the Blue Silver Emperor spirit, but he could mobilize the energy of all Blue Silver Grass in Star Dou Forest. This was absolutely the god-level power. Moreover, it was the power of God of Nature.


However, Qian Ren Xue quickly realized that Tang San didn’t get hurt and he could even prevent her god power from intruding his body. But one of the nine spirit rings flying around him was smashed, turning into numerous blue-gold light spots then disappeared.


What happened? Qian Ren Xue studied him astoundingly. His body had plunged backward for several meters then stopped. Right now, his eyes had turned to blue-gold with furiously burning flame. He looked like the king of all animals. Nothing could compare to his torrential aura. The immense blue-gold flame was bursting continuously, even faster and more furious than before. Apparently, the power he was releasing now had reached a formidable level.


Qian Ren Xue frowned. She didn’t storm forward. Gold light on her body burst out in a flash, turning into a gold burning flame that twisted the air surrounded it. The boundless God aura seemed like it wanted to escape by piercing through her body. Both of her hands moved at the same time. One punched Tang San, who was dashing toward her. The other directly snatched his shoulder. Her speed was as fast as the electric flash. Just in a moment, the dim gold had covered his entire body, also enveloped the blue-gold flame.


After getting prevented a few times, Qian Ren Xue finally released her true god power. Even though she didn’t use the divine weapon of the Angelic God, still, she was a god, she could subdue Tang San altogether.


However, Tang San, who was bringing with him the endless wild aura, had stopped in the middle of the air then stretched out two hands to draw a bizarre circle. An immense pulling force appeared, dragging and accumulating all power including the blue-gold flame on his hands, turning them into a vortex of torrential blue-gold flame in front of his chest.


Qian Ren Xue vaguely stepped. She felt the one who was standing in front of her wasn’t a real object. It looked like there were several illusions appeared at the same time. Using her divine sense, she could find out which one was the real Tang San. However, Tang San’s illusions had taken some energy from her attack.


“Break it!”


Tang San shouted. With an aggressive roar, which was full of powerful aura, the blue-gold vortex on his hand broke together with the explosion of his second spirit rings. The tremendous explosive power had turned the blue-gold light into gold. The boundless surge energy plunged up, turning into a giant gold light pillar, furiously breaking Qian Ren Xue’s gold light layer.


At the same time, both of his hands had impacted with Qian Ren Xue’s hands. Tang San’s left hand had created a tremendous suction force. Meanwhile, his right hand had a powerful pushing force. One pulled, one pushed. Qian Ren Xue surprisingly felt her body was tilted. Most energies of her power were dissolved, left only a little part impacting Tang San. Their bodies concurrently changed positions, sliding and plunging dozens of meters to stabilize.


God level strength! Qian Ren Xue had become more solemn. Through those two strikes, Qian Ren Xue was sure that Tang San had used some unique method to stimulated his strength. He didn’t use spirit abilities, but his strength had reached God level already. Qian Ren Xue didn’t know how he did that, but he could feel the threatening aura from Tang San. Is he waiting for me to use the spirit abilities first? Qian Ren Xue asked herself.


No, absolutely no! Qian Ren Xue’s eyes became earnest. Her pride didn’t allow her to do that. Tang San might haven’t urged spirit abilities because he wasn’t able to do that now. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to use spirit abilities. She wanted to use the simplest method to defeat Tang San.
Tang San moved again. His body had become more illusory this time. It was just like a ghost shadow bringing numerous fading shadows coming from every direction, dashing toward Qian Ren Xue.


Qian Ren Xue coldly snorted:
“Little bead wants to shine under the moonlight huh!”


Boom. Six wings stretched out at the same time. The gold flame that nothing could compare covered her body in a second, making her a golden shooting star. Qian Ren Xue didn’t care even when Tang San had turned into shadows, clenched her fist and punched toward the location of his real body, using her divine sense.


One gold shadow and one blue-gold shadow were dashing fast. Tang San didn’t have the intention to avoid her, clenching his fists. The blue-gold flame had been accumulated on his fists. The Eight Spider Lances on his back had broken through his body to stretch out since he had urged all of his energy to gather at one point.




Two figures collided. A massive gold light column plunged up to the sky that dimmed the entire Star Dou Forest. A big area of Blue Silver Grass had released the blue-gold light furiously then shriveled before turning into ash. They had poured all of their energy to Tang San. That was how he could survive this strike. Even so, Blue Silver Grass in Star Dou Forest was still excited. It was an absolute glory dying for their king.


Qian Ren Xue’s body was stunned right at their impacted area, while Tang San’s was blown a thousand meters away. His sturdy body had washed many plants on the way. His light-gold color blood spouted from his mouth. Each spurt of blood had turned into burning blue-gold flame.


Qian Ren Xue had fully exposed the invincible power of the god level. With anger, she had blown Tang San away and hurt him.


Simultaneously, the third spirit ring on Tang San’s body was smashed. However, Qian Ren Xue could feel that although Tang San got hurt, his wounds weren’t so severe. Quite contrary, he took the advantage when his body was being blown away to dissolve the angelic power on his body.


Qian Ren Xue inaudibly complimented him. She understood that she wasn’t as good as Tang San when talking about using and dissolving power. If he had the same capacity, I couldn’t be his opponent. A murderous look appeared from the bottom of her eyes. Such a man I couldn’t control and he is the biggest flaw in my heart, I should kill him. If not, when he becomes a god in the future, he will be the greatest threat to Spirit Empire. The Spirit Empire would be pushed to the edge of termination.


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    1. That is definitely broken, that he could go toe to toe with a god through raw spirit power alone, and even against an enemy with a qualitatively more superior divine energy as compared to his mortal spirit energy. (shakes head)

      But I think he could do better. It’s full potential still can’t be seen here. Maybe in the future when he’s in a real fight and he’s already a god himself, he could then use the full power of his Sumeru Technique and combine it with his Clear Sky Hammer.

      Actually, he should combine it with his hammer, then also execute that 99 continuous hammer strikes technique thing, now that would truly be OP!!!

      I’m pretty sure he could tear the heavens apart by the time he unleashes his 99th strike :))

  1. Tang San can only fight this was because it is the Star Luo Forest. Anywhere else and he would be at a serious disadvantage. It would only be seriously broken if he could do this anywhere before he becomes a god. Him attacking also makes sense. Tang San isn’t very defensive and going all out on attacks will likely cause less harm to his body then going all out attack, and it is all out attack with him sacrificing both the grass in the forest and his own spirit power.

    If he gets lucky, he may even get the trident back, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    1. And honestly, it’s pretty broken already.

      Comparing his disadvantage in this fight to, let’s say, a 81st rank spirit douluo exchanging strikes with a 91st rank title douluo isn’t even close. You shouldn’t forget that it’s not just the entire spirit ring difference here thats the disparity between the two, it’s the fact that Qian Renxue is a GOD, using not spirit energy but DIVINE energy.

      Any other mortal would’ve been turned to dust by her punches by now.

      Even Bibi Dong wouldn’t last, since her forte is neither strength nor defense. Her most powerful spirit ring attack that threatened to kill Tang San wouldn’t even harm Qian Renxue’s body. Her best lifesaving skill of undying body will only be enough to save her from a single strike and truly die from the next one. That’s how powerful a God is.

      And don’t forget Bibi Dong is already rank 99. Tang San is freakin going MMA with a god and he’s merely ranked 95/96. That’s pretty broken to me man.

      The fight scene may be somewhat dull and less exciting than others we’ve seen in the past, since they’re just basically punching one another, but don’t let that fool you.

      1. Consider he was able to go toe to toe with Bibi Dong, and that was before he acquired these 5 new spirit rings. It is more then likely that Bibi Dong wont have much of a chance even if she is rashaskas inheritor. Tang San has already broken so many limits as it is. Yes, I am aware that the power difference between them is exponential, but it has been stated before that fighting using raw spirit power is incredibly dangerous. So, one should consider the differences between spirit power, and spirit ability. In terms of spirit power, Qian Ren Xue clearly has the advantage, but its fairly clear she doesn’t know how to use it to full capability yet (Having only obtained this power a few days prior). Tang San on the other hand is using blue silver grass which he has basically mastered. He also still has divine power in the sea gods light.

        I SERIOUSLY doubt that Tang San will win this fight as he is now, he only needs to survive and get to the sea. Likewise, I doubt Tang San will get out of this with no serious injuries. What is clear to me though is Tang San can’t keep this up forever.

        A cornered animal is often the most dangerous….

  2. My question is, what ability that can endure god power by destroying spirit ring? Is this new ability that never mentioned before? I know that tang san’s spider spirit bone has gotten into god level. But what is this? And with blue yellow fire too. Did I miss something? Haha

    1. I’m guessing he’s using the principles of that sumeru hammer technique thing, the one taught by his father recently? But with raw power alone and not in tandem with any of his twin spirits or abilities (since that’s what they agreed on for this bet)

      It’s the secret forbidden technique of some sort that allows one to draw energy ‘directly’ from ones own spirit rings, greatly multiplying ones power. Actually, it is in fact so broken that the mc at mere title douluo level is able to trade blows directly with a god, but the consequence for using such power is also obvious.

      …Or something like that? Already forgot how it was exactly explained a few chapters ago. I believe it technically isn’t just limited to the clear sky hammer’s use, just an unorthodox method of drawing power from ones rings. That’s what it looks like since he’s using it not with his hammer but with the nine rings of his blue silver emperor (albeit without releasing his spirit like I said, literally just his rings)

      The origin of the tech is vague af, and I don’t even know if only a talented clear sky spirit master could learn it, since it doesn’t look like it has anything to do with one having the clear sky as ones spirit. It’s called Sumeru Hammer technique though so… meh.

      Dunno why it was the founder of the hammer peeps that was the one to “discover” it, maybe we’ll never really know. But it is a god-level tech that’s for sure, and that’s what makes it even more intriguing -_-

      1. Im thinking of the same here. The technique itself is great in a way that not everybody can just do it and also know about it and it comes with difficult requirements to handle. since it has something to do with spirit ring and just the spirit as a medium to release it, it is applicable to all spirits just it is so secretive as one’s self created spirit ability but not unique to one’s spirit

          1. T_T we’ll know for sure in the coming chapters.

            But having to kill 100k yr old beasts to replace his rings? Man, that’s both wasteful of the already ‘endangered’ spirit beasts and a damn waste of time…

      2. Just a few things to say
        The blue yellow fire is he stepping on the god realm, think on something like faux god

        The factual name will be revealed on the next few chapters

        The details havent been explained yet but Tang san said using it is akin to suicide

        Also its a ancient technique handed down for generations of Clear sky clan Sect leaders and said to be a god level ability

        1. With what’s happening to his rings, it is definitely suicide :)) Tang San quickly figured it out the first time he tried comprehending it, that was when his father passed the tech to him few chaps ago.

          And yeah that’s what his father said about the origins of the tech, but if you think about it, how could a mere mortal come up with a god level tech right?

          All we could assume from what was revealed by his father is that
          1) somewhere in their ancestry a clear sky practitioner achieved godhood to be able to create the sumeru hammer tech, or
          2) it was given by a god to a clear sky ancestor, or
          3) it’s the founder of the clear sky clan himself that was a god and passed it down to his mortal descendants, or
          4) some clear sky ancestor was just plain lucky and picked it up somewhere -_-

          That’s why I mentioned it’s vague since the specifics weren’t explained, and intriguing since it’s origins most def have an interesting story

          Calling it sumeru HAMMER technique is also a point of interest as well…

          1. The only thing confirmed is that its a ancient god level technique, its origins were never revealed nor they have that much importance on the plot, but on the other hand the author expands greatly on its utilizations and uses and its restrictions and drawbacks so you can understand it fairly easily, but for now it’s still a mistery and saying more would be spoiler 🙂

            also about the rings being the real rings, come on he is trading blows with a frigging god and burning the life of the grass around him to boost himself, how can it not be his true spirit rings ?XD

          2. I beg to differ. It’s origins may not be expounded further by the author given that its nearing the end of the novel and a lot still has to happen, but in my opinion the origin of the sumeru tech is definitely significant to the plot.

            This isn’t merely a created ability that’s easily explainable like the 99-strike hammer tech. This is a GOD-LEVEL tech, basically the most game-changing game-changer at this point in the story, the same concept that’s allowing a mere mortal to contend with a god. Simply saying that it’s passed down for generations in their clan, when it’s not even technically an exclusive technique for the clear sky hammer by its very nature, is an amateur excuse for an author just to give the mc a broken power up.

            Heck, even the OP top secret weapons of the Tang Sect the MC brought with him had a rich backstory, very much detailed together in conjunction with Tang Sect’s history, and didn’t just pop out in the novel saying it’s from his past memories and everyone should just deal with it.

            While the Sumeru Hammer Technique, a freakin god-level tech, a power more broken than those hidden weapons, a concept rarer than many others introduced in the story, was simply given to the mc out of nowhere? And simply explained as a clear sky school secret? Just like that??

            Man, that’s a pretty lame excuse to me, just as bad as having unexplainable plot armors prevalent in many poorly written novels. Even the Seagod’s Thirteen Halberds made sense and wasn’t unbelievable when it was introduced. It came from the Seagod himself. Zero mystery right there.

            It even leads to a lot of questions: Were they simply friends in the past with a god? Or did the Clear Sky School originate from a God? Was there a hammer-wielding God then? Is it a different god? Is his legacy still alive? Why did Tang San have to pursue the Sea God trials if their was one more applicable to him? Why did Tang Chen pursue the asura god path? Etc. Etc.

            Suffice to say, one does not simply introduce the most broken power in the story to date… and simply just ‘wing’ it…

          3. Wow. just got that after reading what you said. Wouldnt hav thought twice about him getting that technique. Really needs an indepth explanation since its so broken in the first place. I guess the story pace has been pretty fast recently and tang san has been getting powerups here and there that we tend to just accept all the power increase he gets

          4. Well he “winged” it, a side story with its origins would be great, but at 40 chapters of the end its tooo laate, anyways about the gods and ascension you have to be chosen, the only one you can ascend by yourself is the asura god because of his domain wich is given to anyone that passes the slaughter city and then he develops by itself, btw the asura god ascension has no fixed place or time set and needs 333 steps to fully inherit

            Why i’m saying this? because this wont affect the plot in any way and Tang is almost the Sea God anyways

            Asura is like “bitch if you think you are strong try me” and thats it, its development is completely dependant on the user itself with no god intervention

            Anyway the trials must be given and cant be earned and thats it

            About the weapons i wanted to know if there is some novel on Tang San original world, those weapons were OP

            Oh a tidbit from the Web novel version(different version from this, like a Sketch) in there Bibi Dong took the souls of Xiao Wu parents, and Gods are immune to non god level attacks(wich as you can see doenst apply here since Tang San hurt her withouth being a god)

          5. Yeah, really no space for such details at this point nearing the end.

            That’s interesting info about the asura god. How epic would’ve been the grand battle at end if even his great grandfather became a god plus many others. Godly Battle Royale!

          6. Wait, what do you mean web novel version? I thought these CH were web novels?? This isn’t the web novel version??? What the hell have I been reading all this time????

          7. oh my god… I thought LN and WN versions were just used in Japan for JNs, and that most CNs we have now are basically all web novels the translators get from Qidian, et al.

            I am now enlightened.

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            Btw are you aware of the spoilers from DD2? i reaaaaly want to talk with someone about that XD

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            And I’m not even sure if I wanna read DD2, lots of reviews saying it’s simply not on par with this first one.

            WW may have a forum for DD2 since that’s their project now? But I’m not sure if spoilers are available and discussed there already

          10. Pulease, no more spoilers, it is okay if you talk about bitch version qian ren xue, and other adulty, but no more spoiler please, or zinyak would come and trapped everyone here in freakish simulation lol

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  4. @Makubex I personally believe DD2, 2.5 and 3 are just wave riders… While great stories they will never capture DD2. I hope he continues to draw in other stories of fantasy cultivation to create a multiverse, that can expand upon the origins of his creation in the divine realm and the generation of dimensions

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