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Seeing the Dark Demonic God Tiger being miniature, Tang San felt funny. But when he looked at his body, he couldn’t  amuse anymore. His body was resized much smaller, just around 1.2 meters tall, even his clothes were shrinking accordingly. Geez, looks like I’m getting back to when I was six or seven years old.

But what made Tang San panic wasn’t only his physical changes. Besides the Golden Trident which was pierced in the ground, his spirit power had been decreased to a level when he hadn’t broken through his first stage. At that time he was six or seven years old, the Clear Sky Hammer and the Blue Silver Grass spirits hadn’t been awakened yet. He only had a shallow Mysterious Sky Skills.

Rejuvenation? Tang San had to put some effort to comprehend. What the heck is this Dark Demonic God Tiger’s spirit ability? Why my body and his body have become so small? Could we turn back to normal again?

He couldn’t move, it seemed like he was restrained by a strange power. All of his spirit abilities and spirit bones abilities couldn’t be urged. He was the six-year-old Tang San when his spirits hadn’t been awakened yet.

An eccentric voice echoed from every direction:


“Welcome to the Death and Life Arena. The Game will end only when one fighter dies, the other can get out of this space. Starting in…Five…Four…Three…Two…One…FIGHT!”

During the countdown, Tang San’s mind had flicked quickly. The only thing he could maintain now was his clear thoughts. He didn’t know what the Dark Demonic God Tiger had done, but it was real that his capacity had been turned back to when he was six years old. The Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body was shrunk. Also, this proved that the tiger had been restrained too. Maybe I still have a chance in this fight.

Listening to that vague introduction, Tang San understood that this was a dead or alive fight. Dark Demonic God Tiger and he were rejuvenated to join this fight. If he could win, he could get back to reality, and his body would be recovered. But if he lost, he would die subsequently in reality.



Even if the Dark Demonic God Tiger was small, it was still stronger than a human. This spirit ability was peculiar, might be that was why Da Ming and Er Ming couldn’t beat this tiger. It would be definitely strenuous to cope with such special spirit ability.

However, Da Ming and Er Ming were spirit beasts, if they were returned to when they were newborns, it wouldn’t be so hard for them.

Tang San didn’t have much time to think. He just felt relaxed, and the restraint was gone. The feeling of being decelerated ended. Dark Demonic God Tiger had turned into a dark shadow, immediately struck to Tang San. One of his red eyes radiated cold light, looking at him like it was looking at a dead body.

To an adult like Tang San, the miniature Dark Demonic God Tiger couldn’t be a threat, but now he was only six years old, no matter what attack the Dark Demonic God Tiger would use, it could be very deadly to him. He was fragile at the age of six. But it was impossible for that Dark Demonic God Tiger to savage him. If there was another spirit master, without the awakened spirit, he was just an ordinary six-year-old boy, of course, he couldn’t dodge the tiger’s first assault. But today wasn’t a lucky day for that powerful tiger. Tang San had lived two times, reincarnated once. Even when he was just six years old, he had been cultivated Tang Sect’s secrets skills.

Using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Tang San’s body flashed and swayed aside, making the Dark Demonic God Tiger missed him. He took another strange step to approach the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body. His shoulders slightly moved, striking toward the tiger’s body and breaking its balance. Dark Demonic God Tiger had to roll on the ground to stabilise itself.




Tang San smiled. He was smiling cheerfully because he knew this fight had no meaning anymore.

Missing its target, the tiger’s body bounced on the ground then headed to Tang San again. Indeed, its capacity was reduced to the newborn stage, even less than a ten years old spirit beasts. However, the tiger had the gifted talent. Without ten years of cultivation, still, it could encounter a child like Tang San now. Dark Demonic God Tiger thought it was as easy as waving its paw. But just at the first strike, Tang San had used his action to tell the tiger that even though he was small, it wasn’t easy to kill him.



When the Dark Demonic God Tiger turned back again, intended to strike Tang San one more time, it saw the fragile Tang San holding a black box around half a tchi in his chest.

The black box looked heavy, but it wasn’t anything to the six-year-old Tang San, who had reached the peak of the Mysterious Sky Skill first stage. His small soft hand continuously swiped over the black box, sounds of clinking metal pieces constantly echoed.

Seeing the Dark Demonic God Tiger furiously struck him again, Tang San slightly swayed, using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Trace to slide three meters aside, successfully dodged the tiger’s strike one more time.

Dark Demonic God Tiger was flustered for a little bit. It couldn’t understand why this man could be that flexible even though he was young. In a low hissing sound, the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body started to project ash-grey airflows, moving and making a twirling vortex, deliberately gathered in front of its body.

When the Dark Demonic God Tiger was a newborn beast, it had very little power. What was consolidating in front of the tiger was a Dark Demonic Lightning sphere? This sphere now was so small compared to the one Dark Demonic God Tiger had created in their previous fight. At that time, it could create one almost immediately, but now it was struggling to make one tiny sphere.

However, the tiger was so confident that the Demonic power accumulated in this Dark Demonic Lightning could destroy Tang San even if it couldn’t aim accurately, and ended the battle.

At the same time, when the Dark Demonic Lightning completed in front of Dark Demonic God Tiger, the machinery clicking sound from the box in Tang San’s hand also stopped. He slowly rose the box, aiming to Dark Demonic God Tiger.

Hissss… the Dark Demonic Thunder shot out. At the same time, a loud explosion blasted along with the buzzing sound. Sixteen dark light shot out from the small black box in Tang San’s hand.




First, it was the explosion of the Dark Demonic Thunder and Lightning. The explosive power was stunning, distracting at least six dark light. The other twelve dark light darted to Dark Demonic God Tiger just in a blink.


Pfff pff pfff


Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body ceased, grey fog emitted one wave by another on its body, lowering it down. The tiger’s red eyes were filled with astonishment.

Tang San touched the black box again. His eyes became calm, gazing at the Dark Demonic God Tiger:


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help saying that, among the spirit beasts I have encountered, you are the most cunning wicked one, or I should say you are the smartest. You have a formidable capacity. In battle, you have cleverly considered each move. That’s why you are still alive even though you are one of the Dark Demonic God Tiger. I think in your tribe, you might be the king. Regarding control and tactics, I admit that I lose. My capacity isn’t strong enough to threaten you. However, luck isn’t on your side anymore. When I was six years old, if we had to fight directly, still I would be able to fight with you. Because I’m one of Tang Sect’s disciples. Moreover, although your restraint ability is astounding, it can’t restrain my Spirit weapon. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow helps me win this one more time. Even if you and I have been turned smaller and weaker in this arena, still you will lose. But I admit that you are a tremendous opponent. I respect you.”
Then Tang San slight bowed to show his respect to the Dark Demonic God Tiger. The Dark Demonic God Tiger seemed to understand what Tang San said, its aggressive eyes were staring at Tang San, couldn’t help but roar. Its red eyes looked like they were about to project flame.

Suddenly Tang San’s breath became colder. He could see something in the tiger eyes, his face paled:


“Looks like I’m lucky, goodbye.”

Clink clank… Hisssss…..puff…puff…puff…

Sixteen ash-grey fog clouds were emitted from the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body once again. No matter how sturdy its body was, this time, its life was taken by those pure iron arrows. This struggling fight finally ended.

The surrounding space started to twist and was crushed immediately. The endless darkness was washed away. Tang San relaxed, retrieve the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and put it in his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. However, his heart was still bouncing violently.

Light blasted. He landed safely on the ground. Tang San was back at the Star Dou Forest. His senses and power had come back, the Seagod Trident silently laid under his feet. Not far from him, there was a strange bead floating on the dead body of the Dark Demonic God Tiger. That bead looked totally black, but it radiated green and blue nimbuses.

What is that? Tang San didn’t have time to react, a black hole suddenly appeared in front of him, dragging the bead inside. Tang San immediately urged his Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, but right when he touched the bead, the black hole suddenly closed, the torn space turned normal, the strange bead disappeared.


Tang San was dumbstruck. He frowned then slapped his face. Normally, with his fast reaction, he could catch that bead. Maybe my mood is affected, that I’ve missed it, it isn’t good at all.


Looking at the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s corpse, Tang San sighed in acclamation. This formidable spirit beast had brought him so many surprises, making the simple fight turn into a dead or alive battle that Tang San had to rely on his fortune to win. This spirit beast is so powerful, luckily, no one could have Dark Demonic God Tiger spirit. I hope that this tiger’s spirit ring would bring me something good.

Then, Tang San figured out something else. The Dark Demonic God Tiger’s eyes before it died had told him that the last spirit ability Dark Demonic God Tiger had performed wasn’t so simple. It should have had turned Tang San smaller and the tiger, although it was still dragged into that space, it wouldn’t have been restrained like what Tang San had to endure. I had used the Purple God Light to break its defence that made it suffer from the same restraint condition I have had, then I could kill it with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. If I didn’t urge the Purple God Light, or the Purple God Light didn’t have that effect, it would end up badly. Using the body of a six years old boy to face the Dark Demonic God Tiger with sixty thousand years cultivation, I would never win. This fight is so dangerous and risky! Being confident and relying on your formidable power is not bad, but it would turn to arrogance soon.


After leaving the Sea God Island, I have been through several big fights, most of the time I was dominating. Taking spirit rings and spirit bones from Da Ming and Er Ming had upgraded my capacity. My belief has become arrogance! This battle has rung my alarm bell! I’m so lucky I’m still alive.

After summing up his experience, Tang San slowly sat down cross-legged on the ground, his soul and his consciousness united, releasing the Blue Silver Domain. His Seagod Trident was put next to him. The domain had set layers of defence and protection. At the same time, the Blue Silver Domain activated the All Rivers Run into the Sea.

He didn’t want to be endangered again due to his arrogance and underestimation. He wanted to recover the spirit power he had consumed before absorbing the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s spirit ring.

Blue aureole started to appear on Tang San’s body inside the Blue Silver Domain. Tang San was using the Blue Silver Domain to absorb energy from Blue Silver Grass, but he only took a small amount, making sure not to hurt them. The Star Dou Forest was vastly huge, numerous Blue Silver Grass rapidly provided enough energy for him to recover his spirit power.

When his spirit power was recovered till its peak, Tang San slowly rose his head to look at the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s dead body, then retrieving the Blue Silver Emperor. The Clear Sky Hammer concurrently appeared in his hand. Blue Silver Domain was suddenly shifted to Deathgod Domain. The murderous breath furiously emitted from his body, Tang San’s mental power was surging to the max, after sensing the range of one hundred thousand li, Tang San found nothing could threaten him now, he started to absorb the fourth spirit ring for the Clear Sky Hammer.

The Clear Sky Hammer was put horizontally in front of his body, three aureoles, including one red and two black, appeared distinctly. Peering at the gigantic body in front of him, Tang San swung the Clear Sky Hammer. An ash-grey fog slightly emitted from the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s corpse. It instantly formed a ring in mid-air and quickly turned to black, transforming into a moving light plunging to the Clear Sky Hammer. Flashing light was covering the Clear Sky Hammer. At the same time, a sharp and icy-cold tremendous airflow stabbed Tang San’s body, wildly struck deep into his thick defence of the Mysterious Sky Skill.

That cold airflow was filled with a demonic aura. The furious unwillingness came rushing into Tang San body. Tang San was struck, spitting out a mouthful of blood.
Tang San’s preparation wasn’t wasted. This had proven that he was right to recover his spirit power to its peak first. When the cold demonic air struck him deeply inside, the tender Mysterious Sky Skill power, together with Sea God’s Light, formed a big net and enveloped that cold airflow. The Spirit Ring was started to be absorbed.


When the spirit ring detached from the body, dust started to scatter from Dark Demonic God Tiger’s corpse, slowly vanished. The Mysterious Sky Skill and the Sea God’s Light combination was like a massive mill, gradually devoured the power which was full of the demonic aura of the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s spirit ring. Dark Demonic God Tiger was very special, it had used its soul power to drag the bead into the black hole, entering another space. Dark Demonic God Tiger couldn’t control where that bead would be, it just didn’t want Tang San to take that bead.

The absorbing procedure took two struggling hours. Tang San took a deep breath when he awakened from the cultivation. He felt refreshed. He was amazed that only one spirit ring could boost his spirit power from level ninety-three to level ninety-four half way. It showed that the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s attributes were formidable.

On the Clear Sky Hammer, there was a black spirit ring, quietly laid at the fourth position. Trying to pour a little spirit power into it, an immense demonic aura would be released. Such forceful energy made the Clear Sky Hammer true body glowed with a bizarre grey nimbus. When this bizarre grey aura had reached the Deathgod Domain carved on the Clear Sky Hammer, they collided and fused. The aura of the Deathgod Domain became stronger. Tang San knew that his Deathgod Domain had reached the ultimate boundary. Now, the fact that it was still able to boost up made Tang San excited.

Together with the increasing spirit power, Tang San found out that the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s spirit ring had advanced some of his attributes, especially his strength and mental power. Not to mention his strength, apparently, the Dark Demonic God Tiger was a strength style spirit beast. The increasing in his mental power seemed to have helped Tang San improved the Vast Sea skull bone again. It boosted Tang San’s tremendous mental power to achieve five percent more.

You shouldn’t underestimate this five percent. Tang San’s mental strength was ranked at a formidable level, if he wanted to advance more, it would be very difficult. With this five percent, Tang San could use his Purple Demon Eye to totally subdue supreme spirit masters as strong as Bibi Dong.

His effort wasn’t wasted. Engaging in a dangerous fight to exchange new improvements. One spirit ring from the Dark Demonic God Tiger could be as effective as two spirit rings of the fifty thousand years spirit beasts. Except for the spirit abilities, its enhancement to other attributes wasn’t less than the one hundred thousand years spirit rings.


When he finished absorbing the fourth spirit ring, he saw the whole dead body of Dark Demonic God Tiger turned into ash and vanished, this made him unhappy.

No spirit bone. This was the reason Tang San couldn’t ease his mind. With the unique attributes and the cultivation of over sixty thousand years, Tang San could be sure that this tiger could create a spirit bone. But nothing could be found. Thinking about that bead, Tang San knew that it could be the quintessence of that Dark Demonic God Tiger. Apparently, there was three attributes inside. This brilliant spirit beast didn’t want him to take all the goods, even at the last moment.

Forget it, one shouldn’t be too greedy. I’m so lucky to get such extraordinary spirit ring for the Clear Sky Hammer. I shouldn’t be so rapacious. That bead had been dragged into the black hole, no one knows it had been devoured or what.


Tang San’s mind cooled down. Taking experience from that battle and feeling his overall power advanced, he became calm. After taking a short break, he activated the Blue Silver Domain again, seeking for the second target of this trip.

That battle made Tang San realise he still need to improve more. The most important thing was he still couldn’t fuse his spirit abilities.

Two spirits, the Seagod Trident and six spirit bones gave Tang San dozens of various style spirit abilities. Moreover, each of them was very special and came from different sources that required different control method when using. Tang San had to categorise his spirit abilities to avoid unnatural pause, missing a link or using unnecessary abilities. This constantly consumed too much of his power and troubled the next ability.

Still, he couldn’t find a method to fuse all his spirit abilities, but was it that easy to fuse dozens of abilities? Tang San was most familiar with the first five spirit abilities of the Blue Silver Emperor with Tang’s Sect’s skills, and the first spirit bone, the Eight Spider Lances. To other spirit abilities, Tang San could use smoothly the four ones Xiao Wu had given him, but he gave them back to her, all of them. After that, within the short period of five years, he had gained many abilities and strengthened his capacity. But the technique to control and shift between those abilities was far of the first five ones. However, his opponent became stronger and stronger every time. Although those five abilities were advanced to fifty thousand years level, they couldn’t meet Tang San’s requirement. Thus, absolutely he had to use the spirit abilities he had gained later.

When his opponents were weaker than him, or with other reason, they had been subdued, Tang San’s bad behaviour appeared. It was same in the case of Bibi Dong. Bibi Dong had been oppressed by the Seagod Trident. Moreover, she didn’t know much about Tang San’s spirit abilities, that was why she got defeated in the early fights. But now when Bibi Dong could recover all of her power to fight with Tang San once again, the situation would change.

Tang San was smart, but it was impossible to fuse many spirit abilities just in a short time. He knew this, but his constant victories had boosted his confidence to the point he didn’t even notice. Through the battle with the Dark Demonic God Tiger today, Tang San was totally alerted. It also helped him make his cultivation path clearer.

Even if he could become the Sea God, this ability fusion was necessary. God didn’t present all. There was no absolute spirit master in this world.
Tang San expanded his Blue Silver Domain, reaching deeper inside the Star Dou Forest. After searching for half an hour, he didn’t find anything. The searching scale of the Blue Silver Domain was large, but the terrifying fight between him and the Dark Demonic God Tiger had shaken the earth. Sensing this surging energy, fifty thousand years spirit beasts had run away or tried to hide their breath. Using the Blue Silver Domain to search, Tang San could sense very clearly within a short distance. If it was over a certain distance, he couldn’t see very well, especially when the spirit beasts could hide their breath.

It was almost a day he had been in the Star Dou Forest. When the night fell, Tang San decided to rest for a while.

Tang San found a big tree, sat crossed-leg and put the Seagod Trident next to him. He calmed his mind down and entered his cultivation state. His mental power had covered an area with the diameter of about fifty tchi. With his current capacity, he wasn’t afraid of being stealth, unless that spirit beast didn’t want to live longer.

After reaching Title Doulou, the spirit masters would radiate a unique aura, just like the one hundred thousand years spirit beasts unconsciously released the aura of the formidable ones. This unique aura could subdue other spirit beasts. Furthermore, Tang San had the Seagod Trident, which was even scarier. Only the Dark Demonic God Tiger could gather enough confidence to face him.

Two of his eyes were closed, the Mysterious Sky Skill circulated with his breath. A dim white aureole emitted from his body, creating a protective, stable air layer enveloped his body. With his current cultivation, this protective solid air layer wasn’t as strong as the Demonic God Protection but wasn’t much less. It was enough to protect him while he was cultivating.

Finding a place to rest, although he understood that his time was precious, still he forced himself to concentrate and think about what he should do. First, he thought about the time he had fought with Bibi Dong.

Currently, Tang San acknowledged that there were only Bibi Dong and him who had the twin spirits. He had fought with Bibi Dong several times. Her spirit abilities weren’t less than his, but the number of her one hundred thousand spirit rings was not enough. Tang San carefully recalled the spirit abilities that Bibi Dong had used when fighting with him. Thinking about them and his flaws, Tang San gradually entered the meditation state.

After cultivating continuously for four hours, although Tang San wanted to advance his capacity and solve his problem, he understood that becoming the Sea God was more important. Time was precious now. Especially when he felt that special breath emitted from the Spirit City.

However, he had spent those four hours wisely. Through his careful thoughts, he found out that Bibi Dong had the same problem, but she had handled it better than he did. She could easily combine the spirit abilities of her two alternative spirits when she was in the spirit avatar state. The Seagod Trident can oppress her. Then, because of her underestimation, I could use the Purple Demon Eye. If not, I could barely confront her. From another perspective, when facing me, Bibi Dong didn’t perform all of her capacity. That is why she has lost.

During four hours, Tang San could understand just one word, he had to “continue”. He didn’t know if his Clear Sky Hammer could have more than seven spirit rings, or he could shift between two spirits faster like Bibi Dong could. However, there was something he could confirm: the only way to solve his current problem was spirit ability fusion.

With his current cultivation, performing spirit abilities had consumed a tremendous amount of spirit power. Still, he could use his abilities constantly for a certain period of time. However, how to use spirit abilities continuously and smoothly without any pause to oppress the component, was the technique he needed to study now. Of course, it was hard to use just one method to solve the matter thoroughly. Only when he could effortlessly perform his abilities, that was when he succeeded.

Tang San continued to go deeper into the Star Dou Forest. On one hand he was thinking about his spirit ability matter; on the other hand he was urging the Blue Silver Domain to search further. The battle between him and the Dark Demonic God Tiger was over for a while, the forest became quiet again. Those top rank spirit beasts were smart, they understood that human spirit masters needed spirit rings only when they were about to break through and they only needed one. Tang San had achieved the spirit ring from the Dark Demonic God Tiger, perhaps they thought that he didn’t need more, they shouldn’t be wary of him more.

Blue Silver Domain together with the Blue Silver Grass in the forest had searched discreetly without releasing any waves from the spirit power to find the fifth spirit ring for the Clear Sky Hammer.

Expectedly, after one-hour seeking, he found another suitable spirit beast. Moreover, this finding made him happy: it was the most familiar spirit beast to him, the Man-faced Demon Spider. Through the Blue Silver Domain as the sensor, he could recognise what kind of spirit beast it was just by its dark demonic aura.

To the Man-faced Demon Spider, Tang San felt both happy and sorrowful. The first Man-faced Demon Spider gave him the most precious External Spirit Bone – Eight Spider Lances. It could bring surprise when facing the opponents leading to his victory. At the same time, the Man-faced Demon Spider gave him extreme anger and sorrow. That time, if it hadn’t been a Man-faced Demon Spider, who was stopping Xiao Wu and him from escaping the Star Dou Forest, those spirit masters from the Spirit Hall wouldn’t have caught them, leading to Xiao Wu’s sacrifice for him.



But he couldn’t deny that the Man-faced Demon Spider was adamant. Its strength, toxics or abilities were nightmares to most of the spirit beasts. It wasn’t as good as the Dark Demonic God Tiger, but to other kinds, it was not any less dangerous than the Dark Demonic God Tiger. Finding this kind of spirit beast again, how could Tang San let it go?

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