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The Man-faced Demon Spider! This cheered Tang San up mentally and physically. The Blue Silver Domain, which was sensing the surroundings, quietly retrieved. It only focused on the direction where it had found the Man-face Demon Spider and locked the target. With such mental power, especially when focusing on one target, no matter how good the Man-faced Demon Spider’s hiding skill was, it couldn’t escape.

This Man-faced Demon Spider had over fifty thousand years of cultivation. To spirit beasts, they had to go through many strenuous challenges to reach that level. Tang San had to take this spirit ring at any price.

Tang San quickly approached his target. When he was about one thousand meters away, his body suddenly faded. A blue patterned-nimbus emerged from his forehead, instantly covering his entire body. After taking ten steps forward, his body and the Sea God Trident totally disappeared. This was the ability of the Sea God’s Heart fused with the skull bone’s ability turning into the hiding ability of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier.

With the experiences he gained from the fight with the Dark Demonic God Tiger, Tang San decided to put all his effort to kill the spirit beast from behind. The quick attack leads to quick victory. That was why he used the hiding ability first. The Man-faced Demon Spider was strong. However, with fifty thousand years of cultivation, still, its mental power couldn’t be compared with Tang San’s. Naturally, the spider couldn’t sense when he was hiding.


The distance was getting shorter and shorter. Tang San retrieved his Blue Silver Domain to prevent its formidable energy from giving the Man-faced Demon Spider a hint of his existence.

Right then, hiding under the darkness, Star Dou Forest was very quiet. It was even hard to hear the low chirping of insects or birds.

Quietly moving forward, finally, Tang San saw his target.

This fifty thousand years Man-faced Demon Spider looked smaller than he thought, even smaller than the ten thousand years Tang San had met before. However, the spider’s body looked exceptional. The body was around three meters, silently laid on the ground, eight long legs shriveled. The arachnid skin had an eccentric light yellow color. From a distance, it looked black without any patterns on it. Laying close to the ground like that made people find it hard to see it in the darkness. Around the spider’s body, there were more than ten black spider webs weaving thickly in the forest. Tang San didn’t need to touch them to know how tough they were.

With the cultivation base of over fifty thousand years, this Man-faced Demon Spider could be called the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor. It was more dangerous than the Pit Spider Emperor that Tang San had killed before. This one was much powerful than the Pit Spider Emperor.

When Tang San was about fifty meters away from the spider, he stopped and tenderly pierced the Sea God Trident into the ground. In this fight, he wasn’t going to use this divine weapon, he wanted to test out his assumption. Thriving together with his power, there was the unknown ability of the evolved skull bone. However, even he was using the Vast Sea Protective Barrier, he still had to show himself if he activated attack abilities. But it didn’t affect some auxiliary spirit abilities such as flying or releasing spirit avatar.

The Blue Silver Emperor spirit was inaudibly released. Nine shining spirit rings from the foot of the Blue Silver Emperor started to spin around Tang San’s body. Brimming energy urged him to raise both of his hands.

Link them together, link them together. Tang San repeated those words in his mind. His body swayed, plunging like a panther catching its prey.

The body in mid-air skillfully turned, his attack had begun. His left leg was covered with red aureole while his body turned one round in mid-air. The slender but robust left leg was hacking down like a big axe blade. An ear-piercing explosion boomed. A dark axe-shaped red light bust. Red light was emitting constantly, split a long cut on the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s black spider web, directly chopped its body. This was the left leg spirit bone’s ability, the Orca Demon Hatchet – tremendous single-attack ability.

The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s reaction was really fast. Tang San’s attack was unexpected, but the three-meter spider still jerked off quickly. Its giant body was like a spinning chopping-board, revealing its belly and plunged to Tang San.

Tang San could see clearly that the belly of the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor was totally different from its black exoskeleton. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s belly was white. In other words, it was a pale human face. That face had features just like a normal human’s face. But it looked quite ferocious, especially those faint white eyes that chilled people to the bones.

Two white light projected from the eyes, facing the Orca Demon Hatchet. At the same time, the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor opened his mouth. From there, numerous threads came out furiously, enmeshing Tang San.

Those two faint eyes weren’t the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s real eyes. They were one of its abilities. The spider’s real eyes were located under its head. A hint of astonishment could be seen in its six cold blue eyes.
An explosion resounded. Two white lights impacted with the Orca Demon Hatchet were crashed. At the same time, innumerous Blue Silver Emperor vines were coming and tangling with the spider threads like furious waves.

The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s threads were tough enough, but they were nothing compared to the Blue Silver Emperor with nine strong spirit rings. Blue Silver Emperor performed the Intertwine, the first spirit ability. Each Blue Silver Emperor washed many black threads away, fiercely making a path. It made the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor, which wanted to use those threads to take a break, revealed itself again.


After that, Tang San urged his third spirit ability. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor only felt there was an immense surging energy under its body. Pufff. Sixteen strong Blue Silver Emperors emerged just in a second, handily separated the spider’s eight legs, creating a black cage with the diameter of around three meters and imprisoned it. This was the fourth spirit ability of the Blue Silver Emperor, Blue Silver Prison.

Tang San was releasing three spirit abilities constantly without any pause, including one spirit bone ability and two spirit ring abilities.


His attack didn’t cease. The blue-gold light, which was blended with the red light of the fifth spirit ring, was activated, creating surge energy. Tang San’s right arm was covered with a blood-like aureole. His left hand swung, a gold nimbus enveloped the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s body. Gravity Control ability from Giant Titan Ape’s left arm spirit bone had been activated. The Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor started to wiggle when it suddenly felt a pressure dragging its body down. This slowed down the power it was about to strike out. But the arachnid skin on its back had opened quickly, turning into six black blades, wildly rotating in an attempt to cut the Blue Silver Prison. At the same time, its two front legs spread up, two dark lights as small as a thread were shooting toward Tang San.

They were like two pointy black needles, reached Tang San in a flash. This dark light attack was too dangerous. With a fast speed, they focused on one target, and also had a dark nimbus to protect them. They could hit their target easily.

Too bad for the spider, when Tang San had begun his assault, he also paid attention to sense the changes of those threads around him. Facing the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor’s attack, together with the Gravity Control, his body which was hovering in mid-air, suddenly spun one round and darted through two dark light needles. They couldn’t stop him at all. The distance between Tang San and the Man-faced Demon Spider Emperor was shortened.

(to be continued…)

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