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The Sea God’s power was like torrential waves transmitted to her body from the wounds on her arm. This pain had cleared her mind. She understood that she had always underestimated this man. The man who could make miracles. Seeing Tang San running away into the Star Dou Forest, she couldn’t do anything. Under the absolute restraint of the Sea God Trident, she couldn’t release her true god-level power. She couldn’t help but be pushed backward. The struggling took five seconds. Tang San could oppress the Angelic God for five seconds. No one, even Qian Ren Xue could believe it.


Eventually, the Sea God Trident got back to its original weight of one hundred and eight thousand jin. The bright gold light ceased, and the trident was black again. Qian Ren Xue finally stopped in mid-air. The Angel Sword in her hand flashed, she reached her left hand to hold the Sea God Trident. The Trident was heavy, but she was a god level spirit master, she could hold it.


“Well done…Well done, Tang San! But now you don’t have your holy weapon anymore, what will you use to fight against me?”
Qian Ren Xue looked at the wounds on her left arm. The gold blood had stopped bleeding. After a while, she washed away the Sea God’s power intruded her body. Just like what she had said before, the one who used the Sea God Trident wasn’t a god.


Qian Ren Xue didn’t hurry to chase after Tang San. She carefully studied the strange massive black trident in her hand. She hadn’t been so sure she could catch this trident. She was a god now, but god’s power still had limits. When Tang San first heard about the existence of God, he understood that God was just a supreme spirit master who had entered another stage of cultivation. They couldn’t hold the whole world in their hands. If it weren’t true, with the god’s existence, Douluo Continent wouldn’t be like today. One million jin was the limit of the god’s power. The peak Douluo Bo Saixi had found it very tough to hold the one hundred eight thousand jin Sea God Trident, what if it was ten times heavier?
Qian Ren Xue looked the Sea God Trident in her hand, suddenly burst out laughing:


“Tang San, you are God’s favorite spirit master. If you lose this holy weapon, will God continue to favor you? Without it, how could you receive the god’s inheritance?”


Being a god, Qian Ren Xue understood that the Sea God Trident was as precious as her Angelic Armament six spirit bones. They were all essential items to become a god. Without the Trident, Tang San couldn’t inherit the Sea God Title. Although she had been pushed backward, she knew that it was because of her carelessness. Tang San’s capacity was far from being able to threaten her. The Sea God Trident is in my hands now; Tang San can’t be a god or threaten me anymore. Not to mention he couldn’t escape, what if he could run away?


Qian Ren Xue wasn’t always a nice person. Talking with Tang San today to convince him without using force wasn’t because she adored him. Qian Ren Xue hadn’t had a chance to taste love since she experienced the drama between her parents. This led to her utterly disappointment toward love. She didn’t want to hurt Tang San in hope to make him compromise. When she struggled to become a god, his figure had stood by her and helped her out. If she killed Tang San immediately, she could never make up the flaw in her heart. Later when she met a god level opponent, she would be in big trouble.


But if Tang San decided to submit to her, her affections for him would decrease dramatically. His position in her heart would change. Eventually, she could erase his image in her heart, that was how she could make up the flaw there. Moreover, she only needed Tang San to stay and be faithful to her. If so, that flaw could disappear without any reconcilement needed. Qian Ren Xue had put her efforts to persuade him. She even used authority as a bait to coax him.


Pitifully, Tang San’s personality was tougher than what she had imagined. Especially after he had cited the quote that he learned from his previous life, his image was carved deeper into Qian Ren Xue’s heart.


“Rather be shattered jade than unbroken pottery. Well done, Tang San. You truly worth being my man!”
Qian Ren Xue looked at the direction that Tang San just ran away. She beamed a complicated smile, recalling his figure when he deliberately roared. It had stirred her up.


Six gold wings expanded on her back. Flash. Qian Ren Xue’s body was like a gold shooting meteor flying over to Star Dou Forest. Tang San couldn’t use his mental power to sense her didn’t mean that she couldn’t either. Her flying speed was unimaginable; she could fly over a thousand meters just in a second.


While flying, Qian Ren Xue muttered his words:


“Survival, I want it. Morals, I want it too. If I can’t have both, I will choose the Morals and leave Survival. Tang San, Tang San ah! Are you truly my destined nemesis? Ohhh…”


Qian Ren Xue was focused on finding Tang San when she suddenly realized that, it wasn’t Tang San standing in front of her, but a big bush of Blue Silver Grass.


Holding the Sea God Trident and the Angel Sword in her hands, she tenderly descended in front of the human-shaped Blue Silver Grass. Qian Ren Xue had a strange feeling; she didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh. I’m the Angelic God, Tang San had already hurt me. Now he could even fool me. This proved that he could run away under my mental power sensing. Actually, this was beyond her calculation. However, this teasing had excited her, just like a cat was chasing a mouse.


Mortal and God. The difference between them was like the distance between two edges of the canyon. Even though Tang San had some parts advanced to God level, and he had almost finished the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge, still, he was a human. However, he had his unique feature which could help him escape under two circumstances, which was why he could escape Qian Ren Xue’s mental power. Of course, it was Qian Ren Xue’s inattention. If she had determined to find him, he couldn’t stand a chance in tricking her.


Those two circumstances were in the forest or the sea, distinctively.


Tang San was about to inherit the Sea God Title, he had the ability to survive where mortals couldn’t. That was in the ocean. With the Sea God’s aura, the immense ocean would protect him. It would be challenging for any spirit masters who wanted to kill him in such terrains.


In the jungle, Tang San had the Blue Silver Doman, which could control all blue silver grass. Indeed, the Blue Silver grass was too fragile; anyone could break it. The comparison between the Blue Silver Grass and the Angelic God was like sky and earth, a grain of sand and the whole desert. But you should know there’s a saying said that many little makes a mickle. Do you know how many pieces of Blue Silver Grass are there in the Star Dou Forest?


When his life was endangered, Tang San had dashed into the forest and immediately released his Blue Silver Domain. This time, he had expanded the domain to the limit. He had instantly urged the abilities of the Blue Silver Domain, including the Boundless Nature and the All Rivers Run into the Sea to ingest the energy from the Blue Silver Grass and recover his power. At the same time, he blended himself with the Blue Silver Grass. The method he had used to disguise was to make his aura look like a Blue Silver Grass and simultaneously enhance the Blue Silver Grass’s aura. He took advantage from that contrast to get out of Qian Ren Xue’s mental power sensing. At the same time, he created a dummy that had his aura and ran away to the opposite direction using the flying ability of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone.


The trick Tang San had used to run away was simple but prudent. Besides the ability of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone, he also used the Blue Silver Domain to restrain his body, and used the hiding ability of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier to hide his aura, then ran away.


However, the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone alone wouldn’t be enough to cover the Blue Silver Grass and his aura completely. However, with this flawless protection, even if Qian Ren Xue wanted to catch him in this Star Dou Forest, it would be impossible.


The key factor was Qian Ren Xue was too careless. Even though Tang San had hurt her with a full-force strike, still she didn’t consider him as an opponent whom she should pay more attention.


However, Qian Ren Xue’s carelessness disappeared quickly. Standing in front of the human-shaped Blue Silver Grass, Qian Ren Xue pierced the Sea God Trident into the ground then put her hand on her forehead. Suddenly, a gold aureole diffused from her body. Right now, she didn’t only use the mental power to sense, she was using the divine sense. She had expanded it all over the Star Dou Forest to search for Tang San.


The gold light could expand over one thousand meters just in a second. The Angelic God’s mental power had covered the entire Star Dou Forest in just a flash.


“How could it be?”
After she had searched the entire Star Dou Forest, Qian Ren Xue couldn’t hold her bewilderment but ask. She had used the divine sense to search but still couldn’t find him.


She was certain that Tang San was still in the Star Dou Forest. He couldn’t leave the forest in such short time. But her divine sense couldn’t locate him, which meant he was using some god level ability to hide himself.


Qian Ren Xue’s expression became solemn for the first time after she had become the Angelic God. This was the first time she had taken action. She was supposed to come to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass to take over the Spirit Empire’s force. When passing by the Star Dou Forest, she recognized a tremendous surge power, then she urged her divine sense and caught the scene when Tang San was trying to kill three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors. Moreover, he had absorbed three spirit rings at the same time. Seeing Tang San there, of course, she wouldn’t let him go. But she didn’t expect that they would fight each other, and he had hurt her, fooled her then ran away. However, she got a big catch with the Sea God Trident she held in her hand. She had tried to put angelic power into the spear, but she couldn’t do that. It meant, she couldn’t use it nor break it. This is a true holy weapon, just like my Angel Sword.


Right now, she was using the divine sense to search for him. She started to pay more attention. This is the first fight after I have become a god. If I let Tang San run away, it means I have lost this fight! I don’t want it!


Anyhow, aren’t you in the Star Dou Forest now? He had definitely used the Sea God’s treasure and the Blue Silver Domain to hide from my sensing. Alright, I will waste my energy and play with you. I want to see if you could leave this place. When you leave the Star Dou Forest, without the Blue Silver Grass’ protection, we will see how you can escape my divine sense!


Then, Qian Ren Xue stopped and retrieved her six wings. The Angel Sword in her hand turned into a gold light beam and disappeared into her body. She took off the ragged clothes and changed into another one. Then, she sat crossed legs in front of the Blue Silver Grass dummy.


She didn’t sit on the ground but floating in mid-air around two tchi from the ground. The dim gold light seemed to sometimes flash on her skin. Her body was like it was glowing. The angel mark on her forehead continuously flashed. After each three breaths, there was a gold nimbus diffused from her body, sensing the Star Dou Forest entirely.


From Qian Ren Xue’s movement, one could see how tremendous a spirit master ranked god level is. Her mental power had constantly been releasing without any pause in the immense forest. But it seemed she didn’t consume much power. Even if Tang San had the Blue Silver Domain, it was still impossible for him to do that. Once Tang San appeared in her sensing area, Qian Ren Xue determined not to give him an opportunity to escape.


When Qian Ren Xue had released her first divine sense wave, Tang San recognized it too. When the strange gold wave was about to travel through the Vast Sea Protective Barrier, Tang San hurried to lay still on the ground, quietly waiting for the divine sense wave to cross over. He was in the Blue Silver Domain, of course, he knew what Qian Ren Xue wanted to do. He used to perform this ability too, but he could feel clearly that Qian Ren Xue’s divine sense was much stronger than his Blue Silver Domain.


He was lucky that he was able to maintain the Blue Silver Domain along with the Vast Sea Protective Barrier to hide himself. That was how he had fooled an Angelic God’s divine sense. Tang San could figure it out meant Qian Ren Xue could too. However, there was a gap between two sensing waves. Tang San had taken this time to reach the edge of the Star Dou Forest. But when he got there, he found out that he couldn’t leave. His mental power could sense the divine sensing waves expanded one li out of the Star Dou Forest before they faded out. He understood that the moment he took one step out of the Star Dou Forest, he would be discovered immediately. He didn’t think that his pace could compare with Qian Ren Xue’s anyway.



[1] Meng Zhi: Mencius or Mengzi (372 – 289 BC; alt. 385 – 303/302 BC) was a Chinese philosopher who is the most famous Confucian after Confucius himself.

There’s a story about his mother that nowadays people use to teach their children. If you want to find more, please visit Wikipedia. Here’s the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mencius


P/s I hate those Confucians, their ideology has been affected generations of women in every country that has adopted Chinese culture. Grrrr…

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