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“Long time no see, you have changed much!”


Tang San was still smiling, just like he was talking to an old friend.


Qian Ren Xue sighed:


“Yes, long time no see. It’s been six long years. How many six years we could have in our life? I’ve changed much; you have changed too, right? I’ve just witnessed the most miraculous scene in the Spirit Masters World. I’m afraid that even the spirit masters who have reached God level couldn’t have such an experience. You have faced and defeated three spirit beasts whose cultivation base was ninety thousand years. This doesn’t matter, but what is more incredible is you dared to take three spirit rings at the same time. And you succeeded. I should congratulate you!


Tang San smiled bitterly:


“What good to congratulate me, don’t you see it was unexpected? Do you think that I’m willing to absorb three spirit rings at the same time? You should say, I’m seeking death!”


Qian Ren Xue smiled elegantly. There was some mysteriously charming force in her smile. Tang San was dumbfounded seeing that smile. The plants around them were swaying tenderly.
Since Qian Ren Xue’s had spoken, Tang San’s mental power had still been maintaining adequately. Now, he was amazed, releasing that within the area that he could sense all trees were acting in harmony, swaying their leaves in the same direction just like they were charmed by Qian Ren Xue’s smile. Not only trees, besides the Blue Silver Grass around him, all plants had also started to express their joy with different actions.


“I’ve heard about “one smile could alluringly pull the walls,” today I can see it. It’s only you that have to pull the whole Star Dou Forest.” Tang San acclaimed.
Qian Ren Xue bloomed her smile:


“Would you tell me why you praised me?”
Tang San elegantly caressed the Sea God Trident in his hand:
“Of course, I just speak the truth.”


Qian Ren Xue smiled:


“But you have underestimated yourself, right? Perhaps it was unexpected that you had to ingest three spirit rings at the same time. But you still had another choice to let them go. You didn’t choose it. Moreover, you had used a unique method I’ve never seen before to absorb them, but your appearance was too scary. I had almost given you a hand if I couldn’t hold it. However, I was afraid that it could affect your absorption process and harm you. You had performed a miracle in front of my eyes, using your heroic aura to subdue them. I couldn’t help but say, I admire you. If I were you, I wouldn’t have enough courage to do that.”


Tang San studied the woman standing in front of him; then he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see her through. He gave her a faint smile.
“Miss Qian Ren Xue, correct me if I’m wrong, but we are enemies…”


Qian Ren Xue deeply sighed:
“There is no enemy-forever nor friend forever in this world. Furthermore, even though we are opponents, I want to face you properly, not just stealth. There are some opponents that you should respect, right?”
Tang San nodded:


“You are a true spirit master. If our standpoints weren’t different, I actually didn’t want to face you. What a pity, I couldn’t do that.”


This time, it was Qian Ren Xue’s turn to give him a faint smile:
“Why do we have to be opponents? Tang San, you are the most talented spirit master I have ever met. You are a Title Doulou, and you are even about to break through level ninety-six. But how old are you? Twenty-six? Or twenty-seven? You have created too many miracles in the Spirit Masters World. If you were in our Spirit Hall, we could use all the sources to nourish you. Your future would be something so amazing that no one could ever imagine. I can confirm that, with your effort, sooner or later you will break through the human’s limits, entering level one hundred.”


Tang San smiled:


“Are you trying to persuade me? I can’t deny that your voice is charming.”


Qian Ren Xue spoke with a trail of loneliness in her eyes:
“This is the second time I have persuaded you. The first time, you didn’t hesitate to refuse me. And then, you defeated me. I don’t know why you could do that with your cultivation base ranked level sixty, defeating me when I already have had my spirit avatar. But actually, I lost and was totally convinced. However, now you are not my enemy. Do you really need to be defeated to listen to me?”


Tang San smiled. His smile looked careless but somehow noble. Moreover, it looked dissolutely uncontrollable. His smile couldn’t tilt the whole Star Dou Forest, but it could make Qian Ren Xue bewildered. Six years apart had made this man more seductive.


“Miss Qian Ren Xue, aren’t I listening to you now?”


Qian Ren Xue’s eyes had become more solemn. The ease in her eyes had also faded away. Tang San suddenly felt the atmosphere had changed along with her facial expression. The swaying plants were immediately falling into a strange quiet state.
“Tang San, join the Spirit Empire. What the Heaven Dou Empire can offer you, the Spirit Empire can too!”


It looked like Tang San wasn’t affected by the atmosphere surround him, he smiled:


“The new Emperor of the Heaven Dou Empire is my student. My position is equal to his. I’m the Lan Hao Wang (Clear Blue King). I think you haven’t know that yet.”


Tang San didn’t expect that Qian Ren Xue wouldn’t hesitate to offer him.


“Besides being your student, I can give you the same!”


Tang San bewildered. He knew Qian Ren Xue admired him, but he didn’t think it was that much. He couldn’t help but speak astoundingly:


“Miss Qian Ren Xue, Bibi Dong is the Empress of the Spirit Empire, not you. Bibi Dong hates me to her bones. Even if you are the daughter of the late Supreme Pontiff, she won’t listen to you.”


When Qian Ren Xue heard the words “Bibi Dong,” her face darkened. A cold layer covered her beautiful face:


“That is the past. Starting from the moment I have entered the Elders Hall, the Spirit Empire will only listen to my orders!”


Tang San nodded:


“It’s true. You have this power. Bibi Dong is strong, but she is not a god.”


The coldness on Qian Ren Xue melted, she smiled:


“You know it?”
Tang San said reluctantly:


“With the way you have appeared here if I can’t see it, how could I deserve your compliment? Even though my spirit power isn’t strong, but my mental power is not less than Bibi Dong. I couldn’t sense your aura. The answer is obvious. I could sense soul energy, but the god energy, I couldn’t. Am I right, Miss Qian Ren Xue, the Angelic God?”


Qian Ren Xue looked at Tang San. She didn’t say anything for quite a long time. Her eyes were calm and peaceful, but they gave Tang San a unique pressure, the pressure that came from deep inside the soul.


Long after that, Qian Ren Xue sighed deeply.


“It seems my understanding about you is not enough. I didn’t think that you could recognize so many things. You must have a certain knowledge regarding God stage.”


Tang San smiled to her:


“I’m should be the one who was amazed. I couldn’t believe that after just a short time, you can fulfill the Title Douluo’s dream, and your grandfather’s dream by breaking through level one hundred to become a god. I used to think that within the Spirit Empire, the only one who could reach such level is Bibi Dong.”


“Her? Does she deserve to be a god?”


Qian Ren Xue coldly snorted.


“A woman with dark ambitions, how could she become a god? Tang San, I can see that you are walking on this path also, and your pace is fast. I couldn’t see through your weapon. It is truly a divine weapon. My foundation is more profound than yours. My grandfather had supported me during the past six years. That’s how I have become me today. Now, you’re a Title Douluo at this level, I admire you. You know I’m the Angelic God now, I don’t need to be lengthy. Heaven Dou Empire could only make you their Lan Hao Wang. But if you join the Spirit Empire, when I unite the continent, I will make you the Lan Hao Wang of the entire continent, you will be on par with me.”

Tang San peered at Qian Ren Xue, calmly said:


“I don’t know why you value me that much. You appreciate my potentials? Aren’t you afraid that when I become a god, I will drive a wedge between you guys?”


Qian Ren Xue smiled:


“Aren’t you the man of words? If so, I could only blame me for that fault. Why do I value you that much, I will tell you once you become one of us. Now tell me, do you want to join the Spirit Empire? I believe that with our capacities, no one on this continent could go against us.”


“Then we should fight.”


Tang San said stolidly.


Qian Ren Xue was bewildered, looking at Tang San with the unbelievable-expression on her face:


“You know I’ve become a god, and you still want to fight with me?”


“What about human? What about God? Don’t you know that there’s something you could never change in this world. Perhaps you haven’t heard this, I will tell you now.”


“What is that?”


Qian Ren Xue became grimace.


Tang San resolutely uttered each word:





[1] Chinese idiom: it’s better to die in glory than live in dishonor.


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22 thoughts on “Douluo Continent – Chapter 294 (Part 2)”

  1. The only thing I can’t accept here is when she said that her foundation is more profound than Tang San when she’s far more older for her achievement than Tang San was. And stop acting that you know everything about Tang San when the only thing you can witness about his feat is absorbing 3 spirit rings at the same time.

    1. Amen to that!

      Plus, her method to be a God may just be the easiest one so far, as compared to Tang San and her mother Bibi Dong. After all, her trials didn’t even need the help of her divine weapon to complete (as shown earlier that she only got that sword thing after she became a God) unlike Tang San that needed his spear to pass an earlier trial and have him wield it even though he’s not a God yet, AND use it soon to barely contend with literally the most powerful spirit beast in existence that’s basically a half-step away from godhood for another trial. What the f*ck were Qian Ren Xue’s latter trials that she could’ve finished her test that fast and without a divine weapon (at the time) of her own???

      Also, her spirit bones were all gifted to her for free without any hardships unlike Tang San that has evolved his many times already through part luck but mostly hard work, and Bibi Dong with her own collection she got obviously by her own as well.

      And finally, she wouldn’t have been able to finish her last trial without the sacrifice of her grandfather (which to me is counterintuitive, since if he needed to do that just for her to pass, doesn’t that mean she isn’t qualified for the Angel’s blessing in the first place???).

      And now meeting Tang San who’s nearing Godhood himself through his OWN efforts she dares say she’s superior? LOL.

      1. You might want to come back to your third paragraph in a couple of chapters.

        He was the high priest of the Angel God in the same way Bo Saixi is the high priestess of the Sea God. He had to sacrifice himself to enable the last step in the ascension process, so what do you think is going to happen to Bo Saixi when it’s Tang San’s turn?

          1. Nooooo… I don’t want her to die… I mean what about tang chen. They are finally together. Perhaps they’ll both sacrifice and Tang Sang Will inherith the Asura God trials… dual spirit, dual god. I can expect anything from him.

        1. Seriously? She has to die??? Well that sucks, kinda liked her character…

          But still, my other arguments hold. She couldn’t hold a candle to Tang San, let alone Bibi Dong, if not for her luck. To me, regardless of her tragic background, she’s the most “privileged” of the three of them and the least deserving of ascending to godhood.

          1. Actually, both Tang San and Qian Renxue were beyond lucky, and one can easily argue that Tang San was far luckier than Renxue. If we boil it down to what enabled these two to receive the respective God trials, Renxue merely required potential + being born with the Seraphim spirit, while Tang San required potential + the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud; since there is only one Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, but an entire lineage of Seraphim Spirit Masters, Tang San is the one whose luck played the greater role.

            From my perspective, Renxue is wrong about the foundation for different reasons. The simple fact that she could pass the trials so fast likely means one or more of these things:

            1. The Angel God trials should be to Renxue the same as Sea God trials are to sea Spirit Masters. This means that the trials were easier for her than for Tang San simply because Sea God trials weren’t meant for land Spirit Masters.

            2. The fact that her trials took so much less time likely means that either (a) there were no “body building” trials (e.g., Sea God Light Traversal), or (b) Renxue didn’t exploit the “body building” effect of those trials and instead passed them as soon as she was able. In contrast, Tang San spent the maximum time per each “body building” trial to reap all possible benefits, so his foundation is literally more profound.

            3. Trials’ rewards were proportional to the performance during the trial, so if Renxue passed so quickly because of shortcuts and / or loopholes, it’s quite likely that her rewards were far lesser than those of Tang San.

            PS: If we’re talking about the person with the most tragic background, it’s probably Bibi Dong, then Tang San, and then Qian Renxue. Tang San may have suffered when his father had left, and then because of Xiao Wu, but he was ultimately reunited with both, and even his mother has been resurrected.

          2. Now that you mention it, him acquiring the Vast Sea Artifact really was one of the luckiest breaks he’s had in the novel, not just in being able to take the Sea God Trials because of it, but just being rescued from death by Bo Saixi from the that demonic whale beast. No god trials would’ve mattered by then if they all died before even reaching the island :))

            But I’ll still stick with my opinion in Qian Ren Xue being luckier of the three. Why? Simply because of the fact that she was born for that position. Privilege of birth.

            Even if Tang San luckily acquired the Sea God’s Artifact, that’s merely just a snapshot of what he’s been through. Without all the advantages given to Qian Ren Xue for her to become what she was today, Tang San himself reached that point in the story from almost nothing, from a backwater village, with only a trash spirit, questionable potential, and no treasures and expert help whatsoever. She on the other hand lived in Spirit Hall, surrounded by Title Douluos, guided and pampered by a half-step God grandfather, all right from the beginning of her life. All the help Tang San received along the way, he had to earn through hard work and dedication, such as the help and guidance he got from his master and father, who neither wouldn’t have helped him if he didn’t persevere and showed that, regardless of what he was born with, he deserved all the gifts he had and will acquire. He worked and bled every step of the way and sacrificed so much just to reach his level today, and all the luck he’s got along the way, he worked hard for and didn’t get them unjustly. As the famous saying goes, work harder and you’ll get luckier (or something like that haha). To me that’s how Tang San got his good luck.

            Qian Ren Xue is the opposite. She got all the help in the world just cuz she was born with the Seraphim Spirit. That’s it. That’s the best luck any spirit master could’ve asked for. If anyone else got the Sea God’s Artifact, they wouldn’t even be given the trials since aside from Tang San, no one else would’ve been deserving enough, let alone pass the trials and live. Even more so since he’s a land spirit master taking on God Trials for a sea spirit master yet still deemed by the Sea God as deserving.

            Simply put, everything Qian Ren Xue got revolves on her own spirit right from the start and that point alone. She wouldn’t be able to achieve half of what Tang San achieved if she was born with any other spirit aside from the Seraphim. Now that’s luck.

            Tang San’s good fortune on the other hand is based on his grit and rise from literally the bottom. I see him having 99% grit and 1% luck. Her on the other hand is something more like 20% grit and 80% luck? But hey, that’s just my opinion haha

          3. And aside from the fact that she was born for her own God Trials making it easier for her to finish them and may just be the reason why she was faster than Tang San, I doubt about what you said about her taking short cuts and not exploiting the benefits she would’ve gotten like Tang San did.

            First of all, we all know she’s smart enough to know herself what those trials’ real benefits were. Second, also based on her character’s character (lol), we know she’s one of the most patient motherfrupper around, as shown by her patience and dedication in infiltrating the empire for years, so again I doubt she would’ve taken the faster and easier way to finish her trials.

            But all these can be for naught if her loss to Tang San made her irrational and emotional and just make her want to ascend to godhood asap for revenge or something, but from the looks of it, her loss to him didn’t seem to affect her pysche in that way, so that’s also illogical.

          4. “so again I doubt she would’ve taken the faster and easier way to finish her trials.”

            And thats exactly what she did with her grandfather guiding her for the entirity of the trials

        2. Thats true but knowing Tang San, he broke it by his own force, like Bo Saixi speculate that Tang Chen can forces his way towards the rank 100 Godlyhood, why can’t Tang San do that if he is more talented than him and much younger?

      2. Well the only thing i can assess for now is if Tang San cant master his variety of skills in a short time, (though thats the disadvantage of twin spirits) how could she able to do that to her angelic sword and divine powers if she could barely have it for 1-3 days? She can call that Tang San is not her opponent anymore based on her level, but its clearly underestimating the capability of the undisputed king of slapping bitches that underestimated him before! And not everyone walk through another day after that!

    2. “My spirit base is more profound than yours”
      Is entirely true here. Spirit base here doesnt refer to spirit power, mental capacity or spirit strength in this case. Spirit base simply refers to the quality of the the foundation on which the spirit has been based being superior which has already been proven that Six Winged Seraphim is a superior spirit base. Blue Silver grass on its own is a very weak existence and only had the ability to be a strong base simply because Ah Yin was left alone to cultivate for 100k years.

      On the other hand the Clear Sky hammer is the most superior tool spirit base but dont forget that among the 3 types of spirit bases of spirit beasts, tool spirits, auxiliary systems that spirit beasts is the most superior. It is simply that the foundation if Clear Sky Hammer is at the peak of tool spirit; so naturally the peak of spirit beasts which is superior will likely be superior to the peak of tool spirits.

      so she is in no way wrong with that statement.

      1. No she is definitely wrong.

        True, she was talking about foundation. But first of all, like in any cultivation novels especially in Douluo Dalu, ones own foundation is vital and most significant as mentioned so many times in the early chapters. No one would be able to cultivate as fast as Tang San and reaching peak level without the best foundation possible, because reaching peak cultivation level at a young age in any martial arts genre like this one relies mainly on ones foundation, and thats what Tang San has, the most perfect one there is in Douluo Continent.

        Plus she couldn’t assume he reached his level by shortcuts, since he wouldn’t able to be a Title Douluo at the very least with artificial methods such as pills since all the impurities will prevent him from breaking through. Anyone could cultivate fast in the early stages through those, but they won’t be able to break through and reach peak stages.

        And if she had a better foundation due to her spirit, she would’ve been a Title Douluo faster than he was by years, maybe even a whole decade.

        Second, Tang San had all those Divine Treasures and Immortal Herbs, allowing his cultivatio nspeed to be unparalleled and unhindered, his body cultivated as well to the peak unlike most spirit masters including Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong, and he has been using is own unique cultivation method that was the number one technique from another world that allowed him to cultivate fast (not necessarily because of his special blue silver grass) and even unlocked all his chi pathways no one else in that world had done allowing him to fully release his potential and supplementing his cultivation base further, again something neither the other two have.

        She doesn’t have any of that, all she has is a superior spirit, that’s it, but that isn’t enough to argue she has a superior cultivation base. It’s true that neither his twin spirits could match hers alone, but don’t forget he has both of them, and both already near the level of the seraphim spirit in terms of potential by their own. And not only did he improve one of his spirit’s intrinsic qualties, he improved both of them many times already, their quality far above those of the same hammer or blue silver grass.

        Finally, cultivation base isn’t something you’re born with and is fixed, it’s something you work with and it can change along the way. You could ruin your base or improve it. She may had a better one when she was young compared to him due to her luck of having the best spirit around, but with Tang San’s own effort, dual spirits, and even some luck, his base is way superior than hers already at this point. All she has on him now is that she achieved godhood earlier and is more powerful than him now, but like I said, we’re talking about spirit base, not spirit power. After all, how could he have absorbed three nearly-hundred thousand year years all at the same time without the most supreme foundation there is? Having the tenacity of his tempered body alone wouldn’t have been enough, it was all about his foundation. And how could he have reached her level and be nearing a god himself so soon (almost a decade earlier than her) if he didn’t have a superior foundation as compared to her?

        1. And I’m not saying her own spirit base is trash compared to his. How could she have reached rank 70+ in her 30s if she didn’t have a profound base? And even title douluo years after even with the help of her own seraphim trials? Yep, she definitely has a profound spirit base, we could all agree to that, but still not as profound as Tang San’s.

          I’m just saying she should stop with all her assumptions, saying she has a more profound base than his, and stop all that crap acting like she knows everything about him.

          1. Talking about spirits The Clear Sky Hammer IS THE STRONGEST Earth bound spirit inheritable, while the Angel is the Strongest on the Sky, and on Water is the Sea God spirit that Bo Saixi has

            Need to remind you that the Sumeru Hammer is so ridiculously strong that to fully unleash it you need to be a GOD, now let it sink, it were the normal Humans who created a GOD-Level skill, on the following chapters you will see how this skills is so broken that it lets him overpower someone who is already a god itself

          2. That Sumeru Technique really is intriguing. I don’t think the author will be expounding on its origins anymore unless Tang Chen gets some more substantial screen time and some heart to heart talk with Tang San allows for it :)) It’d be a great info dump though and I’d be happy to learn more about it since it’s too damn OP haha

          3. Origins not, but it will be constantly used by Tang San even on God level and you will understand why its so friggin broken

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