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Tang San tenderly caressed the Eight Spider Lances as they were still scorching. He thought:


“It seems the Star Dou forest is a lucky place for me. What happened to Xiao Wu was just unexpected. I’ve just been here for almost a day, I already have one spirit ring from an extreme spirit beast, and I’ve killed another one. It boosts my spirit power breaking through two levels. I’m a Title Douluo; it’s very hard for a Title Douluo to advance from level ninety-three to level ninety-five. It could take more than ten years. But I got it in just a short time! Somehow, it was inconceivable, but it had happened.” Of course, Tang San understood that although he had put his best, if it weren’t for the Mysterious Sky Skill and the Sea God, which had integrated and boosted his body, no matter how hard he had cultivated, it was impossible to advance such big leap.

Tang San unconsciously smiled. The Eight Spider Lances slightly moved, pushing his body aside. He then sat crossed-legs on the ground. Looking at the shrivelled Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body, Tang San thought, this is what we call big fish swallow little fish principle! If I had lost this fight, my consequences wouldn’t have been better than this. It would eat me alive.

Tang San closed his eyes and focused. The Mysterious Sky Skill torrentially circulated. The Clear Sky Hammer appeared on his palm; the Sea God Trident was put near him. The Clear Sky Hammer drew another dark light out of the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. That dark light formed a shape in mid-air, flying toward the Clear Sky Hammer on Tang San’s hands.

Looking at that spirit ring flying toward him, Tang San recalled how painful he was at the first time he had absorbed the spirit ring of the Man-faced Demon Spider. However, now a fifty thousand years cultivation base meant nothing to him.


The dark light got into his body; the immense Mysterious Sky Skill immediately devoured the icy-cold feeling brought by the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s energy. His Mysterious Sky Skill didn’t even give it a chance to provoke but directly oppressed it. The spirit power increased in a flash, entirely subdued that cold energy.

This Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s spirit ring, facing Tang San’s formidable strength, didn’t struggle at all, it was started to be absorbed.

If he had to compare, absorbing this spirit ring was easier than the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s one. It only took him fifteen minutes to add the fifth spirit ring to his Clear Sky Hammer. Now, he had fourteen spirit rings. He needed three more to complete his target for this trip.

Tang San stood up, looking at the breaking dawn at the far horizon, a new day was about to begin. He hauled some food from the Twenty-Four Moonlight Bridges to console his stomach, then started his searching again. When he had absorbed the spirit ring, his spirit power was fully recovered. He had become stronger. He had retrieved the Eight Spider Lances, but still, he could feel a very tough armour on his back, giving him a secure feeling. Vaguely, Tang San felt that if he were taken to that eccentric space again to fight with the Dark Demonic God Tiger, these Eight Spider Lances wouldn’t be restrained there.

I don’t think I could have another chance like that again in this life, Tang San thought. Thinking about how witty and compelling the Dark Demonic God Tiger was, Tang San couldn’t help but shiver. On the way to the Star Dou Forest, he hadn’t thought that he would face such dangerous circumstances. He even thought that if there were powerful spirit beasts like Da Ming and Er Ming, still, he could endure. Even though he couldn’t win, he could have a chance to escape. Now, he understood that he shouldn’t underestimate any opponents, nor giving them any chance. There are so many great abilities that I don’t even know they exist! If I’m too reckless and die in vain, how about my parents? How about my Xiao Wu?

The Blue Silver Domain expanded again. Tang San figured out that he was very close to the central of the Star Dou Forest. When he activated his mental power to the small lake near the central of the Star Dou Forest, suddenly, he found three formidable auras.

Huh, three targets? Tang San doubtfully looked forward to the central area of the Star Dou Forest and urged his Blue Silver Domain to search that direction only.
Followed his mental power, Tang San’s face became indignant. He clenched his fists, said:
“It’s taken. Da Ming, Er Ming aren’t here, and their territory has been invaded.”

This time coming here, Tang San wanted to consecrate Da Ming and Er Ming, even though their bodies weren’t here. However, this place was where they had dwelled for one hundred thousand years. If he went to the Star Dou Forest, he should pay a visit. Before he left, Xiao Wu had asked him to visit that peaceful and small crystal clear lake. She also said that there was no spirit beast dared to come there. But if he met any, just shooed them away. Xiao Wu still held onto the thought that Da Ming and Er Ming hadn’t gone. Thus she wanted to protect their home.

Tang San understood that Xiao Wu was waiting for the day miracles could happen again, bringing them back to life, just like it had happened to her.

However, this was almost impossible. But whether it was what Xiao Wu asked him to do, or because of Da Ming and Er Ming, Tang San would never allow anyone to show disrespect to the place that those supreme spirit beasts used to dwell.

Plunging up and accelerating, Tang San pushed his flying pace to the limit. The Blue Silver Domain was fully deployed. Tang San didn’t want to hide his aura and flew toward the central of the Star Dou Forest.

After an hour, Tang San’s shadow was like a mist, reaching the deepest area of Star Dou Forest. His body was like a shooting meteor, flying toward the central of Star Dou Forest. Apparently, those three spirit beasts had recognised his existence. But they were like the Dark Demonic God Tiger. They didn’t attempt to avoid him or running away. Instead, they gathered and waited.

Swoosh. Tang San descended from the sky. In front of him was a serene translucent small lake. This place was still as beautiful as it used to be. There was a faint mist on the lake. It was still breaking dawn, the air was fresh, and the humidity here made people comfy. But Tang San didn’t have the mood to enjoy the sights. His eyes were gazing on his next targets.

There were three identical spirit beasts, laying near the lake, coldly looking at him. Although he had used the Blue Silver Domain before, those three beasts still made Tang San astounded.

This time, he didn’t meet any spirit beast as unique as the Dark Demonic God Tiger. Those three spirit beasts were very common and could be seen in every spirit forest – the Thousand Catties Ant (one kind of gigantic ants).

Those three Thousand Catties Ants’ bodies were identical. They were all around three tchi. From the body size, it looked like they were weaker than the Dark Demonic God Tiger, and even less powerful than the eight spider lances of the fifty thousand years Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor.
Three Thousand Catties Ants were about three tchi, the hard exoskeleton on their body was light yellow, each had six strong legs. Right now, they stood up. There were six eyes on their heads, two big eyes and four smaller eyes projecting dark blue light. This was the unique feature of Thousand Catties Ant. Tang San had met many of them before, also from Grandmaster’s lectures. They were popular, but he had never met such giant Thousand Catties Ants.


According to Grandmaster, the Thousand Catties Ant was a spirit beast whose vitality was incredibly high, along with extraordinary defence power. It could endure a tremendous pounding force. Moreover, their strength was far exceeded their body’s ratio.

Those were all the characteristics of the Thousand Catties Ant. They were spirit beasts, but they didn’t have any spirit abilities. In the forest, they easily became food for other spirit beasts. Even though their defence ability was strong, it still had its limits. Besides, they didn’t have any trick when attacking. So, they might be powerful, but it was hard to show it out.

Of course, many spirit beasts didn’t care about those Thousand Catties Ants. It was tiring to break through their defence then ate them. Their lives were too tough, that was why a significant number of them could survive in spirit forests.

When Grandmaster taught about the Thousand Catties Ant, Tang San laughed and said this spirit beast and his Blue Silver Grass spirit were similar, great in number but feeble in power. They were totally trash spirit beasts.

However, those three Thousand Catties Ant didn’t give Tang San the aura of trash spirit beasts.

When Tang San first looked at them, they were like regular Thousand Catties Ants, but somehow there was something different that caught Tang San’s attention.

Generally speaking, a Thousand Catties Ant with ten years of cultivation would be about three cun [1] (9.9 cm ~ 3.5 inches). There was a pair of sharp mandibles on their mouth to cut hard objects. A hundred years Thousand Catties Ant wouldn’t be longer than six cun (19,8 cm ~ 7.8 inches) until they had cultivated for a thousand years, they could be around one tchi long. However, the ants that had been living for one thousand years were rare, because they didn’t have any ability to survive. Moreover, in their eusocial insect life, they often fought and killed each other. Tang San had been in many spirit forests before, and to this Star Dou Forest for several times, he had seen the Thousand Catties Ant many times, but they never caught his attention. Also, he never thought that the Thousand Catties Ant could be over one meter long.

According to Grandmaster’s estimation, even if the Thousand Catties Ant could reach ten thousand years cultivation, their body should be only about one tchi. Thirty thousand years, they could be longer than one tchi. Grandmaster had also looked into this kind when he studied about spirit beasts. Strong but lacking of spirit abilities. That was why he estimated the biggest Thousand Catties Ant could only be around one tchi long. Chief of the Strength Clan, Titan, had killed a Thousand Cattie Ant King and made it his eighth spirit ring. This spirit ring had boosted his strength so much. Tang San knew this after a talk with Grandmaster.

They had to reach thirty thousand years to be one tchi. But standing in front of Tang San now was three Thousand Catties Ants which were longer than three tchi. However, Tang San could confirm that these three Thousand Catties Ants were the Thousand Catties Ant Kings. No, they should be the Thousand Catties Ant Emperors. Their cultivation should be over ninety thousand years. The goal of breaking through level one hundred thousand years wasn’t too far ahead.

For the Dark Demonic God Tiger, it was hard to advance because of its dangerous nature. It could easily drag enemies to kill it. The Thousand Catties Ant, however, found it hard to develop because they were too fragile. Tang San understood that the Thousand Catties Ant at this level had been through more difficulties and had put much more effort than the Dark Demonic God Tiger, for a solid period of ninety thousand years. The Dark Demonic God Tiger, when cultivating to a certain level, it could have the ability to defence itself. But it might not be the same for the Thousand Catties Ant Emperors. Geez, I’ve encountered these three eccentric spirit beasts here. The Blue Silver Domain couldn’t sense their cultivation level accurately. Tang San only knew they were more than fifty thousand years.

Tang San didn’t worry facing three ninety thousand years spirit beasts at the same time. What made him startled was these earth spirit beasts had some variations on their bodies. On their backs, there was a giant transparent pair of wings. Apparently, they could fly. Moreover, the fangs on their mandibles were outstanding. Two front legs looked very sturdy, similarly to the scorpion’s, but not completely identical. It was more like three thorns gathered at one spot, waving from two sides. Besides the faint yellow nimbus there was a distinctive emerald aureole.

“Who allows you to invade the Giant Titan Ape and the Blue Sky Bull Python’s territory?”
Tang San rose the Sea God Trident, coldly said.
He knew, if the Thousand Catties Ant could cultivate to the Thousand Catties Ant Emperor level, their intelligence would increase to a certain degree.

Tang San was right; those three Thousand Catties Ant Emperor were brothers, it wasn’t easy for them to cultivate to this level. They had been very tenacious in their colony. Their performance was excellent in a fight with another colony of Thousand Catties Ant. Their Queen had recognised their performance, ordained them as the leaders of the colony, leading their soldiers to fight in this Star Dou Forest. They had survived many battles to gradually develop.

The more their power had increased, the more the Queen hated them, it decided to kill them. This was the key factor why it was tough for the Thousand Catties Ant to become stronger. In a colony, the Queen gave the orders. Moreover, it reproduced the descendent generations, but the Queen didn’t have any attacking ability. Once there were subjects that the Queen couldn’t control, it would be big trouble. Thus, the Queen wouldn’t let any of her subjects to advance to a certain level. When the worker ant’s cultivation had reached one thousand years, the Queen immediately assigned other worker ants to kill them.


Yet, those three brothers were lucky. They were brave in battles, and they were powerful. Therefore, other ants had supported them. When the Queen had ordered to kill them, they got the information from the other worker ants. They ran away before anyone could kill them.

When their cultivation reached a thousand years, their intelligence had also developed to some extent. They had been loyal to the Queen but got treated like that, of course, they got mad. They didn’t leave the nest too far. When their colony had been fighting with another colony, they had sneaked into the Queen’s place and killed her. Moreover, those three brothers ate the Queen’s corpse then ran away.

When they got out of their colony territory, they found out that their bodies suddenly enlarged. Their strength had become stronger. Devouring the queen’s body helped them increase their cultivation. This discovery gave them a dark thought. Since then, they had started to sneak into other Thousand Catties Ant’s colonies, waiting for a chance to kill their Queen, ate them all to nourish themselves. That explained theirs rapidly development.

In the beginning, there were many troubles. They almost died because of the counter-attack. But their strength had been increasing steadily. After they had broken through fifty thousand years, the first variation happened making them more arrogant. They had struck directly to the nest and killed the queen many times. Eventually, those three brothers of Thousand Catties Ant Emperor had become the common enemy of the entire Star Dou Forest. While their strength was getting stronger and stronger, they became wicker. The other ordinary Thousand Catties Ants had no choice but hide their queens safely away from them.

Increasing along with their capacity was their ambitions. Currently, the area around this lake was central of the Star Dou Forest, and it concentrated much spirit energy. This place was the most suitable place for spirit beasts to cultivate. Being proud of their power, they wanted to claim this place. Too bad they were too arrogant. In one attempt, they got defeated by the Giant Titan Ape and the Blue Sky Bull Python. They had to use their strong defence and their flying ability to escape. However, the two Kings of the Forest had chased them out of Star Dou Forest; they didn’t dare to come back.

Just like the Dark Demonic God Tiger, they only dared to come back to Star Dou Forest after Da Ming and Er Ming had sacrificed for Tang San. However, they still wanted to conquer this precious place. When they didn’t feel the aura of the two Kings anymore, they came back quietly, seemed they were braver than the Dark Demonic God Tiger. They directly went to the place Da Ming and Er Ming used to cultivate. Seeing no one there, those three brothers didn’t show any ceremoniousness, directly took the area. With their cultivation base of ninety thousand years, together with the union of the three brothers, they had the audacity to proclaim themselves the king of the Star Dou Forest. This was why they didn’t want to leave when sensing Tang San’s sharp aura. They were confident and they wanted to protect the title they had given to themselves.

(to be continued….)



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