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In Star Dou Forest, Tang San and the Dark Demonic God Tiger, one man faced one tiger. Dark Demonic God Tiger stopped when it was about thirty tchi away from Tang San. It didn’t roar anymore, the calm blood-like red eyes were as cold as an iceberg. When looking at those icy eyes, didn’t know why, but Tang San had a strange feeling that it was a cunning spirit beast that understood how to weigh pros and cons.
It’s looking for my flaws. Tang San’s sensitive mental power could sense the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s intention. Isn’t it a spirit beast? Facing it was even more dangerous than facing a human Title Douluo.
An ash-grey moving fog inaudibly diffused around Dark Demonic God Tiger’s massive body. There was an icy-cold evil miasma, which had prevented Blue Silver Domain from penetrating that ash-grey fog. Tang San couldn’t do anything on it. Moreover, Tang San could feel clearly that the Dark Demonic God Tiger had retrieved its domain silently, held it inside its body.
Not a flaw? Tang San held a cold smile. Let me help you make some. The Mysterious Sky Skill was being released quietly lingered with the Blue Silver Emperor. They were like living creatures, flying very close to the ground toward Dark Demonic God Tiger.
Right at that moment, the Blue Silver Emperor had been activated, Dark Demonic God Tiger finally took action. It was quite the opposite with its leisurely movement at the beginning. Right when it moved, Tang San immediately felt a wuthering foul wind rushed to his face. The atmosphere around was shaken violently, strong wind was chilling to the bones. The Dark Demonic God Tiger disappeared from his sight.
Wind style ability? Tang San was astounded, if his mental power weren’t strong, he couldn’t recognise the location of the Dark Demonic God Tiger. His body slightly swayed to dodge, Tang San turned his head, constantly stepped three steps to the right, the Seagod Trident turned into a gold light sweeping backwards.
However, his strike just hit the void. Dark Demonic God Tiger behind him instantaneously stopped dashing and somehow soared up to the sky. Its massive body, under the gravity, landed in a blink, successfully avoided that strike. When the Seagod Trident swept over, its body sped up again, trying to strike Tang San who was showing his weak spot. Two tiger paws swung, but they were different from the sharp knife of Dai Mubai when he was in the White Tiger form. His tiger paws were pure black that didn’t reflect any light, just like the netherworld’s darkness. One paw struck straight toward Tang San’s nape. The other struck his waist. These two fast moves should have received praises from other people.
Its speed didn’t affect its power. The mighty force was held in the paws. When the tiger paws were one tchi away from Tang San, Tang San could feel that tremendous power. Even though his body was sturdy, but still he would definitely get hurt if those paws could hit him.


However, when the paws were about to strike that human, Dark Demonic God Tiger paused in astonishment. Its pair of paw just touched a shadow, not Tang San’s true body. But its reaction was fast enough. The back legs used force and pushed the whole body backwards, the giant body instantly plunged back. Once again, it successfully dodged the strike from the Seagod Trident. One move forward, one move backwards, all happened in just a blink, just like it could move thousand li away if Tang San couldn’t hit it.


Those first moves made both human and tiger become more alert. No doubt this was just an attack to see how strong Tang San was, Tang San also used the God Shadow Perplexing Track to see its reaction. Both of them had not fought officially, but the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s resoluteness and sound mind, plus its bursting power made Tang San changed his attitude.
In this first move, it didn’t use strong ability, it hid all power inside. But it could burst out when sensing dangers. This is tremendous. Encountering this Dark Demonic God Tiger was harder than he thought.


One man, one tiger, both changed their direction, started to fight again. The Dark Demonic God Tiger was lowering his massive body down. Tang San could feel its power, as well it could sense this human wasn’t easy to cope with like the other spirit masters. However, this urged the thought of devouring Tang San’s spirit power. From this aspect, Tang San and that Dark Demonic God Tiger had the same thought. The stronger the opponent was, the better effect the devouring could bring.
“You are so cunning.”
Tang San coldly said. The third spirit ring on his body suddenly glowed, he shifted the Seagod Trident to his left hand, his right hand rose up, a yellow-green light sphere ejected, flying toward Dark Demonic God Tiger.


The light sphere exploded in midair, turned into a giant net over twenty tchi in diameter, spinning and covered the Dark Demonic God Tiger.
This was Tang San’s third Spirit ability: the Spider Web Restrain.
Four legs of the Dark Demonic God Tiger activated force at the same time, swaying aside. Its giant body penetrated between two big trees in an attempt to escape from the restraint of the spider web.
If this spider web were released by another spirit master with the same power as Tang San, the tiger might be still able to avoid the spider web. Too bad it was facing a lineal disciple of Tang Sect, the one who had tremendous ability. Even though the spider web was enormous, at the moment Tang San had released it, he used some hidden control tricks. Moreover, under the direction of his mental power, the giant spider web deliberately slid. It held itself vertically to worm between two big trees, then accelerated suddenly, almost enveloped the tiger.

Red light blasted in the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s eyes, two black wings on his back spread and flapped hard. Concurrently, numerous dark light emerged, turned into over ten sharp blades, plunged up and collided with Tang San’s spider web.


If the first time they had struck just to see the reaction of both sides, this time, it was the spirit ability investigation. Dark Demonic God Tiger surprised Tang San once again. His Spider Web Restrain was a dozen thousand years spirit ability. However, it was cut into pieces when collided with the sharp black blades. Of course, the tough spider web also smashed those blades. Both spirit abilities vanished. Even though this dozens thousand years Spider Web Restrain spirit ability was tougher and more powerful than the Blue Silver Emperor, Dark Demonic God Tiger just activated an instantaneous spirit ability to stop it. The dark aureole looked nothing special, but it was made from two kinds of energy Attribute: the Wind and Demonic attributes. It had used the tough resistance of Wind to cut and the eroding ability of Demonic attribute to destroy. That was how it could break the net just in one attempt. From this, Tang San realised that the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s demonic attribute was evolved from the dark attribute. It had the dark attribute but much stronger.
It seemed that the Dark Demonic God Tiger had been provoked. Its right leg stomped the ground, a dark light projected, sliding on the ground toward Tang San. Wherever the dark light went through, plants were withered and vanished. The dark light reached Tang San’s foot in a flash.

Tang San didn’t care, his left hand which was holding the Seagod Trident directly pierced it into the ground. It couldn’t be wrong if he used his mental power to locate it.



A loud explosion resounded right when Tang San thought that he could use the Seagod Trident to deliberately prevent Dark Demonic God Tiger’s strike. When the dark light was about half a meter away from the Seagod Trident, it stopped there, condensed then… exploded. Concurrently, dust was scattered everywhere, and plants were crushed. An enormous evil miasma dominated the space appeared together with a special numb feeling, breaking the sensing ability came from Tang San’s mental power.
This is… Tang San startled. The flying ability of the right leg spirit bone Blue Silver Emperor was immediately activated, pushing his body into the air like a rocket. His left leg kicked out, projecting numerous small red light blades burst in midair. At this critical moment, they struck in every direction.
Dark Demonic God Tiger had used action to tell Tang San that it was not only him who could create the chance. In a sudden, it broke Tang San’s sensing mental power, and its massive body disappeared. It had revealed its third attribute – Lightning, in the previous strike. Grandmaster’s ancient book didn’t mention this.
Demonic, Wind, and Lightning – three attributes.
When Tang San had lost his sensing ability, he recognised that this situation wasn’t okay at all. He plunged up to the air, used the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit bone on his left leg aided with the Orca Fang Buster Blade to protect his body. This was the spirit ability of the one hundred thousand years spirit bones, no matter how strong the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s attack was, Tang San though that it could hold it for a while.
However, the insecure feeling appeared again. His Orca Fang Buster Blade didn’t meet any attack, it completely falling into the void. Right at this moment, Tang San couldn’t see the giant body of the Dark Demonic God Tiger hovering above his head. Its big tail was stabbing him inaudibly. The hook at the end of the tail didn’t reflect any light, just silently hacked down to Tang San’s head.
The Dark Demonic God Tiger had a special sprint ability, which could be used on land or in the air with the incredibly fast pace that could compare with the Blink. When using Blink, one could appear at another location. But it was a little bit different from Blink: it could only be used in case the tiger was running straightforward. If there were obstacles on the way, it would hit them. However, when the tiger sprinted, the demonic power could totally burst out, its straightforward attack would be double in force. Thus, from some points of view, this ability was more dangerous than Blink. Dark Demonic God Tiger was using this ability to plunge over Tang San’s head. The Demonic God’s Hook hacked down, intended for a murderous attempt.
From the beginning to this final assault, the Dark Demonic God Tiger hadn’t used any ability which required an enormous amount of energy to maintain. But its calculation was so accurately, it created a perfect attacking situation. This was absolutely not worse than any excellent control spirit master.
However, the man the tiger was facing now was a peak control style spirit master. Well, is it that easy to fool Tang San?
Dark Demonic God Tiger also didn’t see that when the Orca Fang Buster Blade fell into the void, Tang San had a faint smile held on his mouth’s corner. The eighth spirit ring under the cover of dust and lightning had already been released.
Seeing the Demonic God’s Hook of the Dark Demonic God Tiger was about to strike Tang San’s head, suddenly, the body that was soaring up high of Tang San started to cease. A faint red nimbus slightly flew up and the Dark Demonic God Tiger was restrained immediately.
Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation, three seconds of being stunned. This was the one hundred thousand years eighth spirit ability from the Blue Silver Emperor.
Well, I’m only afraid that you won’t attack me, because if you attack me, sure you will reveal your flaw. The Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation could attack every corner. Even though he couldn’t locate the Dark Demonic God Tiger, this large scale attack, immediately worked. At the same time, Tang San could use the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation to find out Dark Demonic God Tiger’s location.
His body was spinning in mid-air. The Seagod Trident was like a rod, constantly striking to any direction. The weight of one hundred and eight thousand jin pounded without any mercy on the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s giant body.
But right when the Seagod Trident hit on Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body, Tang San’s smile froze. In his thought, being hit by the excessive weight of the Seagod Trident, the Dark Demonic God Tiger would be blown away and got hurt badly. After that, he could use his endless control ability with a furious attack force to restrain this spirit beast to death.
But when the Seagod Trident violently struck Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body, Tang San immediately felt an icy-cold air flow spread through the Seagod Trident’s body that made him shivered. His Mysterious Sky Skill was subdued partially, the demonic breath struck up making his blood and breath want to burst out from his body. If the trident didn’t abolish a significant amount of the power, even his body was sturdy, still, he could get hurt by the cold air.
What Tang San couldn’t explain was the Dark Demonic God Tiger hasn’t blown away. Even when it got hit while the Seagod Trident was bounced back, due to the reaction force and effects from the evil miasma. His flying ability of the right leg Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit bone was oppressed. He fell from mid-air at five meters until he could balance his body again. Tang San rose his head looking up. He didn’t know why this Dark Demonic God Tiger could hold his Seagod Trident.
When he looked up to see what happened in midair, he finally realised something. The Demonic God’s Hook on the end of the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s tail, when striking down, it turned into translucent grey aureole. This had protected its whole body. But now, after being hit with the trident, countless cracks appeared on it. CRACK. The grey aureole turned into an ash-grey fog and disappeared in mid-air.
The Dark Demonic God Tiger’s reaction was agile. Seeing the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation turned into a red aureole, it could realise something bad was happening. Its quick-witted instinct urged the tiger to release a defending ability. The moving ash-grey fog in the Demonic God’s Hook was to attack the enemy, but it could be urged instantaneously to protect the body also. This was the strongest defending ability of the Dark Demonic God Tiger – the Demonic God Protection. It could use the breath of the Demonic God to protect the body. This defending ability was even stronger than Xiao Wu’s. Its limits were less than the absolute protection, but the duration was really long, and it didn’t restrict the owner’s performance.

Too bad this Demonic God Protection had encountered the Seagod Trident associated with the Sea God’s Light. The massive weight of one hundred and eight thousand jin plus the holy light which could kill ghost and devils had broken this special defence. The Demonic God Protection could hold this trike, but it got smashed.

When Tang San understood that his opponent had used some unique ability to hold the Seagod Trident instead of its robust body, Tang San’s tensed mind was relaxed. Now the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation’s stunning effect for three seconds was over, Dark Demonic God Tiger apparently tasted the threatening from that attack. It angrily roared, finally gave up the provoking fighting style. The furious grey aureole accumulated into numerous of air-arrows shooting down from the sky, heading directly to Tang San.
Just from a look, it was a wind attribute attack. But actually, it included the immense evil miasma. The Sea God’s Light couldn’t eradicate this evil miasma had proved that it was formidable.
Having experience, of course, Tang San wouldn’t leave any chance for the Dark Demonic God Tiger again.
Tang San held the Seagod Trident in his right hand, gold light waves radiated one by one in mid-air. He didn’t probe anymore, Tang San finally activated his Golden Thirteen Halberds.
The grey air-arrows, which violently dashed toward Tang San, immediately vanished when touching the gold nimbus. The Dark Demonic God Tiger wasn’t the true Demonic God. Its attack was subdued by the Unfixed Storm of the Golden Thirteen Halberds. Each gold wave could perish numerous air-arrows and continued to fly toward the Dark Demonic God Tiger. Anyhow, they didn’t envelope its body, but hovering in the air. Tang San had struck one strike to the right and one strike to the left, but they seemed useless. However gold light waves hurriedly gathered in the midair and snatched the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body.
GRRRR – Eventually the Dark Demonic God Tiger sensed a tremendous danger, it realised this human’s capacity wasn’t something it could encounter. The gold aureole enveloped the whole space made him scared. Apparently, got snatched by this gold light wasn’t a good thing.
Finally, the Dark Demonic God Tiger had shown its true power. The Demonic God’s Hook started vibrating from behind, each twisted wave was rippling and twirling around its body, furiously prevented Tang San’s mental power from consolidating. At the same time, the grey air spreading on its body had turned into a grey nimbus, extended rapidly to over hundreds meters, covering both Tang San and itself.
Huh? Finally, you start to urge your ability? Dark Demonic God Tiger felt the threatening pressure from the Unfixed Storm, finally released its domain.
The Unfixed Storm gold light aureole had disappeared. This ability couldn’t be performed successfully every time. The Dark Demonic God Tiger broke it again. However, Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body was still held back.
Tang San plunged over, waved his left arm, the giant body of the Dark Demonic God Tiger was forced to sink and directly fell to the ground. It had to flutter really hard to hover its body in midair. However, the massive gravity caused its body to be sluggish.
The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s right arm sparkled with gold light, Golden Thirteen Halberds, the second strike – Millennial Space, launched.


At that time, the gold cloud gathered in mid-air, entirely covered the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s domain inside, didn’t give it a chance to protest. Meanwhile, Tang San projected another white aureole, it turned into blood-like color in a flash, combined with the Millennial Space – Death God Domain released.


The Dark Demonic God Tiger furiously roared. The ash-grey aureole around its body condensed into a sphere, facing Tang San’s attack. This was another tremendous ability of Dark Demonic God Tiger, the Dark Demonic Lightning. It combined the devil power and the demonic power into a body then burst out with a formidable power. It was the combination of Wind, Lightning and Demonic attributes, putting in one strike.
Rumbling Rumbling Rumbling Rumbling…


Just like a furious storm, thunders reverberated violently in the Star Dou Forest. This thunderous explosion had destroyed many big trees in the surrounding. Luckily, the spirit beasts living near there had run away before in fear of the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s evil breath. No innocent bystanders got hurt.
Tang San imposingly hovered in midair. From the other side, Dark Demonic God Tiger had been blown away, breaking many big trees blocking its way. There was light yellow lightning covered its entire body, constantly exploded. Apparently, that impact had struck it hard.
Its cultivation was less than Tang San’s. Even if it got the naturally gifted talent, it couldn’t prevent Tang San’s divine ability. Getting hit by the Millennial Space, Dark Demonic God Tiger was bounced back, and none of its devil miasma beams could reach Tang San. At the same time, it got struck really hard. Its body was blown away by the attack of the Millennial Space and the holy breath. The gold lightning had also collided with the lightning attribute energy resulted in a special energy force, which was constantly entering its body.
Dark Demonic God Tiger spit out a mouthful of strange grey liquid. Its blood-like red eyes looked gloomier, crouching from a far distance, trying to catch its breath. Each time it gasped, a spurt of blood flowed out from its seven holes.
Tang San shifted the Seagod Trident to his left hand, then rose his right hand toward the Dark Demonic God Tiger. Terrifying changes happened. Dragon scale appeared one by one on Tang San’s skin, his muscles started to stretch out, his fingers turned to claw. Yes, he was turning into a dragon.
Blue aureole light rose from his right arm, which was turning into a claw now. It rapidly condensed to a vastly immense blue nimbus, at the same time, Tang San’s mental power totally focused on Dark Demonic God Tiger.
This is what we call if you want to catch the rabbit, even you are a lion, still, you have to put all your best. It looked like the Dark Demonic God Tiger got severely hurt, but Tang San didn’t dare to relax. He attempted to use his tremendous restraining ability, the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw to win this fight.
Four seconds of being stunned could give a chance for your opponent to catch your tail, but the Dark Demonic God Tiger was different. Even when it got hurt badly, and was over hundreds of meters far away, it would be hard to reach its now. Moreover, when he was preparing the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw, Tang San didn’t want to reveal any flaw that could benefit his opponent.
It was true that the Dark Demonic God Tiger could sense the breath of the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw. Its dull eyes lit up. The tiger roared and dashed toward Tang San, trying to hold the pain down. Its sprint ability was activated again, instantly, just like an illusory shadow, it came in front of Tang San.
“Good boy, come here!”
Tang San shouted, his left arm suddenly enlarged. The Seagod Trident in his hand pointed toward, endless roars resounded from the trident. Many gold light spheres were projected from the blade of the Seagod Trident, which created a vastly furious breath. Then, they turned into a massive gold light pillar to face the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s gigantic body.
BANG —- Dark Demonic God Tiger groaned, its body was blown away one more time. This time, what had struck it was its old rival, the Titan Firmament Cannon of the Giant Titan Ape Er Ming.


However, this Dark Demonic God Tiger was so powerful, its body was so tough it made people feel irritated. The tiger was hurt severely, now with an impact from the Titan Firmament Cannon, its wound was worsened. But right now, Tang San’s Blue Sky Slowing God Claw was ready.
The blue light claw in Tang San’s right hand plunged, getting bigger in the air then snatched the blowing body of the Dark Demonic God Tiger. Tang San only needed this claw to catch the beast. Then, he could have ten seconds of stunning effect, enough for him to kill this tremendous spirit beast.

But right at this moment, Tang San suddenly realised his right arms curled a little bit, the body was just relaxed now tensed again.
This curling came from the spirit bone just like Da Ming had wanted to remind him something. Was it, the Dark Demonic God Tiger got hurt that bad but still had the power to counter-attack?
Seeing the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw about to catch the Dark Demonic God Tiger, concurrently, the Demonic God’s Hook inaudibly swung behind Dark Demonic God Tiger. The Demonic God’s Hook became pure black one more time, and the hook had been changed. The curl hook now was straightened just like a sharp spike, it tenderly pierced into the centre of the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw.
Two bodies instantly parted. Tang San could feel that he had lost the control of the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw. After a short moment, the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw was smashed, turning into a trail of blue light and scattered in the air.
Tang San was powerful, but after continuously performing those formidable abilities, he needed time to recover. At this time, Dark Demonic God Tiger’s eyes suddenly turned from blood-like red to deep blue, in a glimpse, it looked like a copy of Zhu Zhuqing with her Hell Civet Avatar.
Its fatigue had disappeared. The ash-grey fog now turned completely black, flying together with the tiger’s body just like a black cloud, striking toward Tang San. Its speed wasn’t so fast. When it came nearer, the Demonic God’s Hook now turned into the Demonic God’s Spike, caused a black spot between the tiger and Tang San. The dark light burst instantly, turning into a black hole about three meters in diameter.


When Tang San’s Blue Sky Slowing God Claw got stabbed, he understood that he was fooled. This brilliant spirit beast had been considering each step. After realising that its capacity wasn’t stronger than Tang San’s, it had waited for a chance. Tang San’s Millennial Space had struck it, but not the Titan Firmament Cannon. It broke the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw. Tang San had performance three tremendous abilities, it took him time to recover his spirit power. Dark Demonic God Tiger caught this chance, using all his power to counter-attack.


Tang San understood that he made two mistakes: first, he shouldn’t use spirit abilities from Giant Titan Ape and Blue Sky Bull Python, Dark Demonic God Tiger had been familiar with them. Second, he shouldn’t underestimate the waving Demonic God’s Hook behind him. Apparently, this tail was its strongest attack weapon.
Although Tang San got tricked, still he was a careful person. He always spared himself an exit. When the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s Demonic God’s Hook projected a beam of dark light, Tang San urged his attack too. His counter-attack didn’t aim to that dark light, but to the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body.
A translucent blue-purple nimbus flashed then disappeared in mid-air. Dark Demonic God Tiger which was just got excited now screeched in pain. The dark aureole on his body immediately exploded then vanished.
Tang San had attacked his opponent to save himself, releasing the forceful mental power strike of the Purple Divine Light. He always held the Purple Divine Light inside in case sudden situation happened he could have a chance to protest. This time, it worked. The strike had hit Dark Demonic God Tiger once. However, what Tang San didn’t expect was that the Purple Divine Light could only smash the dark nimbus on Dark Demonic God Tiger’s body, but couldn’t hurt it. A shivering insecure feeling spread out over his body in a second. The three-meter black hole suddenly emitted a tremendous suction force. Tang San had just performed many spirit abilities and used much mental power, he couldn’t hold on. His body was dragged into the black hole together with that Dark Demonic God Tiger.
Both Tang San and the Dark Demonic God Tiger was skilful in using tricks. Tang San wasn’t familiar with the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s abilities that the reason why he got damaged. In fact, if his Purple Divine Light had struck the black sphere before it had turned into a black hole, the black hole couldn’t have been generated. And the Dark Demonic God Tiger, after performing this strike, it was at a low ebb, couldn’t do anything but let Tang San kill it.
It was Tang San who was over-confident that he had to strike his opponent hard to save himself. He attempted to destroy the body of Dark Demonic God Tiger, but he didn’t think that at the last moment, Dark Demonic God Tiger could urge its last ability to protect its body. Tang San’s Purple Divine Light was forceful, but it could only break the tiger’s protection abilities. It wasn’t enough to hurt the Dark Demonic God Tiger.


But the Dark Demonic God Tiger wasn’t any luckier. After its protection was broken, it couldn’t count on the protection skill to avoid this powerful ability and got dragged into the black hole.
Dark Demonic God Tiger became the toughest spirit beast Tang San had encountered. At the same time, wasn’t Tang San the toughest spirit master it had ever encountered too?


Everything surrounding them was dark, Tang San could only feel his body wasn’t oppressed by any force and was as light as a feather. But the strange thing was his surging spirit power seemed to gradually become weaker. Bizarre changes had happened on his body too. In this dark world, he had put his best effort to urge the Sea God’s Light, but the mark on his forehead didn’t answer him. His mental power was entirely subdued.
How could it be? What kind of ability is this? Why it could bring up this kind of result? This was the first time Tang San felt bewildered.
Suddenly, the surrounding space lit up, Tang San felt his feet was now on stable ground. Tang San was astounded seeing himself in a peculiar space. It looked like an arena, round but actually vastly wide. There was no cloud, sun nor stars, just an endless dark sky. The light was radiated from the arena.
The feeling of pressure drained Tang San’s consciousness.
Just then, he saw his opponent. What made him amazed was his opponent, it was transforming.
Dark Demonic God Tiger standing in front of Tang San, around thirty meters apart. The tiger was staring at him too. Its eyes filled with rage, constantly roared. It seemed to have lost its consciousness.
The Dark Demonic God Tiger was about eight meters, it looked very mighty. Whenever it spread the black wings, people could feel the earth and sky were shaking. But now, the tiger didn’t have wings anymore, the tail had become a normal one, the Demonic God’s Hook was pitifully tiny. Not a surge of power could be seen on it. The tiger’s body now was just around one and a half meters, too small compared to its normal size. If it looked very wicked previously, now it looked so cute, just like a big black kitten.
Tang San unconsciously looked at his body, he was dumbstruck…

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