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Rather be the shattered jade than an unbroken pottery [1]

Under the insanely powerful pressure, Tang San completely forgot his pains altogether. He had used his aura to concentrate all of his power. The Sea God’s Light power, mental power, Mysterious Sky Skill internal force, and the aura of the Eight Spider Lances were all fused into one entity. Tang San could feel distinctively that all of his powers now formed a Clear Sky Hammer inside his body, using the Great Sumeru Hammer.


The power of the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors had reconsolidated. But it wasn’t as aggressive as before, just hovering there. It seemed to be scared of Tang San’s supreme heroic aura and didn’t dare to attack him again.
You’re not coming? Fine, I will!


The never-before-seen aura from the tremendous force controlled by Tang San’s mental power had directly hacked down onto that energy.


Boom Boom Boom Boom …


The constant explosions that couldn’t be heard from outside continued to reverberate in Tang San’s body. Each strike he made could oppress a part of the three ants’ concentrated power. Then, the shattered energy would be fiercely devoured by the Clear Sky Hammer, left it with no chance to struggle.


Even Tang San didn’t know how many strikes he had swung. In the end, the remaining spirit rings’ energy proactively faced his strike and fused itself with Tang San’s enormous energy. Even so, Tang San didn’t feel pleased.


Tang San didn’t know whether his father had experienced using such strange method to absorb the spirit rings before. But the feeling of being filled with pleasures was much comfier than his spirit getting more spirit rings.


The target was gone, his wild status gradually faded. Then, Tang San noticed the meridians in his body were shattered and disordered. The extreme pain came washing like an angry tide. Still, he clenched his teeth to hold on, didn’t want to faint. His father’s words were repeated in his head: always stand straight, even when you are about to die!


The yellow specks on Tang San’s body were the blood that he had shed when he was attacked. When he opened his eyes, there was a blur layer in front of him, blocking his vision. Since he had made his body a battlefield, he got severe damages. If his body hadn’t entered the half-god level, he would have perished now.


Tang San vaguely saw the Sea God Trident pierced to the ground next to him. In the insanely tremendous attack, while his body was wiggling, Tang San let off the Sea God Trident.


Tang San slowly rose his right arm; it was like he was wearing a heavy plumb on his arm. He clenched his teeth to hold on, inching to the Sea God Trident. His spirit had increased more after that battle. It was even more dangerous than when he was facing the three Thousand Catties Ant brothers. Not even less than when he had struck the Dark Demonic God Tiger, though. Still, he could resist all. He felt like he had leap over an abyss.


His right hand finally touched the Sea God Trident. The pale hand struggled to clutch the heavy handle of the spear. A cold feeling from his palm was spreading through his body, shaking his spirit. Just a slight movement could give him drastic pain just like his body was being torn apart. However, Tang San was still using his hand to drag his body.


When he could drag himself to the Sea God Trident, he sat down, leaning on it. That move was simple, but he had spouted blood out several times. However, he felt much better. Tang San sat down crossed legs, trying to oppress the pain from every corner of his body. He calmed down then started to cultivate in this precious quiet place.


Tang San didn’t hesitate to pour all of his remaining energy to his right thigh, in order to activate the healing ability of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone. Concurrently, he felt that the six spirit bones in his body became extreme scorching, but this feeling had eased his pain.


The blue-gold light from his right thigh extended then covered his body entirely. It looked like Tang San was enveloped by a big blue-gold net. His formidable healing ability started to cure him. The shattered meridians were being recovered amazingly.


The Sea God Trident’s mark on his forehead glowed. The Sea God Trident in his hands started to light up. The dazzling gold patterns had blended with the blue-gold nimbus on Tang San’s body. The Sea God’s power was transferred to him, associated with the Blue Silver Emperor’s right thigh spirit bone to speed up the healing pace.


The gradually washed away pain was also a kind of pleasure that Tang San enjoyed, especially when he used his mental power to look at his innermost. Seeing the disorder meridians moving to their original locations, and the shattered meridians were recovered, Tang San felt like he was resurrected. Each recovered meridian helped the power thoroughly traveling along his meridian system. His tremendous strength started to consolidate one drop by one drop.


With the increasing power, while Tang San was breathing, the Mysterious Sky Skill under the form of dense mist appeared. The white mist now turned into light gold. Of course, it was affected by the blue-gold nimbus on his body now. However, the mist emitted from Tang San’s body wasn’t pure white; it was faint yellow now. Altogether, Tang San found out that when his meridians had been recovered, his spirit power was boosted rapidly. Moreover, the gold color of his meridians, tendons, bones and his organs were much darker.


This was the results from ingesting three spirit rings at once. Also, the Clear Sky Hammer spirit had fully accepted him. His body and his spirit had united and it upgraded his body. Even though he hadn’t inherited the Sea God Title yet, his twin spirits and the six spirit bones had helped him come closer to the God level. At least his sturdy body was going on that path.


Although Bibi Dong had the twin spirits, her body wasn’t the same. This was related to the divine herbs he had eaten and the time he had trained his golden body at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Now, it could perform the full medical properties. Moreover, Tang San had the Sea God Trident. Bibi Dong also had the twin spirits, but her body couldn’t be enhanced like that. If so, how could Tang San defeat Bibi Dong?


Just like his inside, the light gold color outside gradually turned into pure white. But it was on and off. The light gold and gold colors had blended together. Tang San hadn’t entered the god stage yet; it was impossible to train his body to God level. If his stage and cultivation base wasn’t enough, but the body had reached the god level, it could cause troubles for the advancement of the other two.


Time was passing by and the aura Tang San exuded got more furious. Being closed to the god level made his aura become boisterous. This place was the central of the Star Dou Forest; all spirit beasts knew that there was a powerful spirit beast existed. None of them dared to come closer. Simultaneously, Tang San’s aura had frightened all spirit beasts within one hundred li. They unconsciously moved to other directions.


This wasn’t the result of Tang San’s fight with the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors. It appeared when he had started to violently attack the combined power of the three spirit rings in his body.


Tang San himself didn’t know that when he had urged all his force to strike the three spirit rings in his body, each time the strike’s energy collided, a yellow airflow would be emitted from his body and expanded. That yellow airflow didn’t have any attacking ability, but it was the aura from a supreme spirit master. With his capacity and the insanity he was sinking in, which spirit beast wouldn’t be scared? That was the tremendous surge from the blend of the god level Eight Spider Lances and the Sea God Trident’s true God aura. This was the important reason why no spirit beasts dared to disturb Tang San when he had started to ingest the spirit rings until now.


Absorbing three spirit rings at once had never happened before in the history of the Spirit Masters World, not to mention absorbing all three at the same time. Now, Tang San had initiated something in this world with the support from other factors that helped him succeed.


When his body was healed under the effect of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone – Wildfire Burns without end, Spring Wind Brings New Life, Tang San happily found out that his spirit power had advanced quite a bit. Even though he didn’t break through another level, devouring the Man-faced Demon Spider and three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors had boosted his spirit power. The gap between level ninety-five and level ninety-six was just a stand of hair.


This was thanked to his twin spirits. To an ordinary Title Douluo level ninety-six, they could only cultivate harder to increase their spirit power. Tang San was a unique Title Douluo who could ingest the spirit rings to advance his spirit power. Nine powerful spirit rings of his second spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer, had helped him increase his spirit power. This was the advantage of the twin spirits. The reason why Bibi Dong could cultivate to level ninety-nine at her age was also related to this feature.


The exotic energy gradually gathered and merged with his energy, scorching feeling from the six spirit bones was ceasing. Tang San felt his body was like a smooth and flexible flow that allowed his mental power to control each beam of spirit power accurately.


Tang San deeply inhaled. He gradually opened his eyes. He just thought and his body was floating up. He didn’t urge his spirit power; it was just the thought that had created changes on his body. It looked like he could completely release himself from the gravity of the earth.


He stood steadily on the ground. At this moment, Tang San couldn’t help but rise the Sea God Trident in his hand, facing the sky then whistled. The melodious whistle lingered with the aura of his robust energy was rising higher and higher. The aura of “I’ve succeeded” was shaking the entire Star Dou Forest.


He was about to enter level ninety-six. This had ensured his victory when facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Tang San even felt the harmony between the Sea God Trident and himself. It could fit very well with the surging energy from the Sea God. He couldn’t hide the joy shining on his face right now. After he had started to practice the Great Sumeru Hammer, something had changed in his characteristics. He became more mature and comprehensive; his uncontrolled rebelliousness seemed to have disappeared. He used to be like his mother. But now, he tended to become more like his father. Unruffled and uprightly heroic.


“Did you take them all well?”
Tang San’s whistle faded. He was wallowing in joy and pleasure. Suddenly, a vapid voice resounded just like a bucket of cold water had just poured on him.


His soul shuddered. His first reaction was to jerk back. The Sea God Trident drew a circle of light toward the source of that sound.


That sudden voice had struck him hard. During the time he had been fighting with that three energy flows in his body, he was releasing his mental power to sense the surroundings. Although he had fallen into insanity, he still noticed everything happened around. He shouldn’t have let himself be in danger. However, he couldn’t sense the existence of anything else besides the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors and himself. This sudden voice came abruptly.


No doubt that the owner of that voice had a stronger mental power than Tang San. Moreover, the difference was enough for them to hide themselves under his comprehensive sensing deliberately. Among the strong spirit masters he knew, there wasn’t such a person like that, not even Bibi Dong! With his current capacity, even if the Sea God Bo Saixi or his great grandfather was here, Tang San believed that he could use his mental power to sense their traces.


The time that he was in danger also was the time that his mind got tranquil the most. In a second, he woke up from his joy and excitement, quickly analyzing the source of the voice. There are only three cases that someone wouldn’t be recognized by my mental power’s sensor.


The first case, the owner of this voice has the hiding ability which is like my Vast Sea Protective Barrier. Moreover, this ability could protest against the mental power’ sensing skill. The second case, maybe that is an Agility system Title Douluo ranked over level ninety with something like Bai Cheng Xiang’s Swift Needle-tailed spirit. With the tremendously fast pace, that person can come and go in an instant, escaping my sensing. These two cases didn’t scare Tang San. He was wary of the third case. This person’s mental power is stronger than mine; he can appear next to me without me knowing it. This kind of enemy is life-threatening.


“No need to hurry. If I wanted to kill you, you would have died several times.”
That calm voice rose again. Now, Tang San knew that this was a female voice. From the direction where the voice came from, a woman walked out from behind a big tree, which was around ten meters away from him.


She was wearing a royal yellow robe which looked like it was made from golden silk. She didn’t wear many accessories, but her style was classic and elegant. The yellow collar tenderly embraced her soft white slender neck. Her gold hair tangled on her back; it was quite a contrast to her formal royal costumes.


The golden eyes were as calm as a tranquil lake, not a sign of surge power could be seen. She looked like an ordinary woman, but in her eyes, Tang San could see something unique that he couldn’t name. On her glabella, there was a mark of a six-winged Seraphim.


The mark was small, but Tang San could see it clearly. Her skin was as white as snow; her appearance was exquisite. She looked like an eighteen or nineteen years old lady.


She appeared naturally, which was not as sudden as her voice. It seemed that she had been there for quite a long time. This harmony atmosphere totally made Tang San irritated. She looked too plain, just like an average person. There was not a beam of surge spirit power on her body. Then, Tang San observed her carefully. He immediately found out that this woman didn’t walk on the ground, she was walking on air, floating around three cun from the ground, stepping on top of the Blue Silver Grass.


If that weren’t enough to feel the threat, when Tang San saw the woman, he had concentrated all of his immense mental power in an attempt to lock her. Then, he felt fear finding that his mental power couldn’t lock that person, just like he hadn’t recognized her existence previously.


If she were a soul, she should have the surge energy of a soul! But there was nothing. Absolutely nothing!


Tang San knew this person. He and this woman had a significant fight to determine the fate of the Heaven Dou Empire. Tang San had won that fight. However, he knew that this woman had had a chance to kill him. If she had cooperated with her Title Douluo spirit masters, the results would have changed dramatically. However, she didn’t do that. She had the dignity of a spirit master. Thus, even though they were opponents, Tang San didn’t hate her much. Right now, she looked much younger, but from her eyes, Tang San could confirm that he didn’t recognize the wrong person. He just couldn’t figure out why this woman, who had impersonated the Heaven Dou Empire’s Crown Prince Xue Qing He for dozens of years, almost destroyed the Heaven Dou Empire, was here at this time. He still remembered her name: She was Qian Ren Xue.


Tang San quickly recovered from his fear. Being puzzled could never solve anything. He needed to be wide-awake to analyze the problem, then use all of his advantages to face and solve the matter.


“You’ve been here for quite a long time, haven’t you?”

Tang San smiled, asking vapidly.


Qian Ren Xue saw his fast recovery; her beautiful eyes sparkled with admiration. She nodded gorgeously:


“Right, since you have faced those three ants, released your domain, I’ve been here…”


Hearing that, Tang San was startled. She said she had been here since I have released my Blue Silver Domain? It means that she has been inside my domain, but I didn’t realize her existence!


Last time they had faced each other, Qian Ren Xue ranked over level seventy, Tang San ranked over sixty. At that time, Tang San knew that Qian Ren Xue was a genius just like him. She had the Six-winged Seraphim spirit, and she was Qian Dao Liu’s granddaughter. She was also the daughter of the late Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall. But why couldn’t I see her through now?

———————– (to be continued….yep, in half an hour or so….^^) —————–

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