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Before Tang San came here, those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors had been using ant special communication way to order all Thousand Catties Ant colonies in Star Dou Forest to offer them thirty queen ants every day for food. If those colonies didn’t follow their order, they would savage them all. Of course, the Thousand Catties Ants in Star Dou Forest got indignant. However, they couldn’t help but follow the three brothers’ orders.

What a pity they met Tang San today. How could Tang San let them continue staying where Da Ming and Er Ming had dwelled? Tang San slowly rose the Sea God Trident in his hand; his eyes became as cold as ice.

Facing Tang San’s interrogation, three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor shook their heads, two ants on each side separated, then forming a formation to cover Tang San, pushing him forward. The light yellow colour on their bodies became darker.

But their power was held inside, nothing emitted.

Well, three ants, so what? Blue-gold halo blasted. The Blue Silver Emperor avatar had just changed. Facing these three opponents whose cultivation was ninety thousand years, Tang San didn’t want to back off; he wanted to see which level he was now.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz


Thousand Catties Ant Emperors started to flap the wings on their back, getting ready to fly up. Those three brothers had been living together for years, their actions were in sync, just like images in the mirror. Their flapping speed or the elevation they had plunged up to were identical.

Blue light sparked in his eyes. Facing three opponents at the same time, apparently, Tang San wouldn’t let them converge and attack him. Blue Silver Domain was released. Moreover, it was upgraded to Boundless Nature. Within this domain area, the surroundings became blue-gold, with this thick forest, Blue Silver Emperor boost ability was much stronger. The three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors instantaneously felt the pressure furiously pushing down from every direction and restrained their strength.
However, the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors didn’t panic. It looked like they were staying right there waiting for something.

Tang San wouldn’t wait. Blue Silver Emperor was released, plunging from his body just like thousands of spirit snakes, binding those three ants and started to probe them.

The Thousand Catties Ant Emperors couldn’t see Tang San, but Tang San could see them clearly. At the moment, the Blue Silver Emperor had bound the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors. Tang San saw a strange light appeared simultaneously from the six eyes of each ant. It was like they were exciting seeing something they had been waiting for a long time.

Tang San’s mind flicked: Are they waiting for my attack?

Currently, Blue Silver Emperor had finished binding the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor. It then started to shrink and exude erosive toxics.

But right at this moment, something strange happened. Three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors now were bound, started to dash to different directions. The pulling force from three directions transferred through the stretching of the Blue Silver Emperor Intertwine, dragging Tang San who was hovering in the air for ten tchi.

Both Tang San and the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors had the same thought now: How could it be?

There was a reason for Tang San being startled. Tang San’s weight isn’t heavy but don’t you forget the Sea God Trident in his hand! To him, the Sea God Trident was about hundred jin, but to other creatures, this Sea God Trident weighed one hundred eight thousand jin. Those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors could drag him away, meant their combined force was more than one hundred eight thousand jin. Not to mention Tang San’s spirit power could generate strength also.
Those three brothers could do many things with their tremendous strength. Even though the Blue Silver Domain had restrained their powers, the force they had used was the combination of the three. However, it didn’t bring back the effect they had expected. That was why the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors was astonished.

Those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ intelligence wasn’t like the ordinary ants. They were interlinked. Seeing the Blue Silver Emperor emerged from Tang San’s body, they had already calculated in their heads. Blue Silver Emperor had been linked with Tang San’s body. They were waiting for the Blue Silver Emperor to bind them, then they would bust suddenly to tear the bind, Tang San’s body would be torn if he didn’t have time to detach the Intertwine. In fact, when they started to urge their strength, the first feeling was like they were pulling a massive mountain. Although they could pull him away, that human hadn’t been torn yet.

This sudden change made the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors irresistibly stubborn. The light yellow nimbus on their bodies burst out furiously. The power they had hidden inside was increasing rapidly at this moment. In a flash, their strength was doubled, the pulling force also became more powerful. This time, not only did it can pull the Sea God Trident but also hurt Tang San.
This strength was formidable. Tang San bewildered, he couldn’t stabilise his body anymore. His body was being dragged to three directions at the same time. At this dangerous moment, Tang San could only bind the Sea God Trident to the Blue Silver Emperor to prevent the pulling force applied directly on his body.
The Thousand Catties Ant Emperors’ strength made him astounded. He wanted to know to what degree those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors could perform. Thus, he didn’t cut the connection between the Blue Silver Emperor and his body.
At this moment, Tang San recalled Grandmaster’s words: no matter how strong an ant is, it cannot lift an apple weighed half a jin. But a human only needs to use one hand to hold it. If that human weighs two hundred jin, when converting the ratio, a human lifting capacity is four percent. But if we apply this ratio to an ant, the result is massive.

An ant is light, but they could lift up a load that is hundred times heavier than their weight. Using this ratio, applied to a man who weighs two hundred jin, he could lift up a load of ten thousand jin.

The Thousand Catties Ant was one kind of spirit beasts, among the other ant species, they were the strongest. The ratio between their body weight and lifting capacity was 1:100. Those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors were over three tchi; they couldn’t be considered giant. Each of them weighed around one thousand jin; either was insignificant or trivial compared to other spirit beasts. But their strength was hundred times bigger than their weight, which meant the load they could lift was around one hundred thousand jin. So the maximum load that those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors could lift was three hundred thousand jin!

Tang San figured out why he had been dragged away. Thousand Catties Ant wasn’t a supreme spirit beast, but its strength could be so exceptional due to the only attribute it had, the absolute strength. The Thousand Catties Ant Emperors here could generate a force equivalent to two hundred thousand jin. That’s why I’ve been pulled away and got hurt, even though I’ve transferred the spirit power to my strength. The combination of my weight and the Sea God Trident’s weight is about one hundred fifty thousand jin. They still haven’t used all of their power.

After comprehending the matter, Tang San started to prepare himself. A smiled could still be seen on his face.

“You want to drag me out with a force of two hundred thousand jin? Your innocent idea is too simple. Alright, I will show you the absolute strength I could have.”

While saying, Tang San used his left hand to hold the Sea God Trident. Suddenly, the yellow-brown nimbus expanded over the spear. Tang San and his trident balanced his body, hovering in the air. Blue Silver Emperor Intertwine tightened on the three brothers’ bodies. The tremendous pulling force made Tang San feel that the inner structure of the Blue Silver Emperor was being destroyed rapidly.

Moreover, the combined weight of Tang San and the Sea God Trident wasn’t enough to hold on. He hovered there, urged the Gravity Control ability from Giant Titan Ape’s left arm spirit bone, applying it directly on the Sea God Trident. To Tang San, it was just a hundred jin turned into a thousand jin. But to the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor, it was one hundred and eight thousand jin turned into one million eighty thousand jin. Even if these ants were at the peak of their strength, it was still impossible for them to pull Tang San!

Three Blue Silver Emperor immediately got tightened up; the pulling force stopped then bounced back. While they were bouncing back, the Blue Silver Emperor were shattered. An ear-piercing explosion resounded. It wasn’t easy for the sturdy Blue Silver Emperor to develop to that degree.

Tang San felt enlightened sensing the fear of the three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor when they had been thrown away. Yes! It is! Why I haven’t thought about this before! If I had used the Gravity Control and applied it on the Sea God Trident in my previous fights, to turn the weight of one hundred and eight thousand jin into one million eighty thousand jin, it would be the absolute weight! With this formidable strength, even God should be afraid. This discovery made Tang San even happier than killing those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors. The weight of million jin is so formidable if using it with the Golden Thirteen Halberds, breaking Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass isn’t impossible.

With this joy, Tang San didn’t chase those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors immediately. The spirit power in his body was surging; he slightly urged the Sea God Trident in his hand.

The massive weight didn’t affect Tang San’s movement. But a problem had arisen. Tang San had to hold the Sea God Trident in his left hand to apply the Gravity Control. If he held it with his right hand and used his left hand to urge spirit abilities, it could affect his body. If his body was ten times heavier, together with the trident, he could be crushed to the ground. This was what he didn’t want to witness.
However, it wasn’t the time to study Gravity Control to enhance the Sea God Trident. The three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors started to act again. This time, they didn’t fly, but contracted their wings and descended on the ground.

Tang San smiled faintly. It would be very tough for them to find him in this Blue Silver Domain – Boundless Nature. I want to know what they would do. Ninety thousand years spirit beasts should have something special.

It was different from the time he had killed the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. Those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperors helped Tang San to discover a new technique. He had gained more interests in them, wanting to see what they could do to sense his location. Tang San held the Sea God Trident in his left hand; the Gravity Control didn’t cease. He knew the main power of the three brothers was pure strength. With a weapon weighed a million jin, they would lose. This was the time to play with them.


[1] cun: ancient Chinese unit measurement, a cun = 3.33 cm = 1.3 inches

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    2. Personally if I was Tang San, I wouldn’t mind trading 3 identical abilities for such a tremendous boost in his strength. He already has such a hard time using all his abilities from his Blue silver emperor rings and spirit bones, and hasn’t even touched the abilities on his hammer. Not to mention he still has 10 forms to learn from his trident.

      And I don’t think he wouldn’t get any spirit abilities at all. Spirit ring abilities are born from the combination of the spirit beast and the owner’s spirit. If it was a spirit bone on the other, then it might most likely end up as attribute boosting only, since spirit bone take abilities straight from what the spirit beast had possessed.

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