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This discovery had startled Tang San. If so, later when I use the Devouring Golden Thread to attack, I can transfer the energy it has absorbed to my energy. Moreover, I have the All Rivers Run into the Sea ability from the Blue Silver Domain. Together, they would boost and maintain my strength at a terrifying level. At the same time, my opponents under the restraint of the Devouring Golden Thread couldn’t escape. The Devouring Golden Thread carries toxics; this is the Eight Spider Lances’ ability after evolving. This External spirit bone could turn the energy into toxics, so amazing!

Dense white fog expanded all over Tang San’s body. The Three Flowers Peak Converging Stage had reappeared. The faint fragrance was emitting from his body. Six spirit bones in his body simultaneously brought some warmness. Spirit power ingested the external energy drop by drop, and gradually increased.

Level ninety-five.

This was the challenge of the Title Douluo. The energy that those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors brought him was tremendous; however, after the Mysterious Sky Skill had absorbed it, it was like nothing. Tang San could only feel his attributes were boosted a little bit. The development was slow.



Tang San didn’t rush, from level ninety-five to level ninety-six was the gap that eighty percent of Title Douluo couldn’t ever break through. It wasn’t easy at all. But every time his spirit power developed, he could be more certain about his advancement. Constant dripping wears away the stones. Challenge was better than indulgence, which let to being spoiled.

Three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ protest was getting feeble from time to time. Their hard exoskeleton had been eroded and melted; their vitality was taken gradually. After the Devouring Golden Thread took their last drops of energy, the toxics also took their lives away.

Tang San didn’t dare to delay more. He had to ingest three spirit rings within two hours. Time was running out. Sensing the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors already died, Tang San concurrently retrieved the Devouring Golden Threads, but he left the Eight Spider Lances. He should prepare his best conditions to absorb the spirit rings.

But the unexpected event still happened. When Tang San released his Clear Sky Hammer spirit in an attempt to summon the spirit ring from one Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, three dark airflows from three dead bodies emitted. The spirit rings looked like they were a blend of black and red, flying toward the Clear Sky Hammer.

This startled Tang San, apparently, he just urged the spirit ring from one Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, but all three responded! What is happening?

He quickly got the answer. At present, he had fourteen spirit rings which could attract other spirit rings. Moreover, the Clear Sky Hammer with the Great Sumeru Hammer technique was powerful. Although he only called for the spirit ring from one Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, the other two bodies laid near there also reacted, under the absolute restraint, flying toward the Clear Sky Hammer.

How? Seeing the three crimson, dark rings flying toward him, Tang San had only two options. First, give up these three spirit rings, let them vanish into the air then find other spirit beasts. Second, add them all on the Clear Sky Hammer and absorb them.
Taking three spirit rings at the same time, no one in this Spirit Masters World had done before. Only Tang San and Bibi Dong, who had twin spirits, could face this situation. One spirit master should be very careful when he absorbs the spirit ring. Absorbing two spirit rings at the same time was extremely rare. This situation hadn’t happened before, that was why Tang San found it difficult to choose. What would happen when he absorbs three spirit rings at once? There was no answer. But if he let these three spirit rings go, it would take more time to search for other suitable spirit beasts whose cultivation base were over fifty thousand years. He couldn’t control the luck, and the fifty thousand years spirit beasts weren’t easy to find. Moreover, they had to be suitable with the Clear Sky Hammer.

Since the Eight Spider Lances could totally oppress the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors, Tang San glared at his Sea God Trident and clenched his teeth. Three spirit rings came toward the Clear Sky Hammer at once. The force was too powerful. Tang San believed no one had tried this before. With my half-god body, should I be afraid of these three spirit rings whose cultivation is not over one hundred thousand years?

If this were to happen before, Tang San would have never chosen that. But now, he got the Great Sumeru Hammer imparted from Tang Hao. Since then, his imposing aura had become stronger and stronger. The Clear Sky Hammer, which had just received more spirit rings, its intense aura pushed Tang San to make a hard choice.

Three spirit rings covered the Clear Sky Hammer simultaneously. “BOOM.” Tang San could only feel an immense energy that nothing could compare, storming into his body from the Clear Sky Hammer. That was the strength attribute spirit power. Just like when Tang San was in the Sea God Island, facing the challenges there. Under the formidable force, Tang San was lifted up and blown away dozens tchi before falling on the ground.

The black Clear Sky Hammer turned red in a flash. The surge impacting force had cracked the ground around Tang San’s body.



Spirit ring was used to enhance and upgrade the spirit. If the spirit wasn’t a strong one, adding three spirit rings at the same time could rupture the spirit. But the Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t a fragile spirit. It was the treasure that guarded the shrine of the most peerless school. The body of the Clear Sky Hammer turned red when the tremendous power struck it. But it aggressively oppressed the three spirit rings and absorbed them. The other five spirit rings on the hammer body glowed, then expanded to form five giant aureoles to protect the Clear Sky Hammer’s body. Then, they let those three spirit rings to strike the hammer further. The aureoles restrained the spirit rings, didn’t let them leave the hammer or crush them.


At the same time, the Death God Domain on the Clear Sky Hammer bloomed into blood-like red nimbus. The murderous, aggressive aura united with the energy from five spirit rings to oppress that three spirit rings completely, eventually forced that energy come into Tang San’s body.

The Clear Sky Hammer was unharmed. But Tang San was encountering a big problem. The overflowed power coming into his body was too frightening; it had shattered his Mysterious Sky Skill power. Tang San had been prepared, but he was black-out, almost unconscious.

Tang San clenched his teeth, roared, then spit out a mouthful of blood. He looked like a Wrath Eye Vajrapani [1]. Right now, he couldn’t use the Blue Silver Domain, because he was releasing the Clear Sky Hammer. It would be better if he could use the All Rivers Run into the Sea and take the support from the blue, silver grass. But now, he could only clench his teeth and held on.

Come here! Tang San wildly screamed inside. He rose his left hand, put it on his heart to gather the Mysterious Sky Skill to protect the meridians there. His right hand held the Sea God Trident. A Sea God’s Light shone on the Sea God’s Heart; Tang San instantly united himself and the Sea God Trident as one body. At the same time, the Eight Spider Lances on his back extended completely. Gold light and powerful aura of the Eight Spider Lances was dragged into his body by Tang San’s mental power, cooperated with his Mysterious Sky Skill to prevent the attack of three tremendous energies.

Tang San’s body became a battlefield. The energy getting into his body through those three spirit rings was massive. Tang San was lucky his meridians, flesh, and bones now had entered the God stage. They were tough enough not to get broken. Each meridian in his body was extended to the limit. The torrential pressure speeded up the blood circulating ten times faster. His heart had to beat rapidly to circulating blood.

The stubbornness anchored him, imposing aura spread in his heart. At this moment, Tang San suddenly understood the cores of the Great Sumeru Hammer. Also, he understood how his father could apply the Great Sumeru Hammer to defeat a supreme enemy.

The core of the Great Sumeru was, once activated, there was only one faith which was victory. There were no strong enemies in front of the Great Sumeru Hammer; there was only it defeating the enemies. That stubborn faith could show the heroic aura of the Great Sumeru Hammer, integrated it into his bones.

Right now, inside his body, it was like he had urged the Great Sumeru Hammer to face three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors, who were the three powerful spirit rings now. Tang San didn’t have any other thought besides urging all that power with the incomparable aura, directly struck forwards. At this moment, Tang San had officially aced the Great Sumeru Hammer.

This was the first impact. Blood came out from seven holes on Tang San’s face. His body was blown up from the ground, together with the massive Sea God Trident, then fell again. Two forces collided, at least one primary meridian and ten branches were smashed. The extreme pain washed over him at once; blood covered his entire body.

Even so, he still maintained his sitting position. He didn’t mind his wound, urging the remaining energy in his body to form the second and third force. Leading them to get deeper inside his body and struck the energy that just impacted with his first force when it was in its cool-down time.

If someone saw this, they would think Tang San was crazy making his body a battlefield! Because if he did so, the first thing he had done was hurt his body. However, there were things we couldn’t logically explain. That was what Tang San was doing now. This time, all of his energy had united into one body, turning into a hammer, just like the Clear Sky Hammer, striking forward again.

At the first strike, the spirit power that those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors had formed, had impacted and jerked off. Tang San could absorb a small part of the energy that was smashed. But that spirit power needed time to consolidate again. However, Tang San didn’t give it a chance to gather. He immediately launched his attack.
Explosions resounded violently. From Tang San’s mouth, ears and nostrils, blood blended with light gold substances gushed out. The plants that got hit with his blood were destroyed. His body has dragged up again due to the furious impact, then fell on the ground.

Right after that, Tang San’s right leg glowed, red nimbus and blue-gold nimbus expanded, covering his entire body. The healing ability of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone had been activated automatically. Tang San’s body was endangered.

At this moment, Tang San emerged in the Great Sumeru Hammer state. He didn’t mind even if there was a random spirit beast passing by right now. At his second strike, he didn’t hesitate. The tremendous energy from the spirit rings was violently oppressed. Its power was drained as well as the consolidation speed was getting slower.


Right now, Tang San hadn’t launched his third attack. He had stopped there wasn’t because of his damaged meridians or his weak spirit power; he just disgustingly looked at that tremendous energy with his great peak aura.

If I just ingest you like that, I might disregard you. You want to accumulate your force? Sure, I will let you gather as long as you please. What will you get if you can consolidate again?

This was why he ceased. He had completely entered his anchoring faith-state, his faith in victory was boosting and uniting all the power in his body. The red Clear Sky Hammer had been sprouting from his left hand. Patterned nimbuses constantly glowed on it, looked like it was so excited it wanted to yell.


“Little San, do you have any opinions regarding the spirit? What do you think a spirit is?” Grandmaster smiled, looking at his brand new disciple and asked.

Tang San, who was about seven years old, blinked then said: “Teacher, I can feel the spirit is a part of our body, or I’d like to say it is another form of my existence.”

Grandmaster was amazed, looking at him: “Looks like I have an excellent student. You could think like that at this age; you amazed me. You’re right; the spirit is a part of our body. To be exact, the spirit and our body are twins. We just take our body as the base to cultivate. Training the spirit is making it thrive together with your body’s cultivation. This is just like how you treat your brother. Do you understand?”

Tang San nodded, “But teacher if the spirit and our body are twins, why we can think, but it cannot?”

Grandmaster shook his head, smiling: “No, you’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that the spirit doesn’t have its own thoughts. Quite contrary, the spirit has its own soul as well. We just can’t feel it. If you want to make your spirit stronger, you have to understand it first. There will be one day you face a chance where you would show it your wills to make it accept you altogether. There would be no difference between you and your spirit. That is when you can perform its true power.”

“Teacher, what should I do to know what my spirit wants?”
Grandmaster shook his head then said: “I don’t know, each spirit has its own features, you can only figure it out by yourself. I can show you the way, but I can’t take you along that way. You understand?”


A Yin had imparted the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg to Tang San with the royal bloodline. Its soul had been shown to him; he could possess it. But how about the Clear Sky Hammer? Right then, aggressive and heroic imposing aura had filled Tang San’s sea of consciousness. Finally, he could stimulate his spirit’s heart and get accepted by the guardian spirit of the peerless school of the Spirit Masters World.

[1] Vajrapani:   is the protector and guide of Gautama Buddha and rose to symbolize the Buddha’s power. He is one of the earliest three protective deities or Bodhisattvas surrounding the Buddha. Each of them symbolizes one of the Buddha’s virtues: Mañjusri manifests all the Buddhas’ wisdom, Avalokitesvara manifests all the Buddhas’ immense compassion, and Vajrapani protects Buddha and manifests all the Buddhas’ power as well as the power of all five tathagatas (Buddhahood of the rank of Buddha).


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