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All three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor were moving strangely. Six legs, including the front pair, held up in the sky and left their belly crawling on the ground. They laid there motionlessly, just like they were waiting for Tang San’s attack.

Waiting for another chance? Tang San couldn’t help but laugh. His thought just flicked, the gold light burst out from his back, the Eight Spider Lances extended. The existence of the Eight Spider Lances had completely boosted all of Tang San’s attributes. He landed silently. If you are waiting for a chance, I will give you that chance!

Bang bang bang

Three loud sounds reverberated as soon as Tang San landed. All three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ legs simultaneously pounded on the ground. The powerful reaction force was like three cannonballs striking toward Tang San. The speed of this strike was incredible, not even less than the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s Sprint skill. The dark light just blasted, and it reached Tang San.

This time, they were waiting to feel the impact Tang San made when he landed. Tang San lightly landed, but still, it created a distinctive force. It was little, but enough for the three ants to guess his location. They just used their bodies to attack.

The three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors arrived fast. Although Tang San’s reaction wasn’t slow, with the support of the Sea God Trident, he could only hold two ants and let the other strike his body hard.


After two loud banging sounds had echoed, two Thousand Catties Ant Emperors that hit the Sea God Trident were wiped out, not slower than the time they had sprinted there. Under the boosting of the Gravity Control, Sea God Trident’s weight had been advanced ten times, reaching the figure of million jin. The Thousand Catties Ant Emperor was strong but not that formidable. The Sea God Trident just swung and had blown away two Thousand Catties Ant Emperors.

But the last Thousand Catties Ant Emperor could strike Tang San’s back from one side.

BANG! Tang San was pushed forward, without the massive Sea God Trident he might have been blown away.

However, the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor that struck Tang San didn’t feel well. Its body was covered with a gold waving layer. It bounced backward then rolled on the ground. That one hadn’t been blown away as far as its brothers, but it was numb now.

It turned out that Tang San had let the ant attack his back where the Eight Spider Lances came out. It was also where he thought it was his hardest part. After the Eight Spider Lances had evolved, Tang San always wanted to test how tough this External Spirit Bone was.

Of course, he had prepared himself well. The Mysterious Sky Skill had concentrated on his back, in case the Eight Spider Lances’ defense couldn’t hold the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s attack. The Mysterious Sky Skill force could then eliminate the damage.

The strike force was strong to the point that Tang San almost fell head over heels. Tang San wasn’t scared, even though he understood that this way of defense was risky, the result was just perfect for him.

The force given by the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s attack pushed Tang San’s body forward, but he didn’t feel impacted. He just felt the heat on his back when the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor collided. The attacking force immediately expanded on his back. He felt the tough defense suddenly turned into numerous scorching mini vortexes, absorbing the attacking force. Using his mental power to observe, Tang San found out that the skin on his back had completely turned into gold color. A strange layer had emerged there, just like a protective armor. The Thousand Catties Ant Emperor had bounced back with the waving gold light on its body. That was the scorching heat power on Tang San’s back that had been transferred to the ant. Apparently, it was the result of the counter force.

Tang San knew that his assumption was correct. His Eight Spider Lances had evolved to that level. He was just entering that stage and didn’t have full power. However, to him, it was good enough. Those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors were nothing. Next, he had to face the most formidable spirit beast of the vast ocean, a supreme spirit beast among the one hundred thousand years spirit beasts, the Deep Sea Demon Whale. This one was too tremendous to cope with.

Tang San had encountered that beast before. At that time, he had used the Eight Spider Lances to give the demon whale a minor damage. Now, the Eight Spider Lances had evolved, Tang San could feel more certain.

“I’m not going to play with you anymore.”



Tang San wryly beamed a cold smile; he didn’t chase the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor that was rolling on the ground. He plunged up to the sky and disappeared in the Blue Silver Domain. From their homogeneous action, Tang San could realize those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors had interlinked. If he attacked one, the other two would come to rescue immediately, although the Blue Silver Domain deceived them. They could attack him again, one versus three. They were ninety thousand years spirit beasts, once they cooperated, it was like the fusion of three supreme spirit masters. Even if it weren’t like the Golden Iron Triangle, it was still very tough to be defeated. But their flaw was pitifully obvious. The strength they were proud of was subdued. From now, this battle has nothing to concern me anymore.

Tang San was hovering in the air, Eight Spider Lances on his back were stretching out at an equal distance from one to another, dazzling in gold light. The Sea God Trident’s mark was on his forehead glowed together with the Sea God Trident held in his hand. With this appearance, he looked like a Sea God.

Eight gold columns were projected at the same time from the Eight Spider Lances. Under the Blue Silver Domain, they truck the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, which got hit with the Eight Spider Lances’ counter force.


Eight banging sounds echoed at the same time. There was a flame at where the eight light columns had struck on the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s back. Eight God Level Spider Lances still couldn’t pierce through the hard exoskeleton. Eight light columns could only leave eight concave spots on its carapace.

Their defense is too powerful. Tang San sighed.


The tremendous defense didn’t mean there was no way to harm it. Eight hair-like golden threads on the Eight Spider Lances aimed, plunging like eight normal threads and tightly bound that Thousand Catties Ant Emperor.

The loud scrubbing sound echoed, a light gold color mist was emitted from the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s body. With a painful screech, the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor burst out all of its strength, violently wiggling in an attempt to break the Golden Threads.

What a pity the Devouring Golden Thread wasn’t the Blue Silver Emperor. It wasn’t an entity but the pure power. No matter how much the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor was struggling, the Devouring Golden Thread could always adjust with a little amount of power and light. It could also be longer. No pulling force could transmit to Tang San, just like it could never escape the bind.

The gold mist arising from the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s body was the Devouring Golden Thread, scrubbed on its body. The evolved Devouring Golden Thread not only had a strong piercing ability, but its erosive ability was also terrifying. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s extreme toxics, together with the toxics from the Eight Spider Lances when Tang San was at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, wouldn’t be any less than Bibi Dong’s Death Spider Emperor Spirit’s toxics. The effect would be even better. The Thousand Catties Ant Emperor’s defense was durable, but being frightfully eroded made it suffer from extreme pain.

The Devouring Gold Thread couldn’t erode its exoskeleton completely just in a short time, but it had gradually corroded the ant’s body. The longer the time had passed, the more severe the damage became. Furthermore, the Devouring Golden Thread had another devouring ability which was activating now. The Thousand Catties Ant Emperor was struggling hard while its power had been draining one drop by one drop. The Devouring Golden Thread was sucking its power and transferring to Tang San. The energy shifting to Tang San was even bigger than the power he had consumed to maintain the Devouring Golden Thread and the Blue Silver Domain. Vaguely, Tang San felt his Mysterious Sky Skill’s inner force had been increasing deliberately.

On the other side, the two Thousand Catties Ant Emperors immediately sensed the situation. They didn’t bother to attack Tang San. Instead, they jumped toward their brother to rescue it from the Devouring Golden Thread.

When they had arrived, each of the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back projected two more threads. Sixteen Devouring Golden Threads plunged and bound the two Thousand Catties Ant Emperors.

The three ants’ strength was terrifyingly powerful. However, Tang San was amazed that those ninety thousand years spirit beasts were bound with the Devouring Golden Thread. It was draining their power; they didn’t even have enough power to run away. They could only struggle on the ground in an attempt to escape the Devouring Golden Thread; even their fast speed was useless.
What is that? They are three ninety thousand years spirit beasts! Are these Eight God Level Spider Lances that formidable?

In fact, Tang San didn’t know that the god level could ensure the Devouring Golden Thread to bind those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors, but the key factor here was the subduing pressure from the Eight Spider Lances had affected them.

Eight Spider Lances came from the External Spirit Bone of the Man-faced Demon Spider, and the Man-face Demon Spider was the nemesis of all insect spirit beasts. A typical Thousand Catties Ant couldn’t move if it were oppressed by the Man-faced Demon Spider’s aura. It was true that those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor had ninety thousand years cultivation base, but the aura from Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances wasn’t from an ordinary Man-faced Demon Spider. Through several evolutions, the Eight Spider Lances were now able to project an aura of a God Level Man-faced Demon Spider. Being bound by the Devouring Golden Thread, this aura subdued them, preventing them from busting even fifty percent of their strength.

Those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ most powerful attributes included their strength, defense, and speed. They didn’t possess any spirit abilities. But with these three attributes, they were undefeatable here. The other spirit beasts found it hard to beat them, though. Physically assault? Talk to my hard carapace. Spirit ability attack couldn’t break through their defense either. They would use their speed and strength to hit and smash their opponent’s body. Even if they had met a control style spirit beast, they could use their formidable strength to break out, then launch a counter-attack.

Tang San’s Devouring Golden Thread could be considered as a control style attack ability. That was why the attempt to escape it would be difficult. Associated with the devouring and erosion effects from the toxics, the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor brothers were now in deadly danger.

However, if there was only the Devouring Golden Thread, the three ants could use their fast speed to run to three different directions, two of them might have escaped the Devouring Golden Thread. The Eight Spider Lances’ Devouring Golden Thread couldn’t be stretched out endlessly anyway. Too bad they met the God Level Man-faced Demon Spider’s aura. Being subdued made their legs flaccid, they couldn’t run away. That was how they were totally oppressed. They could only let the Devouring Golden Thread drink their power, and corrode their hard exoskeleton. Now, no matter what Tang San wanted to do with them, they didn’t have a chance to run.

In the beginning, Tang San had been afraid that those three ants would be like the Dark Demonic God Tiger, pretending to be weak and waiting for a chance to attack. Seeing the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ resistance was getting weaker and weaker under the erosive toxics along with his fast absorption, Tang San could confirm that they didn’t stand a chance.

Tang San descended to the ground to observe. Seeing the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors didn’t protest at all, he retrieved his Blue Silver Domain.

I didn’t think that killing those three ants was easier than killing the Dark Demonic God Tiger. My Eight Spider Lances has oppressed them totally. With their strength and cultivation base, they could be the sixth, seventh and eighth spirit rings of my Clear Sky Hammer. Strength is the best attribute to add to the Clear Sky Hammer. After I’m done absorbing those spirit rings, I can leave here and meet up with my comrades at the seashore. Then, we’ll go to the Sea God Island.

Although Tang San had encountered some difficulties in Star Dou Forest this time, to him, the whole procedure was smooth enough. The time it took was less than what he had expected.

Right now, Tang San’s body was uncomfortably expanding. The Devouring Golden Threads were transferring him a massive volume of energy without consuming any amount of his spirit power. Tang San sat crossed legs on the ground, released the Blue Silver Domain to protect himself while absorbing that external energy. He didn’t rush to perish those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors.

When Tang San had started to ingest, he immediately found out that his Devouring Golden Thread was different from before. Besides the devouring speed, what made Tang San joyful was that the energy was already purified after transmitting through the Eight Spider Lances. This kind of energy wasn’t similar to the Mysterious Sky Skill or did it bring any attribute. It was pure energy. Tang San didn’t need to use the Mysterious Sky Skill to filter it; he could use his spirit power to absorb it directly.
(to be continued….possibly in half an hour)

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