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By this time, the first layer of the Blue Silver Prison was cut off by six blades from the back of the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. Right when the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor attempted to escape the gravity control and plunge up to shorten the distance with Tang San, many Blue Silver Emperor suddenly throve from the ground, piercing the spider’s body before it could take off.

This was the varied ability of the Blue Silver Prison, Blue Silver Thrust Away. This was the fifth time Tang San had used his spirit ability. The power of the Blue Silver Thrust Away wasn’t enough to break through the spider’s thick skin. However, it had a side effect of stunning for one second. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s attempt to fly up was broken. Its ability was interfered, falling down to the ground. At this time, Tang San was just ten tchi away from the spider. There was a giant lance which was covered with glistening patterns on his right hand.
The fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear had been evolved to level one hundred thousand years, turning into Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear, the one hundred thousand years single-target spirit ability. This was just a fifth spirit ability, but it was ranked one hundred thousand years with a special attack technique – single target focus. It was the strongest attack ability amongst Tang San’s spirit abilities. With Tang San’s current cultivation, still it required him a certain time to condense his spirit power. This had proved that its attack power was tremendous.

The Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear looked a little bit different from the Blue Silver Overlord Spear. The color wasn’t pure gold, but it was red blended with gold patterns, looking impressive. Energy condensed around the spear didn’t emit at all. When Tang San’s had condensed that gold-red spear, at the same time, the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor just got stunned for one second.

One second was pretty short, but it was enough for Tang San to release his fifth spirit ability level one hundred thousand years.

It was like a furious dragon roaring, hissing sound had crossed the sky. Within ten tchi, red light blasted then vanished. This red light furiously exploded in mid-air, but the tremendous feature was that it only aimed on one spot.

When the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor awakened from the stunning, it immediately sensed the breath of death. Its massive body wildly turned over, contracting all eight legs crossing at one point. It couldn’t be denied that after its cultivation had reached level fifty thousand years, it could estimate the situation sensitively, or, we should say the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear’s aura was so furious. The spider’s eight legs covered right at where the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear about to strike. When the red light impacted with the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor, its eight legs had crossed at one point.


Fierce explosion reverberated. A gold-red nimbus projected from the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body. Its painful screech echoed, waking up the silent night. In that explosion, the eight rock-like legs were instantly blown up into pieces.

The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s eight legs were the hardest part of the spider. It was ten times harder than pure iron. The combination protection of eight legs should be impossible to break. However, they weren’t enough to stop the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear. In that impact, the spider’s protection was smashed, then its giant body was blown away, spinning backward in the air. This time, it could only feel the energy violently stimulated each square inch of its body. The spider couldn’t control it at all.

To spirit beasts, losing legs or arms didn’t matter as well as they still had the body, their cut limbs would grow back anyway. The most important thing was to stay alive. Therefore, the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor immediately rolled its body, the pale face on its belly was twisted but still tried to exude a condensed white fog covering itself to fly backward. At the same time, the skin on it back had opened again, not to cut anything but to use six rotating blades to balance the body.

The white fog was a powerful protection of the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. When it just contacted the air, the crepitation appeared forthwith. Just like it could erode the space. This white fog rapidly expanded, anything it touched became a puddle. The toxic was too powerful.

However, Tang San was emerged in a miracle feeling. At the beginning, he had performed the Orca Demon Hatchet, then used the Intertwine to break the spider thread, and the Blue Silver Prison to restrain the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body. After that, he had urged the Gravity Control to slow down the spider when it attempted to break the cage, then used the Blue Silver Thrust Away to claim one second to prepare the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear. The whole procedure was as smooth as a stream.

He had used two spirit bone abilities and four spirit ring abilities. One by one followed each other without pause or flaw. This brought an amazing result. It was only ten seconds since Tang San started the fight till he used the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear to destroy the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s eight legs. You could imagine how formidable it was. From direct fight, he took control from the beginning and didn’t give the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor a chance to slow down his pace. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor was restrained now, absolutely endangered.

However, Tang San’s spirit power was consumed due to performing six spirit abilities. The circulating speed of his Mysterious Sky Skill couldn’t catch up with his spirit power consuming. He had to take a deep breath and adjust his Mysterious Sky so as to continue releasing his spirit abilities. Right now, Tang San was facing the toxic fog, and the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor was taking that chance to quickly run away using the carapace on its back.

If it was like his previous fighting experience, Tang San would avoid the toxic fog. He would followed the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor from one side or from above, and adjust his breath to recover his power. If he did so, he could have a chance to kill the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. However, “link them together” was still playing in his mind, he didn’t want to stop there. Seeing the torrential fog coming, his body reacted by instinct.

His clear eyes sparked. When the Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear blew the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor away, white fog had emitted. At the same time, two sharp blue light rays projected from his eyes. They were the Purple God Light. Of course, they weren’t the peak Purple God Light he had used when fighting with Bibi Dong. He just focused his mental power at one point and attacked. The power was just one-third compared to the true Purple God Light, but it was enough.

When the Purple God Light projected, he took a deep breath and started to circulate the Mysterious Sky Skill in his body . At the same time, he projected the Purple God Light. The clothes on his back were torn, eight blood-like spider lances appeared inaudibly. The powerful suction force was released, the toxic white fog was divided into eight columns and was devoured by the eight lances respectively. By that time, Tang San’s body had some changes.

Boom. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor had planned to escape safely with the help of that toxic fog. It should have enough time to run away. Too bad for the spider, Tang San was its opponent today. The toxic fog could prevent any objects and Tang San, but it couldn’t prevent the mental attack. The blue light broke the fog just in a second and struck violently on the spider’s body when it was running away.

The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor screeched horribly, its body was blown up to the air. The wounds at its eight legs broke at the same time, exuded stinky white fluid. The Purple God Light attacked its mentality. Even worse, the Purple God Light had given it a death faint, the giant body was blown up in mid-air.


Tang San immediately plunged up to the air, aiming to one location. At the same time he had plunged up, the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body was blown away and got hit by the Purple God Light. All things had happened as calculated, exactly at each millimeter.

Now, there was no Blue Silver Emperor’s Intertwine on Tang San’s body. They were replaced with the massive Clear Sky Hammer. Holding the hammer with both hand, Tang San’s body bended half a circle backward in mid-air, just like a giant fighting axe. Seeing the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body flying in the air, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hands radiated furious dark light. At the same time, four spirit rings of the Clear Sky Hammer appeared on Tang San’s body, looked like a shining wave. The tremendous aura just like the Clear Sky Douluo was pushing down. The Clear Sky Hammer’s volume had been increased by thirty percent with the dark aureole. In a flash, the blood-like red nimbus of the Death God Domain burst out, heavily struck the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor.


The formidable, powerful explosion burst out like thunders reverberated in the dark forest. Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body was like a bullet hitting the ground. Its body, the arachnid skin, and the white fluid were scattering everywhere. Although the spider’s body hadn’t been smashed into pieces, there was a big hole on its belly. White fluid was impetuously flowing out from the hole. The spider’s life that had existed for fifty thousand years ended at this moment.

Tang San was hovering in mid-air, he hadn’t finished his attack yet. After the Clear Sky Hammer finished its attack, Tang San then used the reaction force to spin one round. His right hand and left hand took turn to blast as he slowly descended.

Apparently, if that strike couldn’t kill the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor, the Titan Firmament Cannon on the left hand and the Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven were also ready. These two spirit abilities could save spirit power. In addition, their power was formidable. Adding these two spirit abilities, Tang San could finish the constant attacking chain of eleven spirit abilities. Not to mention this Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor, even the Dark Demonic God Tiger couldn’t stand a chance.
After landing, Tang San didn’t rush to see the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s dead body, he mused for a while. Flaw didn’t appeared because he had been trying to control it. But lately, it was like he just followed his instincts. This feeling was awesome. I have killed a fifty thousand years Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor and didn’t give it a chance to counter-attack! At each ability’s performance, Tang San felt comfy and satisfied, just like every part of his body had joined the fight. Formidable power pushing the opponent to the point of draining all of their power, also gave him pleasant feelings.

Of course, it didn’t mean that Tang San had mastered this “link abilities together”. He was familiar with the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. At the end, his Eight Spider Lances could devour the toxic fog that Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s had exuded. If he was facing a more powerful opponent, he wasn’t sure he could perform as smooth as he just did. No matter what, Tang San understood that he had found a path, and the key of this path was to understand well the features of each ability. If he could do so, it would be easier for him to take advantage from his abilities in fighting.

The heating feeling constantly came from his back, awakening Tang San from his excitement. He found out that his Eight Spider Lances were piercing into the ground, sucking the white fluid flowed out from the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s dead body. They were sucking greedily just like they had met something very nutritious. Tang San smiled, he knew the chance for the Eight Spider Lances’ evolution had come. This Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor had good things on its body.

He slightly lowered his body. With the support of the Eight Spider Lances, his right hand urged the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to retrieve the Sea God Trident. The Eight Spider Lances pierced into the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s corpse, started to drink the fluid rapidly.

This Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body was smaller than the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor Tang San had met before, but how much blood could this three-meter body content? The Eight Spider Lances on his back didn’t show any ceremoniousness. They kept sucking until the spider dead body was shriveled just like they didn’t want to leave anything leftover.

Fortunately, the devouring was quick. Tang San didn’t worry he wouldn’t have enough time to absorb the spirit ring.

While the Eight Spider Lances were drinking the fluid, Tang San felt his back was heating again, especially at the eight ribs where the Eight Spider Lances grew. He could feel the power there.

His bones and muscles started to fuse together, the feeling of being filled with energy was like he got another shield on his back. The Eight Spider Lances constantly vibrated. The red nimbus on the surface gradually ceased and was replaced with the white from the fluid.

Tang San thought that the white color wasn’t as splendid as the blood-like red color. It couldn’t scare people as it did previously. But he couldn’t help it. The Eight Spider Lances decided how they wanted to evolve.

Gradually, Tang San found out that the feeling of energy pouring on his back became stronger. The heat from the power relaxed Tang San’s organs. The faint gold color had dyed his vessels, blood and flesh, bones and muscles ,before making his body get out of human form. At this time, when the heat on his back got to a certain degree, Tang San found out that the feeling he had when Xiao Wu and him had absorbed too many spirit rings at once appeared again, but only on his back.

Tang San didn’t hesitate, Sea God Light blasted, the blue nimbus of an ice layer pouring quietly on his back. The hot feeling didn’t cease, but the expanding feeling gradually disappeared. Tang San had urged his mental power. He could see that the meridians, bones and muscles on his back had turned into pure gold color. This gold color there was darker than the other places. Obviously it looked like the gold color of the Sea God Trident.

What happened? Is it true my back would get one step closer to the god level ? But I haven’t inherited the Sea God title yet!

In fact, Tang San didn’t know that when he got the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, which later evolved to the Sea God’s Heart, his Sea God’s inheritance had started. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, which was integrated in his body, had been continuously improving his body. If not, he wouldn’t had been able to absorb as many spirit rings and spirit bones as he had. The feeling of suffusion would have happened. Once he had used the Sea God’s Light, it could erase the human body’s limits. He would then entering a new level that would exceed human body’s capacity. All happened was because of the Sea God’s inheritance that had changed his body gradually.

With the increase in capacity, the improving ability of the Sea God’s Heart and Sea God’s Light to his body also got better and better. The first spirit bone Tang San had had, was the Eight Spider Lances. It had been staying with him for the longest; this spirit bone was evolved and received benefit almost each time Tang San had developed. This was the reason why this spirit bone would have been advanced more.

Before that, Tang San had had a feeling that all spirit bones on his body were heating. Actually, it was the Sea God’s power changing his spirit bones. The other spirit bones had fixed cultivation levels; it was harder to improved them relatively. But the Eight Spider Lances didn’t face this problem; it could evolve. Also, it was the first spirit bone Tang San had had. Thus, during his transformation, that spirit bone could benefit the most.

Right now it was devouring the quintessence of a Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. Changing in quantity leads to changing in quality. The evolution that couldn’t happen, finally happened! Among six spirit bones in Tang San’s body, the Eight Spider Lances was the first one entered the god level. Somehow, it was like one of the six spirit bones of the Divine Angelic Armament.

The stiff feeling on his back gradually disappeared. Tang San found out that besides the powerful energy, the muscles on his back became more flexible. In his consciousness, that area was completely pure gold, expanding on his whole back. The Eight Spider Lances started to turn into a golden color, starting from the bottom. The Eight Spider Lances used to turn to gold before, but it wasn’t a pure gold like this. It was the gold color of the Blue Silver Emperor.

When urging, it turned into red, but never be like this moment. The whole eight lances had turned into pure gold. Moreover, during the changing process, the Sea God Trident’s Mark on Tang San’s forehead was still glowing. It had entered the god level. Now, it only needed to turn into a Sea God’s mark.

His back gave him a feeling of being covered with several layers of armor, but it didn’t affect his movement. The Eight Spider Lances were about three meters, however, there were fine, splendid patterns on them. The patterns looked like water drops, three drops were grouped together as the shape of the Sea God Trident. Tang San tried using his thought, and one of the lances immediately moved. Gold light was blasting. Then, a gold light darted to a big tree not far from there.

That light was as small as a silky thread, piercing the big tree. Tang San could feel a small beam of energy transferred to his body through that silky thread, then he could see that big tree was shriveled for a second, then vanished into ash, just like it never existed.

Is it the devouring skill of my Eight Spider Lances? Tang San dropped his jaw watching the thick beautiful patterns on the Eight Spider Lances. He was dumbstruck he couldn’t speak.

When performing alongside with the Blue Silver Domain, it could release the gold silky threads to assist Tang San devouring his opponent’s spirit power inside the domain. But now, it could be more direct, more powerful. It didn’t need the domain to assist anymore. Besides the devouring ability, its hard lances could focus, lock and attack at one point. If using those spider lances to pierce an opponent, one could imagine his consequences.

Of course, it wasn’t the only Eight Spider Lances’ ability that was enhanced. Vaguely, Tang San somehow found out that in each lance, there was a unique energy sealed inside. However, he couldn’t use it now. This sealed energy startled Tang San. He could only confirm that this energy was related to the Sea God’s Heart. But he didn’t know what the Sea God’s Heart had done with Eight Spider Lances.


Anyway, Tang San was filled with joy and bewilderment. The amazing evolution of the Eight Spider Lances had boosted his overall strength rapidly. At the same time, his spirit power was increased with the evolution of the Eight Spider Lances, breaking through level ninety-four and entering Title Douluo level ninety-five.




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